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Martial Peak Chapter 895

Chapter 895 - The Grandmasters’ Request

Following behind the five Grandmasters, Shui Ling felt as if she was drifting through the clouds, her feet was somewhat unsteady as she walked. Maybe it was due to her head trying to understand just how Yang Kai had actually become friends with these famous figures.

How great an honour that was?

A short time later, the two groups of people arrived at the Holy Master Court.

Yu Ying did not take them to the reception room but instead brought them directly here.

An Ling’er and Xu Hui immediately came out to welcome them, and after exchanging a few greetings, brought them to a grand hall and had several maids serve tea. Xu Hui quickly said, “Holy Master has said he will come as soon as possible. Please wait here a moment.”

“Good, if he’s busy we’ll just relax here for now!” Chang Bao waved his hand, looking for a reliable chair to sit down on as he gasped for breath.

Chang Bao was more than a bit plump, so he usually never left the Alchemist Guild branch of Lightning Flash City. If not for him wanting to find Yang Kai this time, he would never have travelled so far to Nine Heavens Holy Land.

After escorting these honoured guests to this place, Yu Ying bowed politely and took her leave.

Five Saint Grade Alchemists arriving all at once was nothing short of sensational, so when An Ling’er and Xu Hui learned of their statuses they did not dare show any neglect, acting incredibly humble and reserved.

However, the five Grandmasters were all easygoing and did display even the slightest aloofness, soon drawing both Xu Hui and An Ling’er into casual conversation.

Of course, Shui Ling and Yun Xuan’s groups both couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.

Shui Ling hadn’t expected that the old folks she casually met outside were actually five Saint Grade Alchemy Grandmasters, but after learning their true identities, she didn’t dare speak casually to them.

Yun Xuan and her group were even more on edge.

Bold Independent Union was not a big force. Them being able to even enter Nine Heavens Holy Land like this was all thanks to Shui Ling. In front of these five Grandmasters, Bold Independent Union’s Union Master Yun Cheng felt like he was sitting on pins and needles.

Tightly sealing his lips, he did he best not to interrupt.

Everyone here had a status that could be described as glorified, but what about him?

Being able to meet any one of them in person would ordinarily be a great honour, yet now there were actually so many of them gathered around him. Yun Cheng felt his stomach churn from the stress, not knowing what he should do or say.

Seemingly noticing their embarrassment, An Ling’er smiled and beckoned towards Shui Ling and Yun Xuan, bringing them to the side to ask them about their relationship with Yang Kai.

Facing this Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintess, Shui Ling and Yun Xuan both couldn’t help lowering their eyes slightly while cautiously choosing their words.

However, under the gentle guidance of An Ling’er, the atmosphere between them gradually relaxed and as they shared their stories about Yang Kai, lightly giggles soon came out.

After waiting half an hour or so, a heroic figure walked into the hall from outside.

Everyone immediately turned their eyes and smiled.

“Junior Yang Kai greets the several Grandmasters! Junior is greatly flattered that the several Grandmasters have come to visit!” Yang Kai quickly greeted him.

The five Grandmasters smiled and nodded, Du Wan calling out, “Don’t be so polite. In the past you called us Grandmasters, but now… times have changed!”

He didn’t say too much, but the meaning behind his words was apparent, at least between the concerned parties.

Yang Kai smiled and shook his head, “Old Man Du need not act so, Junior only has his current accomplishments thanks to the guidance of the several Grandmasters.”

Seeing his honest modesty, the five old Grandmasters exchanged glances amongst each other and couldn’t help smiling, feeling relieved that Yang Kai had not changed despite his great achievements.

“Hey, there are other people here as well. Aren’t you going to greet us too?” Shui Ling snorted.

As soon as Yang Kai arrived, Shui Ling relaxed because, of all the people here, she was the only one who truly knew him.

She had arrived in Tong Xuan Realm from Central Capital together with Yang Kai after having participated in the Yang Family Inheritance War and the desperate struggle against the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land.

Although Yang Kai was now the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, Shui Ling still regarded him as a close friend.

Yang Kai chuckled before turning towards her, “After not seeing you for a few years, each of you has become even more beautiful.”

“Hmph, your tongue is as glib as ever!” Shui Ling snorted, a slight blush appearing on her cheeks.

Yun Xuan couldn’t help looking terribly embarrassed, her beautiful eyes unconsciously glancing towards and away from Yang Kai. Ruan Xin Yu by her side quietly whispered, “This is probably your last chance. If you don’t grab hold of him now, there won’t be a next time.”

Yun Xuan just continued glancing towards Yang Kai though, not saying anything, causing Ruan Xin Yu’s brow to twitch in frustration.

Silently thinking to herself that, if she was in Yun Xuan’s position, she would definitely not let go of Yang Kai. Now, he was very different from when they first met; back then, he was no different from a lost little kid from the countryside who had never seen the city, but now he was the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land. Noble status, great strength… okay looks, after finding such a rich marriage partner, how could she just shrug him off?

As long as she grasped on to him tightly, she would have no worries for the rest of her life!

However, this idiot Yun Xuan had absolutely no intention of even trying, annoying Ruan Xin Yu to no end.

“Junior greets Union Master Yun!” Yang Kai cupped his fists to Yun Cheng.

Yun Cheng’s body shivered greatly as wore a flattered expression, hurriedly getting up and returning the gesture, “Holy Master Yang is too polite, this one doesn’t dare accept such courtesy.”

His face becoming awkward, he quickly followed up, “Last time, my Bold Independent Union was led astray by the lies of those nefarious thieves and behaved somewhat impudently. I hope Holy Master Yang will forgive that transgression.”

“A minor matter, don’t mention it,” Yang Kai laughed, his expression relaxed.

Hearing this, Yun Cheng felt a great weight lift from his heart. He was really afraid that Yang Kai would hold a grudge against him for the previous matter. If that was the case, he wouldn’t have any face to remain here.

After exchanging greetings with everyone, Yang Kai found a seat and sat down.

“How come all of you came together to visit my Holy Land? Do you all know each other?” Yang Kai looked suspiciously around the crowd.

“Just a coincidence!” Chang Bao laughed, “We did not travel here together, we simply met outside the nine peaks.”

“En, I saw Yun Xuan outside and called out to her,” Shui Ling nodded.

“This really is a great coincidence. No wonder I had a feeling something good would happen today, it turns out that several Grandmasters and a few old friends were coming over to visit,” Yang Kai laughed, appearing quite happy.

During the conversation, Yun Xuan kept catching herself staring towards Yang Kai, only to hurriedly turn her eyes away in the next breath, her heart now pounding very hard.

As time passed, she felt that the distance between her and Yang Kai was getting bigger and bigger. When she last saw him, although he seemed to stand amongst the clouds, she could still at least see him if she looked up.

But now, Yun Xuan found that the young man in front of her had already ascended to a place she couldn’t even hope to reach.

Realizing this, her heart grieved, for she knew that in her lifetime there was no way she could ever catch up to Yang Kai.

Such a man was not someone a woman like her was worthy of standing by…

“Several Grandmasters coming to my Holy Land, is it simply to play or is there something you’d like to request?” Yang Kai lightly coughed, quickly asking about the purpose of everyone’s visit.

The five Grandmasters glanced around at each other and soon four pairs of eyes landed on Du Wan, obviously intending to have him answer.

Four against one, Old Man Du was helpless and with a bitter smile replied, “It’s like this… En, we heard that there is a skilled Alchemy Grandmaster here, so we decided to come here to visit.”

Yang Kai let out a somewhat strained laugh, his mouth twitching slightly.

The others here didn’t know who the mysterious Alchemy Grandmaster of Nine Heavens Holy Land was, but Du Wan and the other Grandmasters were different; after all, they had seen Yang Kai refine a Saint Grade Low-Rank pill which formed Pill Veins right in front of them.

At this moment, seeing Du Wan take such a humble stance cause Yang Kai to feel quite awkward, unsure of how to handle this situation.

“Good, if it is convenient, we would like to observe this Grandmaster’s skills and, if possible, study Alchemy with him…” Hong Fang followed up.

Yang Kai’s whole face was now twitching.

“If it is inconvenient then it matters not,” Du Wan saw Yang Kai’s strange expression and thought he was reluctant to agree, waving his hand as he said, “We do not covet the secrets of others, it is just that, in terms of Alchemy technique, very few are capable of teaching us anything, but now that one such Grandmaster has appeared, we thought we might as well try our luck. Yang Kai, although we’d like you to discuss our request with that Grandmaster. There’s no great rush, we can wait for an answer.”

“En, if that Grandmaster is willing to offer us a few pointers, naturally we will be happy, but if he does not, it is also fine; after all, us old guys are truly acting a bit brazen, seemingly trying to force someone to do something against his will,” Chang Bao comforted.

All five pairs of their eyes were now staring towards Yang Kai, wondering what answer he would give.

Even Shui Ling and Yun Cheng were nervously watching, not sure why but feeling that the atmosphere in the room had suddenly become a bit tense.

Yang Kai took a deep breath and adjusted his expression, “Several Grandmasters are too serious, my Holy Land’s Alchemist happens to be in need of someone to exchange with. The arrival of you Grandmasters is nothing but a boon to him. On behalf of my Holy Land’s Alchemist, I can accept your request, I only hope that, instead of a lecture, a mutual exchange can be had that will benefit everyone!”

“Really?” Chang Bao was so excited he couldn’t help shouting somewhat.

“Is that alright?” Du Wan also stared towards Yang Kai.

“Why not? There’s no disadvantage to accepting such a request,” Yang Kai laughed.

The five Grandmasters glanced at each other excitedly before turning a grateful look towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai agreeing to their request so easily was beyond their expectations.

On the way here, the five of them had all been quite apprehensive, thinking that this request of theirs was too bold, yet unable to resist the temptation of learning new and mysterious Alchemy knowledge, so they had all been psychologically prepared to be rejected by the time they arrived at the Holy Land.

Unexpectedly though, they had easily achieved their goal.

Naturally the five Grandmasters were pleasantly surprised.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go see the Grandmaster now,” He Feng said and stood up.

“There’s no need to rush!” Yang Kai laughed dumbly despite trying not to, “Several Grandmasters, please wait a moment.”

Saying so, Yang Kai turned to Shui Ling and the others, “What about you? Did you come here just to visit me or to request Alchemy?”

“If I said I came here just to see you, would you believe it or not?” Shui Ling asked with a big smile.

Yang Kai simply curled his lips.

“Good, I came here for Alchemy, hehe,” Saying so, Shui Ling took out a Universe Bag and tossed it directly to Yang Kai, stating her request without the slightest hint of politeness, “I want to refine three Azure Sky Pills, all the materials have been prepared, you can see if your yourself.”

Yang Kai caught the Universe Bag and quickly swept its content with his Divine Senes, nodding lightly, “Azure Sky Pills… How long has it been since you broke through to the Transcendent Realm?”

“Only about four months ago! That’s why I need these pills to help stabilize my cultivation realm,” Shui Ling replied, appearing somewhat distressed.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

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