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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 340

Chapter 340 - Descent

Chapter 340: Descent

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“The array formations have been activated!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire Central Star Domain immediately shook violently. In an instant, countless experts who were in seclusion were awakened and ran out of their secret chambers.

“What happened?”

“What’s going on?”

“What a powerful spatial fluctuation.”

“Is that… a dimensional formation?”

Most of these experts had already reached the True God Stage and were knowledgeable. Therefore, they quickly realized that something was wrong and revealed frightened expressions.

Apart from the dimensional formation, there was no other way for an array formation to cover the entire Central Star Domain.

At the same time, the Sword God Valley Patriarch’s expression changed slightly. “So soon?”

“That’s right.”

Guan Ce looked up at the sky and was exceptionally calm. “Today is the end of the Heaven Realm.”


Bolts of lightning flickered as a visible crack was instantly torn open. This crack continued to spread until it turned into a pitch-black hole!

Seeing this, Guan Ce took a deep breath and said bitterly, “It’s coming!”

When all the array formations were activated, the spatial rift gradually stabilized, almost becoming corporeal!


Suddenly, Patriarch Sword God activated his spirit energy and created countless blades that tore through the void in an attempt to destroy the spatial rift.

Unfortunately, when these blades approached the spatial rift, they were immediately resolved by an invisible force without raising any waves.

“How is this possible?”

Witnessing this scene, the Valley Master of the Sword God Valley gaped in disbelief, his face filled with shock.

One had to know that in terms of attack power, even among the four upper realm God King Stage experts, the Sword God Patriarch was the strongest existence. The Sword God Patriarch couldn’t believe that the spatial rift could actually neutralize his attack?

It wasn’t just the Sword God Valley Master. All the experts above the Half God Stage were dumbfounded and had an ominous feeling.

“It’s useless.”

Guan Ce smiled bitterly. “It’s already too late.”

As the main body that had been affected by the will of the outside world for nearly a hundred thousand years, Guan Ce knew very well how powerful that will was. As long as the other party successfully activated the dimensional formation, then what awaited the Heaven Realm would definitely be destruction.

“What happened?”

At this moment, the patriarchs of the Divine Seal Tower and the Divine King Domain finally couldn’t help but appear and ask.

This expedition against the Immortal Divine Sect had gathered almost all the forces of the three top factions. Naturally, the other two upper realm God King Stage experts had also arrived.

“See for yourself.”

The Sword God Patriarch’s face darkened as he threw the jade slip to the two of them.

Hearing this, the two of them were stunned for a moment before they hurriedly used their spirit sense to scan the jade slip and said in shock, “What? Is everything on this true?”

Guan Ce pointed at the spatial rift in the depths of the void. He was neither servile nor overbearing. “Is there a need for me to lie to you?”

“Dammit! Since that’s the case, hurry up and stop that fellow!” The Divine King Domain Patriarch said angrily.

“It’s too late.”

Guan Ce shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

If he could, he would have stopped it long ago. Why would he have waited until now?

Originally, Guan Ce thought that all of this was Qin Jue’s fault. However, after calming down, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat ashamed.

If he had not entered the Devil’s Den by mistake and cultivated the evil techniques, how could this have happened?

Even if Qin Jue didn’t read his memories and alarmed the owner of the will, could he really stop the other party from descending?

It was only a matter of time.

Just as everyone was arguing, an incomparably huge will suddenly came from the spatial rift. It was as vast as a starry river. Whether it was Guan Ce, the Sword God Valley Patriarch, or the others, they all felt suffocated for a moment.

If even four upper realm God King Stage experts were like this, then there was even less of a need to talk about the others.

Some with lower cultivations spat out blood on the spot and fainted. As for some with slightly stronger cultivations, they were unable to withstand the pressure and knelt on the ground. Only a few dozen upper realm True God Stage experts could barely stand.

“How is this possible…”

The Sword God Valley Master gritted his teeth and straightened his body. He had never expected things to turn out like this.

“Hahaha, I’ve waited 100,000 years for this day.”

A loud laugh sounded and spread throughout the Central Star Domain like a thunderclap. In an instant, countless living beings trembled. It was fear that came from the depths of their souls!


As if recalling something, the owner of the will suddenly swept back and locked onto Guan Ce. “Little fellow, we finally meet.”

In the next second, a two-meter-tall figure in golden armor appeared in front of everyone. His skin was purple and he was extremely burly. His aura was ethereal, as if he would disappear at any moment, but he was still real. It was simply inconceivable.



Seeing that the original body of the will that had affected him for 100,000 years had successfully passed through the dimensional formation and descended to the Heavenly Realm, Guan Ce’s expression was complicated and hard to describe.

“Tsk tsk, I’m in luck. You’re all here.”

The person looked around and continued, “You can call me Kui Mie, the destroyer of the world.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a world with such dense vitality. How fragrant.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve always maintained a respectful attitude towards my food, so you won’t feel any pain later.”


At this point, the purple burly man who called himself Kui Mie turned to look at Guan Ce. “As for you, little fellow, you’re not bad. I can take you away from here and head to a wider world.”

“Sorry, I’m not interested.” Guan Ce gritted his teeth and said coldly.

“Hehe, that’s not up to you.”

Kui Mie flicked his finger lightly, and Guan Ce immediately discovered that he had lost control of the spirit energy in his entire body and was unable to move.

The other party had easily suppressed an upper realm God King Stage expert with a single finger. It was simply ridiculous.

The three patriarchs looked at each other and could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

“Let’s start with the three of you.”

Kui Mie did not delay at all as he raised his hand to grab the other three upper realm God King Stage experts.

After nearly a hundred thousand years of planning, Kui Mie had long become familiar with the Heaven Realm. He also knew that the three people in front of him were the strongest experts besides Guan Ce. Kui Mie could not wait to eat them.

Seeing this, the expressions of the three patriarchs changed drastically. They were about to circulate their spirit energy when they lost control of their bodies like Guan Ce and were forcefully restrained.

“Hehe, although you guys are a little weak, you should taste pretty good.”

Kui Mie licked his lips and drooled.

“Stop! What are you doing?!” Guan Ce roared.

“Hehe, little fellow, don’t forget what cultivation technique you’re cultivating. In a way, I’m your master.”

Kui Mie said unhurriedly, “Looks like you still don’t understand the meaning of Spirit Devouring.”

“But it’s okay. I’ll show you now.”

As he spoke, Kui Mie slowly opened his mouth and erupted with a terrifying suction force!

The three of them were still frozen in place and did not move at all. However, the spirit energy and vitality in their bodies were forcefully pulled out and flew towards Kui Mie!


Seeing that boundless spirit energy and vitality were about to transform into a long stream that surged into Kui Yin’s mouth, a golden light suddenly lit up and interrupted Kui Mie!

“Who is it?!”

Kui Mie was shocked. He did not sense anyone approaching!

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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