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Martial Peak Chapter 1010

Chapter 1009 - This Old Master Means What He Says

Chapter 1009, This Old Master Means What He Says

The Yue Xi master and disciple trio all stared towards the angry face they saw in the Soul Mirror with expression of confusion.

Because just as He Miao said, Yang Kai’s strength had been sealed by Lu Gui Chen, something he couldn’t possibly remove with his strength and means. On the entire Floating Continent, there were only two people capable of breaking this seal.

One was Yue Xi, whose strength was comparable to Lu Gui Chen, and the other was the mysterious old man.

Although the mysterious old man’s strength was exceedingly high, his behaviour was eccentric and likely wouldn’t offer his help for such a trivial matter. Similarly, Yue Xi had not helped Yang Kai break this seal.

Then how did he recover his strength?

And even if he managed to restore his strength to its peak state, he would still be just a First-Order Saint. How could he be Wei Wu, a Third Order Saint’s opponent?

“No matter what, Wei Wu was definitely harmed by this boy!” Yue Xi pretty face filled with anger, “Daring to kill my Sword Union’s person, I’ll make him pay the price!”

“Master, we need to verify the truth of this matter first,” He Zao quickly persuaded.

Yue Xi turned her eyes towards He Zao and lightly said, “I know that he has a grace to both of you and your sisters, and there have been some misunderstandings between us, but this boy is too strange. You don’t need to interfere in this matter, I will handle it myself. “

Recognizing the determination in her Master’s voice, He Zao and He Miao both wore bitter expressions.

Neither of them had much affection for Wei Wu despite the fact that he was their Senior Brother. The two of them even thought he was quite repugnant, so even if he died, they didn’t care much.

However, if Yang Kai was involved in this somehow and brought trouble upon him as a result, they had to be worried. Unfortunately, neither of them could think of a way to handle this situation, causing them to let out a sigh.

Inside the cave. Yang Kai was died red all over, his appearance truly horrifying to see. He stood in the same place, adjusted his state, and converged his malevolent aura while rejoicing in the thrill of restoring his strength.

Recovering the use of his strength gave him the illusion of being reborn.

An ache transmitted to him from the wound on his neck as his flesh seemed to squirm, but under the powerful restorative strength of the Demon God Golden Blood, this wound quickly healed.

With a single wipe, Yang Kai cleaned away the blood from his neck, leaving behind his unblemished skin, as if he had never been wounded in the first place.

Just as he stared down at the body of Wei Wu and was preparing to burn it to ash, wicked laughter suddenly echoed from his side.

Yang Kai’s face went pale as he quickly turned around to see the figure of a man standing quietly in the darkness beside him.

The glowing stone that Wei Wu had held before had fallen at the foot of this figure, clearly illuminating his face.

Seeing this face, the strength Yang Kai had just unconsciously gathered was instantly dispersed, his expression becoming extremely dignified as his heart filled with bitterness.

Facing this person, he couldn’t even muster the will to resist.

Because the one who stood before him was none other than the mysterious old man who originally lived on this continent!

This old man could easily suppress Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi, so he was at least a master at the Origin Returning Realm; Yang Kai, as a First Order Saint, was no different from an ant in front of him.

“Senior…” Yang Kai frowned and began to speak.

Yang Kai didn’t know when this old man arrived, it was almost as if he had been standing here the whole time. He was like a ghost, a gloomy aura pulsing from his body that caused those around him to feel uncomfortable, filling the entire cave with a thick Yin Qi.

“Cruel and merciless, good good!” The old man smirked, his eyes flashing a hint of appreciation as he stared at Yang Kai with great interest, “With only a First-Order Saint Realm cultivation, you can easily kill a Third Order Saint in a frontal fight. Were you borrowing some kind of external force?”

Listening to him ask this, Yang Kai suddenly realized that he had not seen the full conflict between him and Wei Wu, otherwise there would have been no reason to ask in the first place.

“Yes!” Yang Kai gently nodded, not intending to hide it.

“Little brat, it seems you’ve had many interesting fortuitous encounters. No wonder you were to reach such a cultivation at such a young age,” The old man swept his eyes over Yang Kai and nodded with satisfaction, “Good, truly good, a physique far stronger than what one in your cultivation realm should posses, almost equivalent to that of a Saint King Realm master. On top of that, there are two or three different attributes of strength inside your body, yet they are actually able to coexist perfectly.”

The old man calmly and easily exposed Yang Kai’s secrets, his eyes seemingly able to penetrate through everything and identify everything Yang Kai was trying to hide.

Yang Kai shuddered and couldn’t help going a bit pale.

The old man suddenly grinned, revealing his white fang-like teeth, “Rest assured, I have no interest in your things, none of them will have any effect on this old master, but…”

As soon as the conversation reached this point, the old man’s expression became gloomy, “Didn’t this old master make himself clear before? No one may stir up trouble here, in my site, all of your pitiful lives belong to me, whoever dares deprive me of them will pay the price!”

“He was the one who acted first!” Yang Kai argued.

“I don’t care who moved first!” The old man coldly snorted, a jet black evil energy filled with a violent and cruel aura suddenly emerged from his body and shot towards Yang Kai, swiftly engulfing him.

In that instant, Yang Kai was completely shrouded by this evil energy, his whole being felt like it had been plunged into an abyssal darkness.

A desperate aura spread out from him.

Yang Kai’s whole body trembled and felt as if it was being gnawed at by this darkness, like it was consuming his body and draining his strength.

Tightly gritting his teeth, refusing to utter a word, Yang Kai desperately resisted this black mist.

The old man’s strange laughter rang in his ear, “Ten breaths! If you can survive the ten breaths, I’ll spare your life! Otherwise, I’ll reduce you to a corpse!”

Once this voice reached his ear, Yang Kai’s spirit rose as he could once again see hope.

With the conditions having been laid out, Yang Kai quickly mobilized his own strength to resist the evil energy that was invading his body.

Time passed by slowly, and as he quietly watched Yang Kai, the old man’s eyes grew somewhat brighter as some surprise appeared on his face.

He hadn’t thought that not only was Yang Kai’s physique out of the ordinary, but so too was his mental strengths.

Even masters like Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi, once invaded by these spectres, may not have been able to resist for ten breaths of time. There was a good chance they would lose consciousness and be driven mad by the rich evil aura they gave off. Subsequently, their flesh and blood bodies would be eaten away by the specters until nothing of them remained.

However, this young man, who was only a First-Order Saint, had stubbornly been resisting, focusing on keeping his consciousness clear, refusing to be corrupted by any external forces.

After the tenth breath, the old man waved his hand and the spectres that had invaded Yang Kai’s body retreated, flying back into the old man shadow and disappearing.

Yang Kai collapsed to the ground like a pile of mud, covered in sweat, his face completely pale, but still staring towards the old man with a firm look and haltingly said, “I hope Senior will not go back on his word!”

The old man was startled for a moment before suddenly letting out a burst of creepy laughter than echoed throughout the cave.

“Little brat, although the Yang Attribute energy in your body makes this old master very disgusted, the other strength you possess is very much to my taste. Heh heh, it looks like you’ve also explored the same path as this old master quite thoroughly. En, good, since you were able to survive, you may live. This old master means what he says.”

Yang Kai exhaled a heavy breath.

“You refined a pill to break the seal placed on you?” The old man suddenly asked, seemingly without reason.

“Yes!” Yang Kai sat down on the floor cross-legged, took out a pill, and popped it into his mouth to start restoring himself.

“What grade of pill can you refine?” The old man seemed to become somewhat interested in this.

“With my current strength, Saint King Grade Low-Rank pills are my limit.”

“Evidently you not only possess great talent in the Martial Dao, but also have a high degree of accomplishment in Alchemy,” The old man wore a genuinely impressed look, but soon snickered, “But little brat, diverting your attention to two paths will limit your future achievements in both, either concentrate on the Martial Dao or concentrate on the Alchemy Way; otherwise you’ll deeply regret it when you fall short of the peak of both in the future.”

“Many thanks for Senior’s guidance; I only study Alchemy as an auxiliary to my pursuit of the Martial Dao.”

“Your future matters not to this old master, this old master was just speaking randomly, but enough of that. Come with this old master!” Saying so, the old man waved his sleeve and a film-like force wrapped up Yang Kai.

The next moment, Yang Kai felt himself moving as swift as the wind.

Such speed was far faster than his Star Shuttle was capable of, causing Yang Kai to go pale one more, really wondering just how profound this mysterious old man’s cultivation was.

A moment later, the old man suddenly came to a stop, threw Yang Kai down, and said, “Wait here, don’t go running off!”

Yang Kai looked around and saw that this place was actually the mountaintop where the old man lived.

There was a large flat land on this mountaintop and in the middle of it were many intricately arranged rows of Saint Crystals, forming some kind of complex Spirit Array.

In the very centre of this Spirit Array was a metal door, its frame and base inlaid with many extremely high-grade Saint Crystals.

The entire mountainside was filled with rich World Energy, condensed into a kind of fog, making the place appear like a fairyland.

The incredibly gloomy old man and the beautiful scenery here seemed completely mismatched.

Yang Kai remained silent and stood in place while carefully observing his surroundings.

He didn’t know what the old man brought him here for, but facing such a powerful and eccentric master, Yang Kai didn’t dare make any unnecessary moves, lest he inadvertently create some kind of misunderstanding.

The old man busied himself adjusting this complex spirit Array, adjusting the position of the Saint Crystals and its overall layout from time to time.

After waiting for a while, azure lights began flying over from all directions.

Natural these lights were the Purple Star and Sword Union cultivators using their Star Shuttles to approach this place.

Everyone had seemingly reached some kind of tacit agreement and gathered at this flat ground atop this mountain, each of them setting down the big bags they were carrying while assembling into various groups, whispering amongst themselves.

They had all apparently come here because of the old man’s summons, but from the vacant and distressed looks on their faces, it was obviously they didn’t know why the old man had called for them.

Soon after, the three figures of Yue Xi, He Zao, and He Maio appeared.

When Yue Xi arrived, her pair of sharp eyes glanced around and instantly settled on Yang Kai, her pretty face filling with anger as she quickly walked towards him.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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