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Martial Peak Chapter 1058

Chapter 1057 - Remaining Unconscious

Chapter 1057, Remaining Unconscious

Inside the Ancient Ruins, Yang Kai stood not far from Xue Yue, staring at her silently with a complex mood.

He and this woman were supposed to be life or death enemies, but now that they were linked together by the Soul Chains, with Xue Yue’s life on the line, regardless of whether Yang Kai wanted to or not, he had to find a way to save her.

Only if Xue Yue survived could he live.

Yang Kai didn’t rush forward though, because suspended around Xue Yue were a number of jewel-like drops of liquid, each of them exuding a horrific power that caused his heart to clench. Even his Divine Sense would freeze as soon as he tried to probe these droplets.

Profound Yin Sunflower Water!

Yang Kai immediately understood that these drops of liquid were the so-called Profound Yin Sunflower Water Ha Li Ka mentioned; however, he never expected this treasure to be so strange.

Yang Kai counted quietly and discovered that there were about fifty drops of Profound Yin Sunflower Water floating in the air. There were some gaps between these individual drops, but Xue Yue was pretty much surrounded by an airtight barrier of them.

It would be very difficult to extract Xue Yue from the Profound Yin Sunflower Water around her.

Yang Kai waved his hand to create a strong wind in an attempt to push these Profound Yin Sunflower Water droplets away, but to his surprise, they remained motionless.

Each of these tiny drops seemed to weigh thousands of kilograms!

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he increased his strength, eventually managing to move the Profound Yin Sunflower Water droplets around Xue Yue, opening up a safe path to her.

Standing in front of Xue Yue, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed deeply.

He didn’t know how to move this woman out from here. The scene where one of the cultivators from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce tried to rescue his companion; yet wound up turning into an ice sculpture and dying the instant he touched them was still fresh in Yang Kai’s mind. What’s more, both those cultivators were Saint Kings yet neither had any ability to resist.

Understanding this, Yang Kai didn’t dare to touch Xue Yue’s body casually.

Circulating his strength, Yang Kai covered his hand in dark Demonic Flames and slowly brought them towards Xue Yue, hoping his strange flames could isolate him from the frigid power.

As the strange and contradictory energy fluctuations of his Demonic Flames approached Xue Yue’s body, they suddenly seemed to encounter their natural nemesis and immediately began to wane.

Yang Kai’s expression became even more dignified and he hurriedly increased the output of his Saint Qi, rousing the weakened Demonic Flames once more as he finally pressed his hand against Xue Yue’s jade white arm.

Suddenly, a fierce clash of energy broke out and the frigid cold wrapping Xue Yue’s body quickly spread towards Yang Kai, nearly freezing his Demonic Flame in an instant.

The icy strength passed through the Demonic Flame and flowed directly into Yang Kai’s arm, causing him to pale and madly push his Saint Qi to resist.

The frozen Demonic Flame roared back to life and began desperately struggling against the invading cold force.

Yang Kai shivered, for the first time ever experiencing what it was like to fully exert himself yet still being unable to resist a cold force.

As time passed, the icy strength of the Profound Yin Sunflower Water was sometimes suppressed by his Demonic Flame while at others invading into Yang Kai’s arm, a kind of stalemate temporarily being established.

Although Yang Kai’s cultivation was quite low, his Demonic Flame was the combination of two contradictory attribute energies, it’s prestige was unimaginable and as long as Yang Kai’s realm rose high enough, these Demonic Flames would be capable of incinerating anything and everything in this world.

It had immense potential!

However, at the moment, it seemed that Yang Kai’s Demonic Flame still wasn’t worthy of contending with the Profound Yin Sunflower Water. He only managed to persist for a moment before the ice-cold strength once again began overtaking him, causing his body and mind to stiffen.

Yang Kai quickly sent his consciousness into the Demon Mystic Tome and shouted, “Help me!”

He had to ask the Divine Tree for help!

The Divine Tree possessed an enormous amount of Yang Attribute Energy, Cold Attribute energy’s nemesis.

“Yes!” Divine Tree responded quickly.

The next moment, an incredible amount of Yang Attribute energy suddenly burst out from the Demon Mystic Tome, flowing along the same path as Yang Kai’s Demonic Flame to help dispel the invading chill.

The cold energy of the Profound Yin Sunflower Water was thus quickly suppressed.

Yang Kai next urged his Demonic Flame and the Yang Attribute Energy emitted by the Divine Tree to wrap up Xue Yue’s tender body.

With the two of them working together, the frost covering Xue Yue was rapidly melted and her pale complexion gradually became rosy, her cold body gradually became warm and a faint heartbeat sounded in her chest.

A smile finally appeared on Yang Kai’s face and he redoubled his efforts along with the Divine Tree.

After half an hour, the frost on Xue Yue’s body had completely disappeared and the seven coloured halo surrounding her petered out, seeming to have exhausted all its strength.

Probing her with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai found that Xue Yue’s condition was still quite strange.

Although the danger of the Profound Yin Sunflower Water had been lifted, she was still wandering the border between life and death while remaining unconscious.

Yang Kai intruded into her Knowledge Sea unceremoniously but found that it was frozen solid, like a glacial world. Xue Yue’s Soul Avatar was not present and only a faint trace of her aura lingered about. No matter how Yang Kai called, he didn’t receive any response.

Yang Kai frowned, but unable to determine what was wrong with her, he could only leave her Knowledge Sea for now.

“I have to rest for a while, I won’t be able to help you again for some time,” The Divine Tree called out before falling silent. It seemed like it had overexerted itself this time.

It was not just the Divine Tree that had consumed a massive amount of its strength, Yang Kai too had exhausted an immense amount of Saint Qi. If it weren’t for his physique being so special and him possessing nearly inexhaustible Saint Qi, he would not have been able to dispel the Profound Yin Sunflower Water’s effects from Xue Yue.

Squatting down, Yang Kai gently picked the unconscious Xue Yue up before tearing space and departing.

He didn’t pay any attention to the Profound Yin Sunflower Water floating nearby. Although each of these drops was an extremely rare and valuable treasure, Yang Kai was in no mood to collect them, nor did he know how to collect them.

Above the mine, after half a day of restoration, Ha Li Ka looked much better.

The cultivators from the Chambers of Commerce who had followed him and survived also appeared somewhat better, but all of them had lost arms or legs.

The most miserable person had actually lost both his arms!

He was a Saint King Realm cultivator, but without arms, there was no hope for him to continue pursuing the Martial Dao. As soon as he thought about this, his eyes became filled with gloomy darkness.

Everyone from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce wore sad expressions with deeply furrowed brows.

A simple exploration of an Ancient Ruin had caused such massive losses to the branch and even the woman of the Third Young Master had died. The responsibility for this matter would not be small, and as the Branch President, Ha Li Ka would inevitably be punished.

“Old Ha, let’s go back first. After we go back, we can figure out how to inform the Home Star about this,” Lin Mu Feng stepped up and helped Ha Li Ka off the ground.

Ha Li Ka responded with a dejected and weak-spirited nod.

“What about the Profound Yin Sunflower Water?” The middle-aged woman asked.

Lin Mu Feng thought for a moment before saying, “Temporarily seal off this area. After we consult with the ancient records, we can bring a team back to collect it.”

Lin Mu Feng didn’t know how they were supposed to collect the Profound Yin Sunflower Water either.

“Seems we can only do so…” The middle-aged woman sighed.

Lin Mu Feng calmly arranged things, leaving two Origin Returning Realm masters and a dozen Saint King Realm to seal off this region, finishing the post-processing in short order.

Just as the group was about to depart though, the middle-aged woman suddenly turned to stare in the direction of the mine shaft.

The next moment, everyone else turned around stared with suspicion.

A figure quickly emerged from the mine shaft. It was actually the young Second-Order Saint Realm guard from before!

He was currently carrying Lady Xue’er in his arms, his expression hazy but his body not seemingly having suffered any kind of injuries or distress.

Ha Li Ka, Lin Mu Feng, and all the others were dumbfounded by this scene.

When Yang Kai insisted on entering the mine shaft just now, all of them had firmly believed he would never return; after all, his strength was far too low. Just the barriers inside the ruins would be enough to take his life, they weren’t something a mere Saint Realm cultivator could handle.

However, reality was far different from what they had expected; not only had Yang Kai not died, he returned unharmed and even brought Lady Xue’er with him.

How did he do it? Everyone simultaneously wondered to themselves in shock.

“How is Lady Xue’er?” Ha Li Ka immediately calmed down and asked eagerly.

“She’s not dead!” Yang Kai shook his head.

Hearing these words, no matter who it was, they felt a great sense of relief in their heart.

All of them had been filled with anxiety, wondering just how Xue Yue Third Young Master would react when he learned of this matter, whether he would hold them responsible and have them punished or even executed. Now that this woman wasn’t dead though, their biggest worry had been relieved.

For a moment, eyes filled with gratitude gathered on Yang Kai.

This little guard had not only saved Xue Yue Third Young Master’s woman, but also all of them as well!

“However, she remains unconscious and I don’t know why,” Yang Kai added.

The expressions of gratitude on the three executives’ faces grew hazy again and Ha Li Ka quickly came over and swept Xue Yue’s body with his Divine Sense, his face gradually becoming solemn.

He also realized something was wrong with Xue Yue, but didn’t have any idea at the moment how to treat her.

“Let’s head back first!” Lin Mu Feng shouted, “No one is allowed to reveal anything here today, anyone who tries will be immediately executed!”

After declaring so, he turned to look at Yang Kai again, considered his words for a moment then in a rare display of politeness said, “Little brother, can you temporarily not report to the Home Star about Lady Xue’er being injured? We will try to find a method to awaken her.”

He was truly worried Yang Kai would report things here to the Home Star, and once Xue Yue learned of the situation, he would still blame them, making it impossible for them to escape punishment.

What none of them knew though was that this Lady Xue’er was Xue Yue himself.

If they did, they would likely already have been thinking of a way to flee.

Yang Kai didn’t say much and nodded slightly, “As long as she can be saved, I can conceal this matter for now!”

He also knew what the other party was worried about.

Lin Mu Feng smiled happily and cupped his fists, “Little brother is quite reasonable, many thanks, little brother.”

Ha Li Ka and the middle-aged woman also gave Yang Kai a silent but grateful look.

“Let’s go, I will call up Rainfall Star’s best Alchemists to diagnose Lady Xue’er’s condition,” Lin Mu Feng shouted to everyone before flying off in the direction of the branch.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

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