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Level Up Legacy Chapter 887

Chapter 886 A Selfish Hero

When the citizens regained consciousness, they saw the hundreds of ships melt and turn into liquid streams. Wood and metal alike have melted and changed shape under the commands of the golden figure. This made them wish to remain unconscious.

“You must decide that, kid,” said Grandma Mo, who overheard the situation. “A hero is someone you choose based on their actions. You cannot ask someone else to choose for you.”

“After all he did, Arthur Silvera is still feared instead of appreciated,” said Grandma Mo with a sigh before she walked to the woman and slapped her face. The smack brought attention toward them as the citizens flinched at the sound. “You and your son would have died if he had not intervened!”

The citizens lowered their heads, unable to look at the old woman. All of them witnessed what happened to those who supported Arthur Silvera. Not even the great Zonas Mantra was spared, despite being the Knights Commander then.????w???o???. c??

“He knows,” muttered the old woman before biting her lips. Tears gathered in her weary eyes, surprising the crowd. None of them has seen Grandma Mo cry before. “He knows everyone, even allies, fears him but still fights for them.”

In the end, Grandma Mo was standing close to the front lines. She tried to catch her breath before taking a deep breath and shouting toward the sky.

The golden figure in the sky stopped before turning toward her. He stared at the old woman with confused eyes and watched her bow her head.

“I’m not done yet, Grandma Mo. Why are you crying?” asked Arthur with concern. The old woman shook her hand before raising her head. She wiped away the tears before smiling back.

“These tears are for a good and miserable person.”

“The show is not over, old woman. Get back.”

After all, none of them cheered for Arthur Silvera. On the contrary, they all feared and criticized him when they could, believing he was the Stealer of Elements. However, even after the truth came out, they still looked at him with cynicism.




“I’m not a hero,” said Arthur Silvera. Although he spoke softly, the words forced the citizens to stop cheering. All of them stared at him with confusion, and Arthur turned to address them. “A hero’s motivation is protecting others, while mine is different. The reason I fight here is that I hate these people.”

“People like them who kill others for their gains… are the worst. I fight here not to save anyone or be a hero but to kill these arrogant and self-righteous nobles.”

“He is… a peculiar kind of hero,” said the kid still held by his mother. “Mama, he is a selfish hero!”

“You are right, kid,” said Arthur Silvera with a grin. “A hero is responsible for saving the day, but I do this because it’s my desire. I will defeat them because I want to!”

“Is that so?” replied Arthur with a carefree attitude. “Have the ability to back up your words before you taint the world with them, foolish tamer.”

The soldiers on the ships fled or fell through the liquid. All that was left of the enemy lines were the mounted soldiers, those who could fly, and the monsters.

Screams and cries of the monster echoed before the giant sphere crushed them. Kaius watched with a shaky heart the sheer destructive power before Arthur placed the orb atop the Light Palace, fusing it with the towers.

“Close your mouth, old man,” said Kaius with rage. “My wrath will not subside until I tear this man apart.”


“…me too,” quietly said the cloaked summoner. Kaius glared at the two as if they had betrayed him. Then, before he could say anything, Arthur chuckled.

The cloaked summoner took a step back as he grew alert. Then, he sighed before pulling his hood down, revealing a fact that Arthur had not seen since the First Holy Crown Trial. However, his face now had three deep scars.

“Sometimes, I wish for that too, but here we are,” said Arthur as he raised his hand, grabbing into empty air. His golden mana suddenly flared as he caught into a hissing snake. However, before it could do anything, the snake turned to ashes. “Underhanded attacks are your specialty now?”

Level Up Legacy

Level Up Legacy

Status: Ongoing Author:

[You Leveled Up!]

[You have learned a new rune.]

Arthur Silvera stared at the hologram before him, not knowing what was going on. He had awakened this never-seen ability, and it was terrifyingly bugged.

The golden rune in front of him floated without a care in the world. As his Legacy described, it was a rune to absorb stats from enemies that he kills. This, by itself, was an absurd ability.

However, it was one of many. The Legacy he has awakened turned him from a dirt-digger to.... a creator.


Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GFD6p9sByS


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