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Martial Peak Chapter 1105

Chapter 1104 - , I Can Also Live Here?

Chapter 1104, I Can Also Live Here?

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Suddenly, a subtle change in the World Energy aura occurred, with the World Energy within a few dozen kilometres of the six peaks which comprised Dragon Cave Mountain being drawn in by some kind of invisible suction force.

This attraction wasn’t violent but instead quite smooth.

Yu Feng’s complexion changed greatly and couldn’t help shouting out, “You were arranging an Aura Gathering Spirit Array?”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded.

“Amazing, you can actually arrange an Aura Gathering Spirit Array without the use of Saint Crystals?” Yu Feng asked as he and the other cultivators present directed looks of admiration towards Yang Yan.

There were also some places in the Hai Ke Family manor that were especially rich in World Energy aura which were specifically used by the disciples to cultivate, but those places were all specially arranged after consuming a massive amount of effort and financial resources. On top of that, all of them required a considerable amount of Saint Crystals and other rare treasures to maintain their effect.

On the other hand, when Yang Kai and Yang Yan arranged the Aura Gathering Spirit Array around Dragon Cave Mountain, Yu Feng and his brothers only saw them consume a few materials. As for Saint Crystals, not a single one was used.

“The terrain here is quite good, if not for that point, such a Spirit Array couldn’t have been arranged,” Yang Kai explained casually. “The full effects of it will also only become apparent over time.”

Yang Kai truly didn’t know what kind of effect his newly-arranged Spirit Array would have. It may ultimately be unsatisfactory, but this place was just his initial base on Shadowed Star so he didn’t plan on investing too much effort into it. Even if the effects turned out some disappointing, it wouldn’t bother Yang Kai too much.

“All that’s missing is time… as long as there is enough time, this place will have the densest World Energy aura within a thousand-kilometre radius,” Yang Yan who flew back said with great confidence as she swept her eyes across her masterpiece, “The cultivators who owned this territory before must have been blind, this place is a true Land of Hidden Dragons yet they left it here to fallow.”

“A Land of Hidden Dragons?” Yang Kai looked at her suspiciously.

“It’s the name for a piece of land that has this particular type of topography,” Yang Yan replied casually, “Even if I explained it to you, you wouldn’t understand, you just need to know that it is very suitable for arranging Aura Gathering Spirit Arrays. It’s called Dragon Cave Mountain, right?”

Yu Feng nodded.

“En, it didn’t acquire such a name for no reason, it’s just that no one who could judge its value had come along,” Yang Yan puffed out her chest slightly, as if she was proud she knew about its worth.

Yang Kai and Yu Feng exchanged somewhat bitter glances for a moment before Yang Kai said, “Do you want to tell Wu Yi about this? She said she would give me this mountain, but if she wants to take it back now, I won’t mind.”

“Although I can’t make decisions on behalf of the Young Lady, I doubt very much she would try to take back the gifts she sent out,” Yu Feng grinned, “You can live here with peace of mind, if you need anything, come to the manor. If the World Energy aura here really becomes that rich in the future, we might also come here to live. What that time comes, brother can’t kick us out, alright?”

Yang Kai smiled and agreed, saying they were always welcome.

Yu Feng and his group then returned to the Hai Ke Family manor.

With the Spirit Array completely arranged, Yang Yan’s work had come to an end. In accordance with their previous agreement, Yang Kai took out one hundred pieces of High-Rank Saint Crystal and handed it to her, her payment for having helped set up this Aura Gathering Spirit Array.

Yang Yan unceremoniously accepted it and began counting the Saint Crystals block by block with a joyful look on her face.

Yang Kai shook his head and stopped paying attention to her, turning around and flying into the cave, entering the only stone room, taking out the Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags, and setting them up.

These Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags comprised a single artefact that he had received from the middle-aged female executive of Rainfall Star’s Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce branch and were specially designed to assist one in their cultivation. Their effect was also surprisingly good.

The main reason Yang Kai wasn’t too concerned about the effects of Yang Yan’s Spirit Array was because of the Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags. As long as the Aura Gathering Spirit Array had some effect, he would be able to multiply it with this artefact. Naturally, the better the Aura Gathering Spirit Array was, the happier Yang Kai would be, as this two-pronged approach would be able to concentrate the surrounding World Energy even faster.

Just after Yang Kai finished setting up the Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags, Yang Yan silently appeared, her black robe still covering her from head to toe as she squatted down and stared at one of the flags, her eyes flashing a somewhat scary light.

“Why haven’t you left yet?” Yang Kai was surprised.

“I still have to refine a Spirit Grade artefact for that Yu Feng, I made a deal with him after all,” Yang Yan answered quickly before turning a fiery gaze towards Yang Kai and hurriedly shouting, “An Origin Grade Low-Rank artefact?! Where did you get it? You’re only a Third Order Saint, how could you have possibly acquired such a high-grade artefact?”

Yang Kai frowned slightly and replied, “Someone gifted it to me.”

“Do you want me to further refine it? Aiya, there are really a lot of impurities inside these seven flags! As long as you let me work with it, I can improve their effectiveness by at least fifteen percent!” Yang Yan proclaimed, her eyes now containing an undisguised burning madness.

Yang Kai’s face turned black, and he finally discovered that this woman was simply obsessed. As long as she discovered a high-grade artefact, she would immediately want to refine and enhance it. Whether she was telling the truth or not though, Yang Kai couldn’t tell.

Yang Kai didn’t know what she was capable of, so he wouldn’t take risks. The Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags was the greatest help he cultivated in the future, which would let her refine it casually.

Yang Kai quickly shook his head to refuse.

Yang Yan couldn’t help showing a look of disappointment, her lips pursing as she shouted with dissatisfaction, “Neither you nor anyone else believes what I’m capable of! If you’re not willing to try, how could you possibly know how fierce I am?”

Her tone was quite forlorn and the look she was giving Yang Kai was both pitiful and expectant, seemingly hoping this display would change his mind.

“Do you have nowhere to go?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.

“En,” Yang Yan gawked, seemingly confused by the sudden shift in topic.

“If you don’t have any place to go, just stay here. In any case, it’s just me here right now.”

“I can also live here?” Yang Yan was pleasantly surprised.

“Sure, but let me say this first, as long as it’s not something important, don’t bother me,” Yang Kai waved his hand.

Yang Yan immediately ran out and a short moment later, Yang Kai felt a familiar strength aura coming from a different section of the cave.

It was actually Yang Attribute strength!

Did this woman cultivate a Yang Attribute Secret Art? Yang Kai was shocked, but remembering that she was an Artifact Refiner, he soon realized that her cultivation a Yang Attribute Secret Art wasn’t too surprising. This only made him more confused though. Whether it was Artifact Refiners or Alchemists, as long as they had some skill, they wouldn’t have any trouble hiring themselves to a decent force where they would receive great care and status, allowing them to concentrate on the development of their skills and career, but this woman was clearly impoverished to an absurd degree.

She had even readily agreed to refine a Spirit Grade artefact for Yu Feng for a pitiful fifty Low-Rank Saint Crystal reward.

Yang Kai reminded himself to one day ask her if she had committed some kind of taboo that caused her expulsion from her previous force. If that was really the case, having her around would become a liability and his best choice would be to quickly kick her out.

Releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai soon discovered that Yang Yan was in a different section of the cave, using her strength to melt the walls and open up a stone room of her own.

Taking back his Divine Sense, Yang Kai ignored Yang Yan and began inspect his current supplies.

After entering the Body Tempering Divine Pond, and being encased in that blood-red crystal, Yang Kai had not had any time to carefully investigate his gains from that strange world. Now that he was idle, he decided to check them out.

(Silavin: I guess he was too busy sucking them stones on the ship)

Yang Kai took out three Space Rings from his sleeve pocket, the ones belonging to the dead Gui Che, Luo Yao, and Gan Ji.

Inside Gui Che’s Space Ring was the Thunder Wood Bird Wood which was formed after the fall of the Tenth-Order Monster Beast Thunder Luan. Its flesh and blood had crystallized into this tree and streaks of lightly now flashed across its surface. If it was used to refine an artefact, it would definitely result in a powerful Thunder Attribute weapon.

As for the dozens of crystal clear leaves, they were also filled with Thunder Attribute power and could be considered treasures all on their own.

Yang Kai was delighted to see this Bird Wood and quickly stored it inside the Demon Mystic Tome.

Next, he took out the purple carapace from Gui Che’s Space Ring. This hardshell was from the Ninth-Order Scarlet Tailed Purple Armoured Scorpion Monster Beast and was the perfect material to refine a defensive type artefact. Tossing this also into the Demon Mystic Tome, Yang Kai moved on to the next item.

Taking out and packing away various treasures, Yang Kai was filled with joy.

The harvest from that adventure had basically all been obtained by him.

With the exception of one of the Scarlet Tailed Purple Armoured Scorpion’s giant pincers, which had been assigned to Ji Peng, its tail, core, and all kinds of other Monster Beast materials had landed in Yang Kai’s pocket.

On top of that, Yang Kai obtained the countless herbs collected by those three people along the way.

The three cultivators had not been very wealthy though, and the artefacts which had originally been placed in their Space Rings weren’t very high-grade. Yang Kai didn’t even spare these things a second glance and simply tossed them into a corner of the Demon Mystic Tome.

His gains were indeed great, but most of them were temporarily useless.

Suddenly, Yang Kai realized that if Yang Yan was truly an Origin Grade Artifact Refiners, he could ask her to handle these materials.

At the very least, the carapace of the Scarlet Tailed Purple Armoured Scorpion could be turned into a defensive artefact that Yang Kai currently wanted.

But what the extent of her abilities was remained to be determined.

A day later, Yu Feng came again and received the Spirit Grade artefact he had requested from Yang Yan, leaving quite happy.

Over the following days, Wu Yi’s subordinates would come in groups of three or five, bringing with them various raw materials they had collected or their own artefacts to ask Yang Yan for Artifact Refining services.

All of them came here with high expectations and all of them left with their requirements fully met. Yang Kai didn’t know when Yang Yan had straightened out her attitude, but since moving to Dragon Cave Mountain, she had not once acted arbitrarily to alter any of the artefacts she was handed or request to refine.

Her reputation immediately soared!

Almost everyone in the Hai Ke Family now knew that there was an Artifact Refiners living in Dragon Cave Mountain, and although her fee was quite expensive, her technique was good. Every artefact she refined was of excellent quality while the ones she was given to enhance saw a twenty to thirty percent increase in power.

Yang Kai didn’t pay this any mind, and because he lived deeper inside the cave, those who came to ask Yang Yan for Artifact Refining services never bothered him.

The only thing that annoyed Yang Kai was that this woman would find a chance every day to come and stare at his Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags, constantly nagging him to let her work with them. Although she was always refused, she did not become discouraged or upset, seemingly thinking that her sincerity would one day convince Yang Kai.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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