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Martial Peak Chapter 1023

Chapter 1022 - Fusion

Chapter 1022, Fusion

At the foot of the mountain, everyone waited and watched, each of them holding their own different thoughts.

Inside the belly of the mountain, Yang Kai felt his own power explode outward and his expression became extremely ugly!

The maximum amount of power a cultivator could have was dictated largely by their realm. A Transcendent would have the limits of the Transcendent Realm while a Saint would be limited to the power of a Saint Realm.

However, this limit didn’t apply to Yang Kai because his Secret Art was incredibly special.

While cultivating the True Yang Secret Art, once the Yang Attribute energy within his body reached a certain level of saturation, it would condense into a drop of Yang Liquid that he could store in his dantian that could be later called upon when needed.

The Unyielding Golden Skeleton also had the unique ability to accommodate an unimaginably large amount of energy.

These two power storages inside Yang Kai’s body couldn’t be compared with that of an ordinary cultivator, it could almost be said that there was no limit to the amount of Qi he could store.

But now, Yang Kai had forced open both of these storages.

The vast stores of evil energy inside the Unyielding Golden Skeleton had all of a sudden erupted out, and in order to balance its influence on his body and not become corrupted by its malevolent intent, Yang Kai had to burst drop after drop of Yang Liquid.

The evil energy and Yang Yuan Qi violently burst forth like water from a broken damn, quickly engulfing the entire mountain around Yang Kai.

The enormity of this eruption even caused Yang Kai some fear as this amount of energy was over a hundred, possibly over a thousand times what his physical body could withstand…

Yang Kai convulsed and the blood in his veins flowed rapidly. The massive eruption of force had caused his skin to crack open and golden blood to flow out, his intrepid physique healing itself, only for new wounds to be reopened, this process repeating in a seemingly endless cycle.

Yang Kai’s mood, however, was as stable as stone as he felt the two forces in his body, studying the way they flow, comprehending the laws governing them, deepening his understand of their true natures.

Time passed slowly, and more and more evil energy and Yang Yuan Qi dissipated in their fierce confrontation.

As these forces melted away, Yang Kai became more and more aware of their natures.

His Divine Sense was fully spread out, examining every detail of the changes he was undergoing. Yang Kai had never imagined that under such distressing circumstances, he would be able to witness such astonishing transformations in his own strength.

These two strengths seemed to possess a life of their own and were constantly whispering their secrets into Yang Kai’s ears. It was as if he was watching an endless ebb and flow filled with profound mysteries.

Yang Kai’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, his confidence growing stronger with each passing moment.

He didn’t pay any attention to the collision of his own strength and instead immersed himself completely in this ethereal state, leaving himself in the middle of the two forces’ confrontation, focusing his attention on the changes in the evil energy and Yang Yuan Qi.

It was as if he was an outsider, observing everything silently from the sidelines.

After a long time, he suddenly felt something marvellous.

At that moment, it was as if he had fully comprehended the nature and meaning of his own strength.

His expression trembling, Yang Kai began circulating his Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, using it as a type of guide for his Yang Yuan Qi and evil energy that had escaped his body to return to him once more.

Hundreds of millions of his pores opened and Yang Kai’s body became like a bottomless pit, easily swallowing up the two forces which had previously burst out.

As these two forces returned to his body, they followed the path Yang Kai guided them on, no longer clashing with one another, but instead beginning to fuse together, resulting in miraculous changes.

Feeling these incredible changes, Yang Kai’s face filled with joy and he put forth even more effort to merge his strength together.

At the foot of the mountain, everyone was whispering amongst themselves, discussing whether Yang Kai’s end would be life or death, when suddenly, He Miao exclaimed, “Something’s happening.”

Even without her reminder, everyone present was aware that the atmosphere had changed, causing all of them to turn their eyes towards the mountain peak.

When the scene before them appeared in their eyes, everyone was dumbfounded.

Prior to this, the whole mountain had been divided into two zones, one filled with golden light and blistering heat, the other blanketed in profound darkness and malevolent chill.

But now, everyone could faintly feel that these two forces were slowly blending together, as if they were being attracted to one another, each of them no longer seeking the annihilate the other.

“He actually succeeded?” Gui Zu’s expression became strange as he released his Divine Sense towards the mountain, a moment later curling his lips into a sharp grin as he snorted lightly, “This little brat…”

Obviously, Yang Kai had fully comprehended the nature of his own strength and found the correct method forward. As long as this process continued, he would be able to turn the casually made joke of Gui Zu into reality and perfectly fuse together two opposite attribute forces.

Gui Zu found that even now he had still been underestimating Yang Kai’s ability, a hint of admiration and envy appearing in his gaze.

Before, he had only made an irresponsible comment to Yang Kai about this possibility, figuring he could work towards this direction in the future, possibly spending the next several hundred years to accomplish it.

The premise being he could live that long of course.

Gui Zu had never thought Yang Kai would be able to achieve this astonishing feat so quickly.

This kind of transformation couldn’t be achieved in one shot, it was likely this boy’s understanding of his own strength had reached a great height beforehand and Gui Zu’s joke had simply served as the impetuous to awaken him to this possibility. Even if Gui Zu had not said anything to him, as long as he had the right opportunity in the future, Yang Kai would likely have been able to achieve this on his own.

Realizing this, Gui Zu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He had inadvertently helped Yang Kai achieve a massive growth in strength.

“Senior, is Yang Kai all right?” Shen Tu raised his head to the sky and asked.

“How would this old master know? Hmph!” Gui Zu grumbled unhappily, waving his sleeve before disappearing.

“That’s good,” Shen Tu took note of the meaning behind these words and smiled happily, his heart finally relaxing.

A short time later, the scenery around the mountain underwent a dramatic change. The golden light and pitch-black darkness merged together into one whole, making it look like the entire peak was on fire, but this fire was actually jet black, a Demonic Flame!

This bizarre Demonic Flame seemed capable of incinerating everything in the world, inherently irresistible.

Just looking at it made one feel uncomfortable, as if their soul was being drawn in by this Demonic Flame and was suffering from an infernal burning, making it forever impossible for them to reincarnate. Not only did it contain the aura of True Yang Yuan Qi, resistant to all evil and malevolence, it was also filled with a bloodthirsty and brutal aura that stimulated the innermost evils one hid in the depths of their heart. These contradictory auras made it nearly impossible for anyone to think of a way to defend themselves against it.

Everyone quickly put aside their gaze, not daring to pry into this Demonic Flame’s mysteries.

“It looks like he really has soared into the sky…” Bi Ya’s eyes flashed with a strange light, secretly feeling she should change her attitude towards Yang Kai once more and treat him with full devotion and sincerity.

Before now, she had compromised for her immediate benefit, not even hesitating to treat herself as a slave to attend to Yang Kai all because she was afraid he would try to make trouble for her. It was only because of this point that she had humiliated herself so.

She had never felt that there was anything good about Yang Kai; rather, she felt that Yang Kai could only be unscrupulous on this continent because of Gui Zu’s favour, and that without it, he was nothing.

This kind of bullying the weak by taking advantage of the strong was quite repugnant to her.

Therefore, although she had truly done her best to serve him during this time, and had fulfilled every request Yang Kai made of her, she had never once respected him and instead had been looking down on him.

But now, she didn’t dare have such thoughts.

The young man in front of her now really had his own unique strength, a great potential that would sooner or later have all the big forces in the Star Field scrambling to win him over. Just give him enough time, and he would surely become an astonishing master.

He would hold a high post and become an overlord who ruled over a vast territory. Maintaining a good relationship was a wise course of action.

Bi Ya’s beautiful eyes took on a dazzling glow as her pretty face blossomed radiantly. Secretly glancing over towards them, she found that Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi also had dignified expressions now, none of their previous contempt for Yang Kai apparent on their faces.

She knew that these two people had finally realized the potential of Yang Kai and were now reconsidering how to approach him.

Disdainfully curling her lips, Bi Ya couldn’t help feeling a subtle sense of superiority, because she had the advantage of distance over these two. She was the one closest to Yang Kai right now as his servant, this sense of superiority made her feel both shame and inexplicable excitement. Licking her thin red lips, she felt a heat rise in her tender body.

Realizing there wasn’t any risk to Yang Kai’s life, Shen Tu immediately stopped paying attention to the movements around the mountain and went back to his own business.

Over on the Sword Union side, the remaining five cultivators all gathered together. Yue Xi frowned deeply and tried to say something, pausing awkwardly for a moment before coughing, “Ignore your Master’s previous words, from now on, you two sisters should stick close to him. En, if he is willing to join Sword Union, it would be best, if not though, don’t push the matter.”

He Zao and He Miao exchanged a bright-eyed glance before quickly nodding, “Yes, Master!”

He Miao continued, “Actually, he’s not so bad, it’s just that he spends a lot of time with that slut Bi Ya. It’s simply shameful!”

Yue Xi stared at her and quickly followed up, “Making friends with him is alright, but make sure to keep a safe distance so he doesn’t take advantage of you.”

“En, I know, Master!” He Miao nodded repeatedly.

Inside the belly of the mountain, within his stone room, Yang Kai continued to circulate the Joyous Unification Art, guiding the two forces to fuse together.

Initially, the process was not very smooth, and some conflicts arose between the two forces as they fused together inside his body, but no major harm was done.

As time passed, Yang Kai found that everything became easier, and even the minor obstructions had disappeared.

The evil energy from his Unyielding Golden Skeleton, and the energy contained in the Yang Liquid in his dantian, with the exception of the part which had mutually destroyed at the beginning, all returned without any waste.

Yang Kai clearly felt that he was quickly becoming more powerful.

The power now contained within his body was incomparable to before, making him ecstatic.

What Gui Zu had said was right. After the two forces fused together, his own strength had really undergone an earth-shaking change, one he could clearly feel and perceive.

Having tasted the sweet benefits of this fusion, Yang Kai began circulating his Joyous Unification Art even more rapidly.

The entire mountain suddenly became like an invisible vortex, swirling rapidly, pulling a vast amount of World Energy towards it.

Under the influence of this vortex, the stream of spirit liquid that ran through the stone chambers vaporized into the purest of energy and poured into Yang Kai’s body where it was completely absorbed.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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