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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 93

Chapter 93 - Do You Know about Bluesilver Grass?

Chapter 93: Do You Know about Bluesilver Grass?

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The next morning…

Warm sunlight shone down, illuminating the entire Brilliance City. All kinds of air-transportation spirit artifacts flew through the air above the city, making it seem like a science fiction world.

Qin Jue stretched lazily and stood up from the bed.

It had to be said that living here was very comfortable. The only pity was that there was no food here.

Although Qin Jue didn’t need to eat, every morning when he woke up, he liked to stuff something in his mouth.

But when he thought about it, it made sense. All the people who were able to attend the banquet were leaders of forces, so why would they need to eat?

Thinking of this, Qin Jue simply took out a Drunk Heart Pill and stuffed it into his mouth.

A rich wine fragrance immediately burst out, mixed with the faint smell of the Blood Spirit Fruit.

Although the taste was not bad, he did not feel anything when he ate it, as if he had just drunk water.

After eating two more Drunk Heart Pills in a row, Qin Jue was barely satisfied. He opened the door and walked out, with Tam hurriedly following behind.

The courtyard was extremely vast. Not only was the spirit qi dense, but there was also a pavilion and a pool. Perhaps it was because everyone was cultivating, there was no one in the courtyard.

Qin Jue came to the pavilion and sat down. He suddenly discovered that there were fish in the pool below!

These fish had been staying in places where the spirit qi was dense all year round, and there were gradual changes to them, making them appear exceptionally “plump”.

Qin Jue licked his lips, revealing a drooling expression.

Speaking of which, it had been a long time since he had eaten fish.

Seeing that there was no one around, Qin Jue grabbed with his hand, and the two fish immediately leaped out of the water and floated in front of him.

“If I roast this thing, it should taste pretty good.”

After making up his mind, Qin Jue immediately removed the internal organs of the two fish and then began to roast them with fire.

At this moment, a young man pushed open the door and went straight to the pavilion.

“Senior, good morning.”

The young man smiled and walked into the pavilion, sitting opposite Qin Jue.

Qin Jue glanced at the young man. It was the young man who had been standing beside Tang Tian, the Valley Master of the Dark Abyss Valley.

“My name is Tang Xiao.”

Seeing Qin Jue’s puzzled expression, the young man immediately introduced himself.

After thinking for a moment, he added, “I am the third son of the Valley Master of the Dark Abyss Valley. Everyone likes to call me Third Tang.”


Qin Jue nodded casually as if he didn’t hear the youth’s words at all.

Tang Xiao :”…”

Not long after, the two fish were finally roasted and emitted an enticing fragrance. Qin Jue sprinkled some seasoning and then began to eat in big mouthfuls.


Tang Xiao gulped. He was hungry.

“You want to eat it too?”

Qin Jue wiped his mouth and asked.

Tang Xiao shook his head before nodding.

“Take some time to think about it.”

With that, Qin Jue continued to wolf down the grilled fish.


Soon, Qin Jue finished the two grilled fish, took out a pot of spirit wine, and drank it all. “Nice!”


“Senior, I want to buy a Drunk Heart Pill.”

After a moment of silence, Tang Xiao said carefully.

“Not selling.”

Qin Jue refused without hesitation.

“I can exchange it with something else,” Tang Xiao added.

“What do you have?”

Qin Jue finally had a trace of interest. He felt that this youth seemed to be somewhat different from the others. After all, the nickname Third Tang was already extraordinary.

Seeing that Qin Jue was interested, Tang Xiao was overjoyed. He looked around and after confirming that no one was around, he took out a spirit herb that looked a little similar to a ginseng from his storage ring. “This is a level five spirit herb that has ripened.”

“Level five spirit herb?”

Qin Jue was rather surprised. “You want to use a level five spirit herb to exchange for a grade four pill?”

As everyone knew, spirit herbs that had reached level five had already undergone a qualitative change. Some even gained sentience and cultivated into spirits.

A mature level five spirit herb could be exchanged for more than a dozen or even more high-level grade four spirit pills. Even if it was used to exchange for a perfected grade four pill, it would only be barely worth it.

“Senior, I hope you can agree to it.”

Tang Xiao said sincerely.

“Alright, I can trade with you, but I have a question for you.”

Qin Jue took a sip of wine and said meaningfully.

“What question?”

Tang Xiao frowned.

“Do you know about Bluesilver Grass?” Qin Jue asked seriously.

“Bluesilver Grass? What’s that?” Tang Xiao was dumbfounded.

“Where’s the Bluesilver Emperor?”



Tang Xiao was even more dumbfounded, not understanding what Qin Jue was talking about.

“Alright, forget it then.”

Qin Jue revealed a disappointed expression.

Tang Xiao :”…”

“This Drunk Heart Pill is yours.”

Since he had already promised the other party, Qin Jue wouldn’t go back on his word. With a light flick of his finger, a Drunk Heart Pill fell into Tang Xiao’s hand, and the grade five spirit herb in Tang Xiao’s hand was also put into Qin Jue’s storage ring.

“Thank you, Senior!” Tang Xiao hurriedly bowed in gratitude.

Although he didn’t know what Qin Jue meant by those questions, Tang Xiao was already satisfied that he had obtained this perfected grade four pill.

With this pill, his father would be able to break through to the Supreme Stage faster.

A perfect grade four pill was almost no less valuable than a grade five Supreme Stage pill to a peak Heaven Stage cultivator. It could greatly increase the chances of breaking through.

At the same time, Qin Jue also stood up and walked out of the courtyard.

“Senior, where are you going?”

Tang Xiao couldn’t help but ask.

“It has nothing to do with you.”

After saying this, Qin Jue leisurely left the courtyard, with Tam still obediently following behind.

Perhaps it was because the Six Great Clans were holding a banquet, but there were many more cultivators in Brilliance City than usual.

Qin Jue spread his spirit sense and came to a relatively bustling street, preparing to see if there was anything good to buy.

Almost the moment he stepped onto the street, all eyes were on him, regardless of gender.

“Which clan is this young master from? He’s so handsome.”

“How can there be such a handsome youth in this world?”

“Look, he’s drinking. Ah, I’m going to faint!”

The women spoke out one after another.

At this moment, Qin Jue was holding a wine pot in his hand. His white clothes were as white as snow, and his facial features were incomparably handsome. They were neither hard nor feminine. He could be said to be unparalleled in the world. If it were any other woman, they would also be unable to stop themselves from swooning.

“Pfft! He probably treats women poorly since he looks so handsome!”

“That’s right, he definitely won’t live for long!”

“The most important thing for a man is his muscles!”

The men spoke out one after another.

Qin Jue didn’t care about this. He slowly walked forward and finally stopped in front of a bookshop. He looked down and saw a picture book placed at the front. On it were four words: “The Youth Young Cheng”.

Qin Jue opened the book with a serious expression and a learning spirit.

The story was very simple. It told the story of a useless youth working hard in cultivation and continuously becoming stronger. In the end, he became invincible in the Spirit Central World.

But at the end, this youth was betrayed by his lover, dying and his Dao dissipated. Even his head was chopped off.

“I can’t believe there are comics in this world.”

Qin Jue watched with relish.

“Young Master, are you going to buy this book?” The store manager smiled. “This is our Brilliance City’s best-selling product.”

Before he could finish his sentence, a spirit stone suddenly smashed in front of him.

“I want all these books.”

Qin Jue waved his hand and instantly put all the books in the shop into his storage ring.

In his spare time, he could use these books to kill time.

The store manager was stunned. He looked at Qin Jue and then at the top-grade spirit stone in front of him, unable to react for a moment.

Qin Jue didn’t care about the store manager and directly turned to leave the bookstore.

That spirit stone was condensed by him using the spirit qi of heaven and earth. It was more than enough to buy all the books.

Next, Qin Jue bought some more things. Ever since he transmigrated to the Spirit Central World, he had spent most of his time in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect and was unfamiliar with the outside world. This time, he had seen many new and interesting things.

Perhaps he could consider going to the Sacred Land of the Central Continent in the future. That place should be more prosperous than here.

“Handsome, come and play.”

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the side, attracting Qin Jue’s attention.

“Mm? What store is this?”

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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