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Martial Peak Chapter 1073

Chapter 1072 - Burning One’s Boat?

Chapter 1072, Burning One’s Boat?

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Saints couldn’t be regarded as powerful cultivators on the vibrant Rainfall Star, you could find crowds of them anywhere.

Yang Kai stood on a high slope, holding a wine sack in his hand, watching while he drank.

He had no plan to lend this cultivator a hand and was only intending to watch the show.

The cultivator was obviously not worthy to be the Blue-Eyed Fire Dragon’s opponent and it wasn’t long before he became battered and bloodstained, nearly dying a few times, his defensive artifact smashed and his abdomen pierced by a sharp horn on the forehead of the dragon.

Yang Kai was certain this cultivator was destined to die, but just as he was preparing to depart, the fight suddenly took an unexpected turn.

The Eighth-Order Monster Beast, who had held the absolute upper hand from start to finish, began retreating as it howled in anger.

After the cultivator’s defensive artifact was completely destroyed, all of a sudden he managed to summon forth unimaginable strength, abandoned any kind of defences, and attacked the fire dragon with a stern and fearless attitude.

Half an hour later, the blood and guts of the Blue-Eyed Fire Dragon spilled across the ground and it fell to the ground, dead.

The Saint Realm cultivator also collapsed, stuffing a handful of pills into his mouth but failing to stop the last remnants of his vitality from slipping away.

The gap in strength was too great, and although this cultivator had somehow managed to kill the Blue-Eyed Fire Dragon, taking its life while losing his own was the limit of his ability.

Yang Kai held his wine sack and walked over to this cultivator, standing in front of and overlooking him.

The cultivator’s dim and fearful eyes seemed to flash a profound light as he arduously stretched out his hand toward Yang Kai, as if grasping for his own vitality, yet all he was able to catch was air.

His expression was filled with the desire to live.

Yang Kai drank a mouthful of wine before squatting down and without a word forced a drop of golden blood from his fingertip into the open mouth of the cultivator.

Yang Kai’s Demon God Golden Blood had an extremely powerful restore ability, one he had relied upon several times to survive.

However, he always felt that his Demon God Golden Blood was somehow not on the same level as Great Demon God’s!

A single drop of Golden Blood from Great Demon God contained infinite power as well as all kinds of profound mysteries. Yang Kai was able to obtain and cultivate one of Great Demon God’s Divine Ability by refining a drop of his blood. Demon General Xue Li had also hunted him across all of Tong Xuan Realm just for a chance to seize this blood.

Although the quality was vastly inferior, it still had some restorative properties.

Suddenly, the bloody cultivator was shrouded in the faint golden halo, and a look of shock and disbelief appeared on his face. He felt as if his condition had dramatically improved and the approaching aura of death was gradually dissipating, giving him some hope he could yet survive.

He looked at Yang Kai in confusion, wondering why this stranger who had just passed by would save his life.

He opened his mouth to speak but failed to form any words.

Yang Kai simply grinned towards him, “Don’t thank me. In fact, I should be thanking you, en, I’ve only given you a chance, whether you live or die now depends on your own fortune.”

After saying so, Yang Kai tossed his half-filled wine sack onto the ground and strode away while letting out a loud, carefree laugh.

Sometime later, the cultivator managed to sit upright and stare off in the direction Yang Kai left with a puzzled look on his face. He didn’t know why Yang Kai had thanked him, and eventually figured that this young man simply had some kind of problem with his head!

However, the other party did save his life, which was an indisputable truth. Grabbing Yang Kai’s wine sack he drank a mouthful in order to celebrate his victory and survival, but when the wine hit his stomach, the cultivator couldn’t help grimacing in pain, sweat once again covering his whole body. Not daring to act rashly, the man immediately focused on refining the potent medicinal efficacies of this drink.

Inside the mountain valley, Zong Ao was working hard to refine pills. Now he no longer used his original mass Alchemy method, but instead, like Yang Kai, chose his best pill furnace to refine one pill at a time.

Every time he extracted a pill formed with Pill Veins from this furnace, Zong Ao’s old face would smiled broadly, the wrinkles and folds of his skin squishing together to form a terrifying visage.

In any case, no one ever came to this place, Yang Kai had left, and the only outsider around was in a coma, no one could see his horrible grin so Zong Ao didn’t need to worry about embarrassing himself.

Suddenly, at a critical moment in his refinement, Zong Ao’s expression changed as he called out in surprise, “He came back?”

Zong Ao felt a life aura rapidly and unscrupulously approaching.

On Rainfall Star, no one except Yang Kai would act like this. Even Lin Mu Feng and Ha Li Ka wouldn’t dare.

Zong Ao swiftly ended what he was doing, not even caring about if he successfully refined the pill he was working on.

A moment later, Yang Kai walked in.

Narrowing his eyes, Zong Ao couldn’t help feeling startled, swallowing back down the words he was about to say.

He had originally wanted to comfort Yang Kai, making him not shrink back in the face of death, but from what he could see, this boy was actually smiling right now and his aura was filled with a certain feeling.

Zong Ao had to stare at Yang Kai for a while before he was able to determine that this feeling was confidence!

Gently shaking his head, Zong Ao wore a smile and asked, “Did you find a solution?”

“No!” Yang Kai answered happily.

“If you haven’t found a solution, why are you so happy?” Zong Ao was even more confused.

“Can’t I be happy without finding it?” Yang Kai asked back, “Although I didn’t find a solution, I think I should be able to succeed.”

“And why is that?” Zong Ao was completely confused by Yang Kai’s seemingly contradictory words, since he hadn’t found a feasible method, how could he succeed? Grabbing Yang Kai’s arm, Zong Ao shouted, “Speak clearly.”

“Saying it won’t make it clear, just watch and see if I can refine Pill Clouds this time!” Yang Kai broke free from his iron grip and straightened his shirt.

Zong Ao didn’t say anything more, converging his aura and standing back to observe Yang Kai’s movement.

Actually, what Zong Ao most wanted to know was why, if Yang Kai and that little girl’s lives were linked together by the Soul Chains, he didn’t just go to and ask Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s Honoured Guest Elder to unlock them? That way, even if the little girl died, he wouldn’t have to.

Even if he left now, there was still plenty of time to do this.

However, he thought that since Yang Kai hadn’t done so, there must be some reason it was inconvenient for him to travel to Water Moon Star. Zong Ao wasn’t interested in probing into this matter too much.

While Zong Ao was pondering these issues, Yang Kai had sat down cross-legged sitting in front of his commonly used pill furnace.

Next Zong Ao saw Yang Kai take out a pile of herbs from his Space Ring, and upon closer inspection, Zong Ao found that these herbs were the ones sent by Ha Li Ka to refine the Burning Flame Pill.

The remaining nearly two hundred batches of herbs were all piled up into a great mountain.

After all the herbs were taken out, he saw Yang Kai pick out a single set of materials from the pile.

In the next instant, a ball of Demonic Flame shot out from Yang Kai’s hand, engulfing the mountain of herbs, reducing all these Saint King Grade materials to ash.

Zong Ao’s eyes widened instantly and a shocked expression appeared on his face!

He never expected that Yang Kai would make such an insane move.

[Burning one’s boat?]

This kid had burnt down the remaining two hundred sets of materials, leaving only one, which meant he now had only once chance to succeed, how could this be anything but burning one’s boat?

Did he want to use this great pressure to squeeze out his maximum potential?

Zong Ao shook his head slowly, a look of disappointment appearing on his face. For cultivators, whether it was in cultivation or in battle, using this kind of method could indeed inspire one to break through their limits and achieve success in something they would normally find impossible.

However, it was a fatal mistake to apply this method to Alchemy.

By burning one’s boat, the pressure one would give themselves would be a thousand times than usual, but what Alchemy required most was a stable state of mind, it simply wasn’t suitable to use this kind of desperation tactic.

If Yang Kai really was attempting to burn his boat, then Zong Ao could conclude that he may not even be able to refine a pill which formed Pill Veins.

In his disappointment though, Zong Ao looked towards Yang Kai’s face and was stunned to see that the latter didn’t show any signs of pressure.

Yang Kai simply sat there with a relaxed expression and not a trace of worry, his self-confidence not disappearing because of the destruction of the last two hundred sets of herbs, but instead growing more intense.

Zong Ao saw where this confidence came from; in this moment, Yang Kai simply believed there was no way he could fail.

Zong Ao was slightly lost.

Was this boy really so confident he could achieve his goal with this last set of materials? Where did this sudden unwavering faith come from?

Zong Ao sat quietly, paying close attention to this scene.

Like with the previous Burning Flame Pills, Yang Kai proceeded meticulously and with great precision.

Portraying the Spirit Arrays, condensing the medicinal liquids, grasping the timing to add different herbs, changing Spirit Arrays…

Yang Kai seemed to be just repeating what he had done these past six months, but faintly, Zong Ao felt that this time’s Alchemy was very different. The same process and movements were somehow giving him a new and refreshing feeling.

Seemingly infected by Yang Kai’s skilful display and confident aura, Zong Ao couldn’t help but also believed that Yang Kai could accomplish this incredible feat.

Zong Ao’s eyes widened even more as he waited for the moment when this Pill Clouds pill was finally formed.

Time passed slowly, and Zong Ao’s mood grew tenser and tenser, his fists clenching unconsciously. Despite his great strength, Zong Ao currently felt as if he was suffering endless years of torment, wishing he could leap into the future to see the end result.

On the other hand, Yang Kai had always maintained a kind of indifferent attitude, besides the swimming medicinal liquids inside the pill furnace, there seemed to be nothing else in his entire world.

That Saint Realm cultivator who fought fiercely with Blue Eyed Flame Dragon was able to emerge victorious not because of his strength, but because of his momentum.

He was sure he could win because he knew that if he didn’t win, he would die!

So he won, although in the end he had almost perished together with the Blue-Eyed Flame Dragon.

From that battle, Yang Kai was inspired, so he had saved the young man’s life.

During these past six months, the numerous Alchemy failures had done nothing but increase the pressure Yang Kai felt, making him worry about what would happen if he failed to refine a pill that formed Pill Clouds. With all these distracting thoughts, being able to refine a pill with Pill Clouds was a dream.

But now, Yang Kai had no such thoughts.

He had burned the nearly two hundred remaining batches of herbs not to push himself into an all or nothing situation, but instead to strengthen his convictions and faith.

He did not waver before this challenge, only becoming more and more confident.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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