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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 91

Chapter 91 - What Is Your Relationship With My Senior Brother?

Chapter 91: What Is Your Relationship With My Senior Brother?

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“200 high-grade spirit stones is not a small sum.”

Tang Tian’s face darkened.

“I won’t sell no matter how much you offer.”

Qin Jue couldn’t be bothered with him and directly turned around to go back to his room to sleep.

To him, spirit stones were useless. As long as he was willing, he could find more at any time.

Seeing this, Tang Tian’s expression turned even uglier. He was about to say something when the young man beside him suddenly pulled the corner of his clothes and shook his head slightly.

Tang Tian immediately shut his mouth.

Watching Qin Jue enter the room, the young man fell into deep thought.

Since Qin Jue was unwilling to sell it, these cultivators had no choice. This was Brilliance City, so they naturally couldn’t snatch it from him. Moreover, how could a person who could refine a perfect grade four pill be a pushover?

However, the news of Qin Jue refining a perfect grade four pill would most likely spread throughout Brilliance City today.

Dong dong dong!

Qin Jue had just laid down and had yet to close his eyes when someone suddenly knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

Qin Jue stood up impatiently.

“Junior Brother Qin Jue, it’s me.”

The woman deliberately lowered her voice from outside.

Qin Jue was stunned. The Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect, Ye Yao?

He waved his hand and opened the door. It was indeed Ye Yao who was standing outside.

“Sect Master Ye, come in and sit.”

Qin Jue took out a pot of spirit wine and said.

Although he wasn’t afraid of Wu Zhenjian, Ye Yao had still stood up for him despite not knowing him. For that, Qin Jue was still very grateful.

In addition, Qin Jue also wanted to know what kind of relationship Ye Yao had with his senior brother.

“Thank you.”

Nodding, Ye Yao walked into the room and was shocked to see Tam standing inside.

“What kind of fiend beast is this?”

“Oh, this is Senior Brother’s pet.” Qin Jue said casually.

“Oh, so it’s his pet?”

Ye Yao muttered to herself. Even his pets were of the Heaven Stage. It seemed like he was still as outstanding as before.

“Sect Master Ye, what’s the matter?”

Qin Jue asked as he drank a mouthful of wine.


Ye Yao lowered her head with a hesitant expression. This action immediately revealed her mature female charm. In comparison, a cute girl like Mu Xiaoyu was simply not worth mentioning.

“How… How is Bai Ye doing?”


Indeed, there must be some secret between the two of them!

Qin Jue took a deep breath and said, “Senior Brother has been in closed-door cultivation recently, preparing to advance to the Supreme Stage, so I took his place at this banquet.”

Of course, Qin Jue wouldn’t tell anyone about Bai Ye’s injuries. Moreover, Bai Ye himself had said that this was his chance to break through. Maybe when Qin Jue returned, Bai Ye would have already successfully advanced to the Supreme Stage.

“I see.”

Ye Yao revealed a disappointed expression, but on second thought, Bai Ye was actually trying to break through to the Supreme Stage. She was both happy and shy.

Because Bai Ye had once said that he would come to find her after he advanced to the Supreme Stage.


“Uh… I have a question that I don’t know if I should ask.” Seeing the other party lower his head in silence, Qin Jue hesitated.

“What question?”

“What is your relationship with my senior brother?”

Hearing this, Ye Yao’s face instantly flushed red, and she said shyly, “About that… you should ask your senior brother.”

Qin Jue :”…”

Senior Brother, what did you do to her? Why would a peak Heaven Stage expert act so shyly?!

Without waiting for Qin Jue to figure it out, Ye Yao suddenly took out a painting and placed it on the table. “Junior Brother Qin Jue, please help me hand this painting to Bai Ye. Tell him that I’ll wait for him forever.”

With that said, Ye Yao quickly ran out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded Qin Jue behind.

What was going on?

Qin Jue’s fingers moved slightly, and the portrait immediately flew into his hand and slowly unfolded.

“F*ck, is this supposed to be Senior Brother?”

The man in the portrait had sharp brows, bright eyes, and a charming appearance. His long black hair was tied behind his head, making him look carefree and uninhibited. Especially his eyes, which seemed to be able to speak, were almost comparable to Qin Jue’s.

Was this supposed to be his senior brother?

Are you kidding me?

Qin Jue remembered that ever since he joined the Xuanyi Mountain Sect 10 years ago, Bai Ye had always looked the same. Was the man in the portrait really Bai Ye?

“Forget it, I’ll ask when I get back.”

Putting away the portrait, Qin Jue took a large sip of wine, lay on the bed, and slept.

At the same time, the news of Qin Jue refining a perfect grade four pill quickly spread, causing a huge uproar in Brilliance City.

“Have you heard? Someone has refined a perfected grade four pill!”

“What? Really?”

“Of course it’s true! The appearance of auspiciousness and the fragrance of pills were everywhere. I saw it with my own eyes. I can’t be wrong!”

“Who was the one who refined the medicinal pill?”

“He seems to be the junior brother of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect Master.”

“Let me tell you. It’s said that the Sect Master of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect refined a perfected grade four pill!”


“Hehe, not 1, but 12!”

“What? 42?”

“Incredible! Someone refined 80 perfected grade four medicinal pills!”

“Incredible news! Someone refined 107 perfected grade four pills in a furnace. He is the best pill refiner in the Spirit Central World!”


Being able to refine a perfected grade four pill would have been shocking news anywhere in the world, let alone the Brilliance City.

In an instant, all the forces heard the news and moved. They wanted to know who had refined 107 perfected grade four pills in a furnace, and even the Six Great Clans were no exception.

Not long after, all the information about the Xuanyi Mountain Sect was given to them, but there was no news of any grade four pill refiner. They couldn’t even find Qin Jue.

The only thing that was certain was that Qin Jue was indeed from the Xuanyi Mountain Sect since they knew that he had participated in the Demon-Slaying Gathering a few months ago. However, no one had noticed him then because his name was unknown at the time.

At the Hu Clan branch.

“Are you sure that he refined a perfected grade four pill?”

As the branch hall master of the Hu Clan who was stationed in Brilliance City, Hu Yao’s face was filled with shock, and he could hardly believe his ears.

“I’m sure. At that time, many cultivators witnessed it with their own eyes, including the Grass Pill Sect’s Sect Master, Wu Zhenjian.”

The Hu Clan cultivator said.

They were all professional intelligence personnel. Every piece of information would be repeatedly confirmed before being reported, so this isn’t as exaggerated as the rumors outside.

Otherwise, what Qin Jue would be refining at this moment would no longer be a perfected grade four pill but a Supreme Stage spirit pill.

“Who is the other party?”

Hu Yao asked.

“He’s the junior brother of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect Master. Among the factions that came to participate in the banquet, only the Sect Master of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect did not come.”

Hu Yao frowned in thought. After a long while, he said seriously, “No matter what, we have to pull this pill refinement master into our Hu Family. Quick, bring me to that pill refinement master!”


Hu Yao wasn’t the only one. The people of the other five great clans stationed in Brilliance City were the same.

A pill refiner who could refine a perfected grade four pill meant that he had a high chance of becoming a Supreme Stage pill refiner in the future. Even if the Three Major Sects were here, they would definitely try their best to rope him in.

Soon, the people in charge of the Six Great Clans all arrived outside Qin Jue’s courtyard, afraid that they would be one step slower than others.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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