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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 332

Chapter 332 - This Is the Central Star Domain?

Chapter 332: This Is the Central Star Domain?

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In the vast void, Qin Jue closed his eyes slightly. His spirit sense continued to spread out like mercury, seemingly boundless.

Although Ying Shan had marked the ancient map in detail, he had missed one thing.

That was that Qin Jue didn’t need to follow the route depicted in the ancient map at all. As long as he confirmed the location of the Central Star Domain, he could just construct a spatial gate, directly bringing him there.

“Found it!”

Qin Jue opened his eyes and lightly waved his hand. A dazzling golden light immediately bloomed, illuminating an area of 50 kilometers as if it was daytime.

These golden lights constantly distorted and changed. Soon, they condensed into a huge door that led straight to the destination marked on the ancient map!

“It’s already done?”

Killing Dao was stunned.

“Of course.”

Qin Jue shrugged his shoulders and flew into the spatial gate first. “Let’s go.”


Killing Dao was stunned. She hurriedly circulated her spirit energy and led Shi Tian to follow.

Ever since he left the Nine Provinces Continent, Qin Jue had handed Shi Tian to Killing Dao to look after. With Killing Dao’s strength at the Half God Stage, it wouldn’t be difficult for her to protect Shi Tian. Moreover, they had Qin Jue around.

However, when facing Killing Dao, Shi Tian was a little reserved.

No, if it were any other man, they would treat Killing Dao in the same way, provided that Killing Dao did not speak.

After passing through the spatial gate, there was still an endless void in front of the three of them. They could not see the end, but the surrounding spirit qi was clearly richer than the Nine Provinces Continent. Moreover, it was filled with spirit qi of various attributes. It was simply a holy land for cultivation.

“Is this the Central Star Domain?”

Qin Jue muttered to himself thoughtfully.

“Master, where are we going next?”

Killing Dao’s face was filled with anticipation.

Because of Qin Jue’s interference last time, Zhu Huang had been killed before Killing Dao could be satisfied. Thus, Killing Dao now urgently wanted to fight others. It was best if she could find someone who could match her strength.


Hearing this, Qin Jue smiled and said with interest, “Since this place is called the Central Star Domain, there must be experts above the Half God Stage here. Let’s go find a few True God Stage experts and see if we can find out the exact situation of this world.”


As soon as these words were spoken, Killing Dao was instantly listless. Even though she was the incarnation of a divine artifact, her cultivation was only at the Half God Stage.

If she had not sealed Yin Tianxing for hundreds of thousands of years, Killing Dao might have already successfully stepped into the True God Stage by absorbing the heaven and earth essence.

However, in the time she spent sealing Yin Tianxing, not only had Killing Dao not improved in the slightest, but her cultivation had even deteriorated due to being in a stagnant state for a long time. So how could he possibly fight a True God Stage expert?

“Alright, we…”

Seeing Killing Dao remain silent, Qin Jue was about to say something when a deafening explosion suddenly sounded from the distance, shaking the heavens and the earth!


Qin Jue frowned and looked in the direction of the voice. He saw a battleship flying over with flames, its speed incomparably fast!


Killing Dao pointed her finger, and the battleship was instantly slashed open by the sword light, flying past them.

“What’s going on?”

Without waiting for Qin Jue to react, more and more battleships flew over from a distance. There were big and small battleships, and the big ones could accommodate hundreds of people. They were equipped with all kinds of weapons and were like sinister and terrifying void beasts.

The small ones could only accommodate two or three people, but they were extremely fast. They shuttled back and forth in the void and were simply impossible to capture. From time to time, they would shoot out a few spirit energy pillars that were exceptionally powerful.

These battleships were divided into two waves that were fighting each other. Both sides had no intention of holding back. In the blink of an eye, countless battleships had been destroyed, and they were as gorgeous as fireworks in the void.


Qin Jue was speechless. Was this an interstellar war?


Another battleship exploded, but the members inside successfully escaped. It was only at this moment that Qin Jue noticed that the people controlling these battleships were all cultivators of high levels!

These people who had escaped had all reached the Great Sage Stage.

Qin Jue felt weird picturing multiple Great Sage Stage experts fighting with battleships in an interstellar war.

What was even more interesting was that these Great Sage Stage experts all had weapons similar to firearms in their hands. As soon as they escaped from the battleship, they would shoot randomly. However, the bullets that were shot out were condensed by spirit energy and had extremely strong penetrative power. Even those small battleships were unable to withstand it. Once they were targeted by a focused fire, they would be easily destroyed.


Qin Jue never expected that he would see this scene in the world of cultivation.

Was there a mistake somewhere?

Qin Jue took out the ancient map and carefully looked at it. That’s right, this was indeed the Central Star Domain.

However, Qin Jue neglected one thing. It had been thousands of years since Ying Shan came to the Central Star Domain, so how could there be no changes in these thousands of years?



Right at this moment, a white light suddenly lit up, instantly crossing a hundred kilometers and hitting a thousand-meter-long battleship.

Crack! Crack!

The protective shield outside the battleship only lasted for less than half a second before it was torn apart. However, the white light did not stop there and forcefully pierced through it!


In the next moment, the battleship exploded, turning into countless flames that scattered. A huge spatial rift was formed in the middle, and no one escaped alive.

With the main ship destroyed, one side immediately fell into chaos and was no longer in the mood to fight. They all fled in different directions and quickly disappeared from sight.

“That attack just now seemed to be the Doomsday Thunder on the Realmlord’s ship.” The cultivator who belonged to the winning side said.

“Could it be that the Realmlord is here?”

“Hahaha, with the Realmlord personally stepping forward, do you think we won’t be able to deal with this bunch of trash?”


All the cultivators threw their heads back and laughed, incomparably happy.

“Mm? Look, what’s that?”

Suddenly, someone noticed Qin Jue and the others not far away.

“Hehe, they should be remnants of the Wood World. We can just kill them directly.”

The other person curled his lips and controlled the battleship to fire at Qin Jue without hesitation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flames shot in all directions like a roaring dragon, instantly submerging Qin Jue and the others.

But when the flames dissipated, Qin Jue and the others still stood in place expressionlessly, as if nothing had happened.


All the cultivators were shocked. It had to be known that the weapons on these battleships were all powered by spirit energy and could be used continuously after being loaded.

Even Great Void Stage experts would be severely injured if they were careless. Could these three be high-level Great Void Stage experts?

Before they could figure it out, a sword light tore through the sky!


Sword light slashed past, easily splitting the battleship apart and exploding!

“What’s going on?”

“There seems to be more enemies!”

The commotion here quickly attracted the attention of the other battleships. In an instant, dozens of battleships flew over and surrounded Qin Jue and the others.

“Who are these people?”

“I don’t know.”

“Strange, they don’t look like a creature from the Wood World.”

“Then what should we do?”

“Hmph, who cares who they are? How dare he destroy our battleship? Die!”

Just as one of the cultivators was about to attack, Qin Jue and the others suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“Where did they go?”


Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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