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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 302

Chapter 302 - Would You Like Some Spirit Wine?

Chapter 302: Would You Like Some Spirit Wine?

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Spirit Central World, Southern Land, Xuanyi Mountain

Perhaps it was because they had taken in more disciples, the current Xuanyi Mountain Sect was clearly much more lively than before.

Everywhere one looked, one could see young boys and girls who were diligently cultivating. All of them had firm expressions and were sweating profusely.

Although the Xuanyi Mountain Sect was now the holy land of the Southern Land and was above the Three Major Sects, it was still very lacking. Aside from their top combat strength, they were inferior to the Three Major Sects in all other aspects.

This was especially true for the cultivation of their basic-level disciples. The majority of Xuanyi Mountain Sect’s disciples had always been around the Yellow Stage and the Profound Stage and were simply unable to compare with the Three Major Sects.

This was also the reason why Bai Ye agreed to recruit more disciples. Although he was not interested in ruling the Southern Land, with the current strength of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect, it was almost impossible for the sect to stay hidden in remote areas like before. Therefore, Bai Ye had to constantly develop and strengthen it.

“Sect Master, these are cultivation resources handed over by the internal factions of Brilliance City. Please take a look.”

First Elder Wang Quan took out a storage ring and placed it in front of Bai Ye.

Ever since the Six Great Clans had voluntarily left Brilliance City and handed it over to the Xuanyi Mountain Sect, the First Elder had become the new owner of Brilliance City in name.

Throughout the thousand years of Brilliance City’s history, the First Elder should have been the first Heaven Stage City Lord. Even so, no one dared to disobey him. They even had to pay 30% of their cultivation resources to him as “protection fees”.

This was not something the First Elder or the Xuanyi Mountain Sect had forced them to do. Instead, the factions of Brilliance City had insisted on paying because they were worried themselves.

Naturally, the First Elder also wouldn’t refuse such a strange request.


Bai Ye nodded and said meaningfully, “Old Wang, how are you doing in Brilliance City?”

Strictly speaking, before Bai Ye became the sect master of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect, the two of them should have been enemies.

Not only had both sides suffered heavy losses in the Mountain Gate Tournament decades ago, but they had also fought for the position of sect master in the past.

However, relying on his usual shameless style, Bai Ye successfully rose to the top.

Reality proved that although Bai Ye was very unreliable at times, he was indeed more suitable to be the sect master than the First Elder.

At least in terms of cultivation talent, Bai Ye far surpassed the First Elder and had stepped into the Supreme Stage long ago.

On the other hand, the First Elder had long given up on the position of sect master and was no longer as jealous and resentful as before.

In short, the two of them were more like friends now, and there was no strict hierarchy between them.

“It’s alright I guess.”

After that, the First Elder immediately revealed a happy smile. “You might not know this, but every time the leaders of those factions of Brilliance City meet me, they want nothing more than to bury their heads in the ground. Hahaha.”

As the saying went, when a person attained the Dao, even the nearby chickens and dogs would rise to the sky.

Even though the First Elder was only at the Heaven Stage, because he had the Xuanyi Mountain Sect behind him, even Supreme Stage experts had to be respectful to him. This was also why those brainless geniuses dared to act so recklessly despite their inferior cultivation.

The young master of the Wei Clan was one of such geniuses.

However, the First Elder was not so stupid. As long as no one found fault with him, he would be fine. He also wouldn’t do anything out of line to avoid attracting trouble.

After all, he knew his status in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect very well. Although he was the First Elder and was almost only inferior to the sect master, his strength was almost not even in the top five in the sect.

Moreover, Bai Ye had always hated people who caused trouble. Bai Ye had specially reminded the First Elder of this when he took over Brilliance City.

“Oh, really?”

Bai Ye said indifferently, “In that case, keep these cultivation resources for yourself.”


The First Elder was stunned and thought that he had misheard. “What did you say?”

Bai Ye smiled bitterly. “I said, keep these cultivation resources for yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Bai Ye flicked his finger, and the storage ring immediately flew over to the First Elder.


The First Elder looked hesitant, not understanding what Bai Ye meant.

“Don’t worry. The sect doesn’t lack cultivation resources now. In any case, you’ll be in charge of Brilliance City in the future. You will need it.”

After a pause, he added, “You don’t want to stay at the Heaven Stage forever, right?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the First Elder, who had a hesitant expression, immediately put away his storage ring and cupped his fists. “Thank you, Sect Master!”

After all, all cultivators yearned to become stronger.

This was especially true now that the First Elder was in charge of Brilliance City. Although he had the support of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect, if he could step into the Supreme Stage, it would definitely be more convenient for him to handle affairs. He also wouldn’t have to worry about people talking behind his back.

“Hahaha, what are you thanking me for? You’re too polite.”

Bai Ye stood up and patted the First Elder’s shoulder. He smiled and said, “You’re leaving tomorrow. Have a drink with me.”


The First Elder nodded heavily.

Not long after, Bai Ye prepared some food and drank with the First Elder in the main hall.


Suddenly, the First Elder frowned and put down his wine cup.

“What’s wrong?”

“My… my stomach hurts.”

The First Elder looked up with a painful expression.

“Your stomach hurts?”

Bai Ye was surprised. “That shouldn’t be the case. I only added some medicinal powder to the wine.”


“What powder?” The First Elder endured the intense pain and asked.

“Oh, I added the powder of a grade four spirit herb that I created myself. It’s called the Exploding Spirit Pill. It can improve the cultivation of a Heaven Stage cultivator. I crushed it into powder and poured it into wine.” Bai Ye explained.

“Then why are you fine?”

The First Elder wanted to cry but had no tears to shed.

When he heard the words “created myself”, he knew that he was done for.

“Because this spirit herb is only useful to Heaven Stage cultivators. That’s why I didn’t add it to my drink.”


It was only at this moment that the First Elder noticed that he and Bai Ye were not drinking from the same wine!

Too cunning!

The First Elder never expected that Bai Ye would actually extend a fiendish claw at him. No wonder Bai Ye had given him so many cultivation resources just now!

“How is it? Do you feel spirit qi traveling through your body?”

Bai Ye was full of anticipation.

First Elder :”…”

The First Elder almost cursed out at Bai Ye.

Right at this moment, the First Elder’s expression changed slightly. He felt an indescribable gas flowing through his body. In the next moment, this gas suddenly rushed towards his lower body!

In an instant, the First Elder thought of Bai Ye’s tragic state a few months ago!

“Not good!”

The First Elder was aghast, and his face flushed red. He hurriedly circulated his spirit energy to suppress this gas and roared at Bai Ye, “Ahhh! I want to kill you!”


The Xuanyi Mountain Sect shook violently, forming visible spirit energy ripples that spread out, attracting the puzzled gazes of many higher-ups.

“This is… the First Elder’s spirit energy aura?”

“And the aura of Sect Master.”

“What’s going on?”

“They should be sparring, right?”


Everyone discussed animatedly and were puzzled.

At this moment, above the main hall, Bai Ye fled in a panic. He turned around and said, “Stop it, stop chasing me! I did that for your own good.”

“Cut the crap. Today, I will… Wu!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the First Elder could no longer hold it in. He clutched his stomach and quickly disappeared from sight. He did not want to lose face in front of so many people like Bai Ye.

“Hai, looks like I failed again.”

Watching the First Elder leave, Bai Ye sighed.


A loud bang suddenly sounded from the horizon, shaking the heavens and the earth. Even the clouds dispersed, looking exceptionally terrifying.

Su Yan, who was cooking for Yun Xi at the cliff couldn’t help but look in the direction of the noise and was rather curious. “I wonder what’s wrong?”


“Ahem, it should be fine.”


Qin Jue rolled his eyes and changed the topic. “Do you want to drink some spirit wine…”

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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