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Martial Peak Chapter 870

Chapter 870 - Blood Essence Stone

Chapter 870, Blood Essence Stone

Late at night, the Snow Mountain Range air felt unusually cold.

However, the Ancient Demon clansmen were completely unaffected, some of them even laid down half naked on the snow to experience this unfamiliar coldness.

At some point, snow had started falling, causing gasps of surprise to ring out as the Ancient Demon clansmen held out their hands to catch the falling flakes.

Everything about the outside world was fresh and new for them.

Yang Kai sat cross-legged off to the side, refining and absorbing the Soul remnants he had absorbed of those who had died in the previous battle just now while comparing and cataloguing their insights into the Martial Dao and Heavenly Way with his own.

“Master,” Li Rong came over and softly called out.

Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked up at her, “What happened?”

“I found something strange.”

“Oh? What?”

Li Rong quickly handed over what was in her hand.

The moment Yang Kai accepted it, he felt an odd sensation pulse through his body. Staring blankly at it, he discovered this object was a dark red stone about the size of a small clenched fist.

Yang Kai’s knowledge at a considerable level. Because of his immersion in Alchemy, he had become quite skilled at identifying or at least evaluating this world’s rare treasures, spirit grasses, and spirit medicines.

However, he was at a complete loss regarding this stone.

It had a reddish colour to it and felt somewhat damp, as if it had just been plucked out of a stream of water, but there was no sign of liquid anywhere on its surface.

What drew Yang Kai’s attention the most though was the huge force of vitality contained inside this stone.

In fact, listening carefully, Yang Kai could even hear a thumping sound coming from it along with the sound of flowing water.

There was also a thick bloody smell that wafted from it.

“Where did you find it?” Yang Kai asked.

“It was inside the Universe Bag of that person.”

She was talking about Zhang Ao but obviously never bothered to remember his name.

Yang Kai looked it over a while longer before shaking his head, “You’re unable to recognize what it is?”

Li Rong slowly shook her head, pondering for a moment before suggesting, “Perhaps Hua Mo will be able to identify it, he is the oldest of my clan…” Saying so, she silently sent him a Divine Sense message.

Hearing her call, the leaders of the Ancient Demon Clan gathered together.

The dark red stone was passed around between the five Saints but each of them only took a moment to observe it before shaking their heads. Like Yang Kai, they also noted the thick bloody smell coming from it, wondering why this strange stone seemed like it was filled with a massive quantity of blood.

“Sir Holy Master… can you let me take a look?” Wu Jie suddenly said.

Yang Kai casually tossed the stone over to him.

Wu Jie grabbed it and examined it carefully before condensing some of his True Qi at his fingertips and injecting it into the stone, causing it to emit a strange force that seemed to disturb the blood inside it.

Seeing this, the Ancient Demon Clan’s Saints couldn’t help staring in surprise.

Wu Jie nodded lightly as he handed the stone back to Yang Kai and said, “If I am not mistaken, this should be a Blood Essence Stone!”

“Blood Essence Stone?” Yang Kai’s brow furrowed while Li Rong and the others also wore confused looks, obviously never having heard of such an item before.

“What Zhang Ao was talking about before he died may be true…” Wu Jie spoke thoughtfully, “I thought he was just trying to lure Sir Holy Master into the trap that was set on his Universe Bag, but perhaps there was more to it than just that.”

“You mean, what he was saying about the Starry Sky?”

“Indeed,” Wu Jie nodded sincerely, “Because this Blood Essence Stone is not a product of Tong Xuan Realm, but something from the Starry Sky!”

Yang Kai’s eyes immediately lit up!

The Starry Sky was a place of legend in Tong Xuan Realm, one no one had ever truly explored.

Yang Kai and Di Yao had visited the Starry Sky through the Thousand Year Demon Flower many years ago and Yang Kai had even spent a year or so in it, but the Starry Sky was simply too vast to explore in such a short time. As such, after breaking through to the Transcendent Realm, Yang Kai had immediately rushed back.

“Sir Holy Master is aware that some unique products from the Starry Sky appear in Tong Xuan Realm from time to time, yes?”

“Naturally,” Yang Kai nodded, “I’ve seen some of them before.”

Back when he was a ‘guest’ of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, Du Wan had taken out a strange blue stone that originated from the Starry Sky and used it to for a barrier to resist the destructive power of the Wind Eye exploding, after which the stone had shattered.

“Most of these unique products are strange stones which inadvertently land in our World after drifting here from the Starry Sky. Some have no effect and are just ordinary stones, making them worthless, but this Blood Essence Stone is different!”

“How do you know all this?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Wu Jie shrugged his shoulders, “I had an acquaintance who possessed a similar stone before, but the one he had was much smaller than this one.”

“What is it used for?”

“If Sir Holy Master injects his True Qi into it, you will be quickly come to understand what use it has!” Wu Jie smiled mysteriously.

Yang Kai didn’t ask any more and simply held out the Blood Essence Stone and poured his True Qi into it.

In an instant, the stone went from dark to bright red and released a brilliant crimson light that caused the hearts of everyone nearby to jump.

The Blood Essence Stone then began emitting a strange force that drew in all of the spilt blood from the surroundings, literally pulling it out of the ground it had just soaked into a few hours earlier.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, subtle depressions in the area around Yang Kai began to appear as more and more blood was drawn out of it.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

Tens of thousands of tiny blood droplets flew over from the surrounding dozen kilometer radius and sank into the Blood Essence Stone.

The Great Commanders of the Ancient Demon Clan all watched this fantastical scene in amazement.

The blood which flowed towards the Blood Essence Stone and was swallowed up was clearly the blood from the people who had died here before.

The Blood Essence Stone was like a bottomless pit, no matter how much blood it absorbed, it never seemed to be filled.

With the influx of fresh blood, the red radiance of the Blood Essence Stone and the blood smell it gave off became stronger and stronger.

After a while, the streams of blood flowing towards the stone gradually weakened until they finally ceased altogether. The Snow Mountain Range, which had moments ago been stained dark red with blood, had once again becomes pure white, as if it had never been dirtied in the first place.

Yang Kai couldn’t help showing a look of surprise and admiration.

The Blood Essence Stone in his grip now seemed to have taken on a life of its own and was bursting with vitality.

Sending his Spiritual Energy into the Blood Essence Stone, Yang Kai manipulated a wisp of the strange energy contained within it and drew it out, inhaling it into his lungs.

Upon doing so, Yang Kai felt as if his own vitality had surged and noticeably strengthened, his entire physique seemingly rejoicing as it filled with explosive power.

“This is…” Yang Kai quickly revealed a joyful expression as he called out to Li Rong, “Bring over one of your seriously injured clansmen!”

Li Rong gently nodded, and quickly left.

Returning a moment later, she brought an Ancient Demon clansman who had lost his arm.

Even though his arm had been cut off in battle not long ago, the Ancient Demon clansman still wore a leisurely face, as if there was nothing out of the ordinary

“Greetings, Master!” The Ancient Demon clansman hurriedly bowed.

What Yang Kai’s true identity and his relationship with the Ancient Demon Clan was, Li Rong had carefully explained to all her clansmen already.

“Rise, where is your severed arm?” Yang Kai asked.

“I threw it away,” The clansman replied simply, speaking as if he had tossed away a piece of trash rather than his arm, at the same time directing a curious look towards Yang Kai, wondering why he would ask such a question.

“You threw it away?” Yang Kai’s face went black, “Go get it back.”

“En,” The clansman nodded, not asking anything, simply walking off in a certain direction to look for his lost arm.

Han Fei’s brow furrowed slightly as she couldn’t help asking suspicious, “Master, could it be you want to… connect his severed arm?”

“It’s worth a try,” Yang Kai chuckled, “There is an astonishing amount of vitality contained within this thing, it may be possible to use it to reconnect his arm.”

Saying so, he glanced over at Wu Jie and asked, “Is this the use of the Blood Essence Stone you spoke of?”

Wu Jie laughed lightly and replied, “I only know that it has a very powerful healing effect and is also helpful for those who cultivate blood related Secret Arts and Martial Skills. As for whether or not it can be used to reconnect severed limbs, this Wu is unsure.”

“Not only can it serve as an auxiliary support for those who cultivate blood type Secret Arts and Martial Skills, anyone can make use of it,” Yang Kai gently nodded, glancing down at Blood Essence Stone, “The products from the Starry Sky are truly amazing. Just that tiny wisp of its energy allowed my strength to grow. If it was to be used in battle, it may be possible to turn defeat into victory!”

Hearing him say these words, everyone also became interested in the Blood Essence Stone.

A short time later, the Ancient Demon clansman finally found his severed arm.

However, because it had been several hours already, the severed arm had long gone stiff and was even partially frozen.

The wound was quite flat, obviously having been cut off by a sharp weapon, which was actually a stroke of luck as this would make it easier to connect.

Yang Kai instructed the clansman to hold his severed arm up to the place it was cut off and then began willing the energy inside the Blood Essence Stone out.

A faint red mist like a tiny snake leapt out and poured into the wound.

Everyone watched this scene intently; although somewhat doubtful it would succeed, still quite curious what the ultimate result would be.

The Ancient Demon clansman did not show much expression on his face, a severed arm being reconnected was something that even peak Third Order Saints were incapable of whereas he was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Ninth Stage cultivator. Although his physique was strong, what had been cut off was cut off for good, how could it be joined together once again?

He did not have any expectations and only complied because of Yang Kai’s identity.

However, with the influx of energy from the Blood Essence Stone, the casual look on his face gradually gave way to one of shock and ecstasy, his eyes bulging as he stared at his wound, full of anticipation, his body even trembling slightly, unable to restrain the excitement he felt in his heart.

The stiff frozen arm, under the influence of Blood Essence Stone’s energy, gradually became warm and even began to tingle slightly, sensations slowly being restored to it.

Trying his luck, the clansman attempted to move his fingers and actually managed to succeed, his middle finger twitching ever so slightly.

Seeing this, everyone’s eyes lit up as their expectations rose even higher.

Time passed slowly as Yang Kai continued to pour energy out of the Blood Essence Stone onto the arm of the Ancient Demon clansman.

Gradually, the wound began to heal at a speed visible to the eye and after half an hour, only a faint scar remained and the formerly severed arm had been completely re-attached.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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