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Martial Peak Chapter 1027

Chapter 1026 - We Can Leave

Chapter 1026, We Can Leave

Inside the stone room, Bi Ya wore a desolate look upon her face as she smiled bitterly.

During this time, she had served Yang Kai diligently, and although she had performed very docilely and well-behaved, not disobeying a single request made of her, she wasn’t by any means stupid or submissive. On the contrary, she was a sharp woman with keen instincts.

She had already clearly seen that when Yang Kai found a way to leave here, he would not be bringing her with him.

It was because of this that Bi Ya had brought up the subject ahead of time.

She wanted to change Yang Kai’s mind by showing her sincerity.

“If I can leave here, I will only listen to you in the future, obeying any command you may give me. I don’t want to be left here, I truly don’t… I swear that I will be loyal to you alone…” Bi Ya implored. Even a master like Gui Zu had been trapped here for two thousand years, if she was to be stranded here, dying alone of old age would certainly be her fate!

Such an ending was simply terrifying.

Yang Kai didn’t show any expression on his face and only stared at her deeply.

Bi Ya calmly met Yang Kai’s eyes, her beautiful face showing neutral look.

After a while, Yang Kai gently nodded, “When that day comes, I’ll think about it.”

Bi Ya was startled but immediately wore a wry grin, “Thank you!”

“Good, I have some things to think about. Draw back!” Yang Kai waved.

Bi Ya elegantly bowed before quickly departing, her expression even more bitter than before because she knew Yang Kai’s last words to her just now were still perfunctory, he hadn’t changed his mind at all.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed.

On this day, another person died. This time it was Lu Gui Chen’s subordinate, a Saint King Realm First Stage master.

He had been meditating on the mountainside when all of a sudden his body burst into blood fog.

The death of a second person caused all the remaining cultivators to become even more anxious, all of them quickly seeking out Yang Kai and asking him to think of a way to convince Gui Zu to show mercy. Even Yue Xi, who had always stubbornly refused to bow her head, did not hesitate to plead with Yang Kai about this matter.

Yang Kai casually accepted their request.

However, he knew persuasion was useless. The most important task he had right now was to let Gui Zu see some clear hope of escape. Only when this old monster was happy would he not kill again.

Yang Kai put aside everyone else’s worries and flew his Star Shuttle up to the seven coloured sky.

Sitting cross-legged on his Star Shuttle, Yang Kai condensed his Divine Sense into thousands of threads, attached his comprehension of the Dao of Space to them, and had them shoot out.

These threads of Divine Sense advanced at a rapid pace, leaping across space, ignoring the constraints of distance, quickly flying more than a thousand kilometres away from Yang Kai’s position.

Soon, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled.

He had released thousands of Divine Sense threads, but all of them quickly became lost inside the chaotic field, a number of them losing contact with Yang Kai entirely, never to be found again.

After an hour, Yang Kai managed to take back eighty percent of his threads, but the remaining twenty percent, he was unable to retrieve.

His face paled as his Soul received some slight damage.

Stuffing a Saint Pill formulated to supplement his Spiritual Energy into his mouth, Yang Kai began urging the power of the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus to repair his Soul.

After another hour, he once again released his Divine Sense.

Inside the belly of the mountain, within a room filled with cold darkness, Gui Zu grinned, “Little brat, do you really think this old master doesn’t know what kind of wicked scheme you’re up to? If this old master doesn’t give you a little pressure, you wouldn’t put in any real effort. I hope that after this lesson you’ll become more diligent; if not, this old master will have to start killing again… The first two times this old master showed some mercy, but next time I’ll kill someone you have friendship with; I must see if you’re really capable of ruthlessly discarding all of them.”

In Gui Zu’s eyes, Shen Tu, He Zao, and He Miao’s figures were suddenly reflected.

At the same time, these three youths all felt a chill shoot up their spine as if they were being stared at by the incarnation of death, causing them to shiver unconsciously.

Amidst the seven coloured sky, Yang Kai silently sat atop his Star Shuttle, his Divine Sense shuttling back and forth randomly throughout the chaotic field.

He could no longer realize the passing of time, all of the attention now focused on his threads of Divine Sense piercing The Void.

After repeating this process more than twenty times, each time losing roughly twenty percent of his Soul’s strength, he still hadn’t obtained any substantial results.

If it were anyone else in Yang Kai’s place, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand using such a crazy method. Even if they were significantly stronger, once their Soul took too much damage, it would leave a permanent injury that would render them disabled or demented.

However, with the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, Yang Kai could quickly repair his damaged Soul, freeing him of such worries.

At some point, Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy once again dried up and he couldn’t help revealing a look of disappointment.

Because this time too, he had failed.

Just as he was about to take back his threads of Divine Sense, he suddenly noticed a subtle change in the field in a particular location and quickly focused the threads he had control over still to investigate it.

To his surprise, when he tried to investigate this location, his Divine Sense threads easily passed through it, instantly breaking through the seven coloured sky and leaping out of the chaotic field.

From these threads of Divine Sense, Yang Kai saw countless beautiful and magnificent stars.

Each of these stars exuded a powerful energy wave, some of them extremely cold, some of them blisteringly hot, some filled with fierce howling winds while still others seemed like giant ancient trees growing amongst the Starry Sky.

“The Chaotic Abyss!” Yang Kai couldn’t help crying out in surprise, his eyes lighting up.

This was the first time any of his Divine Sense threads had broken free from this prisoner’s cage and arrived at the Chaotic Abyss.

He couldn’t help feeling ecstatic!

Being trapped here not only made Gui Zu anxious but also caused Yang Kai a great deal of anxiety. Remaining nearby an old monster like Gui Zu made him feel a constant sense of life-threatening crisis!

Now that he saw the Chaotic Abyss once again, he saw the hope of survival!

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with joy.

Forcefully calming himself down, Yang Kai once again determined that his Divine Sense threads had arrived at the Chaotic Abyss before carefully withdrawing his Divine Sense to himself.

As he recalled his Divine Sense threads, Yang Kai left behind individual wisps of Spiritual Energy along the way to serve as guideposts.

These wisps of Divine Sense, however, wouldn’t be able to persist for too long; Yang Kai estimated that in no more than one day, all of these threads would dissipate and disperse, but as long as he had these wisps to guide him, Yang Kai didn’t have to worry about becoming lost as he crossed the seven coloured sky’s chaotic field and had full confidence in leaving this place.

Soon, Yang Kai took back all the other Divine Sense threads he could and a look of hesitation appeared on his face.

He wanted to follow these guideposts immediately!

However, once he left, everyone left on this continent would definitely die, but more importantly, Yang Kai wasn’t certain he could successfully leave here before Gui Zu intercepted him.

Looking down at the black mark Gui Zu had left on his arm, Yang Kai sighed helplessly.

He stood up, putting aside all other thoughts, and flew his Star Shuttle down towards the mountain.

A short time later, Yang Kai landed and walked straight to the stone room where Gui Zu lived.

Soon, Yang Kai stood in front of the pitch-black room once more.

“Little brat, what progress have you made?” Aware of his arrival, Gui Zu asked in a deep voice from within the darkness, his pair of sharp eyes staring fixedly towards Yang Kai as if refusing to miss even the slightest change in his expression.

“We can leave!” Yang Kai replied.

Stunned by this reply, Gui Zu actually became dumbfounded for a time, after a while shouting in disbelief, “Really?”

Gui Zu’s voice was trembling slightly, highlighting his inner excitement.

“Little brat, you should know what your fate will be if you dare play games with this old master. This old master has waited far too long for this day,” Gui Zu muttered solemnly.

“I’m not playing games with you, we really can leave!” Yang Kai replied indifferently.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Gui Zu burst into wild laughter, his voice echoing like thunder, shaking the entire mountain around him.

On the plain nearby the mountain, Lu Gui Chen, Yue Xi, and all the others wore panic-stricken expressions, none of them knowing what had suddenly caused such a great reaction from Gui Zu, or if it signalled danger for them. Feeling insecure, all of them quickly gathered together, hoping to find some sense of security.

“Good, I knew you wouldn’t disappoint this old master!” Gui Zu’s figure appeared in front of Yang Kai, his hand grabbing onto Yang Kai’s arm with a vice-like grip as he cried out impatiently, “Let’s go, let’s go, I must leave this damned place!”

Because of his excitement, the strength of his grip was quite strong, nearly causing Yang Kai’s bones to crack under the pressure.

“Don’t be so anxious!” Yang Kai struggled for a bit to work his arm loose from this vice grip.

“Don’t be anxious? This old master is very anxious!” Gui Zu squinted at him, his eyes filled with malice, “What scheme are you still thinking about?”

“Senior is thinking too much, I just need to make a few things clear before we leave,” Yang Kai said faintly.

Gui Zu’s eyes flashed with a strange light, his excited expression suddenly calming down and gently nodding, “Speak, this old master will hear you out!”

Yang Kai considered his words for a moment before saying, “Although Junior is willing to believe in Senior’s character and commitment, for the sake of insurance, Junior wants to confirm once again that after we leave this place, you will not act against me!”

Gui Zu grinned evilly, “Rest assured, if you can satisfy this old master’s desire to leave, this old master will not hurt you. Leaving this damned place is this old master’s lifelong wish, after leaving I will only be grateful to you, how could I even consider attacking you?”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, quickly nodding, “I hope so, and I hope Senior can remember the oath he swore to me before.”

“Good, this old master remembers,” Gui Zu pointed to his own head, “I remember clearly! Good, can we leave now?”

Yang Kai once again shook his head.

Gui Zu’s expression sank as he grumbled impatiently, “What else do you still have to do?”

“I want to take a few people together with us.”

Gui Zu immediately knew who he wanted to take away and didn’t mind, “As long as they don’t get in the way of this old master, bring whoever you want.”

“They won’t get in your way, en, I’ll have to bother Senior to call them over.”

Gui Zu looked at him with great interest, “Who do you want to call?”

Yang Kai immediately listed a few names; Gui Zu then nodded and summoned them with his Divine Sense.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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