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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 334

Chapter 334 - : Immortal Divine Sect

Chapter 334: Immortal Divine Sect

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The light flickered slightly and floated in Qin Jue’s palm. One could faintly see the scene inside, lifelike.

“This is…”

Killing Dao was shocked.

“I casually copied that guy’s memories.” Qin Jue said indifferently.


A copy of one’s memories?

What kind of technique was this?

Killing Dao was dumbfounded and immediately had a new understanding of Qin Jue’s strength.

“This one probably won’t disappoint.” Qin Jue said meaningfully.

Since he was able to kill the strongest person in the Eastern Region, it meant that the black-robed man’s strength was absolutely not lower than an upper realm True God Stage expert.

He just didn’t know why the other party wanted to kill this strongest expert of the Eastern Region. Also, judging from the situation, he seemed to be eyeing the Western Region. However, that had nothing to do with Qin Jue.

Soon, Qin Jue read through the black-robed man’s memories and grasped the key information.

As expected, this was a high-level dimension. Because there were many experts, it was known as the Heavenly Realm.

Just like the God Realm, the Heavenly Realm was connected to many low-level dimensions of various sizes. Only by advancing to the God King Stage could those low-level dimension beings ascend to the Heavenly Realm.

Unfortunately, Qin Jue didn’t find any information about the God Realm or the Inner Realm.

This made sense. After all, if the two high-level dimensions had crossed paths, the cultivators from both sides would have fought long ago.

As for the Inner Realm, it clearly did not belong to the same dimension as the Heavenly Realm.

Moreover, Qin Jue had once used a soul searching technique on Feng Xi. As the master of the Heavenly Palace and a top expert of the Divine Realm, no matter how ill-informed Feng Xi was, Feng Xi would have known about other high-level dimensions if they had made contact. It was just that Qin Jue had remained hopeful all this time.

It seemed like returning to the Inner Realm was not that simple.

In addition, Qin Jue also discovered a secret.

Apart from the Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern Regions, there was also a core place in the Central Star Domain, known as “Heaven’s Beyond”.

As everyone knew, regardless of whether it was the east, west, south, or north, the publicly acknowledged strongest experts were only upper realm True God Stage experts. This was not because there were no God King Stage experts in the Central Star Domain, but because they were all gathered in Heaven’s Beyond!

The man in black named Wu Shi just now was from a top faction in Heaven’s Beyond: the Immortal Divine Sect.

Strictly speaking, the Immortal Divine Sect was a demonic sect because the cultivation techniques they cultivated were mostly evil. They could easily refine a continent and cause misery and suffering to the people, so they were regarded as public enemies by many factions.

However, the Immortal Divine Sect was too powerful, and it even had several God King Stage experts holding down the fort. No one could do anything about it. They could only try their best to restrict it, but they could not eliminate it completely.

As for the black-robed man, he was one of the elders of the Immortal Divine Sect, a peak upper realm True God Stage expert. After receiving the order, he had deliberately left Heaven’s Beyond to assassinate the strongest experts of the Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern Regions. As for the reason, even the black-robed man himself did not know.

After reading this, Qin Jue pondered. It was obvious that the Immortal Divine Sect was plotting something.

However, Qin Jue wasn’t interested in being nosy for the time being. He only wanted to find the exact location of the God Realm or the Inner Realm as soon as possible and then break through the spatial barrier to return.

“Should I go to Heaven’s Beyond to take a look?”

Qin Jue was rather conflicted.

At present, looking for the God Realm with this method was no different from searching for a needle in a haystack. It was almost impossible.

Even those God King Stage experts might not know about the God Realm.

Was there really no other way?

The only thing that was certain was that there was definitely a connection between the two. Otherwise, why would Qin Jue be swept here by the spatial realm?

Qin Jue wondered if he should… try entering the Spatial Turbulence Realm again?

Thinking of this, Qin Jue’s eyes lit up. He had been searching for information about the God Realm, but it had caused him to fall into darkness and forget why he had come here.

Perhaps he could really use the Spatial Turbulence Realm to return to the Inner Realm.

Just as Qin Jue was thinking, a black figure suddenly flew out from the space behind him and headed straight for his head!


Qin Jue frowned slightly. A layer of golden light instantly lit up on the surface of his body, repelling the black figure.

“How is this possible?”

The black figure let out a scream and was about to escape into space when it was enveloped by the golden light that swept out and froze in place. No matter how he struggled, it was useless.

“It’s you!”

Qin Jue never expected that the black-robed man would actually return and attack him from the side.

“Wu… what did you do to me?!”

The black-robed man frantically circulated his spirit energy in an attempt to break free from the golden light. However, he could not succeed this time. He couldn’t even escape by burning his blood essence.

“Didn’t I already let you go? Why did you come back to court death?” Qin Jue looked down at the black-robed man and said coldly.

Because he had no enmity with the black-robed man, he had deliberately let him go just now. But now that the black-robed man had attacked him, he couldn’t just let the matter slide.

“Hmph, you know too much!” The man in black gritted his teeth.

Qin Jue :”…”

Could it be that this guy could tell that his memories had been stolen?

Impossible. Not to mention that the black-robed man was only an upper realm True God Stage expert, even a God King Stage expert would not be able to tell.

Perhaps… the man in black only said that because Qin Jue had seen the other party kill the strongest person in the Eastern Region?

“I don’t care who you are. You better let go of me quickly.”

The black-robed man sneered and said, “I’ve already spread the news here. Soon, more experts will rush over. If you don’t want to die, obediently surrender!”


“Uh… did you cultivate too many evil techniques and damage your brain?”

Qin Jue knew that many cultivators who cultivated evil cultivation techniques were very violent and stupid. Otherwise, why would they cultivate evil techniques in the first place?

However… this black-robed man’s stupidity was a little too exaggerated. He had yet to figure out the situation.

In fact, just in case, Wu Shi had indeed spread the news here. That was why he chose to attack Qin Jue fearlessly.

It was just that Wu Shi didn’t expect Qin Jue to be so powerful. Just the spirit energy shield alone had repelled his full-power attack and even easily controlled him. It was simply inconceivable!

After being mocked by Qin Jue, Wu Shi immediately calmed down. He believed that he was invincible against those below God King Stage. Otherwise, the Immortal Divine Sect wouldn’t have allowed him to assassinate the strongest person in the four regions.

And the strength Qin Jue had displayed made him realize that Qin Jue was a God King Stage expert!

After understanding this, Wu Shi gradually became frightened.

If the experts sent by the Immortal Divine Sect later were only at the True God Stage, wouldn’t they be dead meat?

The black-robed man cursed.

How could there be a God King Stage expert here?!

“Since you’re already here, why hide?”

Qin Jue lightly waved his palm and directly wrapped Shi Tian and Killing Dao in golden light to prevent the two of them from being accidentally affected.

“So soon?”

Wu Shi was stunned.

“Wu Shi, what’s going on?”

As the last word fell, several black-robed figures appeared and floated in the air.

The black-robed man in the lead had pitch-black eyes without any white. His entire body emitted a sinister and strange aura that was unfathomable. A black halo burned brilliantly behind him, as if even heaven and earth were prostrating before his feet!

“Vice Sect Master!”

Wu Shi was overjoyed.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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