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Martial Peak Chapter 1114

Chapter 1113 - A Few More Drops

Chapter 1113, A Few More Drops

“Yang Yan…” Yang Kai nervously held Yang Yan and examined her with his Divine Sense. After a moment though, he calmed down and discovered that things were not what he had imagined. Yang Yan had not suffered some secretive treachery and not even injured, she simply seemed to have been greatly frightened, resulting in a somewhat unstable mental state.

As Yang Kai gently patting her back, Yang Yan looked up at him with difficulty, her face suddenly going white as she struggled free and ran over to the side to repeatedly vomit.

Yang Kai stared at her with a weird expression.

After a long time, Yang Yan whispered softly, “Yang Kai, I feel a bit dizzy…”

As soon as she finished these words, she collapsed to the ground.

[Seriously?] Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and quickly stepped forward to support her, discovering that she had fainted, her face still pale and bloodless, and her body unusually cold.

With a sigh, Yang Kai shook his head, carefully picked Yang Yan up, and carried her towards the cave.

The cave itself hadn’t suffered much damage; after all, the fight here had been too short. Even the Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags set up by Yang Kai had not been taken away. Back inside his stone room, Yang Kai put Yang Yan down on the bed and covered her with the sheets, observing her unconscious face with some pity and amusement.

Yang Kai had planned to finish off Xu Tian Ze, but with Yang Yan in this kind of state, it would not be appropriate for him to leave, so he could only remain by her side.

Yang Kai had only arrived on Shadowed Star a short time ago, and had been doing his best to avoid stirring up trouble, but now, trouble had inexplicably found him. Yang Kai was naturally reluctant to allow any witnesses to remain, but even if Xu Tian Ze returned after finding some helpers, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid.

According to Wu Yi, there were no Origin King Realm masters on Shadowed Star while the strongest master in her Hai Ke Family was only a Third Order Saint King. It was obvious that Xu Tian Ze didn’t belong to a big force, so the chances of him being able to bring forward a strong master were also quite slim.

Yang Yan slept for a few days, every now and then calling out in a panic-stricken voice, clearly having nightmares. Every time this happened, it took Yang Kai quite some time to calm her down.

Three days later, Yang Yan woke up quietly.

Yang Kai sat on the bed and looked at her. Staring at Yang Kai for a while, Yang Yan soon averted her gaze shamefully as her cheeks blushed.

“Eat something first,” Yang Kai tossed her a small package.

Smelling the fruit and seemingly in desperate need to replenish her physical strength, Yang Yan immediately got up, unwrapped the package, and after seeing the golden fruits inside, ate up with a smile, her pale face gradually regaining its colour.

Seeing her looking better, Yang Kai asked curiously, “Have you never seen a dead person before?”

The reason why Yang Yan had fallen into a coma was not that she had been injured, but rather because she had been frightened! Several people dying in such a horrific manner in front of her had clearly overwhelmed Yang Yan. Yang Kai always knew that she was timid, but he hadn’t expected it to be so bad that just seeing three strangers die in front of her had caused her to pass out for three days. If she saw a true bloody battlefield, would she have died directly?

However, Yang Kai also understood that anyone who witnessed death for the first time would react in a similar fashion. The first time he had killed someone, although his performance wasn’t as unbearable as Yang Yan’s, his mood had fluctuated greatly. Fortunately, his mental toughness seemed to be quite good, at least much more so than Yang Yan’s.

Hearing Yang Kai’s few words, Yang Yan, who was eating with great relish, immediately put down the fruit and covered her mouth.

“You haven’t?” Yang Kai was shocked, thinking about how she had fainted for three whole days due to such a minor event and wondering how she had survived so far in this chaotic world? With her level of courage and skill, Yang Kai felt it was nothing less than a miracle she had managed to live for so long.

Yang Yan’s face clearly indicated she was in no condition to speak so she simply waved her hand at Yang Kai while taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself down.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen people die, but I’ve never seen such gruesome deaths…” Yang Yan looked at Yang Kai, a hint of fear lingering on her face. The scene of those few people screaming as they burned to death was still vivid in her mind, but what was most unbearable to her was the burnt smell that had filled her nostrils.

She never knew that charred flesh would smell so pungent.

“En, next time I kill someone, just close your eyes,” Yang Kai sighed.

“There’ll be a next time?” Yang Yan looked bitter.

“Possibly!” Yang Kai nodded, “Let’s not discuss this anymore, for now just eat up.”

“En,” Yang Yan nodded, picking up the half-eaten fruit and nibbling on it again, a short time later asking curiously, “Where did you get this? It seems to be able to refresh the spirit while restoring strength.”

“It was a gift,” Yang Kai didn’t explain. Although these fruits were relatively rare, they weren’t actually that valuable, otherwise, Qian Tong wouldn’t have given them to him so generously.

“By the way, did you buy the ores?” Yang Yan asked again.

“I bought them, but you need to rest for a few more days, wait until you’ve completely recovered before you start refining again,” Yang Kai did not feel relieved allowing Yang Yan to refine an Original Grade artefact in her current condition. Artefact Refining and Alchemy required an extremely stable state of mind, once there was any external interference, it may cause irreparable losses.


Yang Yan rested for several more days before taking the large number of ores Yang Kai had purchased and entering a state of retreat to continue Artifact Refining, seemingly forgetting all about what happened before.

This woman’s mind was relatively simple. Although she was as timid as a mouse, she wasn’t tiresome to deal with, because she would quickly move past things and was easy to satisfy.

With his stone room and Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags being requisitioned away by Yang Yan, Yang Kai decided to leave the cave and find a clean place to sit down cross-legged nearby and look out at the surrounding mist-covered mountain, nodding with satisfaction.

It had been several months since the Aura Gathering Spirit Array was laid down on this mountain and was beginning to bear fruit. The layer of fog which lingered around the mountain was becoming thicker and thicker, indicating that the World Energy aura was steadily becoming denser.

Although Yang Kai had left the cave, he kept his Divine Sense locked onto it at all times, worried that Yang Yan would have an accident or that Xu Tian Ze would come to find trouble with him again and disturb Yang Yan’s Artefact Refining.

Yang Yan was currently refining the Origin Grade defensive artefact Yang Kai had requested, so he was not about to let any accidents occur.

Time passed day by day, and everything remained calm and steady.

One day, as Yang Kai was meditating, a voice suddenly echoed in his mind, “I’ve recovered.”

Hearing this voice, Yang Kai was overjoyed and immediately realized that the Divine Tree had awoken.

Back on Rainfall Star, in order to dispel the effects of the Profound Yin Sunflower Water from Xue Yue, Yang Kai had exhausted both his and the Divine Tree’s strength, causing the later to fall into a deep sleep. Now, several years later, the Divine Tree had finally woken up.

“How do you feel?” Yang Kai immediately asked.

“I’m alright, but you don’t seem to have changed much. Was I only asleep for a short time?” The Divine Tree was puzzled. Yang Kai was a Second-Order Saint when he borrowed its power, but today he was just a Third Order Saint, such a small improvement was not in line with Yang Kai’s aptitude.

“It’s been a few years, I don’t know exactly how long.”

“Then why are you …”

“There was an accident,” Yang Kai chuckled and briefly explained about the Body Tempering Divine Pond. Yang Kai didn’t hide anything from the Yang Attribute Divine Tree which had obtained sentience as it was extremely closely tied to him and despite being just a tree, was somewhat like a partner to him who was always with him.

Yang Kai also remembered his initial commitment to find a suitable place to let it out and take root.

But all these years Yang Kai had been constantly running around without any stable place to call home. Although he had visited many places, Yang Kai had yet to find a suitable position and the Divine Tree had never urged him, causing Yang Kai to feel a bit ashamed.

“Oh? You mean that although your realm hasn’t changed, you’ve obtained some kind of profound Golden Blood?” The Divine Tree seemed to be interested in his Golden Blood.

“Do you want to try?”


Yang Kai immediately squeezed out a drop of Golden Blood and sent it into the Demon Mystic Tome to be absorbed by the Divine Tree.

A moment later, Yang Kai wore a startled expression.

Although he didn’t know exactly what happened to the Divine Tree after absorbing a drop of his Golden Blood, he could feel that the close relationship between them had become even firmer and more stable.

Yang Kai could even feel the joy and excitement of the Divine Tree in his heart. The large leaves were constantly shaking as if they had received great nourishment and a feel of extremely satisfaction was transmitted directly to his Soul.

It took a long time but the Divine Tree eventually let out a refreshing sigh and commented, “The vitality contained in that drop of Golden Blood was incredibly and it doesn’t seem to have the same restrictions as your previous Yang Liquid. This kind of Golden Blood can be used to enhance any living creature with any attribute strength. Any World Spirit Treasure that absorbs a drop will have its vitality and maturity greatly enhanced.”

In the past, Yang Kai’s Yang Liquid could only be used on spirit grasses and spirit medicines of the Yang Attribute, but the Golden Blood was different. There were no attribute restrictions because what the Golden Blood contained was pure vitality.

Dozens of small fruits suddenly appeared on the Divine Tree. Similar fruits had been eaten by Yang Kai a long time ago, each one of them containing a lot of Yang Attribute energy.

These small fruits had budded a long time ago, but their growth cycle was very long, only reaching the size of grapes after all these years, but after absorbing a drop of Golden Blood, these fruits began growing at a rate visible to the naked eye, reaching the size of walnuts before stopping.

“Interesting,” Yang Kai laughed, “It looks like I’ll be able to rapidly mature some spirit grasses and spirit medicines in the future.”

Yang Kai had been constantly exploring the uses of his Golden Blood. Last time, he had sent a drop of Golden Blood out into the Starry Sky and even now it was still flying through the Star Field. Yang Kai could always send his consciousness to this drop of Golden Blood to check out its surrounding situation. Now though, he had discovered that the Golden Blood could provide great assistance to the growth of spirit grasses and spirit medicines, a pleasant surprise.

“Since it’s helpful to you, have a few more drops!” Yang Kai said and without hesitation, sent a few more drops of Golden Blood into the Demon Mystic Tome.

The Divine Tree didn’t even have time to stop him. Although it was a World Spirit Treasure, it already had its own consciousness and knew that this Golden Blood was definitely not easy to come by, but since Yang Kai had delivered so many drops to it, naturally it would not waste them and cleanly absorbed them.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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