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Martial Peak Chapter 1085

Chapter 1084 - Sitting On A Mountain Top, Watching The Tigers Fight

“Forget it, we don’t have time to waste stirring up trouble, he doesn’t seem to be lying anyways,” The Monster Race man named Di Ji shook his head and suddenly said. It wasn’t apparent what he was thinking but it seemed he didn’t have any intention to act openly against Yang Kai, simply calling out in the next moment, “Kid, our group has been out here for quite some time, but we still haven’t been able to track down our targets. We’ve consumed a lot of Saint Crystals and now don’t have much left, give us some of yours as well as some restorative pills and we won’t embarrass you further.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly; he had thought this group would act against him, yet now things had taken a sudden turn for the better.

Nodding lightly, Yang Kai replied plainly, “Fine!”

Saying so, the Space Ring on Yang Kai’s finger flashed and he openly sent out a thousand or so High-Rank Saint Crystals towards this group.

When these people saw these Saint Crystals fly over towards them, their eyes all went red with greed and the quickly began snatching them, big grins appearing on their faces as they worked.

They had truly been wandering through the Star Field for quite some time and were low on supplies, otherwise, with their strength, it would have been impossible for them to become this happy after only receiving this amount of Saint Crystals.

Yang Kai suddenly couldn’t help remembering the two sisters He Zao and He Miao of Sword Union. Back in the Chaotic Abyss, the two sisters had also had to find an asteroid to hide inside to avoid the power of the Starry Sky and if Yang Kai hadn’t sent them some supplies, they would have died long ago.

When one spent extended periods of time in the Starry Sky, having enough Saint Crystals and restorative pills was essential to survival.

Seeing Yang Kai scatter a thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals without blinking, Di Ji couldn’t help showing some surprise, not having expected this youth to be so rich.

Being able to toss out a thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals meant for certain there were more Saint Crystals in his Space Ring, and for a time, Di Ji became excited.

Not only him, the cultivators who had caught Yang Kai’s Saint Crystals also now had greed looks on their faces as they stared at the ring on Yang Kai’s hand, wishing they could rush out and snatch it.

Several people from this group had quietly shifted their positions and secretly condensed their strength, only waiting for Di Ji to give the order to take Yang Kai’s life.

The woman who had spoken earlier also turned to look at Di Ji, her eyes flashing a subtle light, silently inquiring about his opinion.

A look of struggle appeared on Di Ji’s face for a moment before he suddenly grinned and nodded to Yang Kai, “Seems you understand your own weight kid, this time we’ll let you off, let’s go!”

And with that said, the group reluctantly followed behind Di Ji, many of them wondering why they had let go of such a fat sheep. To them, Yang Kai was just a weak kid with more Saint Crystals than were good for him.

But since Di Ji had spoken, none of them dared to refute him and simply let out a series of sighs.

The group soared off, and only after they had left Yang Kai far behind did the woman ask, “Di Ji, this isn’t your style, what are you so concerned about?”

Di Ji snorted and turned his head back to see that everyone in his team was looking at him, silently asking for an explanation, causing him to shout angrily, “I’ve seen people acting tough, but that brat wasn’t simply putting up a front. Didn’t any of you notice that he was completely unafraid of us? He was just a Third Order Saint, so why wasn’t he even the slightest bit anxious when he was facing us? He’s out here, all alone in the vast Star Field, if we were to kill him, no one would know, so why didn’t he look the least bit worried?”

Many people wore pensive looks and one of them soon muttered, “Does he have an Elder protecting him in secret nearby?”

“Fuck! You stupid pig, you should just die early so you can quickly be reincarnated!” Di Ji shouted furiously, “I really wonder how you managed to survive until now.”

The scolded man turned red but didn’t dare to retort, only whispering under his breath in a tone so small no one could hear him.

The woman thoughtfully spoke up next, “Do you mean to say that boy was had enough confidence that even if we attacked him it wouldn’t matter?”

Di Ji nodded, “It should be like that.”

“How can that be? He’s just a Third Order Saint. With so many of us, could it be he was confident he could kill us?” The woman shouted in disbelief.

“He wouldn’t be able to kill us, but we may not be able to kill him either. There must be a powerful master behind that kid and he’s probably carrying a number of powerful artifacts. If we tried to act against him, he would be able to escape by taking advantage of those artifacts and in the end, we’ll have gained nothing and instead created a life or death enmity. Once his Elders or Sect find out and come to seek revenge, how are we supposed to resist?”

After listening to Di Ji’s words, the woman and the others showed frowned deeply, and the more they thought about it, the more what Di Ji said made sense to them. If he didn’t have something to rely on, how could a Third Order Saint Realm kid face so many cultivators above his realm and remain completely indifferent?

“Then why did you demand he hand over those Saint Crystals?” After the woman understood what had just happened, she couldn’t help feeling a cold sweat drip down her back, “Isn’t that also setting up a grudge between us?”

“It’s nothing so serious,” Di Ji waved his hand, “A few Saint Crystals isn’t something worth holding a grudge over. Since he has a powerful backer to depend on, naturally he won’t care about such a small amount of wealth. On top of that, it seemed like he knew I was trying to find a way to take a step back, otherwise once our group made such a big scene yet flew off without gaining the list bit of advantage, where would our face be? Didn’t you see him so easily toss out those Saint Crystals? That kid is definitely a worldly person who knows how to settle matters. Shit, are all brats so difficult to handle nowadays? Is there any space left for us in this world?”

The woman pursed her lips and laughed, playing with the Saint Crystals in her hand. After noticing that all of these Saint Crystals were High-Rank, she immediately knew what Di Ji was talking about.

A mere Third Order Saint youth possessing such wealth could only mean it had been gifted to him by his Elders.

“Forget about that kid, the people we’re looking for must be hiding around here. Let’s split up, you take your team that way and I’ll head this way, whoever discovers them will send out a signal and we’ll all converge on their location. The sooner we finish this up the sooner we can go back, damn it, after drifting around for a half a year I really don’t want to say here any longer!”

“Yeah,” The woman nodded, taking half of the group with her and soaring off in a different direction from Di Ji.

Atop his Star Shuttle, Yang Kai remained unperturbed, this kind of minor disturbance made no impact on him.

As Yang Kai’s understanding of the Dao of Space improved, so did his ability to escape. Currently, as long as he didn’t meet with a master in the Origin Returning Realm, he had nothing to fear as he could just tear space and flee, no one would dare chase him into The Void.

If he could spend a thousand Saint Crystals to save himself some trouble though, he would happily do so.

As time passed, Yang Kai continued to move closer to his goal.

One day, Yang Kai arrived at an Asteroid Sea, and at a glance, he could see countless asteroids spread out across a vast area, some as large as mountains while others were as small as plates.

In the Starry Sky, there were many, many Asteroid Seas like this one which could blot out the sky, some of them large enough that it would take months to traverse via Star Shuttle. Generally speaking, these Asteroid Seas didn’t simply drift about freely, not following any kind of set course.

When Starships sailed the Starry Sky, they would take care to avoid regions where there were large Asteroid Seas as they could not only affect the speed of navigation, but also posed a danger to the Starship itself. If a Starship was to be hit in a bad spot there was even a risk that it could be sunk.

Excellent Chart Masters would draw up Star Charts to avoid such regions in order to allow Starships to reach their destinations safely.

Arriving here, Yang Kai couldn’t let the Star Shuttle fly forward on its own because one bad hit from an erratic asteroid could destroy it, so he had no choice but to temporarily put down other matters and concentrate on flying.

Travelling through the dense asteroids, after about ten days, Yang Kai reached a central position in the Asteroid Sea, ahead of which he could still see endless asteroids though.

Yang Kai wasn’t anxious though, he wasn’t in a hurry to get where he was going.

Amidst the dark Asteroid Sea, a bloom of light suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai, causing him to frown and quickly release his Divine Sense to investigate.

A number of strong and weak life auras came from a position ahead of him and Yang Kai could detect energy fluctuations that could only be associated with battle.

Were there other people in this place?

Yang Kai felt the situation was a little strange, but looking at the scene in front of him, it was clear that some kind of conflict had broken out.

Suddenly, Yang Kai thought about the group he had met a few days ago.

This probably wasn’t a coincidence. Yang Kai had been wandering the Starry Sky for half a year now and had not met a single other person besides them, so it was more than likely it was the same group.

When they last met, Yang Kai was able to understand from their words that they were pursuing some kind of enemy, and judging from the current situation, that group seemed to have caught up with their target.

Yang Kai quietly flew over, concealing his aura, landing atop a rather large asteroid a moment later, using it to hide himself as he took a closer look, soon discovering that his conjecture was correct.

On one side of the battle was the group of cultivators lead by Di Ji; they had nearly twenty people, but at this moment less than half that number remained. From the nearby asteroids that were filled with blood stains and broken limbs, it was obvious the other half of their group had suffered a disaster.

The group that was fighting Di Ji and his allies wasn’t much better off. Everyone was going all out, panting for breath as they swung their artifacts and sent out various different attacks, many people cursing loudly as they fought.

Both sides were in a tragic state with the number of injuries and deaths constantly climbing.

Yang Kai hid well enough that no one was able to find him then began absorbing the Soul remnants of the fallen cultivators into his Knowledge Sea.

Everyone here was a master at the Saint King Realm so each of their remnant Souls was very helpful to Yang Kai. These people’s perceptions and insights into the Martial Dao and Heavenly Way would enhance Yang Kai’s own comprehensions, giving him a joyful feeling as he quietly moved closer towards the centre of the battlefield, hoping to draw in more of these remnant Souls.

Di Ji’s group wasn’t anything good. It was obvious from their previous attitude towards Yang Kai that if not for Di Ji having some scruples, they would have openly attacked.

So even if these people died, Yang Kai wouldn’t care.

On the other hand, the people fighting against Di Ji’s group were complete strangers to Yang Kai, so he naturally wasn’t about to step forward to help them.

Yang Kai didn’t mind sitting on a mountain top, watching the tigers fight while waiting to reap the fisherman’s benefits.

Yang Kai didn’t know how long this battle had been going on for, but from the extent of their consumption, he figured it had been at least a day or two, with their battlefield continuously shifting and drifting through the Asteroid Sea.

Yang Kai stealthily moved along with them, secretly praying that the remaining cultivators would quickly die.

As time passed, fewer and fewer people could hold on to their lives. Both sides now only had a handful of people left, even powerful Third Order Saint Kings couldn’t resist the call of death.

However, Yang Kai was keenly aware that even after they saw their comrades die, none of these people showed any regret, all of them shuttling through the Asteroid Sea as they found, inspecting the asteroids one by one, seemingly searching for something.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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