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Martial Peak Chapter 1099

Chapter 1098 - Shadowed Star

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Seeing Wu Yi sitting there with a sour face waiting for him to ask her about it, Yang Kai sighed helplessly and spoke, “Who provoked you?”

“That group of stinky men! Why are they all so brain dead? All they could think about was snatching up the credit for themselves. Yang Kai, are people in the outside world like this too?”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before saying, “I don’t know about others, but I do know one situation where men become incredibly stupid.”

“What situation?”

“When they’re facing the woman they like, they’ll often do stupid things just to attract her attention.”

Wu Yi contemplated his words for a while before bursting into laughter and nodding, “What you said makes sense, in fact, they’re usually not that stupid, at least not to that extent, but every time I pass by, their intelligence seems to drop.”

“If they didn’t act that way, how else could you show off your smarts?”

“Do you mean that I’m stupid? You want to say that the only way I can look better is if they act dumb?” Wu Yi immediately became unhappy.

“I didn’t say that, you’re thinking too much. If you weren’t smart enough, no one would dare let you take charge of this Starship, much less entrust their lives to you.”

“As long as you know,” Wu Yi snorted, apparently quite satisfied with Yang Kai’s answer, suddenly changing the subject, “Did you know that just now, while we were fighting outside, I thought we would all die. We’ve never encountered such a large pack of Black Rock Beasts before. If they had destroyed the Starship, perhaps less than thirty percent of us would be able to escape with our lives, but suddenly a golden spear appeared to help us resolve the crisis. Yang Kai, what kind of person do you think the master of that golden spear is? You were watching the whole time right? Did you notice anyone suspicious?”

“Nope,” Yang Kai shook his head.

Wu Yi stared at him deeply, seemingly unintentionally saying, “If that person was willing to identify himself, I would offer him my sincere thanks.”

Yang Kai sat in place, his expression completely unmoved, as if he was an old monk who had found enlightenment and was indifferent to the world around him.

After a long time, Wu Yi simply sighed, “One month later we will return to Shadowed Star. Take a good rest; I can see that you still haven’t completely recovered. Was your foundation damaged? I’ll have someone bring you some pills and Saint Crystals.”

Yang Kai nodded, not refusing her kindness.

Shortly after Wu Yi left, a cultivator came and delivered Yang Kai ten High-Rank Saint Crystals and a few Saint Grade High-Rank pills, saying it was the Young Lady’s hope that Yang Kai could restore himself before they returned to Shadowed Star.

Yang Kai thanked him for this before accepting it.

Looking at the ten Saint Crystals and handful of Saint Grade High-Rank pills, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit complicated.

Previously, Wu Yi had ‘accepted’ five hundred High-Rank Saint Crystals from him, but Yang Kai was fairly certain she had not taken sole possession of those and had instead split them up amongst all her subordinates.

Although everyone hadn’t received much, for a time they were all wearing beaming smiles.

From this display alone, Yang Kai could tell that these people lived very poor lives.

Now Wu Yi had directly delivered him ten Saint Crystals, fully demonstrating her innate kindness.

And so, Yang Kai continued his silent cultivation. After storing up on Saint Qi for a time, he would come out and walk around the Starship. Although this ship was small and seemed to be quite old, it was clearly well maintained by Wu Yi and her crew, even the floors and windows were cleaned daily. It was obvious they valued the Starship more than their lives.

Yang Kai wasn’t one of Wu Yi’s subordinates, so there were some restricted areas on the Starship, such as the power room, he couldn’t go, but other than that, he was able to move about freely. The other cultivators onboard also gradually became familiar with Yang Kai, and as a foreigner, he was often subject to their curiosity and forced to tell them stories of the outside world.

Time flew by and the Starship drew closer and closer to Shadowed Star. As they approached home, the mood of the several dozen cultivators onboard became more and more joyful.

They had all set out on a dangerous journey to mine the nearby Ore Star and experienced many hardships along the way, so now that they were about to return home with a full load, naturally they were quite happy.

Even Wu Yi was infected with this kind of celebratory mood and in recent days had not run over to pester Yang Kai.

Finally, the huge Shadowed Star appeared in everyone’s eyes and within the Starship, loud cheers rang out.

Yang Kai, who was meditating in his room, was shaken awake and quickly walked outside to take a look through the corridor window.

An unimaginably large star soon appeared in his eyes, causing Yang Kai quite a surprise, “So big?”

Shadowed Star was enormous to a ridiculous degree. Yang Kai had spent several years in the Star Field now and had been to a number of different Cultivation Stars, but none could compare to the grandeur of Shadowed Star. It was at least ten times bigger than Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s Water Moon Star, a true behemoth amongst the Starry Sky.

At a distant location, an even larger sun star gave off a radiant glow that bathed Shadowed Star in light.

Orbiting Shadowed Star were seven or eight Moon Stars, each one at least the size of Rainfall Star.

“I heard that Shadowed Star was the largest Cultivation Star in the entire Star Field, is that true?” Wu Yi asked suddenly, having arrived beside Yang Kai at some unknown point, a somewhat smug look on her face as she saw his surprised expression.

No matter how much she wished to leave Shadowed Star and explore the vast outside world, this Cultivation Star was still her homeland and she took great pride in it.

“I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m certain it would be difficult to find another Cultivation Star comparable to this Shadowed Star,” Yang Kai answered seriously.

“In fact, the World Energy of Shadowed Star isn’t bad, it’s just that its size is too immense, so compared to other Cultivation Stars, the aura’s density seems a bit thin,” Wu Yi said quietly, “I also heard that long ago, there were many other Cultivation Stars in our region of the Star Field and we had not been cut off from the outside world, but due to some unknown reason, a great change occurred in the Starry Sky and those smaller Cultivation Stars disappeared, leaving behind only the largest Shadowed Star. A series of crises followed that strange change and with the lack of materials, especially Saint Crystals, it became impossible for us to reproduce the glory of our ancestors and even communication with the outside world was gradually cut off. Now it is only outsiders who come to us; it is very rare for those from Shadowed Star to go venture outside.”

While she was narrating this story, Yang Kai didn’t interrupt, simply standing there and listening quietly.

Suddenly Wu Yi turned towards Yang Kai and said with a face filled with confidence, “My dream is to reconnect Shadowed Star with the outside world, so that any time our people want to go see the outside world, they will have an opportunity to, never having to worry about lack of Saint Crystals or cultivation materials again.”

Yang Kai turned to meet her gaze and gave her a big thumbs up.

Those who have ideals were worthy of respect. Compared with Wu Yi, Yang Kai couldn’t say he had much of a purpose in life right now, he simply wanted to get stronger as quickly as possible.

“My family is not strong, and I do not have much status or support within it, so Yang Kai, I want to ask you to help me.”

The look of appreciation on Yang Kai’s face stiffed as he heard Wu Yi’s proposal, a bitter smile soon appearing on his face as he asked, “Your last words were your true purpose, right?”

Wu Yi cutely spat out her tongue, silently acknowledging her guilt.

Yang Kai laughed dumbly, wondering why Wu Yi had been speaking so sentimentally today, it turns out she was having ideas about recruiting him. Mulling over various thoughts for a moment, Yang Kai soon shook his head and said, “I’m just a small Third Order Saint, what can I do to help you?”

“I don’t know what you can help me with, but at the very least, you come from the outside and know far more about it than I do. You’ll know which forces we can look for to cooperate with and supplement the knowledge I lack. It’s alright even if your strength is a bit low,” Wu Yi said sincerely to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed. He had quite a good opinion of this woman who looked gentle and weak on the outside but was in fact strong on the inside and determined to pursue her own ideals. Unfortunately, he really didn’t want to get mixed up with others at this point. Yang Kai felt he was just a passing traveler to Shadowed Star and perhaps it wouldn’t be long before he set out again.

Hastily agreeing to Wu Yi’s request here would be too irresponsible, but looking into her pure eyes, Yang Kai couldn’t bear to outright reject her.

After silently grumbling to himself for a while, Yang Kai finally said, “I heard you say that your family is attached to a Sect called Shadow Moon Hall, right?”

“Yes, Shadow Moon Hall is one of the biggest forces on Shadowed Star. My Hai Ke Family are attached to Shadow Moon Hall. There are many small clans and families like ours on Shadowed Star that have no way to survive without the shelter of such great forces.”

“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded slightly, this kind of thing was also commonplace on Tong Xuan Realm. The Hai Ke Family that Wu Yi belonged to was just a peripherally attached force, so Yang Kai estimated their status was quite low and their family’s strength shouldn’t be too strong.

“What’s the level of the strongest masters in your family?” Yang Kai asked again.

Although she didn’t quite understand why Yang Kai had suddenly taken an interest in such matters, Wu Yi quickly answered, “Foreign Elder Chang Qi is one of my family’s strongest.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “Do you not even have an Origin Returning Realm master?”

Wu Yi couldn’t help rolling her eyes at his question, “Do you think Origin Realm masters are cabbages? Can you help me?”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “It seems your dreams are quite far from your grasp. It will be impossible to achieve what you want without enough manpower and powerful masters. En, become the Matriarch of your family first. When you accomplish that, I’ll consider helping you.”

“You’ll consider helping me?” Wu Yi trembled with anger upon hearing this. She had sincerely invited him, yet even she could tell that Yang Kai was simply being perfunctory here. Grinding her teeth, Wu Yi even wished she could viciously bite him.

“Good, when you gain control of your family, if you still have such ambitions, I will help you!” Yang Kai stared back at her burning look without any fear.

“Since you’ve said it, you better mean it!” Wu Yi smiled immediately, extending her delicate white hand to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai helplessly shook his head and shook her hand, sealing the agreement.

“Just you wait, within two or three years, I’ll definitely become the family’s leader,” Wu Yi declared with full confidence.

Seeing her like this, Yang Kai couldn’t bear to tell her that when she became head of her family and considered many others issues from that position of authority, she would quickly discover that her priorities were very different from her current thoughts.

Right now, she was simply pursuing her dreams without any other concerns, but in the future, she would have to consider the livelihood of her entire family and those burdens and restrictions would even more ruthlessly shackle her wings.

Time would grind down a person’s spirit and force even the most hot-blooded person to mature.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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