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Martial Peak Chapter 914

Chapter 914 - Returning

Chapter 914, Returning

Back at High Heaven Pavilion, Meng Wu Ya had been a mystery, and this mysterious background had not been uncovered even in the Central Capital.

Yang Kai had never understood Treasurer Meng’s true depths until he came to Tong Xuan Realm and talked with Ancestral Founder Chu Ling Xiao. It was only then that he gained a faint idea of Meng Wu Ya’s true cultivation: Third-Order Saint!

Chu Ling Xiao had said that Meng Wu Ya had fought a great battle with the current Demon Commander after which he disappeared. Whether he was alive or dead was uncertain.

After learning about Meng Wu Ya from Yang Kai, Chu Ling Xiao speculated that he had been struck by the Demon Commander’s Profound Heavenly Seal, causing his strength to be restricted to the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary.

The Profound Heavenly Seal consisted of three seals in total, each one stronger than the next; Meng Wu Ya had been looking for a way to break these seals all this time.

Back in the Central Capital, he had successfully lifted the first seal and restored his cultivation to the Third-Order Transcendent Realm.

Then, after returning to Tong Xuan Realm, at some point over the last ten years it seems he was able to lift the second seal and regain the strength of a First-Order Saint.

Now, after enduring the torture of the stone pillar, the third seal had been forcefully broken, allowing him to return to his peak.

It was a small blessing in disguise.

“This old master just restored his original strength, you don’t have to act so shocked; rather, it’s you, you little brat, who is the real surprise. After not seeing you for ten years, how did you manage to keep up with Ning Chang’s growth? Just how many rare opportunities did you encounter?” Meng Wu Ya swept Yang Kai with his Divine Sense and couldn’t help feeling some shock upon discovering his current cultivation.

He was well aware of how terrifying Xia Ning Chang’s aptitude was and he had also spared no effort in raising her these past few years, allowing her to have her current accomplishments.

However, Yang Kai’s own progress had not lagged behind at all, and even showed some signs of surpassing his treasured apprentices.

On top of that, when he left the Central Capital a decade ago, his apprentice’s cultivation was higher than this little brat’s.

This thoroughly shocked Meng Wu Ya.

“Heh heh, I just had a little luck,” Yang Kai scratched his head.

Meng Wu Ya laughed and no longer pursued the matter. Yang Kai encountering a variety of opportunities really could be considered a form of luck, but being able to improve one’s strength to such a degree in just ten years no doubt also required incredible aptitude and hard work.

[This little brat… he definitely went all out!] Meng Wu Ya thought to himself.

“If Brother Ling knew about your current situation, he would be very pleased,” Meng Wu Ya sighed, reminiscing about his old friend Ling Tai Xu who was back in the Central Capital.

“Treasurer Meng, do you know how to get back to the Central Capital from here?” Hearing him mention his Grand Master, Yang Kai hurriedly asked.

“Do you want to bring over Brother Ling too?” Meng Wu Ya guessed what ​​Yang Kai was thinking.

“En. The cultivation environment here is many times better than the one over there. If Grand Master had been born here instead, he would likely already be a Saint!”

“You’re right about that, but unfortunately, this old master doesn’t know how to return to the Central Capital!” Meng Wu Ya sighed once more, “This old master only managed to arrive on that side by coincidence, and when I did so I was heavily wounded and in something of a daze. It would be impossible to find the Void Corridor I passed through at that time.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was slightly disappointed.

“You wanting to bring them over to this side is a good idea, but do you have the resources and ability to accommodate all of them?” Meng Wu Ya looked at Yang Kai and smiled, “There are so many people back in the Central Capital. If you really brought them all to Tong Xuan Realm, forget about anything else, would you even be able to protect their safety? In addition, you would need a place to house that many people and a way to provide them with cultivation resources. You alone won’t be able to take care of so many people. If you can’t handle these issues, then it would be better to leave them in the Central Capital for now, at the very least, they won’t have to worry about a place to live or encountering dangers.”

“About all that, old sir doesn’t have to worry,” Li Rong pursed her lips and laughed, “Master is not alone in this world and is fully capable of protecting the safety of any number of people.”

“Hm? Why do you say that?” Meng Wu Ya looked at Li Rong suspiciously.

“Because Master is now the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land.”

Meng Wu Ya’s look changed greatly as he shifted his eyes back to Yang Kai. Upon seeing Yang Kai nod in acknowledgement, Treasurer Meng’s face couldn’t help twitching, “You actually became the Holy Master of that place? Were all those Saintesses blind or something? What the hell did they see in you?”

Yang Kai rolled his eyes, falling speechless while Li Rong covered her mouth to stifle her laughter.

Meng Wu Ya’s expression became serious in the next instant, “So that means, the old Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land is dead?”

“En, it happened not long after you left the Holy Land with Little Senior Sister.”

Meng Wu Ya sighed, “Sure enough, when I met him last time, I saw that he didn’t have long to live, I just didn’t expect him to pass on so soon. Little Brat, your rapid growth in strength isn’t because you cultivated the Holy Land’s core inheritance Secret Art, right?”


“Good, you must absolutely not cultivate that Secret Art! As far as I know, that technique consumes one’s vitality in exchange for a massive increase in cultivation speed. The faster one’s strength improves, the shorter their life becomes. This old master does not want to see Ning Chang’s tearful face one day when you die young. In any case, with your aptitude, as long as you work hard, you’ll reach the level of this old master sooner or later, so living a thousand years will be easy, there’s no need to use that kind of Secret Art that only chases shadows while sacrificing substance.”

“What Treasurer Meng said is also what I thought,” Yang Kai nodded.

“That’s good,” Meng Wu Ya seemed to have rested enough as his face had regained a rosy complexion and his aura had become deep and calm like the sea, “Since you have a place to live, this old master and Ning Chang will stay with you for a while! These years have been bitter, running east and west all the time. That girl has not been able to live a stable life for quite some time.”

As he spoke, Treasurer Meng glanced over at Xia Ning Chang, who was still pretending to be asleep, several times, shaking his head helplessly.

[I know my treasured apprentice is outstanding in every way… but when it comes to her fondness for this little bastard, Ha…

She is so shy that just after ten years of not being able to see him has left her hesitant to even look at him.

If she were to follow this little brat in the future, wouldn’t she be bullied to death by him?]

Thinking of this, Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help breathing somewhat heavily as he felt like a fishbone had gotten stuck in his throat, wishing he could reach out and choke Yang Kai half to death right now!

Yang Kai had already picked up Xia Ning Chang, gently holding her in his arms.

The tender body of Little Senior Sister also gradually began to give off an amazing heat.

“Lead the way,” Meng Wu Ya faintly said, thinking the less he saw the better.

Treasurer Meng had heard the conversation a moment ago between Yang Kai and the Monster Race masters so he knew this place was quite far from Nine Heavens Holy Land.

However, Yang Kai didn’t have any intention of flying, instead summoning out a small glowing object. The blue glow soon expanded and revealed a long shuttle-like object which suspended itself in front of everyone, stopping its expansion upon reaching about ten meters in length.

“Hm, this artifact’s grade is quite high,” Meng Wu Ya had an experienced eye so when the saw the long shuttle, he couldn’t help praising it, “It seems the Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Holy Master receives quite generous treatment.”

He naturally believed that this artifact was some kind of treasure left behind by one of the previous Holy Masters of Nine Heavens Holy Land.

However, Li Rong recognized the true origins of this long shuttle and exclaimed, “Isn’t this that thing?”

“En, after refining it, I discovered it’s actually a flight type artifact.”

“A flight type artifact?” Meng Wu Ya’s brow rose slightly, “A rare sight.”

“Its speed is very high.”

“Oh, how high?” Meng Wu Ya stared blankly at Yang Kai.

“You’ll know once you try it,” Yang Kai grinned, not stating things clearly; the speed of the Flying Heavens Shuttle was something one had to experience for themselves, no words could describe it. “Please hop on.”

Meng Wu Ya and Li Rong didn’t say much and just jumped up onto the Flying Heavens Shuttle.

Yang Kai brought Xia Ning Chang up as well and sat down at the back of the shuttle, settling Little Senior Sister into a comfortable position in his arms before calling out, “Hold on to your hats.”

Issuing a command with his Divine Sense, the Flying Heavens Shuttle transformed into a stream of light and seemingly broke free of the fetters of space, crossing a hundred kilometres in the blink of an eye.

Meng Wu Ya, who was sitting at the bow of the Flying Heavens Shuttle, felt his eyes bulge. Spreading out his Divine Sense, he quickly discovered how sensational the speed of this artifact was and couldn’t help feeling incredibly shocked.

Li Rong also covered her mouth and exclaimed.

“Little brat, how does this artifact possess such astonishing speed? Who refined it?” After a long time, Meng Wu Ya asked Yang Kai via Divine Sense Message, still somewhat unable to contain his emotions.

This Flying Heavens Shuttle’s speed was several times faster than any top master’s all out sprint.

“I don’t know who refined it, it’s something Li Rong and I inadvertently found in the Starry Sky about a year ago,” Yang Kai briefly explained how he had obtained the Flying Heavens Shuttle, not feeling any need to conceal anything from Meng Wu Ya.

“The Starry Sky? You’ve been to the Starry Sky?” Meng Wu Ya was shocked once more.

“En, if you want to see it, I can show it to you another day,” Yang Kai thought he might be curious about the legendary Starry Sky.

“No need…” Unexpectedly though, Meng Wu Ya just slowly shook his head, a solemn expression appearing on his face as he hesitantly said, “This old master has probably seen the Starry Sky.”

“Old sir isn’t certain?” Li Rong felt somewhat puzzled by his words and asked with a chuckle.

“Because this old master’s consciousness was somewhat blurry at the time. It was actually while I was bound to that stone pillar,” Meng Wu Ya recalled and explained, “I always felt that place was extremely important and profound. While I was being tortured, it felt as if my Soul left my body and travelled to many different places, the Starry Sky being one of them. Those places were located in the north, east, west, and south of Tong Xuan Realm, each one separated by tens of thousands of kilometres. However, because of the pain from the torture, I cannot remember much detail about them.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued in a solemn tone, “Little Yang Kai, my instincts are telling me that you should not have destroyed that place.”

“You’re saying that too, Treasurer Meng?” Yang Kai heard this and was startled.

“Who else told you that?”

“Great Demon God’s Soul Clone! He said that it was the keystone of the entire world, and that if I destroyed it, I would have to bear unimaginable consequences.”

“Keystone?” Meng Wu Ya frowned and asked, “What else did he say?”

Yang Kai thought for a moment and replied, “He also said that this world had been sealed for too long and that it was time for it to step into the light again.”

Meng Wu Ya suddenly went silent as a pensive look appeared on his face, seemingly in deep thought over something…

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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