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Martial Peak Chapter 868

Chapter 868 - No Chicken Or Dog Remains

Chapter 868, No Chicken Or Dog Remains

If this group of Ancient Demon clansmen were placed in Soaring Heaven Sect, never mind what outsiders would think, even the disciples inside Soaring Heaven Sect would likely find it unacceptable.

Doing so would have a massive negative impact on Soaring Heaven Sect’s reputation.

Outsiders may think that Soaring Heaven Sect was colluding with the Demon Race.

Hearing this from Chu Ling Xiao, Yang Kai knew he couldn’t hide it anymore and said, “Disciple already has a place in mind where they can stay.”

“Oh? Let’s hear it.”

“I’ll take them to Nine Heavens Holy Land, which is on the edge of the Human Territory, bordering the Monster Domain, there should be no problem if they settle down there.”

“Nine Heavens Holy Land?” Cang Yan frowned, “Are you familiar with that place? How could they possibly agree to allow you to place a thousand members of the Demon Race there?”

“I also heard that there was a great upheaval in Nine Heavens Holy Land and that it was currently being occupied by a Great Senior from the Monster Race,” Fei Yu also said with concern, “If you go there now, even if you have some kind of acquaintance, you won’t be able to find them. That Monster Race Great Senior is a top-level Third Order Saint, not someone you’ll be able to negotiate with.”

Yang Kai scratched his head awkwardly as he quietly muttered, “Martial Seniors need not be worried; actually, disciple is the new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land…”

The jaws of all four Martial Seniors dropped at that moment as they stared dumbly towards Yang Kai.

Even Chu Ling Xiao gawked at him for a moment.

Only after a long time did Cang Yan hesitantly asked Yang Kai, “Little Martial Nephew, are you joking… or is that really the case?”

“Does it look like I’m cracking a joke?” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

“The new Holy Master?” Li Wan’s mouth twitched continuously, seemingly unable to process what he just heard.

Fei Jian thought for a moment before nodding, “Good, I really heard that Nine Heavens Holy Land had a new Holy Master and that he was quite young…” Saying so, he swept his eyes up and down Yang Kai, seemingly contemplating the possibilities.

“Why you smelly little brat!” Fei Yu shouted, “What else are you still hiding from us!? Out with it! All of it!”

“Nothing!” Yang Kai shrank his neck, “I was looking for a chance to tell Martial Uncles and Martial Aunt, but there just hasn’t been an opportunity to so… heh heh.”

“That Monster Race Great Senior… can you handle him?” Chu Ling Xiao looked at Yang Kai somewhat skeptically.

“Ancestral Founder can rest assured, I have an agreement with that Monster Race Great Senior for them to guard Nine Heavens Holy Land. Now I can return there to claim it back though.”

“En, you really have such power in your hands now,” Chu Ling Xiao glanced over towards Li Rong and the others and smiled slightly, “Although this old master does not have any good impressions of the Demon Race, from what I can see, they truly care about you. That woman there was the one who fought against Xue Li, yes?”

“En, Xue Li killed the Coffin Carrying Man, the hatred between them cannot be easily resolved.”

“Very well, this group of Demon Race people… handle them as you see fit. If it were not you standing in front of this old master, it would be absolutely impossible for me to agree to let them go.”

“Many thanks, Ancestral Founder,” Yang Kai said gratefully.

Yang Kai once again felt deeply how much faith and care Chu Ling Xiao and his Martial Seniors gave him.

Just as Chu Ling Xiao had said, if it had been anyone else standing here right now, he would not be willing to give up.

“Martial Ancestor, what about those Shattering Mystical Palace and War Spirit Temple people?” Cang Yan’s brow wrinkled slightly, a slight glimmer of light flashing across his eyes, “If we just let them go, many of little Martial Nephew’s secrets will soon spread out!”

Chu Ling Xiao’s brow wrinkled for an instant before casually saying, “This old master brought you four here today only to intercept Demon General Xue Li, as for the others… I saw nothing.”

Hearing this, the Four Soaring Heaven Sect Saints were momentarily stunned before they quickly turned meaningful grins towards Yang Kai, chuckling slightly as they did so.

Cang Yan then patted Yang Kai’s shoulder, “Little Martial Nephew, take care of yourself, if you ever encounter any problem you cannot solve alone, feel free to return to the Sect at any time, Soaring Heaven Sect will always be your home.”

“I’ll leave your room in Serene Resplendent Peak free, remember to come back often to visit,” Fei Yu said with a smile.

“If you don’t show up every now and then, we’ll go to Nine Heavens Holy Land instead so we can witness the prestige of the new Holy Master! I heard that there are several Saintesses over there… each of them a great beauty…” Li Wan grinned meaningfully.

Fei Jian remained silent as always, simply nodding lightly towards Yang Kai.

“Martial Uncles, Martial Aunt…” Yang Kai’s lips trembled slightly, not knowing what to say, only feeling warmth in his heart.

“Let’s go, we need to see if we can catch up to that Demon Woman. After suffering a blow from my Demon Sealing Chain, she no doubt suffered serious damage,” Chu Ling Xiao’s eyes suddenly became sharp as he stared towards the horizon, swiftly wrapping his True Qi around the other four before transforming into a bolt of light which shot off into the distance.

“Brother Chu… Brother Chu!” Seeing this, Zhang Ao couldn’t help feeling shocked and calling out in panic.

He never expected that Chu Ling Xiao would simply ask a few questions of them before flying off, not even bothering to put in a word for them much less save them.

“Brother Zhang, we’ve clearly been abandoned. That damn Chu Ling Xiao and this little bastard are no doubt working together!” Cao Guan’s complexion became incomparably cold and gloomy.

Realizing this, their heart sank into a dark abyss.

The thousand or so Ancient Demon clansmen rushed over and surrounded them as Demon Crests appeared on the faces of the five Saint Realm masters, their auras all surging up and filling with fighting intent.

Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, and the others could not help but stumble back a few steps as they hurriedly began gathering their strength, gulping in horror as they stared around at the Ancient Demon clansmen.

“Master, how should we deal with these people?” Li Rong asked lightly.

Yang Kai grinned silently.

Seemingly aware of Yang Kai’s murderous intent, Zhang Ao hurriedly called out, “Holy Master Yang, is there a need to act ruthless? This time it was indeed we who were in the wrong, but there is always room to negotiate! When we meet in the future, it isn’t impossible for us to be friends! This Zhang can also swear that nothing that has transpired here today will leave any of our lips!”

“Always room to negotiate?” Yang Kai chuckled, “Is there any need for that? I think that after today, we will never meet again!”

Saying so, his eyes flashed a cold light as he decisively shouted, “Kill!”

Since the crisis at Nine Heavens Holy Land, this group of people had constantly been acting against him, even just now they had been trying to reverse black and white and confuse right and wrong. Leaving such people alive will surely lead to disaster in the future.

Yang Kai was by no means a magnanimous person, rather, he was someone who needed to seek vengeance for even the slightest grievance.

With his character, now that he had them cornered, how could he allow Zhang Ao and Cao Guan to survive?

When Yang Kai gave the order, the thousand Ancient Demon clansmen all cheered excitedly, summoning out all kinds of strange and ancient artifacts as they rushed towards the Shattering Mystical Palace and War Spirit Temple cultivators.

The Ancient Demon Clan had been imprisoned for too long.

They were the elite of the Demon Race, the epitome of bloodthirst and brutality…

Their innate temperament which had been suppressed deep in their bones for thousands of years, unable to be released, now finally had a chance to re-surface.

Each of them held nothing back, using their full strength right from the start as they crashed down upon the Shattering Mystical Palace and War Spirit Temple disciples like a tsunami.

The four Saints of these two forces were also being eyed by Han Fei and the other Ancient Demon Clan Saints.

Han Fei and Hua Mo, who had just broken through to the Second Order Saint Realm, were in desperate need of a bloody battle to consolidate their cultivations and improve their understanding of their current realm, so naturally, they showed no mercy.

Although Zhang Ao was also an established Second-Order Saint, facing the Ancient Demon Clan masters using their Demon God Transformations, he was unable to even fight back. Li Rong didn’t even make a move, simply allowing the others to fight to their hearts’ content.

Hot blood splashed and screams echoed through the air as the once pure white Snow Mountain Range was dyed dark red.

As fresh corpses were rapidly created, everyone who witnessed this scene had a look of horror fill their face as fear flashed across their eyes.

The ruthlessness of the Ancient Demon Clan not only frightened the enemy but even Wu Jie, who was spectating nearby, couldn’t help shivering unconsciously.

They way they fought was the very definition of savage. Even if their opponent was already dead, they would continue ripping them apart. No one who died did so with a whole corpse, many of them even shredded into so many pieces they could no longer be identified.

In the midst of this fierce battle, the Ancient Demon clansmen subconsciously licked their lips and glared at their opponents cruelly, seemingly revelling in their wanton slaughter.

Even Guan’er, who usually wore a sweet and cheerful expression, seemed to have transformed into another person entirely, her pretty face filled with ferocious murderous intent as her Demon Crests pulsed with Demonic Qi, often causing her opponents to lose all fighting spirit before she even laid a finger on them.

“Let no chicken or dog remain!”

Li Rong called out, waving her hand and sending out several bolts of blood-red light which flew through the crowd and quickly seized several Shattering Mystical Palace and War Spirit Temple cultivators. These cultivators desperately tried to escape but were unable to resist and were soon crushed into bloody pulps as they let out tragic screams.

In the next instant, Li Rong’s figure flickered and shot towards Zhang Ao.

Wu Jie’s mouth went dry, his body trembling as he stared out at this bloody purgatory, feeling no small amount of fear.

It was as if all the Ancient Demon clansmen were filled with madness, excitedly swimming through the crowd, killing one enemy after another as they bathed in their blood.

They clearly enjoyed this kind of killing; no need for mercy or restraint, simply slaughtering everything before them.

Wu Jie finally realized just how terrifying this group of Demons was and couldn’t help feeling a chill in his heart.

Compared with the Demon Race people he knew, this group of people were more like real demons!

The cruel madness on display in front of him even began to influence his mind, causing his blood to boil up. Gradually, Wu Jie’s eyes became red and his trembling stopped, a kind of bloodthirst slowly building up inside him, urging him to charge forward and join this savage battle.

This feeling continued to build until Wu Jie almost could not control himself.

“Wu Jie!” Suddenly, Yang Kai’s shout resounded in his ear.

Hearing this call, Wu Jie’s body shivered and clarity returned to his bloodshot eyes, the thirst for slaughter quickly fading.

Swiftly recovering, Wu Jie dripped with cold sweat and hurriedly shielded his consciousness, fearing he would once again be influenced by the aura the Ancient Demon Clan was emitting.

“Many thanks, Sir Holy Master!” Wu Jie quickly thanked Yang Kai, in his heart admiring him even more than before.

This young man’s cultivation was lower than his own yet he could remain completely clear-headed even in this situation. Obviously, Yang Kai’s mental strength had exceeded his own.

Realizing this, Wu Jie was filled with amazement.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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