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Martial Peak Chapter 923

Chapter 923 - Too Warm

Chapter 923, Too Warm

One day, two months later, Yang Kai returned back.

After returning to the Holy Master Court, he immediately summoned Xu Hui to ask if any of the disciples had found anything during this time, but the answer he received was no.

Yang Kai was inevitably disappointed.

Two months ago, he had used all his interpersonal relationships to move several forces to search for news about the Central Capital while also deploying a large amount of manpower from Nine Heavens Holy Land as well, but they still hadn’t found leads yet.

For the past two months, Yang Kai had been flying about searching for entrances to Mysterious Small Worlds.

In total, he had investigated thirty-two Mysterious Small Worlds but none of them had led to the Central Capital.

The speed of the Flying Heavens Shuttle was a big help at this time, allowing Yang Kai to cover almost half of the Human Territory.

Every three days he would return to the Holy Land to avoid missing any useful information.

But so far there had been nothing at all.

Xu Hui drew back and a moment later, a fragrant wind brushed past Yang Kai’s face. Looking up, he saw Xia Ning Chang’s veiled face and graceful figure standing in front of him. Seemingly sensing the anxiety in Yang Kai’s heart, her beautiful eyes flashed a deep sense of concern.

Yang Kai reached out and pulled his Little Senior Sister into his arms, sitting her down on his lap as he asked, “Did you finish Alchemy for today?”

“En,” Xia Ning Chang nodded lightly, “Thanks to all the Mysterious Small Worlds appearing recently, fewer and fewer people have been coming to request Alchemy services, so each day there aren’t many pills to be refined.”

Because of the sudden emergence of so many Mysterious Small Worlds, most cultivators were currently busy treasure hunting, leaving the nine peaks to seek for opportunities, leading to a sharp decline in the number of people standing around waiting in line outside the Holy Land.

This development inadvertently freed up Xia Ning Chang and the five Grandmasters.

The Senior Sister and Junior Brother pair held each other close, gently inhaling each other’s scent, calming their hearts.

“Junior Brother, are you looking for a way back to the Central Capital?” Xia Ning Chang suddenly asked.

“Did you ask Great Elder?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

Xia Ning Chang shook her head, “I can see it myself. Strictly speaking, our previous world was a Mysterious Small World, before we couldn’t find a Void Corridor leading back, but now that entrances have opened up all by themselves, it shouldn’t be long before one that leads home is discovered. Because there hasn’t been any news yet though, Junior Brother is certainly feeling quite anxious and have been spending most of your time outside.”

“En, I keep searching but unfortunately nothing has been found yet.”

“There will always be clues, Junior Brother doesn’t need to worry so much,” Xia Ning Chang softly comforted as she took the initiative to tightly hold Yang Kai’s hand and say, “At such a critical time, I wonder where Master has gone. If he was here, there would be someone else who we can discuss this matter with.”

“Treasurer Meng… he probably has something important to take care of,” Yang Kai was also not clear where Treasure Meng had disappeared.

But since he decided to leave Nine Heavens Holy Land almost immediately after arriving, even entrusting Xia Ning Chang to Yang Kai’s care, he definitely had something critical to deal with.

Yang Kai even wondered if he had really gone to the Demon Land.

After all, he had suffered a huge loss at the hands of the current Demon Commander, now that he had restored his strength, going to find trouble with the Demon Commander wouldn’t be impossible.

If that really was the case though, Treasurer Meng’s situation really might be worrying.

*Deng deng deng deng…* A flurry of footsteps suddenly sounded from outside.

Like a frightened rabbit, Xia Ning Chang leapt out of Yang Kai’s arms, her face blushing bright red as she stood awkwardly nearby.

When no one was around, she could behave intimately towards Yang Kai, but in front of outsiders, she couldn’t bring herself to act so improperly.

The person who came in was Xu Hui, a somewhat flurried expression on his face.

Yang Kai turned a curious gaze towards him and asked, “What’s the matter, Great Elder?”

Xu Hui had just reported to Yang Kai about the information the disciples had collected over the past few days, yet now, after having only left for a short time, he had actually rushed back here. Obviously, he had something important to say.

“Holy Master, there are two women outside who asked to see you directly,” Xu Hui glanced over at Xia Ning Chang cautiously and lightly coughed as he reported.

“Women?” Yang Kai frowned, “What kind of women?”

“Em… they’re quite young and beautiful,” Xu Hui didn’t beat around the bush and spoke frankly, clearly thinking that these two women had some kind of emotional debt with Yang Kai and had now come looking for him to collect.

Xia Ning Chang also thought so and couldn’t help giggling lightly, shooting a light glance towards Yang Kai as she softly whispered, “Junior Brother, I’ll return to my room first.”

Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he hurriedly declared, “I don’t know any beautiful young women from the outside… Wait, is it Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu from Bold Independent Union, the two who came to the Holy Land a while ago? Great Elder also met them at that time.”

“It’s not them,” Xu Hui shook his head, his eyes flashing for a moment, seemingly remembering something, “Right, the two girls who have come this time should be twins, their appearances are basically identical but their temperaments are slightly different, one of them charming while the other is lively

… En, they’re a rare pair.”

His look clearly showed he was thinking that Yang Kai was lucky in love, basically having determined that the two who had come had some kind of intimate relationship with Yang Kai.

However, hearing Xu Hui’s words, Yang Kai’s expression changed greatly as his eyes lit up, jumping to his feet as he shouted, “Twins? Did you say twins?”

“Ah… en,” Xu Hui didn’t know why Yang Kai reacted so strongly, giving him a strange look as he continued, “And according to this old master’s observations, those two girls should be cultivating a very Secret Art, one that connects their two life auras together, even their individual energy fluctuations are exactly the same. Both of their cultivations seem to be only at the First Order Transcendent Realm, but when they stand together their innate auras are difficult to ignore. It’s really quite strange, even if they are twins, there should be differences in their life auras and True Qi fluctuations.”

Yang Kai’s expression gradually brightened and became radiant while Xia Ning Chang had also covered her small mouth with her delicate hands, a look of shock and joy flashing across her beautiful eyes.

The Senior Sister and Junior Brother pair exchanged a glance, both of them having thought of a certain possibility.

“Where are those two now?” Yang Kai asked quickly, at the same time spreading out his Divine Sense.

“They are waiting just outside the nine peaks.”

“Take me to see them!”

“I’m also coming!” Xia Ning Chang hurriedly declared.

“Eh…” Xu Hui was struck speechless again, freezing in place, secretly feeling anxious for Yang Kai, wondering if this Senior Sister of the Holy Master was tagging along to make things difficult for the two young women outside.

However, from what Xu hui had seen of her, Xia Ning Chang didn’t seem like such a person.

“What are gawking at?” Yang Kai shouted before flying out together with Xia Ning Chang.

Xu Hui quickly collected himself while silently deciding to flee at the first signs of trouble between these three women, leaving the Holy Master to deal with the resulting headache.

Being loved by beautiful women is not exactly all good.

As a seasoned person, Xu Hui naturally knew how terrifying women could become once sparks began to fly.

Outside the nine peaks, the two young women with graceful figures stood quietly, both of them great beauties with full peaks and slim waists, but despite their similar looks, their temperaments were very different, the one on the left exuded charm while the one on the right seemed more playful. The two of them standing there together was quite an eye-catching sight.

Many of the Holy Land’s disciples who were stationed here as guards were frequently sneaking glances towards these two.

None of them dared stare too long though, only taking a quick peek every now and then when it seemed like they wouldn’t be noticed, satisfying their hearts desires before turning away again.

“Elder Sister, these people are really annoying, they won’t stop peeking at us,” The young woman on the right bit her lip and whispered to her sister to the left.

“Just ignore them,” The young woman on the left shook her head and smiled softly, “How many people have already taken a look at us? In any case, we don’t lose anything from their stares. Men are all like this, and there are plenty who are even more annoying than this lot.”

“But that person is different…”

“That person…” The Elder Sister’s facial expression suddenly became serious as she revealed a reminiscent look, “That person left more than ten years ago and we haven’t heard a single word from him since, we don’t even know if the one we came to find here is really him.”

“I think he is!”

The Elder Sister glanced over at her little sister and smiled mirthlessly, “Although I also hope that’s the case, I’m afraid that it’s unlikely. According to others, the Holy Master of the Nine Heavens Holy Land is a Third Order Transcendent. We sister obtained a profound inheritance allowing us to posses our current cultivation but even if he is fiercer than us, it still seems impossible that his strength could so greatly exceed our own; after all, our cultivation rate is nearly twice as fast as that of ordinary people.”

“Elder Sister, have you forgotten all the miracles that he created in the Central Capital and War City that year? There shouldn’t be anything impossible for him.”

“I hope so, but if it really is him, how was he able to become the master of this place after just ten years? This force is in a completely different league compared to the Eight Great Families,” The Elder Sister sighed, though she was desperately clinging to hope, her rational mind was telling her it was hopeless.

“I wonder what the Sect’s situation is over there…” The younger sister said worriedly.

“No matter what is happening over on that side, there’s no way we can return right now. Our only hope is to find him quickly and let him find a solution… En, some people are coming,” As she was speaking, the Elder Sister looked up towards the distance and saw three figures quickly flying over.

The speed of these three was extremely fast and even with her cultivation, she was only able to see a blurry afterimage.

When the three arrived in front of them, the two sisters’ eyes lit up as they stared forward in a state of disbelief while feeling like a great burden had finally been lifted from their shoulders.

“Disciple greets Holy Master, greets Great Elder!” The Holy Land disciples guarding the place bowed respectfully. Great Elder waved his hand and didn’t speak, simply standing behind Yang Kai and watching.

He found that when Yang Kai saw these two girls, he wore a big smile, and although he remained silent, his happiness was obvious as if he had just reunited with long-separated friends.

“It really is you!” Xia Ning Chang exclaimed.

“Yang Kai!” The two sisters seemed to be extremely excited, both of them shouting in unison and then, under the dumbstruck gaze of Great Elder, leapt forward and hugged Yang Kai.

Their movements were perfectly synchronized, as if their thoughts were linked!

Surrounded by beautiful women, his arms and chest experiencing an amazingly soft yet elastic sensation, Yang Kai could only stand there, obviously overcome with shock.

Too warm!

After ten years of separation, this pair of sisters had become so warm that they had taken the initiative to embrace him, causing Yang Kai to feel somewhat overwhelmed.

Xia Ning Chang meanwhile just stood nearby and giggled, not showing the slightest bit of unpleasantness.

Great Elder turned his eyes towards the sky as if he was admiring the vastness and mystery of the Heavens.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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