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Martial Peak Chapter 856

Chapter 856 - Quite Difficult

Chapter 856, Quite Difficult

After meeting Wu Jie, Yang Kai confirmed his own guess, these people had really come to the endless Snow Mountain Range for the Coffin Carrying Man.

The Snow Mountain Range was vast, but with thousands of cultivators scouring it, it wouldn’t be long before they discovered the hiding place of the Coffin Carrying Man.

Yang Kai felt both agitated and frustrated. His Alchemy skill was still slightly lacking, otherwise, he would have already flown to the Coffin Carrying Man’s location and entered the Mysterious Small World inside the blood-red coffin.

What concerned him most though was the powerful mysterious individual mentioned by Wu Jie, this person’s presence was a massive unexpected variable. From Wu Jie description, it wasn’t difficult for Yang Kai to infer that this mysterious master was a Third Order Saint!

There really weren’t many such masters in this world.

Who could it be?

Yang Kai wracked his brain in confusion.

“Sir Holy Master?” Wu Jie saw Yang Kai lost in thought, not moving for a long time and couldn’t help calling out.

Yang Kai returned to his senses and was just about to speak when he suddenly wore a cold expression as he stared at Wu Jie meaningfully.

“Em, what happened?” Wu Jie frowned, not knowing why Yang Kai’s attitude had suddenly become so hostile.

“Wu Jie, I remember you saying your Netherworld Sect’s policy was to receive money in exchange for dispelling disasters.”

“En, this Wu has always maintained such a policy!” Wu Jie nodded firmly, “That was why even after offering tribute to Nine Heavens Holy Land, my Sect has not lacked supplies for its development.”

“Then… how much benefit did you receive from these people?” Yang Kai coldly spat, roaring in the next breath, “Even daring to betray me, your courage is not small!”

Wu Jie was startled, drawing back several steps as he asked in confusion, “What do you mean?”

Yang Kai stared at him deeply, his Divine Sense piercing into Wu Jie’s mind in the next instant. The latter’s face changed greatly but noticing Yang Kai bore him no murderous intent, did not resist.

A moment later, Yang Kai took back his Divine Sense and nodded, “It seems like you were unaware…”

“You mean…” Wu Jie finally comprehended, his green eyes flashing brilliantly as he swept them over his surroundings, a moment later chuckling lowly as he quietly moved closer to Yang Kai.

“Come out! What point is there in still trying to hide now?” Yang Kai shouted.

“Fierce! Even being able to see through this technique, worthy of the one my Master is interested in, wouldn’t you say… Sir Holy Master?” With a series of snide comments, the space around Yang Kai and Wu Jie seemed to distort as a number of figures strangely appeared.

Upon hearing this voice, Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he stared towards the source, fixing his gaze on a handsome middle-aged man and muttering in disbelief, “Yu Mo?”

The one who just spoke was no stranger, but instead someone Yang Kai was quite familiar with.

The Demon Land’s Demon Race master, First Order Saint Yu Mo of Sand City.

Beside Yu Mo stood a black-cloaked figure still wrapped in shadows. This individual’s aura was non-existent, as if they were an ordinary mortal who had never cultivated before, but that did not stop Yang Kai from sensing great pressure from them.

As for the other masters in his surroundings, Yang Kai did not bother looking at them.

“Little brat, since I last saw you several years ago you’ve grown quite a bit!” Yu Mo commented, a calm and composed look upon his face as he stared towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai shot him a faint glance before turning his eyes to the mysterious black figure, smiling bitterly as he said, “Since Yu Mo is here, will Senior Xue Li be making an appearance as well?”

Hearing this, the mysterious black-cloaked figure let out a laugh like a silver bell, causing many of the assembled masters to turn and stare in shock, all of them apparently never having imagined that the enigmatic master with unfathomable strength who was leading them was actually a woman!

Removing the black cloak, a beautiful woman with a gorgeous face appeared.

When Zhang Ao of Shattering Mystical Palace and Cao Guan of War Spirit Temple saw this face, they both showed absent-minded expressions, as if their entire being had been drawn in by her.

Although Xue Li’s wasn’t a peerless beauty, she was incredibly attractive if one were to account for her fantastic strength and noble temperament.

“Hmph!” Yu Mo, clearly disgruntled, coldly snorted.

As if they were woken from a dream, Zhang Ao and the others quickly removed their gazes, their hearts filling with anxiety.

“Boy, you’ve caused this Queen no small amount of trouble!” Xue Li sneered lightly, “Since you escaped from my Sand City, I have been searching for you for three whole years. This Queen has never spent so much effort on anyone before.”

“Oh? I’m honoured,” Yang Kai laughed, his face still showing a calm and confident look.

“Senior Xue Li?” Wu Jie muttered to himself. Just now, he had clearly heard Yang Kai call this mysterious woman by that seemingly familiar name, a moment later his entire body trembling as he called out in shock “Demon General Xue Li?”

It was only now that Wu Jie finally figured out the true identity of this mysterious woman.

At that moment, his surrounding green aura became discovered as his blood ran cold.

Throughout the Demon Land, below the Demon Commander, there were four Demon Generals, each of them a top-level powerhouse, and Demon General Xue Li was one of them.

Wu Jie couldn’t believe such a figure had actually infiltrated so far into the Human Territory and even forced Zhang Ao and several others to work for her.

And obviously, she had done all of this just to get to Yang Kai!

What exactly did this young Holy Master posses that would cause someone like Xue Li to go so far?

The four words ‘Demon General Xue Li’ rang like thunder in the ears of the other Human masters as well, causing all of them to gawk as they once again stared at her, seemingly trying to confirm whether this was really the case or not.

Xue Li paid them no heed as her beautiful eyes were fixated on Yang Kai, an overwhelming sense of greed and desire apparent in their depths.

“Senior Xue Li daring to come here, are you not afraid be being besieged by my Human Race’s masters? This place is nowhere near your lands after all,” Yang Kai quipped.

In his heart, he was quite anxious though.

When he first heard Wu Jie describe this mysterious person, Yang Kai was still wondering who it might be.

His first thought was that it might be Demon General Gou Che!

Although he had never met Gou Che face to face, that Demon General had wanted to put him to death twice! So, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to send people here to kill him.

Even Demon General Meng Ge was a possibility.

After all, when Yang Kai was weak, he had killed his Soul Clone back in the Evil Cavern by taking advantage of the Demon Sealing Chain. Meng Ge should still remember his aura as a result.

However, Yang Kai hadn’t expected the one who had come was actually Xue Li.

Yang Kai simply felt that there wasn’t much hatred between them. Although he had escaped from Sand City in the past, he hadn’t damaged any of her interests or prestige, so would it really be necessary for her to pursue him for three whole years?

What’s more, she actually chased after him personally.

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Xue Li just laughed, “If I was afraid, this Queen would not have come; although your Human Race certainly has a number of masters, which one would care about you?”

“Senior Xue Li seems to have great confidence in her strength!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.

“En, however… you’ve given me quite a surprise as well little boy. Your strength growing at such an astonishing pace is one thing, but more importantly, how did you discover this Queen’s presence? With your current cultivation, that should have been impossible.”

Hearing this, Wu Jie also turned a curious glance towards Yang Kai. Everything had happened too suddenly and even he had not noticed anything out of the ordinary, it was only after Yang Kai’s attitude suddenly changed that he realized something was afoot.

“Liu Gui died!” Yang Kai spoke flatly, “As the pawn I placed in your camp, of course I’d notice if he were to die.”

“I see!” Xue Li nodded lightly, faintly recalling their group had just killed a stray Immortal Ascension Boundary youth a moment ago, never having expected that would expose their presence.

“Sir Holy Master… things are quite difficult,” Wu Jie whispered to Yang Kai as he glanced around.

“Difficult indeed!” Yang Kai also frowned, “If I had known Xue Li was here, I wouldn’t have called you out, it was my mistake.”

Yang Kai had thought only people on Zhang Ao’s level were around and hadn’t anticipated a Third Order Saint Realm Master would also be present.

Wu Jie wanting to sneak off to meet him without her noticing was obviously not realistic.

“Wu Jie, you disappoint me, originally you were colluding with this little brat!” Zhang Ao suddenly roared, “No wonder you didn’t show much enthusiasm two years ago.”

“It seems that Brother Wu doesn’t want his Netherworld Sect to remain in this world any longer,” Cao Guan cynically said.

“Are you threatening this Wu?” Wu Jie glared back at these two coldly.

“So what if we are” Zhang Ao coldly snorted, “There’s still time for you to repent, out of respect for our many years of friendship, as long as you capture that little brat this instant, we will not embarrass you.”

Yang Kai snuck a glance towards Wu Jie, somewhat interested in how he would respond, but the latter simply snickered, “Aren’t you the ones mistaken here? Originally, we didn’t know the true identity of this person, but now that we know she is Demon General Xue Li, you still want to work yourselves to death for her? Did all of your brains melt or something?”

“Now that things have gotten to this point, we have no way back, at worst we’ll just have to migrate to the Demon Land!” Zhang Ao declared, his expression dim and helpless, suddenly turning to look face Xue Li and flatteringly speaking, “I just don’t know if Senior would be willing to accept.”

“Naturally this Queen is willing, there are still some idle places near my Sand City, vast regions that stretch tens of thousands of kilometres in every direction. If you’d like, I can grant those lands to you. Frankly, I quite enjoy watching you Humans fight amongst yourself,” Xue Li laughed.

“Tens of thousands of kilometres…” Zhang Ao and Cao Guan both heard this and suddenly became enthusiastic, a greedy lightly flashing across their eyes.

Governing a territory of several tens of thousands of kilometres, what kind of concept was that? If they could utilize it well, it would greatly benefit the development of their Sects.

Seeing their appearance, Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh.

These two idiots clearly had no clue about Sand City and its surrounding territory, if they did, they’d realize that Xue Li was obviously talking about the vast, barren dessert!

If Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, and their subordinates were really thrown into there, it wouldn’t be long until only a few top masters remained, yet these two were actually looking forward to it, it was the epitome of stupidity.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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