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Martial Peak Chapter 912

Chapter 912 - You Haven’t Seen Her Real Face?

Chapter 912, You Haven’t Seen Her Real Face?

High up in the air, a dark hole suddenly materialized and a moment later, Li Rong flew out together with the four Monster Race masters and Meng Wu Ya and quickly descended to the ground.

Yang Kai, who was holding Xia Ning Chang, appeared right after them.

Just as the two of them left the Void Corridor, a glimmer of light flashed behind them and the black corridor rapidly distorted, shrank down to a point, and then disappeared without a trace.

Yang Kai felt a cold sweat drip down his back as he realized that if he had been even a single breath slower, he and his Little Senior Sister would have been buried inside that Mysterious Small World forever.

Looking down, there was a jungle below filled with a beautiful and refreshing spring-like warmth, lush green mountains in the distance providing pleasant scenery.

Li Rong stood in an open space below and was waving towards Yang Kai, “Master, over here!”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded and flew down.

At the same time, he spread out his Divine Sense to scan the surroundings.

He thought that this was somewhere in the Beast Sea Jungle; after all, he had entered that strange world from there, but after a thorough investigation, he found that there weren’t any Monster Beasts within a few dozen kilometres.

Although this was somewhat confusing to him, after determining that there was no danger in the vicinity, Yang Kai took back his Divine Sense.

Gently setting Xia Ning Chang down, Yang Kai hurriedly asked, “How is their situation?”

“Not too serious, after all, they weren’t bound to the pillars for too long. They should be able to restore themselves shortly, but the old gentleman…” Li Rong directed a look of pity towards the extremely emaciated Meng Wu Ya and released a sigh.

According to Thunder Dragon, this was the Human Race’s current strongest master, but now he had actually been reduced to such a miserable state. If he didn’t receive treatment soon, it would not be long before his last vestiges of vitality went out.

“It’s fine, with me here, he won’t die,” Yang Kai said so, walking over to Meng Wu Ya and helping him up.

Treasurer Meng was in such terrible shape that Yang Kai could not help feeling his heart clench as though it froze and his head turned light, almost ready to faint. Over the many years he had known him, Yang Kai has never seen Treasurer Meng in such a pitiful condition.

Meng Wu Ya stretched out his nearly completely withered hand haltingly, using all his remaining strength to lightly cling to Yang Kai’s clothes, his pair of dull eyes to stare at him as he attempted to move his lips and say something.

“Don’t say anything, I know what you mean, I’ll take care of Little Senior Sister,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Meng Wu Ya’s eyes flickered brightly for just an instant, pleased that Yang Kai understood his worries, seemingly wearing an extremely thin smile on his lips to express his gratitude.

Yang Kai quickly took out a jade bottle which was filled with Myriad Drug Milk and made Meng Wu Ya take it.

The Myriad Drug Milk had an incredible effect when it came to treating serious injuries, so even though Meng Wu Ya was having trouble even breathing right now, with this there would be no risk of him immediately dying.

Immediately after, Yang Kai took out the Blood Essence Stone again.

A powerful beating sound resounded from inside the Blood Essence Stone.

Seemingly feeling the huge amount of Blood Qi inside the Blood Essence Stone, Meng Wu Ya’s dimmed eyes became brighter as he felt there might still be hope.

The stone pillars had the power to sap the vitality of anyone bound to them, so after so long, Meng Wu Ya’s life essence had almost been entirely drained; what he needed most right now was to supplement his vitality.

As long as he had access to enough pure Blood Qi, restoring his vitality wouldn’t be a problem.

Undoubtedly, the Blood Essence Stone was the ideal solution to Treasurer Meng’s current need.

By using both the Myriad Drug Milk and Blood Essence Stone, Yang Kai didn’t believe he couldn’t save Treasurer Meng.

Pouring his True Qi into the Blood Essence Stone, Yang Kai extracted a stream of Blood Qi from it and sent it into Meng Wu Ya’s body.

With the infusion of Blood Qi, Treasurer Meng also felt his vitality rapidly being restored, closing his eyes comfortably and allowing Yang Kai to heal him.

Time passed by slowly.

Meng Wu Ya’s body underwent earth-shaking changes at a speed visible to the naked eye.

As if he was an empty sack that was being blown up, his emaciated physique gradually inflated.

The innumerable wounds all over his body also quickly healed and his skin became firm and radiant, no longer looking dry and wrinkled like before.

After an hour, Meng Wu Ya suddenly opened his eyes, a profound light flashing across their depths as he turned to Yang Kai and said in a hoarse voice, “I can handle the rest; you take care of Ning Chang.”

Yang Kai nodded and handed over the Blood Essence Stone to Meng Wu Ya before turning his eyes to the others.

The four Monster Race masters were all still sitting in meditation, but after an hour restoring themselves, their complexion had become much better.

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before hiding a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid into a few pills he was carrying on him and handing one to each of them.

The four Monster Race masters didn’t hesitate at all and immediately swallowed the pill they received.

Yang Kai then walked over to Xia Ning Chang’s side.

Li Rong had been standing guard here without moving a single step away the whole time, seemingly understanding that this veiled young woman was very important to Yang Kai.

Xia Ning Chang’s situation was much better than Meng Wu Ya’s as she had only fainted because she had been overusing her strength for so long.

Yang Kai fed her a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid before sitting down and waiting.

“Master…” Li Rong suddenly called out, “Just now, Li Rong failed to obey Master’s order and violated the pledge my clan swore to you, bringing shame upon myself and my family, I hope Master will punish me for this offence.”

“Hm?” Yang Kai had been staring at Xia Ning Chang fixedly but upon hearing Li Rong say such words, he couldn’t help turning his eyes towards her in confusion. It was only after thinking for a while that he understood why she was saying such things.

“About that matter… you don’t need to concern yourself; rather, it was because I hadn’t considered clearly what it meant to order you to oppose the Soul Clone of Great Demon God that such a situation occurred, it’s not your fault.”

“But Master, since my clan swore to serve you, we must not have any hesitation about any order you issue.”

“There’s no need to be so inflexible, that was Great Demon God’s Soul Clone, you hesitating was unavoidable. En, if one day Great Demon God suddenly appeared before you and ordered you to kill me, would you hesitate?”

Li Rong was startled by this question and didn’t know how to respond.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “That’s right, you will hesitate because I am your Master, but Great Demon God is Great Demon God, after all. His status in your heart is unparalleled. Everything is in the past, there’s no need to mention it again.”

Li Rong bit her lip lightly and only after a long time nodded, “Yes!”

Suddenly, she smiled again, “Master, is this girl your beloved woman?”

“En,” Yang Kai admitted without hesitation.

“No wonder Master looks at her with such tender eyes,” Li Rong smiled warmly, “I have never seen Master show this kind of expression towards any female before and was wondering just what kind of woman could attract your attention. Although this girl is wearing a veil so I cannot see her appearance, it’s obvious she is a great beauty.”

“A great beauty?” Yang Kai brow furrowed slightly before a wry smile appeared on his face, “Whether she is beautiful or not I can’t say for certain, because I’ve never seen Little Senior Sister’s true face.”

“Ah?” Li Rong shouted, somewhat unable to believe what she just heard, “You’ve never seen her real face?”

Yang Kai shook his head.

Xia Ning Chang’s veil was obviously some kind of magical artifact. Before, Yang Kai was unable to judge the quality of this piece of cloth or understand its mysteries, but now he could.

As long as she was wearing this veil, even if someone wanted to use their Divine Sense to spy on her face, they would be unable to see anything.

“Master’s sentiment towards her must be very deep,” Li Rong said decisively. If that was so, how could Yang Kai never forget about a woman he had never seen the face of?

Also, when he saw her, he wouldn’t have lost his self-control.

Li Rong’s impression of Yang Kai was that he was always calm and composed, with very little that could excite him.

“Kid, if she actually turns out to be ugly, what are you going to do?” Thunder Dragon Great Senior suddenly spoke.

Yang Kai turned to look and found that the two Great Seniors had almost completely recovered while Cai Die and Jin Ni were still meditating.

The two Great Seniors apparently heard the previous conversation and couldn’t help cracking a joke.

“It doesn’t matter, Little Senior Sister’s heart is incomparably pure. In my eyes, she will always be a beautiful woman,” Yang Kai smiled calmly.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior frowned a moment before suddenly nodding, “Fair enough, relationships can also be beautiful with sentiment.”

“But aren’t you at least curious to see what she looks like?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox interjected, egging him on, “She’s currently in a deep stupor, and it’s a golden opportunity.”

“No, I will wait for the day Little Senior Sister lifts her veil of her own free will. At that time I’ll be able to look all I want!” Yang Kai shook his head firmly, “If I were to sneak a peek at her now, the only ones who will benefit are you two.”

Thunder Dragon laughed out loud, “I didn’t expect you to be so overprotective, kid. You can’t even allow others to see your beloved woman’s face?”

“Mind your own business!” Yang Kai spat disdainfully. Of course he wanted to see Xia Ning Chang’s true face, but wasn’t it better to see it for the first time in private?

“But this King is curious, what Sect do you two come from? Actually having such profound cultivation at such a young age, don’t tell me it’s Soaring Heaven Sect. Soaring Heaven Sect doesn’t have that kind of ability.”

“I still have another Senior Sister, she’s no worse than us,” Yang Kai smiled proudly.

Thunder Dragon’s face twitched, “If there is a chance, I have to see just what kind of place was able to raise so many monsters like you.”

“If there’s a chance…” Yang Kai’s look suddenly became somewhat low-spirited; he still didn’t know how to return to the Central Capital.

“Forget it, let’s put that aside for now,” Thunder Dragon changed the subject forcefully, his look becoming serious, “What were you discussing with that man back at those eight pillars? Who was he?”

Yang Kai and Great Demon God’s Soul Clone’s conversation was carried out completely via Divine Sense Messages so the Monster Race masters were only able to see the changes in their expression and didn’t know what was said between them.

“Who he was, doesn’t Thunder Dragon Great Senior already know?” Yang Kai smiled at him.

Thunder Dragon’s eyes narrowed, a look of amazement filling his face, “So… he really was Great Demon God?”

“Great Demon God?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox exclaimed, “No, didn’t that guy already fall thousands of years ago? How could he suddenly appear in such a place?”

“He was probably a remnant Soul of some kind!” Thunder Dragon guessed in a deep voice, “Even though he had no physical form, his remnant Soul was actually that powerful. Just what kind of level did Great Demon God’s true body posses when he was alive?”

Rumour had it that Great Demon God had reached to the pinnacle of this world.

However, from everything they had seen and experienced in that place, it was clear Great Demon God possessed methods and means beyond what a Third Order Saint was capable of.

Three Third-Order Saint Realm powerhouses and two Second-Order Saints were powerless to resist against a method he had arranged thousands of years prior.

If Great Demon God was truly only a Third Order Saint, he wouldn’t be able to achieve such a feat.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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