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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 312

Chapter 312 - Killing Dao Sword

Chapter 312: Killing Dao Sword

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Almost at the moment the man opened his eyes, the entire small world shook. It was as if thunder had flashed, illuminating the mountains and rivers in a tragic manner.

At the same time, the palace instantly turned into countless fragments that scattered. Even the throne under the man cracked and collapsed.

In the sky, wind and clouds surged, and the heavens and the earth dimmed. A vortex faintly formed, as if the end of the world had arrived.


Another thunderclap fell, illuminating the man and Qin Jue. It was especially intimidating.

In the distance, Shi Tian was dumbfounded, almost unable to believe his eyes. If it weren’t for Qin Jue standing in place without moving, he would have long been frightened away.


The sword shook slightly and the killing intent was retracted, replaced by dense fear!

That’s right, a sword could actually feel fear!

“It’s over.”

The sword sighed helplessly.

Just as Qin Jue expected, the sword had already given birth to an artifact spirit. At this moment, it finally spoke.

“He’s not dead?”

Qin Jue was also slightly surprised.

No wonder the spirit energy of this corpse was condensed and did not disperse. It turned out that it was more complicated and not just restricted by the sword.

“This is…”

The white-haired man looked at his hands in confusion and then at his surroundings, somewhat puzzled.

Suddenly, the white-haired man seemed to have thought of something and suddenly laughed towards the sky. His voice shook thousands of kilometers, piercing through gold and splitting stone.

“Hahaha, finally… I have been awakened!”

The white-haired man’s aura continued to rise. In the blink of an eye, he had already broken through the Great Void Stage and stepped into the realm of the True God Stage. He caused many dazzling heavenly phenomena.

A True God Stage expert who had been “asleep” for an unknown period of time had been revived.

“Were you the one who saved me?”

After calming down, the white-haired man finally noticed Qin Jue beside him. His eyes flickered with unknown intentions.

“Uh… I guess so.”

Qin Jue nodded.

From the current situation, it seemed that the sword had only sealed the white-haired man instead of killing him. Qin Jue pulling out the sword was equivalent to helping the white-haired man undo the seal, thereby saving him.

As for how the white-haired man protected his life force, Qin Jue didn’t know.

“Thank you!”

Hearing this, the white-haired man immediately cupped his fists at Qin Jue.

Qin Jue :”…”

Why was it different from what he imagined?

He thought that the white-haired man would directly attack and silence him.

“I am Yin Tianxing. May I know who you are…”

The white-haired man didn’t know what Qin Jue was thinking and went straight to the point.

“Qin Jue!” Qin Jue answered truthfully.

“So it’s Brother Qin.”

The white-haired man grinned and said as if he was very familiar with Qin Jue, “Thank you, Brother Qin, for saving my life. I will never forget your kindness!”

Qin Jue :”…”

Why did it sound strange, as if the white-haired man wanted to seek revenge on him?

“Don’t be fooled by him. He’s a fiend.”

At this moment, the sword suddenly spoke in the human tongue and shouted angrily.

If it weren’t for Qin Jue holding it in his hand, the sword would have already rushed up to fight the white-haired man to the death.

“Mm? Killing Dao Sword?”

Yin Tianxing frowned slightly as killing intent flashed in his eyes. “You’ve sealed me for so long, but you still haven’t resolved the hatred in your heart?”

Although Yin Tianxing concealed it very well, Qin Jue still noticed his killing intent. He immediately understood that things weren’t that simple.

However, this sword was actually called “Killing Dao”?

No wonder the killing intent was so strong.

“Ptui, I’ll kill you one day and avenge everyone!”

The sword shouted.

“In that case, I’ll destroy your artifact spirit today!”

As he spoke, Yin Tianxing immediately stretched out his hand to snatch the sword, but Qin Jue dodged sideways.

“Sorry, this sword is mine now.” Qin Jue said expressionlessly.

Yin Tianxing was stunned and said in a deep voice, “Brother Qin, you might not know this, but the killing intent of this sword is too dense. If I don’t destroy the artifact spirit, it will probably cause endless trouble in the future.”

“I said, this sword is mine now.” Qin Jue repeated.


For a moment, the atmosphere fell into silence and hostility, as if even the air had frozen.

After a while, Yin Tianxing changed the topic and smiled. “Since Brother Qin was the one who pulled out this sword, then this sword should indeed be Brother Qin’s. I was rude.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he actually retracted his arm and stopped fighting.

It was hard to imagine that such a person would be the fiendish demon mentioned by the Killing Dao Sword.

Of course, Qin Jue wasn’t a child and was deceived in a few words, so he didn’t take Yin Tianxing’s words to heart at all.

It was obvious that a True God Stage expert who had been sealed for countless years would not lower his head so easily.

In any case, since Yin Tianxing didn’t continue to attack, Qin Jue couldn’t say anything else and could only focus on the Killing Dao Sword.

He had originally planned to use a soul search on the Killing Dao Sword to investigate the situation here. In any case, he had only saved Yin Tianxiang by accident.

Just as Qin Jue was about to use the soul searching technique, Yin Tianxing suddenly took a step forward and arrived beside the bronze coffin outside the palace.

Seeing the figure lying in the coffin, Yin Tianxing was stunned for a moment before he threw his head back and laughed. “Hahaha, Tianchou, you still lost to me.”


Yin Tianchou? Yin Tianxing?

Qin Jue pondered.

In that case, the man in the coffin was indeed somewhat similar to Yin Tianxing. Could it be that the two of them were brothers?

“What? Master is dead?”

Hearing Yin Tianxing’s words, the Killing Dao Sword immediately struggled crazily, wanting to go over and take a look. Unfortunately, Qin Jue was grabbing it and it couldn’t move at all.

In fact, the Killing Dao Sword had long known about its master’s death. It was just unwilling to accept it. Otherwise, why would it be left here for so many years? After all, its bloodline connection had already been severed.

So the man in the coffin was the owner of the Killing Dao Sword.

Qin Jue suddenly understood why the man in the coffin had the killing intent of the Killing Dao Sword.

In other words, the man was not killed by the Killing Dao Sword.


Yin Tianxing seemed to have gone crazy, and he was even happier than when he had just revived.

It could be seen that the two of them must have had a poor relationship when they were alive.

“Alright, alright, alright.”

In the next moment, Yin Tianxing suddenly raised his palm and slapped down heavily!


Berserk spirit energy swept out, instantly splitting the coffin into pieces. The remaining force continued to hit the ground, raising dust that filled the sky.

Seeing this, Qin Jue frowned and immediately flew into the sky with Shi Tian.

When the dust and smoke fell, the entire ruined palace had already turned into a bottomless pit. Nothing was left except for the man lying in the coffin.

This was the power of a divine body. Even though the person had already died, the body was still indestructible.

“Hehehe, don’t worry, I won’t destroy your body so easily. Since you weren’t willing to listen to my orders when you were alive, I’ll refine you into a puppet and let you serve me in death.”

Yin Tianxing muttered to himself, making one shudder.

Then Yin Tianxing looked up at Qin Jue and revealed an extremely abnormal smile.

Since Yin Tianchou was already dead, he had nothing to worry about.

He was not planning on letting anyone leave here alive!

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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