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Martial Peak Chapter 890

Chapter 890 - Swarming Like a Flock Of Ducks

Chapter 890: Swarming Like a Flock Of Ducks

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Saint Grade Alchemists were too rare, and almost every one of them was the Manager of an Alchemist Guild branch in some major city. There were simply too many people who wanted to request such Alchemy services, so it was quite normal to have to wait several years before even being seen by one of these Grandmasters.

However, the situation around Nine Heavens Holy Land was completely different. Because the mysterious Grandmaster in the Holy Land was essentially unknown to the world, very few people had actually come to request Alchemy services from him, so as long as one did come, there was basically no need to wait at all.

Hearing that these two Saint Realm masters would recommend all their friends and family to come to the Holy Land to request Alchemy services, Xu Hui suddenly felt they were much more pleasing to the eye; putting on a hearty smile, he nodded, “Good, as long as they bring enough compensation, my Holy Land’s Grandmaster will happily accept their requests.”

“We will certainly spread the word,” The two men nodded, both of them carefully stowing away their respective Saint Pills before hurriedly flying off to tell the good news to their loved about this wondrous place.

Time flew by and one month had already passed.

Outside the nine peaks, a large crowded bustled about, creating a lively atmosphere.

All these Transcendent and Saint Realm cultivators lined up in a long queue, anxiously awaiting their turn as they curiously stared at the nine peaks, various different expressions filling their faces.

These cultivators had all heard about the mysterious Grandmasters in Nine Heavens Holy Land and had come here to request Alchemy from him.

Over the past month, more and more people had rushed to the nine peaks. In the beginning, only a few scattered groups of cultivators came to try their luck, perhaps only one or two people every three to five days showing up, but as these cultivators left with high-quality Spirit Grade and Saint Grade pills in hand, more and more people were drawn in.

Gradually, people began showing up every day, sometimes alone, sometimes in small groups.

The frequency of people arriving only increased after that until it finally became the current situation.

Now, outside the nine peaks, there were a few dozen Transcendent and Saint Realm masters waiting in line, forcing Elders Luo Sheng and Meng Tian Fei to lead a group of Holy Land disciples out in order to maintain order.

The Holy Land’s disciples were as courteous and welcoming as possible, setting up places for these guests from afar to sit and rest and providing some simple refreshments while they waited for their turn to receive Alchemy services inside the Holy Land.

However, if anyone dared act rowdy or fail to follow the rules the Holy Land had set out, no matter what kind of exalted status they possessed, they would be driven off without exception.

This was the policy Yang Kai had personally set and was one the two Holy Land Elders did their best to implement.

“How can it not be our turn yet,” One of the cultivators near the head of the line couldn’t help grumbling.

“Relax, we’ll be up next,” One of the man’s companion comforted, a look of anticipation on his face.

“En, don’t be so anxious! It’s just a few days wait here. If you went anywhere else, you may have to wait for several years!” A third person added.

“Fair enough,” The man who first called out nodded, his mood visibly improving as he chatted with a few people nearby, “I heard that Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Alchemy Grandmaster has not failed once since he began offering Alchemy services! Whether it was a Spirit Grade or Saint Grade pill, it would be refined successfully. Everyone who has come here has left greatly satisfied.”

“That’s not all, there were many who came here for Alchemy services that left with Pill Vein pills.”

“Is that true? Have some people really obtained pills that gave birth to Pill Veins here?”

“I also heard that there were many pills that gave birth to Pill Veins refined by this Grandmaster.”

“What about the payment then… did they ask for more when Pill Veins appeared?”

“Nine Heavens Holy Land seems to only ask for remuneration equal to the value of an ordinary pill, but if you offer them more, they won’t refuse!”

“Naturally we should offer more compensation to leave a good impression! That way, next time we come to ask for Alchemy services this will be smoother. Heh heh, I’ve specially prepared some extra Crystal Stones just in case my luck is good and I get a pill with Pill Veins.”

“This mysterious grandmaster is a true powerhouse… in order to achieve all this, he must at least be a Saint Grade Mid-Rank Alchemist, right? I’d reckon that besides the Old Man of Heaven’s Keep, he is this world’s greatest Alchemist.”

“I’d say there’s actually more than one Saint Grade Alchemist here…”

“Why do you say that?”

“Haven’t you noticed that the pace of Alchemy here is too fast? In a single day there are always at least ten pills which are refined, all of which are at least Spirit Grade Top-Rank with many of them actually being Saint Grade… can a single Alchemy Grandmaster really do that?”

“Do you mean to say that there are several such Grandmasters in this Nine Heavens Holy Land?”

When they thought about what this statement meant, everyone couldn’t help feeling shocked.

Saint Grade Alchemists were extremely rare, and every force in this world was desperate to have even one in their employ; however, very few forces were capable of cultivating such a Grandmaster. Even for these few forces though, their Saint Grade Alchemists normally had venerated statuses and would only work for their own Sect, never offering services to outsiders. What’s more, such Grandmasters would normally only take action once every few months, sometimes even going a year or two without refining a single pill, spending most of their time indulging in their own interests and studies.

On the other hand, for the past month, the Alchemy Grandmaster of Nine Heavens Holy Land probably didn’t even have enough time to have a sip of water much less enjoy the beauties of nature; it would not be an exaggeration to say he was a supreme benefactor to the world’s common people, worthy of worship and respect.

Such discussions actually happened frequently amongst the cultivators waiting outside the nine peaks, causing all of them to be thoroughly shocked by the immense heritage of Nine Heavens Holy Land.

The only thing that was regrettable was that the Grandmaster of Nine Heavens Holy Land would only refine a single pill per person.

However, it was ordinary for such Grandmasters to have some strange personality quirks so such a small thing wasn’t of much concern to most.

After a few more hours passed, a group of people suddenly emerged from the nine peaks. They weren’t many in number, exactly ten in total. These ten had varying cultivations, ages, and genders, but without exception, all of them wore bright, satisfied expressions on their faces.

“They came out, the group who went in yesterday came out!” Someone near the head of the line shouted.

Another man quickly called out to this group and asked, “How was it? How are the pills you asked for?”

Among the ten people who came out, one old man let out a hearty laugh unsuited for his age and proclaimed, “The Grandmaster of Nine Heavens Holy Land is truly worthy of his name! All ten of my friends here obtained the pills they asked for; there was not one failure! On top of that, the Saint Grade Low-Rank pill this old master requested actually gave birth to Pill Veins, hahahaha!”

Throwing his balding head back, the old man laughed riotously towards the Heavens without any trace of embarrassment.

The other nine people in the old man’s group couldn’t help directing envious looks towards him.

The ones waiting in line were all stunned by the old man’s words and after a brief moment of shock, all of them wished they could rush up to him and snatch this Saint Pill from him.

A Saint Pill which had given birth to Pill Veins was an extremely rare treasure that might not be seen once in a hundred years, its value was simply immeasurable.

However, upon noticing the old man’s cultivation standard, all these hot-headed ideas were instantly dispelled.

This old man was at least a Second-Order Saint Realm powerhouse.

“Good good, I wish all of you the same good fortune. This old master will take his leave now!” The old man was clearly in a very good mood as he called out to the crowd in a warm and friendly manner. Ordinarily, a master like him would not even spare the cultivators here a glance, much less speak to them, but today, it was as if he couldn’t help chattering on and on.

Saying so, the old man politely cupped his fists to Luo Sheng and Meng Tian Fei who were frantically trying to maintain the crowd’s order before quickly departing.

After the old man left, the people waiting in line seemed to wake from their daze, an even greater enthusiasm soon filling their faces.

“Elders, can you let us go in now? We have been waiting here for a few days for it to finally be our turn,” The man at the front of the line anxiously yet politely called out.

Luo Sheng and Meng Tian Fei exchanged a glance before nodding lightly, Luo Sheng quickly announcing in a serious tone, “The ten friends at the front of the line, please follow my Holy Land’s disciples to the reception room inside my Holy Land. When you get there, someone will be there to accept your Alchemy request as well as provide you with some small hospitality. The next ten, please move up and continue waiting!”

“This way please!” A Holy Land disciple at the front of the line politely gestured.

The ten cultivators at the head of the line suddenly felt their pulses race as blood rushed to their heads, pushing and shoving each other in their rush to enter the Holy Land, all of them disappearing into the nine peaks a moment later.

As for the rest of the people outside, they could only continue to wait anxiously.

The two Holy Land Elders also stood side by side, overlooking this exciting scene with great happiness.

“Brother Meng, do you have any idea where Holy Master found such an astonishing Alchemy Grandmaster? Also, don’t you think his level somewhat unbelievable?”

Meng Tian Fei shook his head wryly, “If you ask me, who am I supposed to ask? I also discussed this matter with Great Elder but even he has no idea where this mysterious Grandmaster came from or what he even looks like. The only thing we know is that he was a friend Holy Master made while wandering around outside.”

“Fierce… even able to make such a profound Grandmaster work for our Holy Land, the Holy Master’s methods are truly extraordinary!”

“Yes, thanks to the remuneration the Holy Land receives in exchange for Alchemy services, our finances have also been steadily improving; the disciples no longer have to worry about having enough cultivation materials. Heh, if the Grandmaster could help you and I refine some Saint Pills, it would be even better.”

“We shouldn’t worry about that, when the time comes, all we need to do is speak to Holy Master and I’m sure there won’t be any problems.”

“That said, from the looks of things here, I really don’t know when the Grandmaster will have time to spare for us…”

As they spoke, the two Elders turned their eyes towards the horizon, where they saw yet another batch of people flying towards Nine Heavens Holy Land.

There was no doubt in their minds that this group had also come to request Alchemy services.

After this group appeared, another would soon follow, and so on and so forth, causing the number of people waiting in line to increase faster than it decreased…

While the two Elders were both happy to see this, they also couldn’t help feeling a bit of distress as well.

There were a lot of people in this latest group, five people in total, but before they could even arrive, Luo Sheng had come forward to inform them of the rules and politely had them line up at the end of the queue.

Every day now, Luo Sheng and Meng Tian Fei, both of whom were genuine Saint Realm Elders, had actually had to personally welcome two or three waves of guests each, and as time passed by, this number only increased.

Just after they finished arranging this new group of arrivals, from the nine peaks, the two Elders saw Great Elder Xu Hui fly out.

Immediately, the two of them turned and greeted him.

A moment later, Great Elder Xu Hui arrived in front of the two Elders and cast his eyes towards the ever-growing lineup of people, a touch of amazement apparent in his voice as he muttered, “So many have come?”

“Yes, Great Elder, the Holy Land’s Alchemy Grandmaster’s reputation resounds louder with each passing day,” Luo Sheng said with a slightly tired smile.

“That is a matter of course! A 100% refinement success rate is on the level of a legendary tale! In this world, besides my Holy Land’s Grandmaster, no one can boast of such a feat!” Xu Hui’s boasted proudly.

“What matter does Great Elder have to announce?” Meng Tian Fei asked.

“Good, I’m here to deliver a message from Holy Master!” Xu Hui nodded before turning and yelling towards the gathered crowd, “Friends, this old master is Nine Heavens Holy Land Great Elder Xu Hui. I offer you all kind greetings!”

Everyone quickly returned the courtesy, none daring to act the slightest bit dissolute.

Seeing the crowd’s reaction, Xu Hui’s expression brightened even further; never before had he felt so high-spirited as today, not even when the old Holy Master was alive.

Continuing on, Xu Hui announced, “In accordance with the command of the Holy Master, dare I ask if any of you possess World Spirit Treasures?”

Most people in line shook their heads, indicating they did not own such treasures, some of them soon whispering to each other, wondering why the new Holy Master was asking such a question.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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