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Martial Peak Chapter 796

Chapter 796 - Completely Comprehending the Nine Divine Skills

Every Holy Master candidate who entered the Holy Tomb had to pass this test. This was well documented in Nine Heavens Holy Land’s historical records.

Xu Hui and the other Elders naturally knew that this process would take some time.

The fastest time a candidate had cleared the Holy Tomb’s test was fifteen days, while the slowest one took two months.

However, it had now been four months since Yang Kai entered the Holy Tomb and there was no sign of him, this led Xu Hui and the others to believe Yang Kai was already dead.

The various Protectors and Elders all sighed heavily as they departed one by one; they all held important positions and had many things to deal with, how could they continue to wait here in vain?

Even Xu Hui, who had initiated this matter, left after four months.

Only An Ling’er remained outside the Holy Tomb.

Three days after Yang Kai entered the Holy Tomb, An Ling’er learned of this incident, but even though she immediately rushed over and openly complained to Xu Hui and the other elders, there was nothing that could be done.

These past four months she had been waiting here, but no matter how eager she was, Yang Kai never appeared.

On a certain day, two beautiful women, Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong, came together and saw An Ling’er still standing outside Holy Tomb, causing the two of them to sigh.

“This little girl, she’s still waiting here,” Yu Ying said faintly.

“We were too anxious, not only have we ruined our Holy Land’s one hope, we also destroyed a bright young man’s future,” Cheng Yue Tong’s pretty face also flashed a trace of embarrassment and remorse.

“What use is saying this now? When Great Elder made this proposal, we didn’t raise any objections, all of us carry some responsibility,” Yu Ying slowly shook her head. “Fortunately, the one this little girl sent to deliver a message to Soaring Heaven Sect was intercepted by Great Elder, otherwise, if Soaring Heaven Sect were to learn about this, they would certainly not let our Holy Land off.”

“En, such an outstanding young talent, no matter which Sect he belonged to, would be vigorously cultivated,” Cheng Yue Tong said with a hint of anxiety.

Right now, Nine Heavens Holy Land was now suffering from many external troubles, if they suddenly made enemies of Soaring Heaven Sect as well, it was likely they would need to immediately activate the Nine Peaks Array and isolate themselves from the outside world. If that were to happen, even if they raised a new generation of Saintesses, they would not be able to leave to seek out a new Holy Master.

“In the end, did we think too highly of him, or did he just happen to have bad luck?” Yu Ying sighed, “Each of the past Holy Master candidates received some advice and guidance from the previous Holy Master before entering the Holy Tomb, but this time he had to dive in completely unprepared, it must have been too difficult for him…”

“Let’s go take a look,” Cheng Yue Tong said, stepping forward.

A moment later, the two of them arrived in front of the Holy Tomb. An Ling’er, who heard movement behind her, turned her head and saw them arrive, nodding her head slightly to greet them before turning around again.

In the past, An Ling’er and these two female Elders were quite close, but the relationship between them had now grown a bit cold, obviously as a result of them forcing Yang Kai to enter the Holy Tomb.

Exchanging a somewhat depressed glance with one another, Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong didn’t know how to comfort this young girl and instead stood there staring at the entrance to the Holy Tomb awkwardly.

After a long silence, Yu Ying finally spoke up, “Ling’er, don’t wait any longer, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to come out.”

An Ling’er just shook her head in response.

“Listen to us, go back and rest, you’ve been waiting here for four months already,” Cheng Yue Tong also advised.

“He will come out,” An Ling’er said solemnly in a firm tone.

Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong were stunned for a moment before the two of them wore forced smiles and asked, “How do you know that? No Holy Master has ever taken so long to return from the Holy Tomb.”

An Ling’er just confidently said, “Just because others couldn’t, doesn’t mean he can’t. None of you have witnessed his skill, so it’s only natural for you to think that way, but I know he will come out.”

The two beautiful women narrowed their eyes and tentatively asked, “What kind of skill does he possess to makes you evaluate him so highly?”

Although Yang Kai’s aptitude was obviously uncommon and his strength wasn’t bad, the two middle-aged beauties had never actually seen him take action so naturally they didn’t know his true depths. An Ling’er on the other hand was different, the time she spent with Yang Kai was not short, so she was obviously clearer on his details.

Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong suddenly became somewhat curious and wanted to find out more from An Ling’er.

“I can’t explain it too well, but he can always manage to pull off miracles one after another. Surprising those around him to no end. On top of that, he said… even if it doesn’t enter my Holy Land, he will reach the same height as the old Holy Master within thirty years!”

“The same height?” Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong both wore stunned expressions, “The peak Third Order Saint Realm?”

An Ling’er nodded sincerely.

Yu Ying smiled wryly, “He is now a Second Order Transcendent, wanting to become a Third Order Saint within thirty years… I’m afraid that’s impossible.”

“En, there aren’t many Third Order Saints in the entire world,” Cheng Yue Tong also smiled, the two women apparently thinking that Yang Kai was just shamelessly boasting.

Both of them were well aware of how difficult it was to improve one’s strength after reaching the Transcendent Realm. Their aptitudes were considered excellent, or else it would be impossible for them to have reached the Saint Realm, but even they had trouble progressing now.

Even if Yang Kai’s aptitude exceeded their own; impossible things were still impossible.

In this world, which Third Order Saint was not at least a hundred years old? Even if they looked young, each one of them had experienced the long passage of time and only through constant accumulation had they reached their current height.

Yang Kai seemed to only be in his twenties, saying he could reach such a level within thirty years, wasn’t that like saying he could stand at the top of this world at only fifty years old?

Reaching the Saint Realm before one turned one hundred was extremely rare, a fifty year old Third Order Saint was simply impossible!

[Youthful ignorance!] Both Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong pursed their lips, thinking Yang Kai was just a boy who didn’t understand the immensity of Heaven and Earth.

“Why are you smiling like that?” An Ling’er turned and stared at them angrily, “Since he dared to say that, he can certainly achieve it. Just you wait, within thirty years he will definitely become a Third Order Saint.”

“He needs to come out from inside the Holy Tomb first,” Yu Ying frowned slightly, turning a worried look towards An Ling’er, hesitating for a moment before asking, “Ling’er, do you like him that much? Otherwise, how could you speak like that about him?”

An Ling’er’s face immediately went bright red as she hung her head in embarrassment.

“I don’t hate him…” After a moment of silence, An Ling’er whispered softly, “But more than that, I feel guilty towards him. I was the one who involved him in all of this, if I hadn’t taught him the Nine Heavens Divine Skills, he wouldn’t have encountered so much misfortune and he wouldn’t have been forced into the Holy Tomb by all of you. He should have had a better future…”

“That was our decision, it has nothing to do with you,” Yu Ying sighed, assuming full responsibility here.

“Elders, can I ask something of you?” An Ling’er suddenly raised her head and spoke with a deep seriousness.

“Speak,” Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong nodded lightly.

“If… if he can return from the Holy Tomb, can you let him leave? He truly doesn’t want to remain here,” An Ling’er smiled bitterly, “Perhaps for others, becoming Holy Master of the Holy Land is a dream come true, but for him, it is nothing but a shackle. Forcing him to stay here does not have any advantage to him, do you really want to obtain a Holy Master who so wholeheartedly rejects the Holy Land?”

Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong’s brows furrowed, exchanging awkward glances with one another, unable to simply agree to this request, causing them to feel somewhat embarrassed.

An Ling’er continued, “Don’t both of you think he won’t ever come out? That since he died he won’t reveal any of the Holy Land’s secrets? Since that’s the case, what difference is that with complying with this?”

“This… this has to be discussed with Great Elder,” Yu Ying smiled reluctantly; “We can’t take responsibility for such a decision.”

“I can promise you!” A loud voice suddenly came from afar, a streak of light rushing over and the figure of Great Elder Xu Hui appearing in front of Holy Tomb.

“Great Elder,” Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong greeted hastily.

Xu Hui nodded lightly before turning to look at An Ling’er, “Your Highness Saintess, what you just said, I can promise you!”

“Really?” An Ling’er smiled happily.

“En, Elder Yu and Elder Cheng can testify to it!” Xu Hui said, nodding firmly, “Of course, the premise is that he can come out, and he really does not want to become Holy Master!”

“He should not be willing.”

“That may not be the case…” Xu Hui smiled meaningfully, “Perhaps when he comes out, there will be no need for us to ask and he will take the initiative to inherit the position of Holy Master… no Holy Master candidate who has ever successfully left the Holy Tomb has not pledged their life to the Holy Land.”

Yu Ying and Cheng Yue Tong eyes flashed slight as smiles appeared on their faces.

Although none of them knew what mysteries were hidden inside the Holy Tomb, what Great Elder Xu Hui said just now was true. Every Holy Master candidate who returned from the Holy Tomb wholeheartedly considered the Holy Land his home and worked tirelessly to support it, even if they had come from a completely different Sect or family.

“Does Great Elder also think he can return?” An Ling’er focused on this point, her eyes shining brilliantly.

“I hope so…” Xu Hui slowly shook his head, “But I don’t think there’s much of a chance.”

“Just wait; he’ll definitely give all of you a surprise!” An Ling’er gently clenched her fist.

The three Elders all looked at her curiously, not knowing why she was so confident that Yang Kai, who had entered the Holy Tomb for more than four months, could return safely.


Inside the Holy Tomb, Yang Kai let out a low shout and a burst of Spiritual Energy surged up from his Knowledge Sea before slamming into a mass of energy floating in front of him.

Accompanied by the crisp cracking sound, the last of the Nine Heavens Divine Skills energy auras shattered and all of its profound insights flowed back into Yang Kai’s mind, allowing him to thoroughly comprehend it.

Profound Heavenly Sword, Imprisoning Heaven Chain, Great Heavenly Attraction, Capturing Heaven Net, Heaven Covering Hand, Punishing Heaven Spear, Grand Heavenly Shield, Flickering Heavenly Shadow, Scarlet Heavenly Arrow…

All of the Nine Heavens Divine Skills flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, now seemingly incomparably familiar. These nine Divine Skills were astounding, far superior to any Martial Skill or Soul Skill Yang Kai had previously encountered.

After such a long period immersed in their study, Yang Kai had mastered the Nine Heavens Divine Skills.

Also, with the World Energy aura in this place being extremely rich, by practicing here for several months, Yang Kai had not just become proficient in the Nine Heavens Divine Skills, but he had also made great progress in his cultivation.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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