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Martial Peak Chapter 1021

Chapter 1020 - Attempt

Chapter 1020, Attempt

“Where did you get these things?” Gui Zu asked again.

Yang Kai answered honestly.

These two pitch-black round stones were obtained by him in different places through various coincidences and opportunities. As for the Blood Essence Stone, he had snatched it from someone else in Tong Xuan Realm.

Yang Kai only understood the role and use of the Blood Essence Stone and had even used it a number of times, but to this day, he still didn’t know what the two pitch-black round stones were.

“Senior, do you recognize these two strange stones?” Yang Kai observed Gui Zu’s reactions and asked with some trepidation.

Gui Zu’s eyes flickered as he stared deeply at the two pitch-black round stones, seeming to trace the complex lines on their surface with his gaze while listening to the faint murmurs coming from inside them, a little while nodding his head, “It seems you don’t know what these things are…”

“I hope Senior can dispel this Junior’s doubts!” Yang Kai sincerely asked.

Gui Zu grinned before tossing the Blood Essence Stone and the two pitch-black round stones back into the Demon Mystic Tome then handed it back to Yang Kai, commenting mysteriously, “Raise them well. One day you will understand, en, these things require a lot of mineral essence. If you can’t find any rare ores to feed them, artifacts will also work.”

After leaving this sentence, without another word, Gui Zu disappeared.

Yang Kai remained alone in the sky, more confused than ever.

Gui Zu was obviously not willing to tell Yang Kai what he knew, making Yang Kai quite depressed.

However, Gui Zu’s words alone were quite intriguing. He had said to ‘raise them well’ when referring to the two pitch-black round stones. How was he supposed to raise two stones though? It’s not like they were living things.

Not understanding, and with too much else to worry about right now, Yang Kai just told the Divine Tree to continue monitoring the pitch-black round stones carefully before returning the Demon Mystic Tome to his body.

Landing back on the flat region of the central mountain, Yang Kai noticed a menacing and ferocious pair of eyes staring towards him, as if the owner wished they could swallow him whole. Obviously, it was from Yue Xi!

Her strength had long been restored; after all, Gui Zu had no interest in restraining her indefinitely. These days, she had not moved her gaze from the mountainside, her beautiful and noble looks entirely destroyed by now, her hair a mess and her eyes bloodshot as they stared towards Yang Kai, revealing an unfathomable hatred and rage.

It seemed like she couldn’t wait to peel his skin, eat his flesh, and drink his blood.

Although she had learned everything from He Zao and He Miao, and was aware that Yang Kai had not done anything other than tossing them into a stone room and ignoring them, all as a way to punish her for her previous actions, Yue Xi was still somewhat unable to accept this, feeling that Yang Kai was nothing but a rampant, sinister, and disrespectful junior.

She regarded everything she had experienced to be a great shame and made no attempt to conceal her anger about it.

Right now, everyone trapped in here had to bow their head to a higher power. Therefore, she didn’t dare make any rash actions and was only able to vent her dissatisfaction and anger by glaring murderously towards this boy.

Yang Kai pretended to not even see her, walking right past her and disappearing into the mountainside.

Yue Xi closed her beautiful eyes and took a deep breath to calm her mood.

“This boy thinks that under Gui Zu’s asylum he’s perfectly safe, but he fails to realize he’s already dead,” Lu Gui Chen suddenly appeared beside Yue Xi and sneered, “Once Gui Zu can get out of here, he will definitely not let him off. Death will be all that waits for him!”

“Why bother telling me this?” Yue Xi opened her eyes and shot a cold look towards Lu Gui Chen.

“Don’t you hate him? He killed your disciple, then took your other two female disciples into that cave. What they suffered, I think you know better than me. He humiliated you, so how could you not hate him? Don’t you want to kill him with your own hands?”

“That’s my business, it has nothing to do with you!” Yue Xi snorted.

Lu Gui Chen grinned, “Of course it’s related to me, I want his life too.”

“Really, a few days ago you were happy enough to wag your tail for him weren’t you?”

Lu Gui Chen wore an embarrassed look as he scratched his nose, “The situation compelled me to act so, do you think I enjoy bowing down to this kind of person? If not for Gui Zu’s protection, I could kill him any time I like!”

“Lu Gui Chen, I’ll ask you a question, you answer honestly!” Yue Xi suddenly looked at him seriously.


“My disciple Wei Wu… Did he make contact with your Purple Star before this incident? What benefits did you promise him to not make him hesitate to betray my and betray Sword Union!” Yue Xi shouted grimly.

Lu Gui Chen eyes narrowed ever so slightly before he let out a laugh, “What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“You know exactly what I mean! This account, I will settle with your sooner or later. In addition, if you want the life of that Junior, kill him yourself, don’t think that by irritating me I will do your work for you. I’m not that stupid,” Yue Xi spat before turning and walking away, unwilling to even remain in Lu Gui Chen’s presence.

Gazing at her back, Lu Gui Chen’s expression became gloomy.

He hadn’t expected Yue Xi to swallow her anger at this point. According to common sense, after her two female disciples were carried off by Yang Kai then humiliated, Yue Xi should have lost all inhibitions and desperately rushed inside to kill him. Lu Gui Chen didn’t understand how Yue Xi was able to maintain her calm even now.

Inside the mountain’s stone rooms, Yang Kai sat watching the stream of spirit liquid flow by, lost in contemplation.

Gui Zu’s words today had awoken him to a possibility he had never even considered before.

Could the two opposite forces inside his body really be fused together?

He cultivated the True Yang Secret Art, filling his body with True Yang Saint Qi, but the energy inside the Unyielding Golden Skeleton was full of evil power.

Every time Yang Kai fought, he was only able to use one of these forces while giving up the other temporarily.

He had always thought that the purpose of cultivating True Yang Saint Qi was to suppress the evil power inside his Unyielding Golden Skeleton, but now that he carefully thought about it, that shouldn’t be the case.

Because even after using his Demon God Transformation, allowing the evil energy to flood his body, Yang Kai didn’t lose his humanity or his ability to reason and become a demon that could not recognize his own parents.

He had never even contemplated fusing together these two opposite attribute forces and could hardly even imagine what their fusion might look like.

Therefore, he was a bit lost at the moment.

However, since Gui Zu had bothered mentioning this, there was no doubt some truth to it; for now, Yang Kai chose to believe him!

After pondering the issue for a long time, he made his decision.

Rousing his spirits, he prepared to make an attempt.

Calming him breathing, Yang Kai had the True Yang Saint Qi flowing through his meridians return to his dantian.

A moment later, his physique had been completely emptied of power, making him feel a little uncomfortable.

This feeling of losing all strength, he had experienced several times before, but each of those times was due to overconsumption. This was the first time he had dispersed his power of his own free will.

Next, he carefully pulled a wisp of True Yang Saint Qi from his dantian into his meridians.

He simultaneously pulled a wisp of evil energy from the Unyielding Golden Skeleton and brought it to the same location.

When the two opposite attribute energies encountered one another, Yang Kai’s body shivered, and a look of pain filled his face. He could feel the fierce conflict between these two forces taking place inside his meridians. It was like a life or death battle between two cultivators who shared an unforgivable blood enmity, the conflict putting great strain on his physique, causing his meridians to bulge and contort while faint sounds of explosions resounded.

The True Yang Saint Qi and the evil energy were destroying one another.

Yang Kai let out a snort, his expression becoming incomparably ugly.

A short while later, nothing remained, the two energies wisps having suffered mutual annihilation.

The first attempt ended in failure!

Yang Kai frowned, this was the first time he had tried to accommodate both forces in his meridians at once, giving him an uncomfortable and indelible memory.

The evil power and his True Yang Saint Qi could coexist in his body because they were stored in different places, never interacting. Wanting to fuse them together would really prove difficult.

“Yang Kai, are you all right?” He Zao’s voice called out; she had seemingly been alarmed because of the disturbance here.

“I’m fine,” Yang Kai looked up and saw the He Zao, He Miao sisters standing outside his stone room, staring towards him, both of them appearing somewhat hesitant. Noticing this, Yang Kai expression changed and he asked, “Do you need something from me?”

“We want to exit to accompany Master… It’s been more than half a month since then, she must be very worried about our situation. Also, you’ve calmed down as well, right?” He Zao pursed her lips, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

“Didn’t you already send her a message?” Yang Kai chuckled, “What is there for her to worry about?”

“You knew?” He Zao was stunned.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know?” Yang Kai looked at them and laughed, pausing for a moment before nodding, “Go, tell your master what I told you: If she dares bear a grudge against me while biding her time to seek revenge, I will not let her off!”

He Zao nodded and frowned, “I will urge her, but can’t you also leave a little leeway? Master is a bit set in her…”

Yang Kai closed his eyes before she could finish, causing He Zao and He Miao to exchange a helpless glance, shaking their heads as they turned away.

After they left, Bi Ya appeared, looking towards their fading backs, letting out a light snort before turning a curious glance towards Yang Kai.

“Come in!” Yang Kai beckoned to her.

Bi Ya immediately wore a pleasant smile and gracefully stepped inside, arriving in front of Yang Kai a moment later, her tender body exuding an invisible aura that made her appear more radiant and attractive.

“What is Master’s command?”

“I have a question for you. Have you ever met a cultivator who achieved mastery over two entirely different types of strength and was able to perfectly fuse them together?” Yang Kai asked her.

“Two entirely different forces?” Bi Ya was amazed.

“Like fire and water, life and death, light and dark…”

“How could that be possible? Mastering any single attribute is a complicated and strenuous process. Even great masters may spend their entire lives trying but fail to fully comprehend the mysteries of their own strength. Wanting to then fuse two opposite strengths like water and fire, attributes that innately repel one another, is not very realistic,” Bi Ya smiled tenderly, not knowing why Yang Kai would suddenly ask such an esoteric question, “However, if someone could really fully master both the Water and Fire Attributes, perhaps they could achieve such a feat, but despite your slave having lived so long, she has never encountered such an astonishing person.”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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