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Martial Peak Chapter 814

Chapter 814 - They’ve Come

Chapter 814, They’ve Come

After a lengthy chat, both sides were quite satisfied.

The half bottle of Thousand Safflower Wine was almost completely drunk by Great Senior alone but Yang Kai didn’t regret it, to him, it was far more important to obtain the friendship of the Monster Race. Even if this friendship was still mainly based on mutual interests, Yang Kai didn’t mind.

After Yang Kai patched the Beast Transformation Pond’s Spirit Array, it wouldn’t have any problems in the short term. He had also taught some basic information about the Natural Spirit Array to Great Senior as well, just in case.

Since his business here had been concluded, Yang Kai bid the Great Senior farewell.

The Great Senior naturally didn’t try to detain him and saw Yang Kai off.

Down below Thunder Tree Palace, the White Jade Deer, who had been rescued by Yang Kai, was waiting. After achieving human form, he now looked like a gentle young boy with skin so white even women would be jealous.

After being able to personally thank Yang Kai, he looked quite happy.

In response to this young boy’s gratitude, Yang Kai simply waved his hand, indicating he didn’t need to pay it any mind; then, after briefly saying goodbye to the other Monster Race masters, Yang Kai flew off towards Nine Heavens Holy Land.

It took Yang Kai three days to get to the Thunder Tree Palace so it would obviously take that long to go back.

However, there was still time until the Holy Land’s deadline so he was not in a hurry.

Two days later, while flying above the jungle, Yang Kai suddenly felt a rambunctious aura rapidly approaching him. After examining this aura for a moment, Yang Kai smiled and stopped.

A short time later, Kuang Shi appeared in the distance and called out, “Little brother, I’m glad you are safe and sound.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, “What a coincidence, meeting Brother Kuang here.”

Kuang Shi curled his lips, “I’ve been waiting for you here… your business with Great Senior, did he agree?”

“En, he agreed, a few days from now your Great Senior will lead your clan to my Holy Land.”

“Hahaha, really?” Kuang Shi laughed, seemingly very happy, nodding to himself for a while as he openly said, “Very good, I’ve always wanted to see what the outside world is like. Spending every day patrolling this jungle is simply too boring.”

Yang Kai was amazed that this was what Kuang Shi was so happy about, but soon shook his head wryly and cupped his fists, “If Brother Kuang plans on visiting, little brother will prepare a warm welcome. En, I will definitely provide good entertainment for you.”

“Naturally I must go, I’ve heard there are so many novel things in your Human Territory, and of course I have to go see them for myself!”

“There are indeed many interesting things, but there are also many dangers, Brother Kuang must not let his guard down.”

“Why must I fear danger?” Kuang Shi said heroically, “The more dangerous the better, what would I do if the outside world was just as boring as this place?”

“It’s good that Brother Kuang can think like that… Good, there’s not much time left, I have to hurry back. Little brother will be waiting in the Holy Land for Great Senior and your clan’s arrival!”

“Go on, be careful!” Kuang Shi waved his hand and waited for Yang Kai to leave before turning around and heading back to Thunder Tree Palace, planning on volunteering to join the expedition Great Senior would be leading to Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Two days later, Yang Kai arrived back at Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Quietly releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai soon discovered that the situation had changed somewhat since he left.

Ten kilometers or so outside the nine peaks, Yang Kai noticed many signs of human activity and the Nine Peaks Barrier itself had also become somewhat weaker, as if it had recently suffered some bombardment.

Yang Kai’s expression immediately became cold, understanding that these forces had not followed their own deadlines and had already begun launching attacks.

However, judging from the state of the Holy Land’s barrier, it should still be on the level of tentative attacks.

Word of Yang Kai’s return quickly spread, and Xu Hui and the other Elders soon gathered together inside the main palace.

Inside the hall, the Holy Land’s six Saint Realm masters and An Ling’er, the only surviving Saintess, stared towards Yang Kai, waiting for him to speak.

“Things went well, the Monster Race’s Great Senior has agreed to our request. Of course, his help comes at a cost.”

Xu Hui and the other Saint Realm Elders were all shocked; although they had agreed to Yang Kai’s plans and proposals before, none of them had expected too much and were simply willing to let him try in order to give some face to this new Holy Master.

One had to know the person Yang Kai was dealing with as a Monster Race Great Senior, not a simple character.

But unexpectedly, in less than ten days, Yang Kai had already secured this supreme powerhouse’s cooperation.

“That Monster Race Great Senior… What price does he expect us to pay?” Xu Hui asked worriedly.

“While they watch over the nine peaks for us, all the Holy Land’s Alchemists and Artifact Refiners have to stay behind and assist them. They will also be able to freely mine the Crystal Stone lodes located among the nine peaks.”

“Just those two conditions?”

“En, only those two.”

The six Elders all exchanged glances and silently relaxed.

It was only natural for them to mine the Crystal Stone lodes. If the Holy Land’s people temporarily evacuated from here, the Crystal Stone lodes would definitely fall into the hands of their enemy. Since that was the case, they might as well just let the Monster Race mine them instead.

As for lending them the Holy Land’s Alchemists and Artifact Refiners, as long as it was arranged properly and not discovered by outsiders, this also wasn’t an issue.

These two conditions were within everyone’s ability to accept.

This way, rather than saying Nine Heavens Holy Land was asking for help from the Monster Race, it was better to say they were taking advantage of the Monster Race’s strength to give their enemies a harsh blow, like driving a pack of wolves to attack a tiger.

The only issue was that this pack of wolves was not easy to deal with. If they really let the Monster Race take root in the nine peaks, it would likely cost them quite a bit if they ever wanted to expel them.

But Xu Hui and the other Elders didn’t need to think that far ahead right now. So to say, this was all the decision of the new Holy Master, they just had to obey.

Once the new Holy Master grew to a certain height, he would naturally retrieve the nine peaks.

Seeing Yang Kai take the initiative to travel to the Monster Race’s territory to seek assistance, Xu Hui felt that this new Holy Master had become more concerned about the Holy Land. As long as things proceeded like this, Xu Hui was certain Yang Kai would soon agree to inherit the position of Holy Master.

Having reached this critical turning point, the disaster facing the Holy Land right now become unimportant.

“Great Elder, I noticed that the Nine Peaks Barrier has recently been attacked, did they decide to make a move while I was away?” Yang Kai asked Xu Hui who was somewhat lost in thought.

Xu Hui quickly composed himself and nodded, “Just a day ago, they launched a probing attack, but as soon as they noticed that the Nine Peaks Barrier had reopened, they immediately gave up. However, judging from their current movements, I’m afraid they will come in full force within one or two days.”

“That should be more than enough time. Go arrange the disciples, have them start preparing to withdraw. Let me know as soon as everything is in order.”

“Yes,” Xu Hui and the other Elders nodded firmly.

Although Yang Kai’s had developed some friendship with the Monster Race Great Senior, and even earned a favour from him, Yang Kai still felt leaving all the Holy Land’s people here together with the Monster Race was not a good idea, so the evacuation still had to be done. This was the best way to avoid any unforeseen accidents from occurring that could ruin all his previous efforts.

What’s more, the place he chose to house the Holy Land’s people was perfect for them to enter secluded retreat and cultivate.

As the Elders and Protectors all set about their individual tasks, An Ling’er followed beside Yang Kai and explained the other magical uses of the Holy Master Spirit Ring.

The Holy Master Spirit Ring was not just a symbol of the Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Holy Master, it could also open many places that normally were sealed off, such as the Treasury and the Nine Peaks Spirit Arrays.

But that was not all, the Holy Master Spirit Ring also allowed the Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Holy Master to use the energy stored in the Nine Peaks Spirit Array to multiply the power of his own Nine Heavens Divine Skills.

Each of the nine spirit peaks contained a repository that stored a mysterious energy which corresponded to one of the Nine Heavens Divine Skills. When the Holy Master fought within range of the Nine Peaks Spirit Array, as long as his own cultivation was sufficient, he could be called unrivaled in the world.

Knowing this, Yang Kai’s spirit was roused and eagerly began studying this newfound ability, only now understanding some of the hidden mysteries of the Holy Master Spirit Ring.

With this card in hand, Yang Kai’s confidence about the approaching war grew once more.

Yang Kai also found some time to go to the Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Treasury and swept everything inside into the Black Book space.

In any case, the Holy Land was going to be temporarily evacuated, if he left these things here, they would only wind up in the enemy’s hands. Since that was the case, Yang Kai felt it was better to just take them away right now.

After cleaning the Treasury out, Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction.

With all kinds of herbs, ores, artifacts, and Crystal Stones, Yang Kai’s net worth suddenly multiplied many times over.

Two days later, at the crack of dawn, Yang Kai, who was silently meditating, felt a faint shock come from somewhere outside the nine peaks and opened his eyes, coldly staring in the direction of the explosion.

[They’ve come!]

The masters who had been gathered nearby finally couldn’t hold themselves back and had begun their assault on Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Slowly getting up, Yang Kai swiftly walked out of his room and found Xu Hui and the other Elders lined up solemnly, seemingly waiting for Yang Kai.

Everyone’s expression was very dignified and a mix of tension and anger could be seen on their faces.

Seeing Yang Kai appear, all of them bowed.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Let’s go take a look, I wonder who it is that is so eager to die!”

A light flashed across the eyes of Xu Hui and others as they quickly nodded and followed after Yang Kai.

They found that after returning from the Monster Race, Yang Kai no longer seemed to reject them, and although he had not once personally admitted it, his words and deeds now truly aligned with the Holy Land.

Upon realizing this, all of their spirits rose and they faintly felt that the Holy Land still had hope.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

A burst of loud explosions echoed throughout the nine peaks as one region of the barrier was continuously shelled. However, despite this section of the Nine Peaks Barrier flickering somewhat, there were no signs of it failing or enemies invading.

The Holy Master Spirit Ring was on Yang Kai’s hand, and the Nine Peaks Barrier was opened by him personally, so there was a subtle connection between the two.

Any attack that hit the barrier Yang Kai could sense far more clearly than Xu Hui and the others.

The attacks just now stemmed from a number of Transcendent Realm cultivators. So far, none of the enemy’s Saint Realm masters had taken action, allowing Yang Kai to relax.

A short time later, the group led by Yang Kai arrived at the edge of the nine peaks and came to a stop mid-air. Looking out at the scene in front of him, Yang Kai couldn’t help grinning, “There’s certainly a lot of them !”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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