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Martial Peak Chapter 858

Chapter 858 - Sir Holy Master, Save Me

Chapter 858: Sir Holy Master, Save Me

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Ordinarily, Yang Kai was not willing to use artifacts in battle, but with the enemy in front of him was the Demon General Xue Li so he did not hesitate to summon his Saint Grade Top-Rank Silver Leaf artifact.

If he hadn’t, there would have been no way for him to escape.

In a burst of silver light, the Divine Sense that were locked onto Yang Kai were all dispelled and in Xue Li’s brief moment of shock, Yang Kai had already soared a thousand meters into the sky.

“Such a powerful artifact!” Xue Li also felt the terrible power contained within the Silver Leaf artifact and furrowed her brow, seeming quite disgruntled.

Yu Mo’s figure flickered and chased after Yang Kai, his Demonic Qi roiling as he used an exquisite Martial Skill to block Yang Kai’s path, sneering as he shouted, “You think you can run?”

Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to him and simply lifted his hand up high before making a slashing motion towards the empty space in front of him.

The next moment, a dark crack appeared mid-air right in front of Yang Kai.

Yu Mo was suddenly dumbstruck, feeling like he was staring into a bottomless abyss, the threads of Divine Sense he used to probe this crack seemingly sinking into it, never to return.

This dark crack was like the mount of a great beast which could swallow everything, including his Divine Sense, into it.

“Yu Mo, draw back!” Xue Li hurriedly shouted. Although she didn’t know what kind of method Yang Kai had just used, the aura which pulsed from this strange dark tear made even her feel restless.

From what little she could sense, the physical space around the dark crack seemed to be somewhat fragmented.

At the same time she shouted to Yu Mo, Xue Li’s Demonic Qi surged up, transforming into a number of thin threads that flew straight towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was already half-way into the crack but before he could fully dive into The Void, Xue Li’s attack hit his shoulder, instantly dislocating and fracturing it.

The violent burst of energy caused the dark crack to become unstable and as if a slumbering beast which had been awoken, Void Energy flowed out from it.

Not daring to neglect, Yang Kai plunged into The Void, shooting a hate filled glare back towards Xue Li as he did.

The void tear quickly sealed after Yang Kai entered, returning the world to its original calm.

Atop the small snowy mountain, Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, and all the other masters stared blankly towards the spot Yang Kai disappeared, each of them visibly shaken.

Yu Mo’s face was also somewhat pale as he landed back on the ground, frowning deeply as he quietly asked, “Mistress, what was that?”

“I don’t know…” Xue Li slowly shook her head, quickly releasing her Divine Sense to scout the surrounding area, her expression dimming greatly a moment later as she spoke, “That boy is already a hundred kilometers away!”

“What?” Yu Mo was shocked. That little human brat was right in front of him only a moment ago yet now he was a hundred kilometers away? How was that even possible?

Even a master like Xue Li wouldn’t be able to travel such a distance in such a short period of time. Could it be that human boy had somehow accessed a hidden Void Corridor?

Gazing carefully at the spot where the dark crack had appeared, Yu Mo was unable to find any clues.

“Where is that other man who was just with that little brat?” Xue Li turned around and asked upon noticing that Wu Jie was not there.

“He escaped!” Zhang Ao hurriedly replied.

“Wastes!” Xue Li gnashed her teeth. This entire group of masters had tightly surrounded those two yet they actually let both of them escape. Yang Kai being able to escape wasn’t too surprising; after all, the method he used was simply too inexplicable, even Xue Li was unable to block it, yet the other man was just an ordinary First Order Saint, how could he too have escaped?

“Mistress, do we pursue them?” Yu Mo asked quietly.

“Of course we pursue them, even if I have to chase him to the ends of the earth, I must catch him! This time he should give up any idea of escaping!” Xue Li snorted before her tender body transformed into a streak of light and shot off towards where Yang Kai had reappeared.

Yu Mo hurriedly kept up.

Zhang Ao and Cao Guan both looked at each other, the latter asking hesitantly, “Brother Zhang, what do we do?”

“What else can we do now but follow them?” Zhang Ao smiled bitterly. He had never imagined the mysterious person who had brought them to this endless Snow Mountain Range would be Demon General Xue Li, but now that he did, there was only one path forward for him to walk.

Otherwise, once news of them colluding with a Demon General spread out, his Shattering Mystical Palace and Cao Guan’s War Spirit Temple would definitely condemned by the entire Human Race and would no longer have any place in the world.

Now, he could only hope Xue Li would keep her word and allow him and Cao Guan to settle in that vast unclaimed territory she governed.

The various Human Saint Realm and Transcendent Realm masters soon began using their movement skills to chase after Xue Li.

A hundred kilometers away, the surrounding space suddenly twisted in on itself and in the next moment, a dark crack appeared and Yang Kai tumbled out, his face as pale as ice.

“The power of a Demon General really lives up to its name!” Lightly coughing a few times, Yang Kai grit his teeth and stood firm.

He had thought that with his ability to tear space, he would easily be able to escape, but in reality he had greatly underestimated Xue Li’s tyrannical strength.

While Xue Li really didn’t understand the Divine Ability Yang Kai had used to tear space, for a master on her level, just by using her instincts and conventional methods, she could still throw his plans to escape into chaos.

However, it was also thanks to his ability to tear space that Yang Kai was even able to escape from such a tight encirclement.

Releasing his Divine Sense to scout his surroundings, Yang Kai’s expression immediately darkened.

He found that Xue Li was actually rapidly approaching his location and was now less than fifty kilometers away. At this rate, it would only be a few tens of breaths before she caught up with him.

Gritting his teeth even harder, Yang Kai once again tore space and dove into The Void.

Xue Li, who was rushing over, suddenly came to a halt and fully released her powerful Divine Sense, a frown soon appearing on her face.

A moment later, Yu Mo caught up and saw her hovering mid-air, quickly approaching and asking curiously, “Mistress, have we already caught up with him?”

Xue Li slowly shook her head, “His aura has disappeared. I don’t know what kind of method he is using but it’s almost as if he can open Void Corridors and use them to instantly move hundreds of kilometers away in an instant…”

“Is there such a magical method in this world?” Yu Mo was stunned.

“In the ancient past, there were many methods that we cannot even begin to comprehend, each one of them is not something we should underestimate,” Xue Li said before waving her hand, “Don’t talk, I have to search for his position… heh, little boy, you think I’ll let you escape so easily? You are looking down far too much on this Queen!”

Yu Mo immediately bowed and stood back, silently waiting for Xue Li’s next order.

Inside the boundless darkness of The Void, Yang Kai gasped for breath as he sat down cross-legged, looking quite helpless.

Xue Li’s pursuit was too fast and tearing space consumed far too much of his strength. At most, he could display it one more time before he became an arrow at the end of its flight, and even if he were to escape a few hundred kilometers in at once, he knew it wouldn’t help things as Xue Li would certainly catch up in short order.

As such, he simply decided not to leave.

By hiding inside The Void, even if Xue Li’s methods were extremely profound, there was no way for her to catch him.

Taking out some good pills, Yang Kai immediately swallowed them down.

As time passed, Yang Kai’s gradually restored himself. Fortunately, the injury he suffered under Xue Li’s attack was not serious and with the assistance of his Demon God Golden Blood, had basically healed.

Just as Yang Kai opened his eyes, his ears caught a faint sound coming from nearby.

His brow furrowing, Yang Kai listened carefully and a moment later, turned an awkward look towards a certain direction and flew off.

As he approached, the sounds became more and more obvious; it seemed like someone was gasping for breath while violently struggling, as if death was upon them.

A short time later, Yang Kai finally arrived at the source of the sound.

Staring forward, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling surprised as he called out, “Sect Master Wu?”

In front of him, submerged in a pocked of void turbulence was Wu Jie who had tightly wrapped himself in his green aura while struggling to free himself. Unfortunately for him, the more he struggled, the deeper he fell.

The void turbulences were like a swamp, constantly sucking his body in, wanting to swallow him whole.

Wu Jie was covered in wounds and his breathing was chaotic, the green aura wrapped around his body was also noticeably dimmer than usual, it seemed he was already a lamp running out of oil.

Yang Kai never expected he would meet Wu Jie here, in The Void.

Wu Jie had also never expected that in this life or death crisis, someone else would appear, but when he suddenly heard Yang Kai’s voice and looked up to see the young man standing not far away. What’s more, the void turbulence which was threatening to consume him whole was actually gently flowing around Yang Kai, not influencing him in the slightest.

Immediately overjoyed, Wu Jie quickly begged, “Sir Holy Master, save me!”

Yang Kai laughed dumbly and with a wave of his hand, released a strange force which smoothed out the void turbulence trapping Wu Jie.

Wu Jie took this opportunity to escape and hurried over to Yang Kai’s side, a big smile forming on his pale face as he said, “Many thanks Sir Holy Master, your life saving grace was really too timely.”

“You’re too polite; Sect Master Wu also used this method to escape?” Yang Kai instantly realized what had happened.

Wu Jie’s presence here meant he had no doubt torn space to escape. Thinking back, Yang Kai hadn’t seen Wu Jie back on that snowy mountain peak, so he had obviously fled before Yang Kai freed himself from Xue Li’s grasp.

“En,” Wu Jie nodded quickly, “But I didn’t expect my luck to be so bad, after escaping from them I nearly died here.”

“En, this place truly is quite dangerous,” Yang Kai nodded in agreement.

Wu Jie turned a thoughtful look towards Yang Kai at that moment, “But from what I can see, Sir Holy Master seems to have already comprehended the mysteries of this place.”

“At least more so than you,” Yang Kai bluntly admitted.

Wu Jie’s face went black, but he didn’t argue.

The method of tearing space was something he had given Yang Kai, yet now the disciple had become the master with Yang Kai’s abilities no far surpassing his own in this field.

But regardless, Wu Jie was grateful for Yang Kai’s prompt assistance.

“Xue Li is still chasing me, so we temporarily can’t leave this place. Sect Master Wu should make use of this time to recover,” Yang Kai glanced over at him and declared, “If we exit now, we’ll certainly be caught by that woman.” “

“Restore? Here?” Wu Jie was flabbergasted, his eyes noticeably bulging.

“Is there a problem?”

“No problem! With Sir Holy Master’s asylum there is no problem! Then this Wu will not be polite,” Wu Jie was quick to adapt, not asking for any explanation and instead simply taking out some pills and Crystal Stones before sitting down and circulating a healing art.

Yang Kai didn’t bother him and instead silently observed this endless void.

He hadn’t thought that if two people tore space at the same time they could meet each other in The Void. Originally, Yang Kai thought that The Void was some kind of independent space but now it appeared that it was actually a universal one. That was the only possible explanation that he and Wu Jie would meet.

It seemed like there were still some hidden mysteries here he had yet to comprehend.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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