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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 320

Chapter 320 - Who Else?!

Chapter 320: Who Else?!

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“You’ve gone too far!”

Xiao Dang was unable to restrain his anger. His aura rose steadily, which instantly reached the peak of the second realm of the Great Void Stage. He raised a violent wind that blew until people could hardly open their eyes.

“Hehe, I’m not afraid of you.”

The insect cultivator grinned, revealing his sharp teeth. “Stay out of this. I want to deal with him alone.”

“Let’s end this quickly. Otherwise, it’ll be troublesome if we attract others.”

The elegant man frowned.

“Don’t worry, no problem.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the insect cultivator’s wings shook, and then it suddenly emitted a ball of dark green fog that was extremely smelly. It quickly enveloped itself and Xiao Dang, causing Xiao Dang to be unable to see what was going on inside.

Realizing that something was wrong, Xiao Dang hurriedly raised his spirit energy shield to isolate the dark green fog.

However, this fog could actually corrode spirit energy. With this, it wouldn’t be long before Xiao Dang’s spirit energy was exhausted.

“No, I have to defeat him as soon as possible!”

Gritting his teeth, Xiao Dang’s eyes were cold. He quickly spread out his spirit sense and captured the insect cultivator. At the same time, his domain pressed down on the other party from all directions!


Accompanied by a loud bang, the fog trembled slightly, but it did not dissipate. Instead, it became even deeper, as if it was corporeal.

“Hahaha, idiot, how dare you fight the Insect Race in the poisonous miasma. You really don’t know what’s good for you.”

Seeing this, the elegant man could not help but sneer.

One had to know that the most terrifying thing about the Insect Race was not their cultivation, but their various strange abilities.

If cultivators of the same realm fought without figuring out the situation, they would be done for if they were careless and would not even have the chance to escape.

“I bet he can’t last more than five minutes.”

Another thin man asserted.

“Five minutes? You think too highly of him. Three minutes at most.”

A red-haired youth smiled.

Apart from the woman who remained silent, the other three did not seem to care about Xiao Dang at all.

As companions, they knew very well how powerful an insect cultivator was. Even if Xiao Dang was already at the peak of the second realm and was only half a step away from the third realm, it was still impossible for him to be a match for an insect cultivator.


Suddenly, the thin man noticed Killing Dao not far away. His eyes narrowed as he exclaimed, “What a beautiful woman.”

When they heard this, the elegant man and the red-haired young man looked in the direction of the voice, and their eyes instantly lit up. They were extremely shocked.

“Fairy, are you friends with that fellow just now?”

The elegant man could not help but ask.


Qin Jue had a strange expression and couldn’t help but laugh.

If they knew that Killing Dao’s original body was a sword, who knew what they would think?


Killing Dao thought for a moment and shook her head slightly.

Because the words were short and Killing Dao’s voice was very low, the three of them did not notice anything amiss.

“That’s good.”

The elegant man continued, “Since you’re not friends, you should only be temporarily teaming up, right? In any case, that guy is about to die soon. Why don’t you join us? I can guarantee that you’ll definitely get a share of these Profound Yin Grass.”

“That’s right. If you join us, you’ll get more benefits.”

The thin man and the red-haired youth hurriedly chimed in.

“Not interested.”

Killing Dao pursed her lips.


They were dumbfounded.

How could she not be interested in a level twelve spirit herb, the Profound Yin Grass?

The elegant man’s expression darkened. “A wise person submits to circumstances. Fairy, you better think carefully!”

As the saying went, a drunkard had an ulterior motive. How could Killing Dao not tell what the three of them wanted to do by inviting her to join their team?

Of course, the woman on their team was also listening the entire time.

Witnessing this scene, the woman’s eyes revealed dense disgust. If not for the order from her clan, she would not have formed a team with these trash.


Right at this moment, an incomparable spirit energy hurricane spread out. Wherever it passed, even space could not withstand it, revealing cracks that almost collapsed.

Then, the dark green fog shook three times and slowly dissipated.

“Oh? So soon? Looks like I overestimated that guy.”

The red-haired youth sneered.

“Fairy, will you reconsider now?”

The elegant man looked smug.

In their opinion, as long as Xiao Dang was dead, was there a need to worry that Killing Dao would not lower her head and submit?

Hu –

Finally, the dark green fog completely disappeared, revealing the scene inside. Then, everyone was stunned.

The empty ground was covered in cracks and potholes. They crisscrossed and were horrifying. Clearly, the two had just experienced a fierce battle.

However, the outcome was completely different from what they had imagined.

“Save me…”

The insufferably arrogant insect cultivator was lying on the ground at this moment, on the verge of death. The two wings on his back had been forcefully torn off, and he was covered in blood. His aura was dispirited and dispirited, as if he would die at any moment. He no longer had the lofty appearance from before.

On the other hand, Xiao Dang was still standing straight. His aura did not decrease but increased. He was only slightly injured!

“How is this possible…”

The elegant man muttered to himself, dumbfounded.

The insect cultivator had actually lost?


The red-haired youth and the thin man looked at each other in disbelief.

Even the woman revealed a surprised expression.

Although this woman hated these trash, she still admitted that their strength was absolutely top-notch for second realm Great Void Stage cultivators.

This was especially true for that insect cultivator. According to the woman’s speculation, it would take at least two peak Great Void Stage experts to defeat him. However, Xiao Dang had done it alone.

Only Qin Jue and Killing Dao remained calm, having long seen through everything.

“Save me…”

The insect cultivator moved his body in an attempt to approach the elegant man and the others, but he was pinned to the ground by Xiao Dang with a spear and could not move.

“Who else?!”

Xiao Dang’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he looked at the elegant man.

Seeing this, the elegant man was shocked and subconsciously avoided his gaze, not daring to look into his eyes.


There were four of us, so what was there to be afraid of?

Thinking of this, the elegant man took a deep breath and summoned his courage to say, “I don’t care what method you used to defeat the insect cultivator. Let him go quickly, or don’t blame us for being impolite!”

Hearing this, the insect cultivator that was nailed to the ground wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. Others might not know, but he knew very well that Xiao Dang had not launched a sneak attack at all and had instead fought him head-on, defeating him fair and square.

“Is that so…”

Xiao Dang pondered for a moment and pulled out his spear.

The insect cultivator was overjoyed. He hurriedly used his limbs and crawled towards the elegant man and the others.

“Very good.”

The elegant man nodded in satisfaction. He was about to say something when he suddenly saw Xiao Dang smile. He immediately had a bad feeling.

As expected, in the next moment, Xiao Dang raised his spear and stabbed at the insect cultivator again. However, this time, it was not his body, but his head!


The insect cultivator emitted a frightened scream.


As expected, the long spear pierced through the insect cultivator’s head and gently swept away the insect cultivator’s soul!

Xiao Dang had always believed in the principle of eradicating the root of the problem, so how could he let the insect cultivator escape?

“You’re courting death!”

The elegant man was stunned and shouted angrily, “No one can save you now!”

“Let’s attack together!”

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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