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Martial Peak Chapter 1065

Chapter 1064 - Very Satisfied

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

“I need you to help collect some herbs!” Yang Kai got straight to the point.

“What herbs do you need?” Ha Li Ka smiled, “Other places may not be able to procure special herbs, but my Chamber of Commerce is definitely not lacking such things.”

Lin Mu Feng and the middle-aged woman also spoke similar words, pledging to meet whatever requirements Yang Kai had.

Yang Kai immediately produced a list of herbs required to refine the Burning Flame Pill, and after Ha Li Ka gave it a quick glance, he lightly said, “The herbs on this list are not difficult to find, we have most of them on hand in this branch already. Only the Dragon Turtle Spirit Fruit is relatively rare while everything else won’t be a problem. However, Little Brother will have to wait three to five months before we can transfer some Dragon Turtle Spirit Fruits from a nearby Medicine Star, such a delay…”

“There won’t be a problem if it’s just three to five months, even a little longer won’t matter as long as you don’t drag it out for over a year,” Yang Kai shook his head.

“Good, within four months we will definitely have the Dragon Turtle Spirit Fruits transferred here,” Ha Li Ka thumped his chest and promised.

Some herbs required specific environments to grow in, and although Rainfall Star was also a large Cultivation Star, it did not have the proper environment to cultivate Dragon Turtle Spirit Fruits. However, there was a Medicine Star under Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s jurisdiction nearby which produced a large number of them.

“How many of these herbs does little brother need?” Lin Mu Feng asked.

“However many you can acquire!” Yang Kai quickly said.

“As much as we can acquire?” The three were startled by this answer and stared at Yang Kai in confusion.

They had thought that Yang Kai would only require a few sets of ingredients to refine this pill, so when Yang Kai asked them to deliver him as many ingredients as possible, they were naturally somewhat suspicious.

Yang Kai quickly explained, “The method Senior Zong Ao prescribed requires a pill which has formed Pill Clouds. You should also be aware of how difficult it is to produce a pill with Pill Clouds, it’s not something that can be done in a few attempts, success will require much trial and error.”

After hearing these words, Ha Li Ka and the others suddenly understood why Yang Kai required so many herbs and no longer suspected anything, Ha Li Ka even shouting, “I see I see, Grandmaster Zong Ao is indeed worthy of his illustrious reputation in Alchemy. He actually intends to refine a pill with Pill Clouds, such a treasure is something we would greatly wish to experience.”

“Unfortunately, this will likely result in a non-negligible loss for the branch’s business, with so many of the same type of pill being refined all at once, even if they were to be turned over to you for free, selling them may be an issue,” Yang Kai reminded.

“As long as Lady Xue’er can be awakened, such losses are not a problem,” Ha Li Ka immediately stated. He was speaking earnestly, for if Lady Xue’er were really to die, Xue Yue Third Young Master would definitely not let him off. Even if he had to use his personal fortune, he would do everything in his power to procure the required herbs.

“That would be for the best!” Yang Kai was very satisfied with their willingness to cooperate, saving him the trouble of trying to convince them to help him. These people were reasonable and easy to speak to, they were capable of seeing the bigger picture without it needing to be spelt out for them.

“Little brother…” Ha Li Ka stuttered, a hesitant look appearing on his face, like he wanted to say something but didn’t dare to, turning to glance at Lin Mu Feng in an attempt to find some support.

Yang Kai observed all of this carefully and immediately understood what they wanted to say, wearing a serious look as he said, “For me, treating Lady Xue’er’s condition is the foremost priority, I will not inquire about any other issues.”

Having received such a statement, all three of the branch executives were overjoyed and direct even kinder looks towards Yang Kai.

Although the three of them had managed to obtain some Profound Yin Sunflower Water, a harvest worth celebrating, the events that had transpired here on Rainfall Star this time left them in a difficult position, not knowing how they should report to the Home Star. In normal times, they would be fully capable of suppressing news of Xue Yue’s injuries but now was different. As Xue Yue’s guard, even if Yang Kai’s cultivation was low, unless he was also brain dead, how could he not make a report to the Home Star should something happen?

When that happened, the three of them would only face even more severe punishment!

With Yang Kai’s words as a guarantee though, the three of them felt far more relieved.

Yang Kai laughed and said, “I also don’t want to be punished by the Home Star, so the matter of Lady Xue’er being injured won’t be leaked for the time being. When Lady Xue’er recovers, she will decide how to proceed.”

“Many thanks, little brother!” Ha Li Ka cupped his fists gratefully.

“As for this Profound Yin Sunflower Water… For now, don’t make any arrangements for it. Lady Xue’er will take responsibility for it,” Yang Kai said again.

“Naturally, even if we had ten times the courage, we wouldn’t dare try to use this cultivation treasures at will, we will wait for Lady Xue’er to awake to deal with it,” Ha Li Ka and others nodded repeatedly, thanking Yang Kai for showing them the correct path to take.

Moreover, from the very beginning, none of them had any intention to use this Profound Yin Sunflower Water. Although refining this precious treasure would allow them to greatly improve their strength, none of them even knew how to go about it. Ha Li Ka had personally experienced the overbearing power of the Profound Yin Sunflower Water, the price for this knowledge being his arm, if they were to carelessly try to refine this treasure, rather than increasing their strength, they may end up in a similar condition to Lady Xue’er.

None of them daring to use it, however, didn’t mean obtaining it wasn’t a great merit, hence why the three of them had been gathered around the container, discussing it before Yang Kai arrived.

“Good, my requests up until now have been about our shared business, but I also have a private matter I wish to ask for your assistance with!” Yang Kai felt that the time was right and the atmosphere had been set appropriate, so he prepared to fish for some advantages of his own.

“Please speak, Little Brother!”

“Do you have any methods to quickly improve one’s strength?” Yang Kai looked at the three with anticipation.

“Enhance one’s strength?” Ha Li Ka was surprised, sweeping his eyes over Yang Kai, but soon understood and laughed, “Does little brother wants to improve his strength?”

“Yes, this time, because my strength was too low, Lady Xue’er did not allow me to accompany her to explore the Ancient Ruins. If my strength had been higher, perhaps I could have protected Lady Xue during the Profound Yin Sunflower Water crisis. If I could exchange my life for Lady Xue’er’s safety, what would it matter if I were to die?” Yang Kai said while wearing a pained a bitter look, seemingly blaming himself deeply.

Ha Li Ka and the others in the hall were all experienced masters though, so how could they not know he was just putting on a show?

However, there did seem that Lady Xue’er thought highly of this little guard, otherwise, she would not have brought him alone to Rainfall Star with her or out of concern for his safety prevent him from entering the Ancient Ruins.

After Lady Xue’er woke up, perhaps they would need to rely on him to say a few words of praise to disperse her anger.

What’s more, he was willing to not report this matter to the Home Star and even cooperate with them to conceal the truth for now.

Regardless of whether it was to curry favour or to repay him, the three executives felt that as long as Yang Kai’s requests weren’t excessive they should try to meet them, and helping a small Second-Order Saint Realm cultivator improve his strength was something they could easily accomplish.

After exchanging a few silence glances, the three executives immediately made a decision, with Ha Li Ka saying, “If you wish to quickly improve your strength, the only proper method is to cultivate diligently, this kind of thing cannot be rushed, everyone develops their strength one drop at a time, however…”

Arriving at this point, he grinned and said, “I have a method that will allow you to increase the efficiency of your cultivation.”

Yang Kai’s eyes brightened, “What method?”

The Space Ring on Ha Li Ka’s hand flashed, and a colourful, orchid-like objected appeared in his hands. This orchid was quite strange though, its blossoming petals appearing somewhat like a baby’s face, with rather clear, yet gloomy features.

“Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid?” Nearby, Lin Mu Feng and the middle-aged woman both simultaneously exclaimed in shock, as if they hadn’t expected Ha Li Ka to bring out such a treasure, directing a somewhat thought-provoking expression towards Yang Kai, seemingly feeling like he had struck it lucky.

“What is the use of this thing?” Yang Kai asked.

Ha Li Ka proudly explained, “It is an auxiliary cultivation treasure, if you take it directly, you will realize its use.”

Lin Mu Feng also added, “This kind of thing is very rare, many years ago, in order to obtain it, Old Ha had a bloody fight with many others, I never expected that he had stored it away for nearly a hundred years, I had thought he had already made use of it.”

Ha Li Ka grinned, “There was no suitable candidate, so how was I suppose to use it? This old master is already a Third Order Origin Returning Realm master, this thing can’t help improve my own strength, so I was thinking of saving it for someone from the younger generation, but on this vast Rainfall Star, no one has been able to enter this old master’s eye so far!”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and before Ha Li Ka had even finished speaking, he had accepted the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid and shoved it into his Space Ring.

From the conversation between the two, Yang Kai could already understand the preciousness of this Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid.

He then turned to stare at Lin Mu Feng eagerly.

Lin Mu Feng was just extolling Ha Li Ka’s generosity, but when his eyes met with Yang Kai’s, he couldn’t help his face from twitching slightly, scratching his head in a slightly frustrated manner as he said, “This Lin has something here that may be of help to little brother Yang.”

Yang Kai’s meaning was incredibly obvious, he clearly wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to rob all of them, so how could Lin Mu Feng feign ignorance?

Suppressing the grief he felt in his heart while wearing a calm and aloof expression, Lin Mu Feng took out a jade bottle from his Space Ring, and before he could even explain what it was, Yang Kai had snatched it from him.

Lin Mu Feng smiled bitterly and said helplessly, “This is Snow Pond Crystal Essence, a unique treasure from Ice Snow Star’s Snow Pond Forbidden Zone. Only a cut worth of it is condensed every millennium, this is all I have.”

“What is its use?” Yang Kai asked concisely while observing the jade bottle in his hand, feeling a slight coolness coming from it. Through the bottle’s walls, he could see about a fingernail-sized drop of white liquid.

“Snow Pond Crystal Essence is most useful for stabilizing your state of mind. Taking one drop will grant great benefits. Little Brother Yang, since you want to quickly improve your strength, this thing will be essential,” Lin Mu Feng explained.

Yang Kai’s eyes brightened as he grinned.

This treasure was given to him by Lin Mu Feng and Ha Li Ka’s Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid perfectly complemented one another, one could improve the efficiency of one’s cultivation while the other could help stabilize their state of mind, thus avoiding the side effects caused by rapid increases in strength. It could be said that this Snow Pond Crystal Essence was equal in value to the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid.

Yang Kai was very satisfied as he stuffed it into his Space Ring.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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