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Martial Peak Chapter 836

Chapter 836 - You Smelly Brat

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Ling Jian stood at the mouth of the valley, anxiously waiting, muttering under his breath constantly, yet not seeing any traces of Sun Yu appearing.

Gradually, Ling Jian even began to think that his disciple had been killed in that terrifying World Energy storm.

Just as he was about to lose all hope, from the depths of Dragon Valley, a figure dashed out, causing Ling Jian to stare and tremble in shock.

This figure was quite similar to the Sun Yu in his memories but was somewhat taller and stronger. Ling Jian’s old dim eyes were somewhat lost for a moment as he stared fixedly towards the approaching youth.

After a while, the appearance of this figure finally appeared clearly in Ling Jian’s eyes, and upon confirming it really was Sun Yu, Ling Jian shed tears of joy and cried out, “Smelly brat, you are finally decided to come out. Do you know how much worry you’ve put me through!”

“Master!” Sun Yu also wore an excited expression, quickly rushing over Ling Jian and bowing politely to him, however, before Sun Yu could say anything, he was pulled by Ling Jian who hurriedly said, “Follow me! “

Seeing his old Master acting like this, Sun Yu suspiciously asked, “Where are we going?”

“Those Frozen Nether Cave Heaven bastards have launched in invasion. Palace Master and the other Elders have gone to confront the enemy but the other side has two Saint Realm masters. We can’t block them for long so Palace Master instructed me before he left that if you returned safely, I was to lead you away from here to safe location. Palace Master is entrusting the revitalization of the Sect to you.”

“Where is this safe location?” Sun Yu knit his brow.

“Twin Spirit Pavilion… My Dragon Phoenix Palace and Twin Spirit Pavilion have always been on good terms. If we go there, we can avoid this crisis and buy ourselves time for you to mature.”

Ling Jian had thoroughly considered this issue. His disciple Sun Yu had now accepted the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance and would definitely grow into a supreme expert one day. He also urgently needed to find a favoured woman to inherit the Phoenix Nest’s inheritance. If they divulged all of this to Twin Spirit Pavilion, the latter would definitely be willing to shelter them.

As long as they could receive this kindness, letting Sun Yu look for a Phoenix Empress from Twin Spirit Pavilion wouldn’t be beyond reason.

No matter what, they couldn’t let the Phoenix Empress’ inheritance fall into the hands of an enemy like Frozen Nether Cave Heaven.

“I won’t leave!” Sun Yu suddenly broke away from Ling Jian’s grip and stood firmly in place.

Ling Jian glanced back and looked at him and anxiously shouted, “You smelly brat, ignoring your Master’s words at a time like this, do you want to irritate this old master to death?”

Sun Yu coldly snorted said, “With the Sect facing mortal disaster, how can I simply run away? Since Frozen Nether Cave Heaven dares to violate your territory, they must pay an appropriate price!”

Ling Jian suddenly became somewhat absent-minded, staring blankly at his disciple, unable to understand the situation for a while.

Although his disciple had obtained the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance, that still couldn’t explain his current confidence, actually declaring he wanted Frozen Nether Cave Heaven to pay the price for their actions. What did he have to back up such rampant talk?

Releasing his Divine Sense, Ling Jian carefully probed Sun Yu, but upon realizing his disciple’s current cultivation, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he struggled to speak, “Y… you…”

“You want us to pay the price? Hahahaha, boy, you’re certainly arrogant enough!” A burst of laughter suddenly came from nearby.

Along with this taunting voice, a number of figures appeared like ghosts, each of them dressed in long, pure white robes.

Sun Yu’s expression changed and instinctually leapt back towards Ling Jian. Ling Jian also wore a dignified expression as he stepped forward to shield his disciple, sweeping his eyes coldly over these newcomers as he muttered under his breath, “Frozen Nether Cave Heaven dogs!”

The ones who had appeared were cultivators from Frozen Nether Cave Heaven. There were five of them in total, all of them Transcendents.

This quantity and grade of expert against the First Order Transcendent Ling Jian, the end result was obvious.

It was because of this that these five had boldly shown themselves and were even now directing taunting gazes towards this Master and disciple pair.

The middle-aged man who appeared to be the group’s leader stared at Sun Yu with a smirk and teased, “Little brat, was it you who just said you wanted my Frozen Nether Cave Heaven to pay the price?”

Sun Yu’s face had drained of all colour and he didn’t dare to answer back.

Although he had been cultivated vigorously by Yang Kai and his aptitude had undergone an earth-shaking change, in the end, he was still just a naive sixteen year old boy who had never weathered any great storms before. Now facing five Transcendents, he had lost all courage before the fight even began, and if it weren’t for his Master standing in front of him, he likely would have already fallen into despair.

Hiding behind Ling Jian, Sun Yu glanced around rapidly, as if desperately searching for something, a moment later a smile appearing on his face and his nerves quickly settling.

After the middle-aged man taunted them once, he no longer paid any attention to Ling Jian or Sun Yu; instead, he and the other four men turned their eyes towards the direction of Dragon Valley, pondering, “The Heavenly Manifestation originated from over there somewhere, right?”

“En, this is Dragon Phoenix Palace’s Dragon Valley, where the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance lays hidden. I’d never believed that old story, but now it appears I have to. For the past two years, that Chen Zhou has apparently been guarding this place.”

“If that’s so, then is it certain that Dragon Phoenix Palace disciple obtained the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance?”

“En, I’ve already inquired about this. The one who obtained the inheritance was named Sun Yu, a True Element Boundary Seventh Stage brat!”

“That boy’s luck is quite good then. Let’s go in, we’ll see who grabs him first!”

The five Transcendents completely ignored Ling Jian and Sun Yu, as if they weren’t even there.

Ling Jian was still on edge until a moment ago, when he heard this group’s conversation and realized there was still an opportunity for him and his disciple to escape. These five didn’t seem to know that the teenager in front of them was actually the Sun Yu they were looking for.

None of them had ever seen Sun Yu before and the change in Sun Yu’s cultivation had been too dramatic so these five not associating Sun Yu with the one they were looking for was reasonable.

“Sirs…” Ling Jian called out hesitantly, “If you wish to go in, this old man will not stand in your way, but can you let us leave first?”

“You want to leave?” The middle-aged leader glanced over at Ling Jian and chuckled before nodding, “Good, make that little brat cut off his tongue first! Actually daring to say he wants my Frozen Nether Cave Heaven to pay the price, the longer he keeps his tongue the more trouble it will cause him, he should remove it now to avoid disaster later.”

Ling Jian’s complexion changed but he still managed to squeeze out an ugly smile, “My disciple is simply young and ignorant, so this old man was specifically accompanying him. I hope good sirs can find it in their hearts to overlook this incident.”

“Ha ha ha ha!” The five Frozen Nether Cave Heaven cultivators laughed mockingly, finding this whole situation somewhat entertaining.

The middle-aged leader soon sneered, “It’s not like we can’t let him off, young people inevitably stupid mistakes and we don’t want to be accused of bullying the weak… En, since he’s your disciple, you’ll have to accept his punishment on his behalf. Kneel down and kowtow a few times, then shout that your Dragon Phoenix Palace people are all inferior to pigs and dogs then we’ll consider letting him go, how about it?”

Saying so, the middle-aged leader grinned threateningly towards Ling Jian.

Ling Jian’s expression immediately froze over, although he was old, he was still a man who had reached the Transcendent Realm; he still had his own pride and insistences.

This middle-aged man so wantonly demeaning them, how could Ling Jian not become angry?

But remembering the great task Palace Master Chen Zhou had entrusted him with, Ling Jian choked down his anger and under the humiliating gaze of the middle-aged man slowly began kneeling down.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man’s eyes shone with a sly light and sneered.

“Master…” Ling Jian suddenly reached out to support Ling Jian, his immature face now filled with an eerie coldness, its former timidity and fear seemingly having vanished into thin air, replaced instead with a thick murderous intent.

“Smelly brat…” Ling Jian stared at him suspiciously.

Sun Yu just shook his head slowly before stepping forward, past Ling Jian, and arriving in front of the opposite five men, “You came here looking for Sun Yu, yes?”

“You can sure spout a lot of nonsense, boy,” The middle-aged man grumbled unhappily.

“You don’t need to enter the valley to find who you’re looking for, I am Sun Yu!”

The middle-aged man gawked at Sun Yu’s statement, for a moment, unable to believe what he was hearing, the other four Transcendents also not faring much better than him.

“There’s no need for you to doubt my words!” Sun Yu snorted, “When I went in, I indeed was only a True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator, but that was naturally two years ago!”

“Two years to cross a whole Great Realm?” The middle-aged man exclaimed.

Sun Yu was now the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator. Compared to the True Element Boundary Seventh Stage, it really was an entire Great Realm of difference, if was because of this massive difference in strength that when the five of them had arrived here, none of them thought this boy was Sun Yu.

One of the other men’s eyes lit up, “Is this the so called power of the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance?”

“If you’d like to think so… you can!” Sun Yu snorted, his expression completely relaxed, facing these five Transcendent Realm masters without the slightest bit of fear, completely different from only a moment ago.

After listening and absorbing Sun Yu’s words, the five from Frozen Nether Cave Heaven suddenly stared towards him with excitement.

A cultivator using only two years of time to grow from the True Element Boundary Seventh Stage to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage, this was nothing short of a miracle! Instantly, these five realized just how formidable the hidden Dragon Emperor’s inheritance really was.

All of them were no staring greedily towards Sun Yu.

“You smelly brat!” Ling Jian was so mad he coughed up blood.

These five had eyes but failed to see, none of them recognizing Sun Yu’s true identity which had created an opportunity for the two of them to escape. As long as he could keep Sun Yu safe, Ling Jian was prepared to endure any kind of insult, but this foolish disciple of his had actually gone and exposed himself. What different from that and throwing oneself into a flaming pit was there?

Lian Jian really wanted to know what the hell was going through his discple’s head right now; before, he wasn’t so dumb. Although Sun Yu’s aptitude wasn’t good by any measure, he was at least level-headed enough, not a genius but at least not a fool.

After entering Dragon Valley, did something happen to drastically change his temperament?

Ling Jian wished he could slap his disciple’s unconscious to shut him up.

“Master… it’s alright!” Sun Yu smiled lightly, nodding his head to his master, his expression filled with confidence.

Looking at his disciple’s calm smile, Ling Jian didn’t know why but he too seemed to regain his composure, the pressure he felt from the five Transcendents before him seemingly melting away.

Letting out a laugh, he nodded, “Good, since that’s the case, Master will accompany you, whether we live or die will be up to the Heavens to decide.”

“We won’t die, the ones who are going to die… are them!” Sun Yu’s tone became cold as he glared sharply at the five men in front of him, sending an aggressive and intimidating aura towards them.

The five men all unconsciously took a step back at that moment, each of them wrinkling their brows as they narrowed their eyes.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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