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Martial Peak Chapter 823

Chapter 823 - Wild

After a busy day and night, everything was arranged.

The thousands of Holy Land disciples filed into the Holy Tomb, bring a sense of life to this Mysterious Small World filled with Yin Qi.

Although there were many people to house, the Holy Tomb was more than large enough.

Xu Hui and the other Elders also prepared a massive amount of living materials in advance, enough for Holy Land’s disciples to live off of for quite some time.

Yang Kai also told them to relax and focus on their cultivation, when the time came, he would naturally let them out again.

Xu Hui and the other Elders all nodded firmly.

Outside the Holy Tomb, Yang Kai sat alone on top of one of the nine spirit peaks, overlooking the huge foundation that had endured for countless years, his mood calm and tranquil.

At this moment, Nine Heavens Holy Land was practically silent as there was no one else around but him.

Closing his eyes, Yang Kai entered a state of meditation as he quietly waited for the enemy to come.

After an unknown amount of time, Yang Kai opened his eyes and stared off in a certain direction, a grin slowly appearing on his face.

Zhang Ao’s group had come once again and were now loudly cursing and shouting as they bombarded the Nine Peaks Barrier, sending loud bangs echoing throughout the Holy Land.

Yang Kai’s figure flickered and when he reappeared, he stood a short distance away from Zhang Ao.

Zhang Ao’s eyes narrowed as he shouted, “Little brat, seems you still have the courage to appear. Good, today shall be the day of your death!”

Cao Guan next to him also sneered, “Open the barrier and surrender, perhaps then we’ll spare you!”

Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to these two and instead glanced around, his eyes fixing on the cultivators from Bold Independent Union for a moment before quickly moving on, faintly saying, “Very good, since all of you are determined to be enemies with my Holy Land, you should be prepared to accept the consequences.”

Many people wore looks of dread as they quickly averted their eyes. On the other hand, among the Bold Independent Union cultivators, Yun Xuan wore a low-spirited expression.

She had discussed with her father, Yun Cheng, all night long, and even relayed the warning Yang Kai had given her, but right now, Bold Independent Union was riding a tiger, so Yun Cheng had no choice but to accompany Zhang Ao here.

Meeting again like this, Yun Xuan couldn’t help feeling like she had disappointed Yang Kai’s good intentions.

“Where’s Xu Hui? Why is it just you here you little bastard?” Zhang Ao was keenly aware that something was not right. Today, Nine Heavens Holy Land was too quiet, there were simply no signs of anyone about, only this new Holy Master had made an appearance, even Xu Hui and the other Holy Land Elders were nowhere to be seen.

“To deal with the likes of you, there’s no need for Great Elder to appear!” Yang Kai spat disdainfully.

“Maniac! Boy, I’d like to see if you can still be so arrogant once I have you on your knees!” Zhang Ao was completely irritated, waving his hand widely as he shouted, “No one hold back, I’ll handle this brat, the rest of you work together to break this damn barrier, once it falls, the wealth of the nine peaks will be shared amongst all of us!”

Hearing these words, many of the cultivators who were still hesitating suddenly became enthusiastic.

Nine Heavens Holy Land’s heritage was deep, and it was unknown just how many treasures, elixirs, Secret Arts, and Martial Skills they had horded away all these years, it would be a huge windfall for any of these forces to obtain even a tiny bit of these things.

Men die for wealth as birds die for food. Zhang Ao throwing out such temptation now naturally aroused the fighting spirit of many people.

In an instant, under the leadership of Cao Guan and Wu Jie, more than a dozen Saint Realm masters attacked the Nine Peaks Barrier while Zhang Ao summoned his scroll-type artifact and struck towards Yang Kai, apparently intending to pin down Yang Kai’s movements.

Yang Kai’s smile on deepened, showing no intention to confront Zhang Ao, simply falling back to avoid this attack but maintaining a cold, indifferent expression; he didn’t even make any attempt to block the bombardment of the Nine Peaks barrier.

Zhang Ao suddenly felt a tinge of unease in his heart as he stared towards Yang Kai, wondering what this little brat was up to.

*Chi chi chi…*

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

A shrill sound rang out as countless attacks struck upon the barrier, but to everyone’s surprise, the barrier Nine Heavens Holy Land was so proud of seemed to be as flimsy as paper.

Under the bombardment of so many masters, the Nine Peaks Barrier endured for less than thirty breaths before shattering, opening the road ahead to all of them.

Everyone was startled by this scene, none of them having anticipating things going so smoothly.

After gawking for a moment, Zhang Ao became overjoyed and yelled, “Little brat, let’s see try to run now!”

As he spoke, the dozen or so Saint Realm masters flew into the nine peaks and surrounded Yang Kai.

Immediately behind them, the forces which had gathered to crusade against Nine Heavens Holy Land also leapt forward frantically, as if they were afraid all the benefits here would be stolen by others if they moved too slowly.

Bold Independent Union’s Union Master, Yun Cheng’s expression fluctuated back and forth, quickly releasing his Divine Sense to probe the nine peaks but soon lifting his foot to step forward.

But before he could take this step, his sleeve was caught by someone. Looking back, he saw his daughter, Yun Xuan, staring at him with a pleading look.

“Xuan’er, what is it?” Yun Cheng frowned.

“Father… The Nine Peaks Barrier has been broken, let everyone else handle what comes next, let’s go back now!” Yun Xuan bit her lips and said.

“Go back now?” Yun Cheng thought for a moment before smiling gently, “Didn’t I explain carefully to you last night? How can you bring this matter up again?”

“Father, please trust me, staying here any longer really won’t have any benefit to us.”

“Yes, Union Master, we should leave now while that little bastard draws their attention,” Ruan Xin Yu chimed in.

“Do you also think this way?” Yun Cheng stared pensively towards Ruan Xin Yu, “Do you believe that little brat?”

Last night, Yun Xuan had conveyed Yang Kai’s warning to Yun Cheng, allowing him to realize that his daughter had actually gone to meet with this new Holy Master the day before; however, Yun Cheng had not taken Yang Kai’s warning very seriously. The difference in the two side’s strength was too great and Yun Cheng simply couldn’t think of any way Nine Heavens Holy Land could fight back. The only advantage the Holy Land had was the Nine Peaks Spirit Array and Barrier but that had already been collapsed now.

“Xuan’er, out of consideration for your friendship with him, do you not want to add insult to injury here?” Yun Cheng laid bare Yun Xuan’s true thoughts, “Don’t worry, if he really has the ability to escape from this crisis, it can only bring advantages to my Bold Independent Union, if he does not then that is simply his fate. However, under these circumstances, I believe he has run out of luck!”

Yun Cheng sighed, he also thought this might be a good opportunity for Bold Independent Union; after all, his daughter had a close relationship with the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land. If the Holy Land were really to make it through this disaster, in the future, would Bold Independent Union need to fear not having a backer?

But now it seemed like Nine Heavens Holy Land was only outwardly strong but inwardly weak.

At this most critical time, only the new Holy Master came out to meet the enemy while the Elders, Protectors, and even disciples had all disappeared.

This made Yun Cheng wonder if this new Holy Master had actually been abandoned here to attract Zhang Ao’s attention while the others escaped.

“Rest assured, Zhang Ao won’t kill him,” Yun Cheng comforted, “That boy is of great use to Zhang Ao.”

The biggest goal Zhang Ao had in uniting so many forces and masters to attack Nine Heavens Holy Land was to obtain the Holy Land’s core inheritance. Currently, this inheritance should be held completely and exclusively by Yang Kai, how could Zhang Ao be willing to kill him?

“If you don’t wish to be enemies with him… then you can withdraw along with Xin Yu,” Yun Cheng said, calling out to Ji Yan, “Take my daughter and Xin Yu to a safe place.”

“Yes,” Ji Yan nodded, wrapping up Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu with his True Qi before flying away.

Yun Xuan wore a bitter look and obviously wanted to continue trying to persuade her father but she simply couldn’t think of a way to do so. Turning her beautiful eyes towards Yang Kai, who was currently surrounded by powerful masters, all she could do was lament as she was gradually brought far away.

After his daughter left, Yun Cheng snorted lightly and led his forces forward.

“Little bastard, your defeat is inevitable, surrender without a fight!” Zhang Ao shouted towards Yang Kai, a smug expression filling his face as his eyes filled with greedy light, as if the core inheritance of Nine Heavens Holy Land was already in his hands.

Cao Guan also called out for Yang Kai to give up resisting or face the consequences.

Yang Kai simply stood there indifferently and said nothing.

The place where he stood was surrounded on all sides by more than a dozen Saint Realm masters and several dozen Transcendents, each of them staring at him fixedly.

However, even in this situation, he wore a calm and relaxed expression, causing his captures instead to grow nervous, none of them daring to rush forward to attack him lest he had some trick up his sleeve.

They were inside the Holy Land now, and all of them had witnessed Yang Kai used the Nine Peaks Spirit Array to display power on par with a Saint Realm master, if they pushed him too far, no one here except Zhang Ao would be able to suppress him.

“Boy, things coming to this really is quite disappointing,” Wu Jie of Netherworld Sect suddenly spoke, cackling wickedly.

Yang Kai shot him a glance and grinned as well, “What were you hoping for?”

Wu Jie slowly shook his head, the eerie green aura swirling around his body like it had a mind of its own, “I thought you would use some shocking and unexpected method to resist us, but it seems I was expecting too much. If this is really all you have left to offer, I advise you to be surrender and let me seal your True Qi, lest Brother Zhang or Brother Cao accidentally hurt you.”

“Haha, I’m afraid I must decline your good intentions,” Yang Kai laughed heroically, “Wanting to capture me depending on just you people? I think you’re trying to bite off more than you can chew.”

“Wild!” Cao Guan shouted angrily, no Transcendent Realm cultivator would dare spout such nonsense in front of so many Saint Realm masters. This boy’s arrogance simply knew no bounds.

“Temple Master…” A figure suddenly flew over and shouted out to Cao Guan, “There’s no one here, all of the disciples of Nine Heavens Holy Land are gone.”

“No one?” Cao Guan was stunned.


At the same time, Zhang Ao, Wu Jie, and the other Saints also received similar reports. This discovery inevitably concerned them somewhat, each of them putting on a dignified expression, wondering just what kind of trick Nine Heavens Holy Land was trying to pull.

Thousands of people suddenly disappearing, this phenomenon was simply too abnormal.

The faint uneasiness he had felt earlier became stronger and Zhang Ao decided not to delay matters any further.

A long night of sleep brings about many dreams.

In the next instant loudly shouting, “Brothers, let us capture this brat first. As long as we have him in our hands, Xu Hui and the others won’t be able to stir up any trouble no matter what scheme they have up their sleeves!”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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