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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 327

Chapter 327 - Pill Void Fiends

Chapter 327: Pill Void Fiends

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The sky was gloomy, and rain poured down, drenching the street.

Ying Shan and Zhu Huang led their respective subordinates as they walked in Blue Essence City. Their bodies were not tainted by any rain, and their expressions were gloomy, as if they were thinking about something.

“Patriarch, what was the result?”

The old man who was in charge of reporting to Ying Yue hesitated for a moment and transmitted his voice.

“What other result did you expect? A truce, of course.”

Ying Shan said helplessly, “City Lord Shen only wants to end the war and doesn’t care about the reason.”

“I see.”

The old man was indignant. “Are we really going to stop just like that?”

“Of course.”

Ying Shan rolled his eyes. “If this continues, City Lord Shen will uproot both of our factions.”


The old man was stunned and couldn’t help but shudder.

Since he had said this, it meant that City Lord Shen had already made up his mind. If the battle continued, City Lord Shen would definitely not show mercy.

At that time, the Black Fiend Pavilion and the Ying Clan would definitely be uprooted.

On the other side, Zhu Huang also had a similar conversation with his subordinate, but he had a strange smile on his face.

In the restaurant, Qin Jue retracted his gaze. He had a meaningful expression, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t know Ying Shan personally, so why should he interfere?

“Let’s leave this place after we finish eating.” Qin Jue said indifferently.


Killing Dao shrugged her shoulders indifferently. In any case, it didn’t matter where she went.

After all, she had stayed in the Yin World for hundreds of thousands of years without leaving. In comparison, this was nothing.


Shi Tian was silent. He opened his mouth but did not say a word.

As if seeing through Shi Tian’s inner thoughts, Qin Jue consoled, “Don’t worry. No matter what, I will bring you back to the Spirit Central World.”


Shi Tian nodded slightly, still looking miserable.

This time, Qin Jue didn’t console him again. He wasn’t a life mentor, so it was impossible for him to get Shi Tian to pretend that nothing had happened. He only needed to protect Shi Tian and successfully bring him back to the Spirit Central World.

As for what Shi Tian was thinking, Qin Jue could only comfort him casually, but he couldn’t stop him from his thoughts.

In next to no time, the three of them and Yun Xi were full and left Blue Essence City.

Before they could go far, a deafening bang suddenly sounded from above. Then, the battleship that belonged to the Ying Clan fell from the sky in flames.

Before the battleship fell, dozens of figures flew out, all of them Ying Clan experts.

There were also some who did not escape and unfortunately died inside.

“Who was it?!”

Ying Shan roared towards the sky as his aura rose steadily, instantly reaching the peak of the tenth realm of the Great Void Stage!

He never expected that after only relaxing for a few breaths, his battleship would suddenly be attacked. Several unlucky guards died on the spot, dying without a complete corpse. The battleship had also completely lost control and could not be used.

It had to be known that this battleship was one of the most powerful battleships of the Ying Clan. It could be imagined how furious Ying Shan was now.

“Hahaha, Patriarch Ying, have you forgotten about me so quickly?”

Space distorted as Zhu Huang’s figure slowly appeared. “I told you I would make you regret it.”

Around him, even more experts of the Black Fiend Pavilion appeared. All of them had deep auras and had reached the fifth realm of the Great Void Stage or above. Clearly, they did not have good intentions.

“You did that? you damned transvestite!”

Ying Shan was stunned. “How dare you disobey City Lord Shen’s orders!”

“Patriarch Ying, you have to be careful with your words.”

Zhu Huang’s eyes narrowed as he sneered, “City Lord Shen only asked us to stop fighting. He didn’t say that we can’t kill you.”

“As long as I kill you, the Ying Clan will be done for. Why would we need to start a war?”


Ying Shan was speechless.

Indeed, it was as Zhu Huang had said. City Lord Shen had only asked them to stop waging wars and had not stopped them from killing each other.

In other words, as long as the scale of the war was reduced, why would City Lord Shen care about their lives?

Even if the Ying Clan was destroyed tomorrow, City Lord Shen probably wouldn’t take a second look.

After figuring this out, Ying Shan calmed down. “You think you can kill me with just you and these rotten fish?”

“Hehe, Patriarch Ying, do you really think you’re invincible?” Zhu Huang said sinisterly.

Ying Shan didn’t care about this at all. “If I remember correctly, your injuries shouldn’t have healed yet, right?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Zhu Huang’s expression instantly became incomparably ugly.

Although City Lord Shen’s slap just now seemed fine, it was actually extremely heavy. If not for Zhu Huang’s powerful body, he would have been severely injured.

Even so, he was still severely injured and it would be difficult for him to recover in a short period of time.

Now, let alone killing Ying Shan, it was questionable whether he could even win.

“That’s right. We can’t kill you with just the few of us, but what if we include them?” Zhu Huang gritted his teeth.


Ying Shan was slightly shocked. He was about to spread out his spirit sense when two loud laughs sounded. “Patriarch Ying, long time no see.”

As soon as he finished speaking, two white-haired old men with sage-like auras suddenly appeared. Their entire bodies were suffused with blood qi, and they were mysterious and unfathomable. They directly split into different directions and cut off all of Ying Shan’s retreating routes.

“Pill Void Fiends? Why are the two of you here?”

Ying Shan was shocked.

The two Pill Void Fiends were also known as the Pill Fiend and the Void Fiend.

They were the two most powerful and most notorious itinerant cultivators of the Seven Realms.

Because the cultivation technique they cultivated absorbed the blood of the human body to refine medicinal pills, they were known as “fiends”.

However, because of their cultivation technique, the two of them had successfully stepped into the tenth realm of the Great Void Stage. Within the same realm, they were rarely matched, and even many top factions were unable to do anything to them.

Moreover, in order to not attract the attention of Half God Stage experts, the two of them would definitely not make any large scale attacks. Therefore, they were still free and unfettered.

According to the news obtained from Ying Shan, the two Pill Void Fiends should be in the Sea Spirit Continent. Why were they here?

“Hehe, the blood qi of a tenth realm Great Void Stage expert isn’t so easy to obtain. How can we not come?”

The Pill Fiend’s eyes burned as he stared fixedly at Ying Shan, like a hunter looking at his prey.

“I heard that the Ying Clan of the Ming Province has been passing down inheritances for 100,000 years. No matter what happens, your clan has never declined. I suppose there should be some special ability in your bloodline?”

The Void Fiend licked his lips like a madman, as if he wanted nothing more than to rush up and take a bite of Ying Shan to confirm his guess.

Facing the provocation of two experts of the same realm, Ying Shan was expressionless as he said in a deep voice, “What benefits did Zhu Huang give you that allowed you to work for him?”

“Hahaha, Patriarch Ying, I think you might have misunderstood.”

The Pill Fiend smiled. “We’re just cooperating. We take what we need and don’t get paid.”

“I see.”

As a top expert, Ying Shan immediately realized the crux of the problem. “You guys have been eyeing my Ying Clan for a long time, right?”

“That’s right.”

The Pill Fiend did not hide anything. “Since Patriarch Ying is well aware of this, why don’t you just give up on struggling and fulfill our wish?”

“Don’t worry, the bloodline of your Ying Clan will forever flow in our bodies..” Pill Fiend said sinisterly.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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