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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 64

Chapter 64 - The Puzzled Shen Zhiwen

“Greetings, Patriarchs and Sect Masters.”

At this moment, the experts above the Supreme Stage from the three sects came forward and bowed.

These Supreme Stage experts were basically the higher-ups of the sect and had high statuses and authority. Usually, their words alone were able to determine the fate of some smaller factions, but at this moment, their clothes were ragged and dispirited. All of them were injured.

However, in comparison, the elders standing opposite them were undoubtedly in an even more miserable state, especially the two Legendary Stage experts from the Sword Sect. The spirit artifacts in their hands had been broken and lost their luster. This was especially tragic. After all, those were the most valuable treasures of the Sword Sect.

“Patriarch, a mysterious person suddenly appeared just now and turned the situation around. He killed the Great Void Dragon with a single punch and then used a strange weapon to destroy the fiend beast army and the Purple Spirit Race army, saving us.

An expert from the Archaic Mysteries Sect said quickly.

“Well, we already know that.”

Tian Jizi waved his hand and said, “The fiend beasts and the Legendary Stage experts of the Purple Spirit Race have also been killed by that senior. The Purple Spirit Race is completely done for this time.”

Hearing this, the elite warrior of the Archaic Mysteries Sect was stunned for a moment before he said in joy, “Does this mean we have won the war?”

Not only this expert from the Archaic Mysteries Sect, but all the higher-ups were also overjoyed when they heard this. Was the war that concerned the survival of the Southern Land’s humans finally coming to an end?


Tian Jizi nodded.

Everyone present felt that the outcome seemed a little unrealistic. After all, they had been fighting fiend beasts and purple fiends during this period of time and knew very well how powerful the other party was. They were even prepared to die at any moment.

But now, they were suddenly told that the fiend beasts and the Purple Spirit Race were done for. Furthermore, all of them had relied on a single person to turn the situation around. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would believe it.

“Could that senior be a Saint Stage expert?”

Someone could not help but ask.

Although Qin Jue had destroyed the Great Void Dragon and the two armies in front of them, no one saw his appearance clearly, so they were full of curiosity about this super expert who had saved the Southern Land so effortlessly.

“Hehe, it’s better if you guys don’t know about this.”

Pausing for a moment, Tian Jizi continued, “Also, seal off the news. We can’t let anyone investigate this senior.”

As the patriarch of the Archaic Mysteries Sect, the words of the Archaic Mysteries Master could be said to hold great weight. Since he had said so, no one else dared to ask any more questions. They immediately nodded in agreement.

Of course, the most important reason for them to oblige was the strength Qin Jue had displayed earlier. In this world where the strong were respected, no one would provoke such a powerful existence.

“Pass down the order. Everyone is to rest for a day before returning.”

Tian Jizi ordered, “As for the remaining survivors of the Purple Spirit Race, I will personally deal with them.”

After this incident, Tian Jizi understood one thing: if you cut the weeds but don’t remove the roots, they will grow again when the spring breeze blows.

Three hundred years ago, the Four Major Sects had expelled the Purple Spirit Race from the Southern Land. They had thought that the Purple Spirit Race would perish then. Unexpectedly, not only did it not die out after three hundred years, they became even stronger. They even joined forces with the fiend beasts and almost occupied the Southern Land.

Thus, Tian Jizi had decided that he would eradicate this race this time no matter what, as well as avenge his old friend.

Without the five Legendary Stage experts and many Supreme Stage experts, the remaining survivors of the Purple Spirit Race could be flattened by Tian Jizi alone. Therefore, he planned to rest for a day. After his injuries recovered, he would head directly to the border between the Southern Land and the Western Land to raze the region where the Purple Spirit Race was located.

At this moment, the surviving members of the Purple Spirit Race probably still didn’t know that their army had already been completely wiped out and were happily waiting for news of victory.

“Patriarch, your injuries are too serious. Leave it to me.”

Ye Qing said worriedly.

Among the six of them, besides the two Sword Sect Legendary Stage experts, the one who was most injured was likely Tian Jizi. After all, he had always been at the frontlines and had continuously used his secret technique. He was almost completely exhausted. If it weren’t for Qin Jue’s timely appearance, he would have most likely died.

“What? Don’t you have confidence in me?”

Tian Jizi said with a faint smile.

“I wouldn’t dare.”

Ye Qing hurriedly lowered his head.

Tianji Zi had always been extremely proud. If Ye Qing dared to say that he wasn’t confident in his abilities, Ye Qing would definitely be beaten up badly.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Tian Jizi didn’t linger on this topic. Instead, he said, “How are the losses for the Six Great Clans?”

“One Supreme Stage expert from the Yun, Wang, and Hu Clans died, respectively. The other three clans also suffered heavy losses. However, not a single Supreme Stage expert died.”

The Archaic expert reported.

“After this matter is settled, let’s give them some compensation.”

Since the Six Great Clans were willing to put down their grudges and stand forward to defend against the foreign enemies, they naturally couldn’t let their losses be in vain.


“Alright, that’s about it. Everyone, you may leave.”

These words were meant for the other Legendary Stage experts. After all, the higher-ups of the Archaic Mysteries Sect were not the only ones present.

The two Legendary Stage experts of the Profound Yellow Sect and Sword Sect immediately led their experts away when they heard that, and they went to join the rest of the human army.

At this point, the matter of the purple fiends had completely come to an end, and there were only a few finishing jobs they needed to do. As for the various factions, they also began to calculate the internal losses and record the casualties.

Although this war had not lasted more than half a month, the scale of the battle and the intensity of the battle had far surpassed the battle three hundred years ago. It was even possible that the Thunder Breeze Sect would fall out of the ranks of the Four Major Sects because of this.

However, with the protection of the other three major sects, the Thunder Breeze Sect wouldn’t be in any danger for at least a hundred years. If they could produce another Legendary Stage expert within a hundred years, it wouldn’t be impossible for them to return to the Four Major Sects.

At this moment, the person with the most complicated feelings was none other than Shen Zhiwen. Although he didn’t see Qin Jue’s appearance, he was certain that the figure who killed the Great Void Dragon with a single move was that youth named Qin Jue!

“Why didn’t I sense any spirit energy fluctuations from him back then?”

Shen Zhiwen fell into deep thought. But on second thought, he was an existence that could kill even the Great Void Dragon in an instant. Wouldn’t it be easy to hide his aura? How could a mere peak Heaven Stage like him detect it?

However, why was such a powerful existence so young? Moreover, why was he staying on a small mountain? Could it be that he wanted to live in seclusion?

Just as Shen Zhiwen was pondering over this matter, the sect master of the Profound Yellow Sect flew over. “Little Wenzi, are you alright?”


“Master, can you stop calling me Little Wenzi?”

“Sure, Wenzi.”


“Forget it, you should just call me Little Wenzi.”

“Alright, Little Wenzi. Little Wenzi, are you alright?”


Taking a deep breath, Shen Zhiwen suppressed the urge to hit his master and shook his head. “I’m fine.”

“It’s good that you’re fine. I was thinking that if you die, it probably won’t be too late for me to take in another disciple.”

Shen Zhiwen :”…”

Listen to yourself, how could you say such a thing?

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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