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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 88

Chapter 88 - Pill Refining Competition

Chapter 88: Pill Refining Competition

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“Ye Yao, this has nothing to do with you. I suggest you stay out of this.”

Wu Zhenjian’s eyes narrowed as they flickered with a dangerous light.

“What if I insist on getting involved?”

Ye Yao said coldly.

Qin Jue was somewhat dumbfounded. He didn’t know this woman at all, so why was she so protective of him?

Thinking about it carefully, ever since he said that he was Bai Ye’s junior brother, Ye Yao’s attitude towards him had changed slightly.

Could there be some secret between his senior brother and this woman?


Wu Zhenjian was furious, but there was nothing he could do.

In terms of strength, the two of them were equally matched. If they really fought, not to mention whether both sides would suffer heavy losses, just the destruction they caused would be enough to destroy the entire street. At that time, the Six Great Clans would definitely not sit idle.

This was something Wu Zhenjian was unwilling to see happen.

Taking a deep breath, Wu Zhenjian said in a deep voice, “Since Sect Master Ye insists on intervening, why don’t we let my disciple compete against this young man? But he will not be allowed to rely on any external forces. Whoever loses will kowtow and apologize!”

Ye Yao frowned slightly. “Compete in what?”

“Pill refinement!”

“Hehe, Sect Master Wu, aren’t you too ridiculous? You, a disciple of an alchemy sect, want to compete with others in pill refinement? You’re simply shameless.” Ye Yao sneered.

“What? You don’t dare?”

Ignoring Ye Yao’s ridicule, Wu Zhenjian turned to look at Qin Jue.

Originally, Qin Jue was about to ask Tam to give this Grass Pill Sect Master a full-body massage, but Wu Zhenjian’s suggestion piqued his interest.

He had never refined a medicinal pill before. Perhaps he could try it now?

“Okay, I accept your conditions.”

Qin Jue nodded in agreement.

“Qin Jue, you…”

Ye Yao panicked.

“Don’t worry, I won’t lose.”

Qin Jue said confidently.

With his cultivation, even if the refinement failed, he could still use his spirit energy to forcefully condense an item. Moreover, its grade would definitely not be low. He did not need to worry about losing.

“Young man, you don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

Wu Zhenjian could not help but sneer. “Zhang Yang, let him see how powerful our Grass Pill Sect is.”

“Yes, Master!”

Zhang Yang raised his head, stuck out his chest, and raised his nose to the sky. He could almost imagine the scene of Qin Jue kneeling in front of him and kowtowing to apologize.

As a grade one pill refiner, Zhang Yang had the confidence to do so.

“Brat, just wait to kowtow and apologize.”

Glaring at Qin Jue, Zhang Yang took out a pink pill furnace from his storage ring and placed it on the ground. Then he took out several medicinal herbs and raised his voice, “The pill I want to refine is a high-level first-grade medicinal pill, Small Essence Pill!”

At this moment, Zhang Yang could be said to be in high spirits. He had already forgotten about how he had been tormented by Tam just now.

“Uh… Um, Sect Master Ye, do you have a pill furnace? Can you lend it to me?”

Qin Jue said awkwardly.

Ye Yao: “???”

“Hahaha, you don’t even own a pill furnace. Are you sure you know how to refine pills?”

Zhang Yang laughed.

Wu Zhenjian could not help but reveal a smile. Young people indeed liked to act tough.

“I do have one, but do you really know how to refine pills? If not, even if you give up now, I can guarantee your safety.”

Ye Yao said worriedly.

Liu Ping and Mu Xiaoyu looked at each other. Was this still the same master who was initially unwilling to be nosy and was only willing to take action after being begged by the two of them for a long time?

Could it be that Master was also craving for this youth’s body?

“Trust me.”

Qin Jue took a sip of wine and said seriously.


Helpless, Ye Yao could only take out the pill furnace that she hadn’t used in a long time from her storage ring and give it to Qin Jue.

She had already thought it through. If Qin Jue was unwilling to kowtow and apologize after he lost, even if she had to ruin her relationship with Wu Zhenjian, she would still do her best to protect Qin Jue.

“Uh… Um, Sect Master Ye, there’s one more thing. Do you have any alchemy books?”


Ye Yao wasn’t the only one. Question marks appeared on everyone’s faces.

Are you kidding me? You’re planning on reading pill refining books right now?

In other words, he had never refined pills before?

“I only have the most basic ‘Book of Pill Refinement’ here…”

“It’s alright, as long as it’s related to pill refinement.”

Qin Jue said happily. What he needed the most now was this kind of basic knowledge, and the more basic the better.

Taking over the “Book of Pill Refining”, Qin Jue casually flipped open a few pages. Sure enough, what was recorded on it were some basic pill refining knowledge.

“Boy, you’re going to lose.”

Zhang Yang didn’t expect that Qin Jue had never refined pills before. He immediately felt even more contempt in his heart.

As the flames gradually stabilized, Zhang Yang gradually threw in the medicinal herbs and began to refine and purify them.

On the other side, Qin Jue was still reading the “Record of Pill Refinement” with relish.

The surrounding spectators shook their heads one after another, speechless at Qin Jue.

It was obvious what would happen later. How could a person who had never refined a medicinal pill and did not even know the basic knowledge of pill refinement win against someone like Zhang Yang?

“Sigh, young people nowadays are too rash. He actually agreed to such a competition. Zhang Yang is a grade one pill refiner.”

“I don’t think he’s rash. He’s just stupid.”

“If it were me, I definitely wouldn’t agree to it.”


Everyone discussed in low voices. Almost no one believed that Qin Jue could win, not even Ye Yao.

Just as Zhang Yang finished refining the medicinal herbs with great difficulty and prepared to condense the pill, Qin Jue finally finished reading the “Book of Pill Refining”.

“I understand now. So pill refinement is that simple.”

Closing the “Book of Pill Refining”, Qin Jue said casually.

“Hehe, idiot.”

Zhang Yang sneered.

Under normal circumstances, if a person wanted to become a pill refiner, they would have to spend several years studying the basics and studying them diligently.

He would then have to rely on the guidance of a master teacher, and after thousands of failures and constant hard work, he would finally have a chance to become a grade one pill master.

Back then, when Zhang Yang finished reading the basic knowledge of pill refinement, he also thought that it would be very simple. In the end, he only realized how difficult it was when he took action personally.

It took him two whole months just to master how to control the fire.

Qin Jue had only read the basic knowledge for less than five minutes. Even if he was a genius, he could at most guarantee that the furnace wouldn’t explode.

With this thought in mind, Zhang Yang subconsciously moved his butt back to avoid being affected just in case Qin Jue accidentally blew up the furnace.

After reading the “Book of Pill Refining”, Qin Jue began to think about what kind of medicinal pill to refine. After all, he didn’t have the pill formula, so he could only imagine it out of thin air.

After a long while, Qin Jue suddenly slapped his forehead and took out a pot of thousand-year-old spirit wine and a few spirit fruits from his storage ring before stuffing them all into the pill furnace.

“Am I seeing things? That looks like… a Blood Spirit Fruit?”

“There’s also the Jade Essence Fruit, Moon Orange Fruit… Heavens, aren’t these spirit fruits already extinct?”


Seeing the spirit fruit Qin Jue took out, everyone was in an uproar. Many cultivators even had blazing eyes and almost couldn’t resist rushing up to snatch it.

One had to know that these were all grade four spirit fruits.. In their opinion, it was a waste of god’s given gifts for a fellow who did not know how to refine pills.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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