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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 295

Chapter 295 - The Despairing Heavenly Emperor

The Heavenly Emperor had only revealed half of the prophecy regarding the destruction of the Heavenly Palace to the outside world.

Whether it was the thirty-six protectors or the higher-ups of the Heavenly Palace, they all only knew that if someone awakened the remnant soul in the ruins, the Heavenly Palace would face its end.

However,they did not know that the World Mountain was the key to destroying the Heavenly Palace.

This was also why the Heavenly Emperor remained calm and collected the entire time. As long as he did not see the World Mountain, he would not be afraid.

But now, everything was developing as predicted. The Heavenly Emperor finally felt a trace of fear!

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

The Heavenly Emperor roared angrily. “I clearly placed it in an extremely remote low-level dimension in the Inner Realm. Why do you have it?!”

The Heavenly Emperor seemed to have gone crazy, his eyes almost splitting open. He looked as if he wanted to skin Qin Jue alive.

“Oh, did you put this thing in the Spirit Central World?”

Qin Jue was stunned for a moment before smiling. “Unfortunately, I live in the Spirit Central World.”


The anger suddenly stopped, and the Heavenly Emperor was instantly stunned on the spot.

He tried his best to recall and finally recalled that he had indeed abandoned the World Mountain in a place called the Spirit Central World. He had even deliberately condensed a projection inside to allow it to rule the Spirit Central World.

In fact, the Heavenly Emperor had no interest in the Spirit Central World at all. Back then, he was just in a hurry to leave the Inner Realm.

As for why he had left the World Mountain there, the reason was very simple. The World Mountain was too large and too heavy for him to control. To him, it was basically no different from trash.

Most importantly, the World Mountain could not leave the Inner Realm, so it was safer for him to leave it in a remote low-level dimension.

However, the Heavenly Emperor never expected that not only had the World Mountain been found, but it had even been brought out of the Inner Realm!

How did the other party do it?

The Heavenly Emperor could not understand.

He had once repeatedly confirmed that the World Mountain was a chaotic sacred artifact of the Inner Realm. It was indestructible and was restricted by the rules of the Heavenly Dao. It could not leave the Inner Realm.

In addition, at that time, the Heavenly Emperor had yet to establish the “Heavenly Palace” in the Outer Realm, so he naturally did not have the so-called prophecy and did not understand the importance of the World Mountain.

After he learned of the prophecy, he had already stepped into the God King Stage and was no longer able to return to the Inner Realm. In addition, the World Mountain had been abandoned in a remote low-level dimension, so the Heavenly Emperor did not pay too much attention to it. He deliberately concealed the other half of the prophecy in order to hide the existence of the World Mountain.

Thinking of this, the Heavenly Emperor wanted to cry but had no tears to shed.

If he had known earlier, he would have deliberately hidden the World Mountain!

Although everything was developing according to the prophecy, it was still absolutely impossible for the Heavenly Emperor to lower his head!

“I don’t care how you brought the World Mountain out of the Inner Realm, I will not admit defeat no matter what!”

Taking a deep breath, the Heavenly Emperor fused with the God Vanquishing Formation again. His aura rose steadily without end, and he even caused many void phenomena to gather over.

Even the experts outside the Heavenly Palace could faintly sense the spirit energy fluctuations and could not help but look over with shocked expressions.

“No one can kill me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the third eye between the Heavenly Emperor’s brows suddenly emitted a pitch-black divine light that was horrifying.

Qin Jue :”…”

Qin Jue felt wronged. After all, he only showed up here because the Heavenly Emperor wanted to kill him in the first place.

But why did it sound like the Heavenly Emperor was the victim here?

Qin Jue was dumbfounded.

“However, this thing is quite useful.”

Waving his hand and raising the World Mountain, Qin Jue said meaningfully, “By the way, your original appearance should be different, right?”

The Heavenly Emperor’s expression changed slightly as he snorted. “That’s right.”

Without waiting for Qin Jue to continue asking, lines of light suddenly split open on the Heavenly Emperor’s handsome face, slowly falling off like a molted shell.

After a long while, a “Heavenly Emperor” with a completely different appearance appeared in front of Qin Jue, almost identical to the birdman he saw in the cave.

The only difference was that the Heavenly Emperor had four wings on his back!

“So comfortable.”

The Heavenly Emperor groaned and smiled. “I’ve long been tired of using that old thing’s body to show others. This is my true appearance!”


After tearing off his disguise, the Heavenly Emperor no longer held back. His spirit energy was completely released and continued to spread out, resonating with the God Vanquishing Formation. The hole that was created by the World Mountain quickly healed until it disappeared.

At this moment, the Heavenly Emperor was in his strongest state!

Seeing this, Qin Jue couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath. With a wave of his hand, the World Mountain immediately smashed towards the Heavenly Emperor with incomparable destructive power. Before it could approach, the wind pressure had already blown the Heavenly Emperor’s hair and beard apart, and his clothes fluttered in the wind.

“Good timing!”

The Heavenly Emperor was fearless. His four wings flapped lightly, raising a violent wind that filled the sky. Immediately after, he activated the God Vanquishing Formation and turned it into a huge hand that held up the World Mountain!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Accompanied by a series of loud bangs, several of the array foundations of the God Vanquishing Formation exploded in succession. Surprisingly, it still did not collapse!


Qin Jue raised his eyebrows, slightly surprised.

Since one attack wasn’t enough, he would just attack again.

Therefore, the World Mountain fell heavily again!


This time, the God Vanquishing Formation finally could not withstand the force and exploded inch by inch, collapsing thousands of kilometers.

Just as Qin Jue was about to attack, the Heavenly Emperor suddenly smiled. Then his right eye flickered with golden light, and an invisible force immediately headed straight for Qin Jue!


Sensing that something was wrong, Qin Jue flicked his finger and created a spirit energy barrier.


The strange thing was that the invisible force directly passed through the spirit energy barrier and entered Qin Jue’s body.

In the next moment, a terrifying destructive force erupted from Qin Jue’s body, instantly affecting his internal organs!


Qin Jue’s movements froze. The World Mountain that was about to land suddenly froze in midair.

“This is…”

Qin Jue’s expression seemed uncertain.

“Hahaha, I succeeded!”

Without any time to think, the Heavenly Emperor immediately took the initiative to attack without hesitation. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to severely injure Qin Jue!


In an instant, countless spirit energy beams landed on Qin Jue, creating layers of energy ripples!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In a short moment, the Heavenly Emperor had launched countless attacks, completely disregarding the consumption of spirit energy. All kinds of divine abilities, magic treasures, and the power of laws “splashed” on Qin Jue as if they did not cost him anything. Clearly, he didn’t plan to give Qin Jue any chance to catch his breath.

In the end, the Heavenly Emperor simply detonated the God Vanquishing Formation on Qin Jue. He didn’t care whether Qin Jue was dead or alive.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


The Heavenly Emperor’s expression was sinister as he revealed a crazy smile.


Right at this moment, five well-defined fingers suddenly stretched out from the explosion, forcefully resisting all the attacks. Under the Heavenly Emperor’s frightened gaze, the fingers grabbed the Heavenly Emperor’s neck.

“This ends here.”

The five fingers exerted strength slightly, and the Heavenly Emperor felt his entire body become weak. His legs went weak, and he almost knelt on the ground.

As for the owner of the finger, besides Qin Jue, who else could it be?

Qin Jue walked out of the explosion expressionlessly, his white clothes fluttering, and his long hair dancing. There was no trace of injury at all.


The Heavenly Emperor gaped in disbelief. Qin Jue had clearly been hit by his Eye of Destruction, so how could he be unscathed?

For the first time, the Heavenly Emperor felt dense despair.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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