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Martial Peak Chapter 828

Chapter 828 - Tearing Space

Deep in a remote mountain range surrounded by lush vegetation that exuded a peaceful atmosphere, a beautiful and refreshing spring-like day.

Inside a natural cave half-way up a certain peak, Yang Kai sat cross-legged as he reviewed a certain scene in his mind over and over again, examining it from every angle, studying it diligently.

This memory was of the fortuitous encounter Wu Jie had spoken to Yang Kai about and subsequently passed on.

After managing to lose Zhang Ao and Cao Guan, Yang Kai didn’t immediately rush back to Soaring Heaven Sect but instead found a secluded place to begin studying this profound method to tear space.

Yang Kai was very interested in this technique.

If he could successfully grasp it, in the future, should he encounter an enemy he could not match, he could still easily escape.

However, from what Wu Jie had told him before they parted ways, using this method was accompanied by great risks.

Calming his mind, the scene from Wu Jie’s memory appeared before Yang Kai’s eyes as clearly as if he had been there to witness it personally.

After a day or two, Yang Kai had thoroughly remembered all of this memory’s contents.

Opening his eyes, Yang Kai let out a wry laugh, now understanding why Wu Jie had so easily handed over this extremely precious fortuitous encounter to him; it turned out the restrictions on its use were equally great.

Up until now he had still been wondering if Wu Jie was up to some kind of scheme, but after fully comprehending this tearing space method, Yang Kai realized he had been too suspicious. Wu Jie wasn’t plotting anything; it was just that whether he shared this technique with Yang Kai didn’t matter.

This method, while extremely profound and powerful, was actually also extremely simple.

It was like a combination of a Martial Skill and Soul Skill that consumed both True Qi and Spiritual Energy, and the amount consumed was astronomical.

Even someone as strong as Wu Jie, after displaying it once, was thoroughly exhausted.

Yang Kai was only a Second Order Transcendent; Wu Jie obviously thought that even if Yang Kai was able to comprehend this method, he wouldn’t be able to use it for some time.

Unfortunately for Wu Jie, he had looked down on Yang Kai too much. The True Qi and Spiritual Energy Yang Kai possessed were many times greater than Wu Jie imagined and were actually enough for him to display this method.

When using this method, the more True Qi and Spiritual Energy that was consumed, the farther away one could leap after tearing space.

Yang Kai completely immersed himself in this Divine Skill and quietly began comprehending it.

It was rumored that the Void Corridors and Mysterious Small Worlds scattered throughout this world were actually created in ancient times by extremely powerful masters.

Although these rumors weren’t necessarily true, Yang Kai realized from this point, just how high the strength and perception of the cultivators of that age were.

Tearing space and creating independent spaces were perhaps not difficult matters to them.

It was only because too much time had passed and the understanding of the Martial Dao and Heavenly Way had greatly declined that this kind of profound skill had gradually faded from existence.

Perhaps, in today’s world, only the top masters in the Third Order Saint Realm could touch this threshold and move instantly across a dozen or even several dozen kilometers, but none of them could tear space and cross a thousand kilometers all at once.

The only way to achieve such a feat was to use a Void Corridor.

Time passed and the sun and moon rose and set many times. Without even realizing it, Yang Kai had sat in this cave for half a month or so before he felt he had thoroughly comprehended this Divine Skill and was now eager to try it out.

Although Wu Jie had repeated warned Yang Kai that he must be cautious when using it, since he had obtained such a magical technique, if he didn’t try it at least once, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to resign himself.

Only by personally experiencing it could Yang Kai determine if he could really tear space with this method or whether Wu Jie had just been exaggerating.

If he didn’t at least try it here, when he really found himself in danger in the future, it would be too risky to pin his hopes on this method he had no experience with.

After debating the issue in his head for a long time, Yang Kai eventually made up his mind and stood up.

True Qi and Spiritual Energy bursting out simultaneously, Yang Kai combined them with one another, causing a subtle change to occur and then bombarded the space in front of himself.

In front of Yang Kai, a series of ripples spread out, as if he had just thrown a stone into a calm lake.

When these ripples appeared, Yang Kai poured even more True Qi and Spiritual Energy into them, observing carefully as they slowly spread out.

After continuing this for a long time, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly lit up as his thoughts became completely calm and tranquil. In that instant, he discovered that the space in front of him was now somewhat different from normal.

Before he had a chance to examine this space closely though, these minute differences vanished.

Taking a light breath, Yang Kai did not become anxious, restraining the release of his True Qi and Spiritual Energy and controlling his breathing.

Although he had thoroughly comprehended this Divine Skill, he still found it quite difficult to put into practice.

It really made Yang Kai wonder about how these ancient masters formed Void Corridors and Mysterious Small Worlds, moreover doing so inadvertently while they were in battle.

Compared with them, Yang Kai felt he was still far too weak.

Perhaps his current self, in front of those ancient masters, was no different from an ant.

Half a day later, when Yang Kai finished restoring himself to his peak state, he tried again.

True Qi and Spiritual Energy once again burst out and bombarded the space in front of Yang Kai, causing a new set of ripples to appear.

This time, Yang Kai could feel the changes in front of him much more clearly, causing him to celebrate slightly.

Gradually, the space in front of Yang Kai became somewhat wrinkled, or perhaps twisted, like a transparent piece of cloth that had been folded upon itself.

From this strange fold, some unusual energy fluctuations appeared.

Yang Kai’s spirit shook and without any hesitation he transformed his True Qi and Spiritual Energy into a sharp blade and slashed towards the fold.


As if a door had been opened, a dark crack mysteriously appeared in front of Yang Kai. Staring into this tear in space, Yang Kai was unable to see anything, as if nothing at all existed inside it, causing him to wonder just what dangers it was hiding.

The aura around the mountain Yang Kai had secluded himself in suddenly became disordered as an unimaginable suction force emerged from this dark tear, madly swallowing the nearby World Energy, creating a violent storm.

As World Energy poured into it, the rift quickly collapsed in on itself.

Yang Kai didn’t even have time to observe it carefully before, in a flash of darkness, the rift disappeared and the twisted space in front of him returned to normal.

Yang Kai couldn’t help wrinkle his brow.

He clearly knew that he had only gotten halfway through displaying this Divine Skill and that as long as he could expand this tear in space enough he could enter it and explore what was inside.

Gently exhaling a breath, Yang Kai quickly inspected his current state and was shocked by what he discovered.

There was actually three or four drops less Yang Liquid in his dantian and about half the Spiritual Energy in his Knowledge Sea had been consumed.

Yang Kai was struck speechless. The cost to use this Divine Skill was far greater than he had imagined.

Even if he was in peak condition, he could only use it twice at most before he completely ran out of Spiritual Energy.

No wonder when Wu Jie appeared in front of him that day he looked like an arrow at the end of its flight. Displaying this method even with a First Order Saint’s cultivation must have been quite difficult.

Yang Kai quickly took a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid and swallowed some Spiritual Energy supplementing pills to increase the rate at which his Spiritual recovered.

After an hour, Yang Kai was fully restored and prepared to try again.


Through repeated trials and failures, Yang Kai gradually accumulated extremely valuable experience.

Three days later, after completely restoring himself, Yang Kai opened his eyes, full of confidence.

He believed firmly that this time he would successfully tear space.

Pushing his True Qi and Spiritual Energy in a controlled manner, much unlike his earlier attempts where he simply poured out as much strength as possible, Yang Kai merged the two energies together and bombarded the space in front of him.

An orderly series of ripples appeared and soon space began to wrinkle and distort. Seeing this, Yang Kai rapidly increased his output of True Qi and Spiritual Energy.

The dark slit appeared mid-air, as if a pair of invisible hands had torn the space apart, and suddenly expanded.

This tear in space soon began emitting a powerful suction force that madly swallowed the surrounding World Energy.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and leapt into the crack.

After he entered, the jet black rift disappeared.

As a familiar feeling of dizziness came over him, Yang Kai smiled. Not only did he not panic, he instead wore a look of great anticipation.

Just as Yang Kai had expected, the tear in space he had created was basically identical to a Void Corridor’s entrance, he could tell because the feeling he got when crossing the two were extremely similar.

Previously, when Yang Kai had entered Void Corridors, he would feel a subtle sense of vertigo, but it would subside shortly after exiting it on the other side.

This time however, the sense of vertigo persisted and Yang Kai felt like he had stepped into a bottomless abyss and was even now continuing to fall, unable to see where it ended.

A kind of turbulent energy flow lingered that seemed to contain a terrifying destructive force lingered about Yang Kai.

A cold chill ran up Yang Kai’s spine as he focused himself and carefully moved about in order to avoid these patches of turbulent energy.

These void turbulences were not something he could resist right now as he estimated they were even more powerful than the ambient energy of the Starry Sky. Once he was sucked into one of them, it was very likely he would become lost forever.

These void turbulences were also the reason Wu Jie had so strongly cautioned Yang Kai against using this method casually.

The first time Wu Jie used this technique, he had probably suffered a big loss in this place, leaving behind a kind of mental trauma.

Yang Kai suddenly felt like he was riding a small boat in the middle of a storm. Although he was in constant danger of being destroyed, he somehow managed to avoid the surrounding void turbulences and remain safe while exploring his surroundings.

Yang Kai didn’t hurry to leave this place as he wanted to thoroughly study and comprehend this tearing space method. He faintly felt that all the secrets of this profound technique were hidden among this seemingly turbulent void.

As long as he could unravel the mysteries here, Yang Kai estimated he could freely tear space and not have to worry about the inherent dangers.

Time passed by and Yang Kai became absorbed in his comprehension, slowly relaxing.

It was only when the surrounding void turbulences suddenly became chaotic and violent that Yang Kai’s expression change and he quickly condensed his True Qi and Spiritual Energy together to tear open another rift in front of him and flee.

In a flash, Yang Kai returned to Tong Xuan Realm and felt the scorching sun beam down on him, as if he had emerged high up in the sky, a thick layer of clouds actually appearing below his feet.

This scenery alone was enough to allow Yang Kai to relax as he let himself fall towards the ground, pushing his True Qi gently to stabilize his figure.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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