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Martial Peak Chapter 851

Chapter 851 - Are Your Eyes Blind?

Chapter 851, Are Your Eyes Blind?

Yang Kai seemed to have changed the Spirit Array in his pill furnace instantaneously!

Moreover, none of them had seen him use the slightest amount of True Qi.

When portraying a Spirit Array inside a pill furnace, one had to pour their True Qi into it and carefully control it in order to succeed. It was like treating ones True Qi as ink and the pill furnace as paper.

However, Yang Kai didn’t show any signs of injecting his True Qi into the pill furnace just now.

Where did this new Spirit Array come from then?

“He used his Spiritual Energy and Divine Sense!” Du Wan’s eyes lit up as he quickly said.

“Impossible…” He Feng snorted and kept shaking his head, “While it’s possible to draw a Spirit Array with ones Spiritual Energy, it isn’t strong enough to be used for Alchemy. If someone tried to do that, it would only end up collapsing and destroying the materials inside.”

“See for yourself!” Du Wan didn’t bother explaining and simply motioned for the others to observe.

Of everyone here, only he knew that Yang Kai possessed an attributed Spiritual Energy because of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.

The same as The Old Man of Heaven’s Keep.

Spirit Arrays built with ordinary Spiritual Energy really couldn’t be used for Alchemy, but those built from Conflagrated Spiritual Energy were different. Not only could they be used for Alchemy, they were actually superior to ones drawn with True Qi.

Everyone was now holding their breath and watching nervously.

Seeing Yang Kai not even hesitate to add the medicinal liquids he had condensed back into the pill furnace, each of them felt their hearts leap up into the throats.

All of them were afraid he would waste these precious materials.

Unexpectedly though, after the medicinal liquids were returned to the pill furnace, there was no signs of the Spirit Array shattering and the different liquids began mixing and smelting together, interacting with one another as a medicinal fragrance began to gradually leak out.

Each of the gathered Grandmasters was amazed, not understanding what kind of mysteries were hidden inside Yang Kai’s pill furnace that allowed this to happen.

Yang Kai’s expression remained completely focused, both his hands waving about as his True Qi surged up and down, controlling the furnace’s temperature precisely so as not to inadvertently damage the medicinal efficacies contained within.

Everyone’s eyes suddenly became bright again.

A moment later, a cracking sound rang out from inside the pill furnace, accompanied by a flash of light.

The Spirit Array Yang Kai was using was destroyed once again, causing the nerves the Grandmasters had just settled to once again tense up.

In the blink of an eye, a third Spirit Array appeared inside the pill furnace.

“This…” He Feng’s eyes widened, not having any idea what he should say anymore.

When each of them performed Alchemy, they too would change Spirit Arrays as the process went on, but such rapid and frequent replacements like the ones Yang Kai was using was something they had never even heard of before.

Also, they vaguely felt that Yang Kai was not just using his True Qi to perform Alchemy, but also his Spiritual Energy.

A two-pronged approach.

The strength of this little boy’s Spiritual Energy was also somewhat strange!

Yang Kai had a Third Order Transcendent Realm cultivation which was actually higher than any of the Grandmasters present. Thus, even though they noticed something out of place, it was impossible for them to unravel the secrets of Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Spiritual Energy, so naturally they were quite confused.

*Pa pa pa…*

Almost every half an incense stick worth of time, the Spirit Array inside Yang Kai’s furnace would be replaced. The several Grandmasters really couldn’t comprehend why Yang Kai was doing this as such frequent changes didn’t seem to serve any practical purpose and instead introduced a greater risk of failure.

Time passed by and a pill fragrance gradually began wafting through the air, one more potent than any of the ones the previous Grandmasters had managed to produce.

“It’s only been two hours…” Chang Bao’s fat trembled as he exclaimed in shock.

The appearance of a pill fragrance meant that the pill was about to be completed, yet from beginning to the end, Yang Kai had only spent two hours.

In comparison, they had each taken almost twice as long to refine their respective Saint Pills!

“Is this boy really refining a Saint Pill?” Hong Fang frowned, “Could it be he’s just using Saint Grade materials to refine a Spirit Grade Pill?”

Listening to this comment, the gathered Grandmasters thought it was indeed possible.

It wasn’t uncommon to refine lower-grade pills with higher-grade materials. Some less skilled Alchemists would even deliberately select high-grade materials to boost the success rate of the pill they were trying to refine.

At this moment, everyone felt that Yang Kai was probably doing something similar to this.

After all, the two hours was just too short a time to refine a Saint Pill, but for a Spirit Grade Pill, it was actually just right for someone Yang Kai’s age.

“Haa… this boy really scared this old master,” He Feng exclaimed exaggeratedly, “For a moment there, this old man thought the younger generation had already overtaken us and lost all confidence in himself.”

Chang Bao also chuckled, “But his performance is truly quite good, en, very good… Hey, Du Wan, you really should allow this little brat to come to my Lightning Flash City, I promise to not treat him poorly.”

Du Wan ignored the loose commentary and continued staring at Yang Kai instead.

He always felt that given Yang Kai’s personality, he would not engage in such wasteful and defeatist practices. Moreover, Du Wan knew Yang Kai was already a Spirit Grade Top-Rank Alchemist several years ago. If he really wanted to refine a Spirit Grade Pill, there was no need for him to intentionally choose Saint Grade materials.

Just want kind of pill was he refining? Only time would tell, but even someone as calm and steady as Du Wan couldn’t help feeling somewhat anxious.

The pill fragrance continued to grow stronger and it was obvious it was nearing completion.

Suddenly, Yang Kai’s hands began moving even more rapidly as visible golden True Qi appeared at his fingertips, drawing beautiful arcs through the air. As these arcs connected together, a mysterious and complex Spirit Array appeared.

Everyone stared wide eyed at this unexpected development.

This exquisite Spirit Array was then inserted into the pill furnace, quickly integrating into it and disappearing.

Inside the small pill furnace, a violent bang rang out as if the nearly formed pill had come alive and was struggling to escape.

The surrounding World Energy suddenly became turbulent and began flooding like a tide towards the pill furnace.

At this moment, it seemed as if Yang Kai’s little pill furnace had become a bottomless whirlpool, drawing in all the nearby World Energy.

Perceiving this, the expressions of everyone gathered inside the pill room changed greatly, none of them knowing what was happening.

After several breaths of time, everything became calm once more.

Yang Kai reached out and patted his furnace, causing the pill to leap out. Quickly catching it, Yang Kai stuffed the freshly refined pill into a prepared jade bottle.

Gently exhaling a breath, Yang Kai didn’t even look at the pill he had just refined and instead closed his eyes, sinking into a kind of meditative state, clearly reviewing his gains.

While he was at it, he also seemed to be restoring the energy he had consumed.

As the room falling silent, the five Grandmaster all exchanged glances hesitantly.

The pill was now inside a jade bottle so they could not immediately tell what grade it was, but from the strange phenomenon they had just witnessed, it was obvious to all of them that the pill Yang Kai had refined was very unusual.

After waiting for a time yet not seeing any signs of Yang Kai waking from his meditation, Chang Bao finally couldn’t take it anymore and called out, “Du Wan, open that bottle.”

“En, I’m also curious whether the boy refined a Spirit Grade Pill or a genuine Saint Pill!” Hong Fang also spoke up.

Yang Kai was a member of Grand Boulder City’s Alchemist Guild Branch, so right now the responsibility naturally fell to Du Wan.

With all his old friends urging him on, Du Wan was also helpless and acquiesced, “Okay…”

Stepping forward, Du Wan picked up the jade bottle as everyone else huddled around and stared at him unblinkingly.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Open it already,” He Feng eagerly shouted.

Du Wan smiled wryly and opened the jade bottle. The moment he did and smelled the scent of the pill within, his hand trembled.

Du Wan didn’t even have to look at this pill as he could tell from the fragrance alone that Yang Kai had without a doubt refined a Saint Pill!

[He has actually grown to this level!] Du Wan was amazed.

The jade bottle was quickly snatched up by He Feng and after he glanced inside, he called out hoarsely “It really is a Saint Grade pill?”

“Let me see that…” Chang Bao hurriedly said, grabbing the jade bottle and confirming for himself that inside it was a freshly refined Saint Pill, his fat jiggling as he stared at it in disbelief.

The jade bottle made its way around the Grandmasters until it finally landed in Kong Ruo Yu’s grasp.

After examining the pill for a moment, Kong Ruo Yu’s expression suddenly became solemn, double-checking to make sure she wasn’t seeing things before haltingly muttering, “You old farts, are your eyes blind?”

“What? Isn’t it a Saint Grade pill?” Chang Bao stared at her blankly.

“En, it’s definitely a Saint Pill. What is Senior Sister Kong trying to say?” He Feng frowned.

Kong Ruo Yu smiled strangely at their reactions before handing the jade bottle back to them and saying, “Look again, this is no ordinary Saint Grade pill.”

Seeing her so serious, everyone quickly leaned in to take a second look.

Observing the pill again, whether it was its fragrance, quality, or radiant aura, all of them met the requirements of a genuine Saint Pill.

As they were carefully examining it though, they noticed that the Saint Pill had some faint lines crossing its surface which seemed to fade in and out of existence, similar to the meridians of a human body.

Within these meridian-like lines, a subtle energy pulsed, and if they listened very carefully, they could even hear the sound akin to flowing water coming from the pill.

“Pill Veins?” Several of them all shouted at once.

“Heh heh, a Saint Pill which had given birth to Pill Veins refined right in front of this old lady! Truly an eye opening experience,” Kong Ruo Yu’s voice quivered, a somewhat unwilling look mixed with pleasant surprise filling her face.

“This…” Everyone else in the room found themselves too shocked to even speak.

Yang Kai simply refining a Saint Pill was enough to shock them, yet now the pill he had refined actually had Pill Veins.

This was a dream many Alchemy Grandmasters had pursued their entire lives yet few had ever accomplished.

Each of the five Grandmasters here had refined a lot of Saint Pills over their careers, yet none of them had ever refined one with Pill Veins.

Simply by possessing Pill Veins, the value and efficacy of this Saint Pill multiplied several times over. Most importantly though, it could be preserved forever.

As long as it was not physically destroyed, no matter how many years passed, the efficacy of this pill would never decrease!

This was the true value of Pill Veins.

Ordinary pills did not possess such an advantage. No matter how well they were preserved, over time their medicinal efficacies would leak out.

That was why, for ordinary pills, the sooner one took it after it was refined, the better.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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