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Martial Peak Chapter 1001

Chapter 1000 - Why Does He Seem Angry

Chapter 1000, Why Does He Seem Angry

Yue Xi of Sword Union was a middle-aged beauty with an abundant set of peaks, graceful waist, and shapely, slender legs. The white dress she wore complimented her looks perfectly and was adorned with the unique sword-shaped symbol of Sword Union atop her right chest. From top to bottom, her tender exuded a mature and dignified temperament.

The two sisters, He Zao and He Miao, led Yang Kai over to her and greeted her respectfully.

Yue Xi’s face still looked pale, and her white robes were stained red in many places. Hearing the two sisters call out to her, she simply nodded lightly before turning a suspicious look towards Yang Kai and asking with some slight vigilance, “What did you lead this Purple Star person over for?”

She had never met Yang Kai, so naturally, she assumed that Yang Kai was a cultivator from Purple Star’s side.

“Master, he’s not a disciple of Purple Star,” He Miao stepped up and held Yue Xi’s arm before pointing back at Yang Kai with a smile, “He was the one who gave Elder Sister and me those Crystal Stones and Pills inside the Chaotic Abyss. He’s called Yang Kai.”

“Him?” Yue Xi’s delicate brow rose slightly, seemingly somewhat surprised.

When she found He Zao and He Miao inside the Chaotic Abyss, she had heard the two sisters mention the bitter experience they had been through and she knew that if Yang Kai had not provided them with some restorative resources, the two sisters would have been too weak to carry on.

However, she still had some doubts about Yang Kai’s origins.

How could a little First-Order Saint run out to the Chaotic Abyss for no reason at all? Did he really have such boldness and skill?

Thinking so in her heart, Yue Xi didn’t show anything on her face, instead just saying lightly, “Young man, thank you for the care you showed my two disciples.”

“Senior is too polite,” Yang Kai nodded faintly, “It was just a little effort.”

“En. Before, you gave He Zao and He Miao some help in their time of need, so I’ll send you a thousand pieces of Saint Crystal as a thank you,” Yue Xi said so before motioning to a nearby Sword Union cultivator. When this cultivator came over and looked over Yang Kai, he couldn’t help asking, “Friend, where is your Space Ring?”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before he shook his head, “I don’t have such a thing.”

The cultivator turned to Yue Xi somewhat awkwardly. If Yang Kai didn’t have a Space Ring, he couldn’t hand over a thousand pieces of Saint Crystal.

Yue Xi frowned and said, “Give him your Space Ring, it’s nothing expensive in any case.”

“Yes,” The cultivator nodded reluctantly before he began taking out all of his belongings from his Space Ring and handing them over to one of his companions. After a while, he took the Space Ring off his hand and passed it to Yang Kai, “There are exactly one thousand pieces of Saint Crystal left inside, you can count it yourself.”

“I didn’t come here to ask for a reward,” Yang Kai said with a strange look.

He somehow sensed that this Yue Xi was eager to send him away, as if she was afraid of him sticking around.

He didn’t know why this was.

“What do you want?” Yue Xi frowned, her face showing a slightly disgruntled look.

The cultivator that handed over the Space Ring also grinned and encouraged, “Friend, a thousand pieces of Saint Crystal isn’t a small amount, I’m also delivering you a storage artifact, shouldn’t you be content?”

“I said I didn’t come here seeking payment,” Yang Kai also frowned, suddenly realizing that the other party seemed to think he was up to some kind of scheme and was using this favour as an excuse to get close.

This made him very upset.

“Master, it’s like this,” He Zao walked up and said, “Lu Gui Chen placed a seal on him so he currently can’t use his strength. We brought him here to ask for your help removing this seal.”

“You’re not able to use your strength?” Yue Xi looked at Yang Kai with surprise, using her Divine Sense in the next instant to confirm what He Zao had said and nodding, “I’ll have a look.”

Saying so, she stretched out her hand towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t move. Although the other person had some misunderstandings about him that made him a little unhappy, right now, lifting the seal on his strength was more important.

For this reason, he was willing to cooperate.

Yue Xi’s finger pointed towards Yang Kai’s forehead and a stream of energy flowed from its tip into him.

He didn’t know what, but Yang Kai suddenly felt a comfortable sensation. Everywhere this stream of energy passed became relaxed and his spirit also couldn’t help becoming calm.

The next moment, Yang Kai’s expression changed greatly, as if he had been struck by lightning, his body trembling as he hurriedly retreated several steps to avoid Yue Xi’s finger while directing a gloomy look towards her.

This woman… while sending her strength into him a moment ago was secretly trying to use her Divine Sense to break into his Knowledge Sea.

If he hadn’t responded quickly enough, his Knowledge Sea’s defences would have been breached and Yang Kai estimated that all the secrets in his Knowledge Sea would have been exposed to her.

Inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, there was the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, as well as his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea and the Demon Eye of Annihilation which had been integrated into his being. Normally, he could perfectly conceal all of these things, but once someone peeked into his Knowledge Sea, he wouldn’t be able to hide them.

Regardless of what Yue Xi’s true purpose was, her actions had already violated Yang Kai’s bottom line.

So he immediately avoided her.

Yue Xi’s pretty face flashed with surprise, seemingly not having anticipated Yang Kai’s senses to be so sharp, even able to detect her silent probing.

“Yang Kai, what happened?” He Miao saw Yang Kai’s expression and hastily inquired.

“It’s nothing, Senior’s cultivation is too high, so when her strength entered my body I couldn’t quite bear it,” Yang Kai explained casually. He didn’t tell the truth because doing so didn’t have any advantage for him.

Yue Xi was startled but quickly said with a smile, “I was careless just now, causing you some discomfort.”

“Master, can the seal in his body be unlocked?” He Zao asked with some concern.

Yue Xi shook her head and bitterly said, “If it was before, I could easily remove it, but I was injured just now by that old man, so there’s nothing I can do about the seal in his body for the time being.”

He Zao and He Miao suddenly showed disappointed looks, turning apologetic looks in the next moment towards Yang Kai.

“It’s fine if you can’t remove it,” Yang Kai said without any disappointment, reaching out and accepting the Space Ring from the nearby cultivator’s hand before cupping his fists to Yue Xi, “In any case, many thanks for Senior’s good intention and generous gift.”

Finished what he had to say, he turned around and left.

“Yang Kai, don’t be so anxious to leave. When Master recovers in a few days she will be able to help you,” He Miao shouted innocently, but didn’t get any response, causing her to frown slightly and mutter, “Why does he seem a little angry?”

“This boy is very suspicious,” The cultivator beside Yue Xi stared at Yang Kai’s receding back and said, “According to what two Junior Sisters said, he should have been wandering around the Chaotic Abyss, so how did he end up together with Purple Star? Him appearing here clearly means he was aboard Purple Star’s Starship. On top of that, he’s just a small First-Order Saint Realm cultivator, so why would Lu Gui Chen bother sealing his strength?”

“What are you trying to say?” He Zao glanced over at this man.

The cultivator smiled and said, “Isn’t it possible two Junior Sisters were deceived by him? Maybe he was originally a Purple Star cultivator and just pretended to meet you in the Chaotic Abyss to gather information about your whereabouts. I remember you two saying you actually ran into him twice, right?”

“What about it?” He Zao frowned deeply.

“Nothing much. Junior Sister shouldn’t be angry, I just wanted to wake you up to such a possibility. You have been cultivating beside Master most of your life and haven’t seen much of the outside world. The outside world is a much messier place than you imagine,” The man explained with a smile, seemingly just casually making a point.

“Elder Sister, could he really be a Purple Star person?” Hearing her Senior Brother talk like this, He Miao also became a bit suspicious.

“It doesn’t seem likely,” He Zao slowly shook her head. The two sisters had met Yang Kai twice before yet both times he hadn’t asked them about anything of importance and the second time he had even sent them a number of Crystal Stones and pills for free.

If he really was a Purple Star cultivator, there would have been no need for him to do any of this, all he would have needed to do was send word to Lu Gui Chen and the two sisters would definitely not have been able to hide until their Master had arrived.

It was for these reasons she didn’t believe her Senior Brother’s speculations.

“There’s nothing to lose by acting cautiously,” Yue Xi said.

“Master…” He Zao tuned a strange look to Yue Xi and wanted to say something but hesitated to speak.

“What do you want to say?”

“No, it’s nothing, Master should rest first,” He Zao swallowed down her words.

She originally wanted to ask her master if she really couldn’t lift the seal on Yang Kai’s body, but she just couldn’t bring herself to.

Looking at Yang Kai’s lonely figure, He Zao’s heart felt bitter.

Strictly speaking, Yang Kai had saved both her and her sister’s life, that wasn’t a favour a single Space Ring and a thousand pieces of Saint Crystal could offset.

Letting out a slight sigh, He Zao gave her sister and wink and the two of them quietly left.

After the two sisters had walked away, Yue Xi, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, suddenly opened her eyes and said to the cultivator beside her, “Wei Wu, pay attention to that youth’s movements. Don’t let He Zao or He Miao get too close to him, try to avoid having them make contact if possible.”

Wei Wu eyes lit up and he quickly cupped his fists.

Yue Xi’s beautiful eyes flashed as she whispered under her breath, “What was all of that about?”

The moment her Divine Sense stabbed into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, she had suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of fear, but because Yang Kai had shut off his Knowledge Sea so quickly, Yue Xi was unable to obtain any significant information about him.

She didn’t know what kind of secrets were hidden inside his Knowledge Sea.

However, his origins were even more worrisome now, so Yue Xi had to act cautiously, lest he deceives her two young disciples.

She understood her disciples’ character best. They were kind, open-hearted, and upright.

That youth had saved their lives, so they were definitely thinking about how to repay him, if she didn’t handle this matter well, it would definitely lead to problems.

Once Yang Kai had moved far away from the Sword Union group, he found a quiet place to sit down.

He felt that he should try to avoid approaching Yue Xi. This beautiful woman was far too overbearing.

With the Purple Star cultivators not daring stir up trouble, Yang Kai estimated that in the short run, he would be safe.

When his mind and body relaxed, he finally felt the true richness of this floating continent’s World Energy aura. Even though he wasn’t able to circulate his Saint Qi or Secret Art, the surrounding World Energy still flowed towards his body and penetrated into his skin, integrating itself into his physique and giving him a refreshing feeling.

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Martial Peak

Martial Peak

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