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Martial Peak Chapter 1033

Chapter 1032 - First Stop

Chapter 1032, First Stop

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Four streaks of azure light came to a stop outside the Chaotic Abyss, and looking out at the familiar scene of the Star Field, with the exception of Yang Kai who was seeing this for the first time, everyone felt exhilarated, Shen Tu even shouting out loud to express his joy.

Only after some time did everyone’s mood slowly settle.

“Where are we?” Bi Ya turned her head and looked around, knowing that they were just outside the Chaotic Abyss but unable to accurately determine their exact location.

“I recognize this place, I was captured not far from here. It’s also not far from Water Moon Star, the chamber of commerce’s main star. En, by Star Shuttle we should be able to arrive there in just over a month,” Shen Tu explained.

“Water Moon Star?” Yue Xi spoke thoughtfully, “If you say so, then I can understand our general position. Sword Union’s Sword Star is probably in that direction,” She said as she pointed to a certain spot in the Starry Sky.

“Would you like to come to Water Moon Star for a few days?” Shen Tu looked around at the crowd and extended an invitation. After the life or death crisis they had all experienced together, a sense of camaraderie had formed between the people present.

Yue Xi glanced over at Yang Kai and seemed to want to agree, but soon she wore a bitter look and shook her head, “No, after losing a Saint King Grade High-Rank Starship and hundreds of elite cultivators, I have to return to Sword Union as soon as possible make a report.”

Shen Tu directed a look containing some sympathy towards her and said, “If a day comes where you can’t remain in Sword Union, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce will welcome you. Although I don’t have much status in the chamber of commerce compared to my brothers, recommending a few people to join is still possible.”

Yang Kai’s thoughts turned quickly and soon understood that after Yue Xi returned to Sword Union she would likely face some harsh punishment; after all, the losses that had been suffered under her watch had been great, and she had even lost the all-important Star Emperor Token.

“If such a day comes, I’ll consider it…” Yue Xi replied with a forced smile.

She once again turned to Yang Kai, a complicated look appearing on her face, after a long silence saying softly, “Yang Kai, thank you. Thank you for bringing us Master and Disciples out from that prison and for returning to save us from The Void.”

Hesitating again, she whispered, “Also… I’m sorry!”

Saying so, she bowed her head and sincerely apologized for all the unpleasantness that had transpired between them.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, accepting her apology.

“We three will take our leave first then,” Yue Xi said before turning in the direction of Sword Star and flying off.

“Yang Kai, you take care. I hope we can meet again someday!” He Miao continually waved to Yang Kai, clearly somewhat reluctant to part.

“Take care,” He Zao nodded.

“You as well!” Yang Kai smiled and waved, watching their three figures gradually drift away and disappear into the vast Starry Sky.

“They may not have, but you’ll accept my invitation, right Brother Yang?” Shen Tu asked Yang Kai.

“Why not? I’m new to the Star Field in any case, I don’t have anywhere in particular I’d like to go yet, nor do I have place to stay,” Yang Kai grinned, “Coming with you to Water Moon Star sounds like as good a plan as any.”

“Then I must thank Brother Yang in advance. If I really had to fly back to Water Moon Star all alone, I’d probably die somewhere along the road,” Shen Tu said happily, “Let’s get going.”

“Wait a moment,” Yang Kai said, turning his head to look at Bi Ya and lightly saying, “You should also leave.”

“Where should I go?” Bi Ya asked with surprise.

“I don’t know, go wherever you want to go. You don’t want to follow me in any case.”

Bi Ya’s beautiful eyes lit up as she stared at Yang Kai in shock, “You mean… I’m free?”

“I told you back on that strange continent. After we leave, you and I would part ways, I don’t have any intention of restricting your freedom.”

“Then why did you…” Bi Ya looked at Yang Kai in confusion, not understanding why he had collected her Soul Brand to control whether she lived or died if his plan was to just let her go in the end.

“That was your punishment. You and the others are different, the two of us had many grudges before. Lu Gui Chen I could discard to die in that place, but I decided to bring you out; however, you must pay an appropriate price, your Soul Brand,” Yang Kai quickly said, “I’ll keep this brand with me to ensure you don’t reveal any of my secrets and to make certain you don’t plot against me in the future. Who knows, a couple hundred years later, if I feel generous, I might return it to you.”

Bi Ya looked especially bitter as she stared at Yang Kai faintly, biting her red lips, “What if you accidentally die?”

“You best pray that I don’t, that my longevity rivals that of the Heavens themselves!” Yang Kai said to her with complete seriousness.

Bi Ya couldn’t help smiling at this, “Your appetite is too big… Forget it, in any case, I’m lucky enough to be able to escape from that place alive, if you need to keep my Soul Brand then keep it! However, I don’t really have any place to go now. I don’t dare return to Purple Star… after so many people died, if I return alone, I’ll definitely be questioned. En, Young Master Shen Tu, could you introduce me to your Chamber of Commerce? Although I’m currently just a Third-Order Saint, after living on that continent for so long and receiving its blessings, I feel that I am soon going to break through to the Saint King Realm. With such a cultivation, it won’t be a loss for you to recruit me.”

Shen Tu thought about it for a moment and nodded, “If you can break through to the Saint King Realm… our Chamber of Commerce will be happy to accept you.”

“Wonderful, then I’ll accompany you to Water Moon Star. I guarantee that after a month of retreat I will break through,” Bi Ya declared happily before winking playfully to Yang Kai, “It’s your own choice to not cherish this servant, don’t regret letting me go later.”

“Can your Chamber of Commerce accept this kind of woman?” Yang Kai stared blankly at Shen Tu.

“What’s the problem?” Shen Tu asked in confusion.

Yang Kai shook his head and said nothing. Bi Ya’s cultivation technique was obviously an evil one that harvests Yang to supplement Yin. If such a woman appeared on Tong Xuan Realm, she would definitely become a public enemy and would definitely be killed before she could mature.

There was an abundance of self-righteous defenders of justice in Tong Xuan Realm.

Bi Yaw was the type of woman these people most despised.

However, it was obvious that Shen Tu didn’t care much about it and was actually willing to introduce her to the Chamber of Commerce.

The Star Field was quite different from Tong Xuan Realm; they didn’t place a heavy emphasis on good or evil but were instead more focused on strong or weak.

“Hmph, and just what kind of woman am I?” Bi Ya asked unhappily. After confirming that Yang Kai really had no plans to restrict her freedom, she immediately relaxed and longer acted reserved towards him.

“Could you not be clear about what kind of woman you are?” Yang Kai cast her a sidelong glance.

“I’m flirtatious and fickle, and I do not try to suppress my desires. All you men act this way, why can’t women too?” Bi Ya grumbled with dissatisfaction.

(Silavin: Well… we don’t kill our partners with our desires like you do…)

“Good, let’s go. I can’t wait to return to Water Moon Star to rest,” Shen Tu cut in before pointing the way out to Yang Kai who immediately urged his Star Shuttle forward.

Along the way, Bi Ya’s carefree laughter rang out frequently, as if she was a bird that had just escaped from its cage, her face full of smiles.

Yang Kai soon discovered that the Star Shuttle she was riding was faster than his own.

This was not just because he was carrying Shen Tu with him, but rather because her Star Shuttle was of a higher grade.

This increased Yang Kai’s determination to purchase a higher grade Star Shuttle after they reached Water Moon Star, because he felt he would be spending a lot of time flying through the Starry Sky in the future and a good Star Shuttle would save him a lot of time.

Shen Tu knew the region around Water Moon Star very well so, under his guidance, the group of three people managed to avoid many dangers and quickly arrive at their destination.

One day, a giant five-coloured star appeared in front of the group of three, one that exuded a strong vitality and overflowed with rich World Energy.

Standing atop his Star Shuttle, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he understood that this was the Water Moon Star Shen Tu spoke of, the primary star of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce.

The entire star was covered in a layer of clouds and from the Star Field above one could vaguely make out various mainlands and oceans, it was even possible to see some dense groupings of buildings in various locations. Among those clusters of buildings, countless black specs few about

Naturally, these black specs were cultivators!

Yang Kai’s spirits were roused as realized he had finally reached the true Star Field.

After leaving Tong Xuan Realm, he had been wandering aimlessly, exploring vast swaths of the Starry Sky, but he hadn’t seen much worthy of note until now, nor had he come across any Cultivation Stars where other people gathered.

Water Moon Star was his first stop!

He couldn’t help feeling a little excited.

“Fly over there!” Shen Tu pointed towards a certain spot, “My palace is in that direction.”

“En,” Yang Kai followed his directions and continued flying forward.

After a short time, the group of three broke through the thick clouds and descended towards Water Moon Star.

A force of attraction came from the star that pulled the Star Shuttle towards it, but this force wasn’t too strong and Yang Kai could easily resist it.

Upon penetrating the cloud layer, the world suddenly brightened and everything on Water Moon Star became visible.

Yang Kai behaved like a country bumpkin who had just entered the city for the first time, looking every which way, appreciating the new sights and sounds.

Seeing him act like this, Bi Ya and Shen Tu exchanged a glance and couldn’t help laughing.

Both of them understood that Yang Kai had come from a lower world and had probably never experienced such a magnificent sight before.

Amidst the sky, many blue streaks of light flew back and forth; naturally, these were cultivators hurrying along with the help of their Star Shuttles.

Unlike in Tong Xuan Realm, where only Yang Kai possessed such an artifact, Star Shuttles zipping around were a common sight on Water Moon Star.

Shen Tu continued guiding them casually while allowing Yang Kai to take in the view.

Along the way, the trio passed through many majestic cities in which a myriad of races peacefully coexisted.

Yang Kai saw cultivators from the Human Race, Demon Race, Monster Race, and even the Horn Race from Great Demon God’s memories, and that was just the start. There were many other races present he couldn’t name…

All of these cultivators lived together in one place without any kind of apparent racial discrimination.

“How can a single force manage and govern multiple Cultivation Stars?” Yang Kai was puzzled. When he initially became the Holy Lord of Nine Heavens Holy Land, he had been busy all day long and managing its situation had consumed a massive amount of his time and energy, he couldn’t even imagine how difficult it would be for him if all of Tong Xuan Realm had been placed under his command.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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