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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 291

Chapter 291 - Killing His Way Up To the Heavenly Palace

Chapter 291: Killing His Way Up To the Heavenly Palace

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As previously stated, the difference between the Inner Realm and the Outer Realm was like the difference between the mortal world and the immortal world in the cultivation novels.

Apart from having many spirit qi attributes, there were also obvious changes in many other aspects.

For example, not only was Long Zhui’s spirit energy unstable, but his strength had also decreased greatly.

It was not his cultivation that got reduced. Instead, it was his destructive powers.

In the Inner Realm, although Long Zhui could not be considered a top-notch expert, he could easily crush most low-level dimensions. A casual strike from him was enough to level an area of 5,000 kilometers.

However, in the God Realm, not to mention destroying an area of 5,000 kilometers with a single strike, he couldn’t even destroy an area of 1000 kilometers. It was as if he had been directly weakened by ten times!

Of course, Qin Jue did not feel weakened at all.

Therefore, Qin Jue was very curious now and wondered just what realm he was at.

“Master, where are we going?”

Flying in the spatial passageway with Qin Jue on his back, Long Zhui couldn’t help but ask.

Until now, Long Zhui still did not know where they were or what they were going to do.

“Heavenly Palace.”

Heavenly Palace?

Long Zhui was dumbfounded. He had never heard of this place.

As if seeing through Long Zhui’s confusion, Qin Jue casually explained, “I’m looking for a guy who’s bored and wants to court death.”

Strictly speaking, that was indeed the case.

If it weren’t for that “Heavenly Emperor” sending people to kill him for no reason, Qin Jue probably wouldn’t have known about the Heavenly Palace in the Outer Realm at all and wouldn’t have come knocking on his door. It was true that the Heavenly Emperor was courting death.

Long Zhui :”…”

“I wonder how powerful a God King Stage expert is.”

Thinking of this, Qin Jue revealed an expectant expression.

Because he had never fought a God King Stage expert before, Qin Jue was very excited, hoping that he wouldn’t be disappointed this time.

Similar to the True God Stage, the God King Stage was also divided into the upper and lower realms. Although Yan Nantian had never seen the “Heavenly Emperor” before, he knew that the “Heavenly Emperor” was an upper realm God King Stage expert.

In addition, the Heavenly Palace still had two lower realm God King Stage experts and thirty-six upper realm True God Stage protectors. Actually, there were only 35 left now.

Even in the God Realm, such a force was still a top faction.

However, Qin Jue didn’t care about the 35 protectors at all. In any case, he could deal with them with a single slap.

Just as Qin Jue was thinking, Long Zhui had already flown out of the spatial passageway and arrived above a continent.

Qin Jue had long learned the exact location of the Heavenly Palace from Yan Nantian, so it was naturally not difficult for him to find it.

This was an extremely vast continent that was several times larger than the White Dragon World. As far as the eye could see, there were palaces everywhere, and immortal qi circulated around them. All sorts of auspicious beasts passed through the forest, and from its appearance, this place did indeed look no different from a Heavenly Palace.

Most importantly, Qin Jue saw the familiar special symbols on many buildings. In other words, no matter what the result was, the two Heavenly Palaces were definitely related.

Since he had found the Heavenly Palace, there was no need for Qin Jue to continue letting his imagination run wild. He directly spread out his spirit sense, enveloped the entire Heavenly Palace, and began to search for his target.

“Heavenly Emperor, I am coming for you.”

In the depths of the Heavenly Palace, Primordial Chaos Divine Hall.

As the most sacred palace of the Heavenly Palace, the entire Primordial Chaos Divine Hall was made of crystal. Not only was it very beautiful, but it could also produce spirit qi on its own and nurture the living beings here.

At this moment, on the throne inside the Primordial Chaos Divine Hall, a handsome middle-aged man with a third eye between his brows was sitting with his eyes closed. His aura was unfathomable, mysterious, and unpredictable.

If Qin Jue were here, he would definitely recognize that the middle-aged man looked almost identical to the remnant soul Heavenly Emperor.

At this moment, the middle-aged man seemed to have sensed something as his eyes trembled and he slowly opened them.

One of his pupils was blue, and the other was golden. They were like galaxies, vast and deep.

In an instant, the entire divine hall lit up.


The originally clear sky instantly darkened, sweeping up clouds and spinning. Accompanied by lightning and thunder, it was as if the end of the world had arrived.

“What happened?”

“I know this phenomenon! It means that the Heavenly Emperor has awakened!”

“Your Majesty Heavenly Emperor!”


Countless experts of the Heavenly Palace looked over and bowed, not daring to be disrespectful in the slightest.

At the God King Stage, one did not simply have a stronger body, a more powerful spirit energy, and better divine abilities. At the same time, one would also be able to grasp laws.

If low-level cultivators carried hostility when mentioning the name or title of a God King Stage expert, they would immediately suffer a backlash.

God King Stage experts could even spy on high-level cultivators from afar and use the power of laws to severely injure or even kill them.

The reason why the “Heavenly Emperor” had awakened was precisely because he sensed that someone had called out to him in the God Realm, and the other person was filled with hostility.


Space distorted, and a figure covered in darkness with wings on his back suddenly appeared in the divine hall.

“Your Majesty Heavenly Emperor, what are your orders?”

The figure’s voice sounded exceptionally ear-piercing, as if iron had struck glass, making one feel very uncomfortable.

“Someone wants to kill me.” The Heavenly Emperor said.

Hearing this, the figure was stunned and hurriedly said, “Your Majesty, please point out the location. I will go personally and eliminate this person.”

“No need, he’s already here.”

The Celestial Thearch looked up at the horizon. “Interesting. How dare you barge into the Heavenly Palace alone.”


The figure was shocked. “I’ll…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the Heavenly Emperor interrupted with a wave of his hand. “Don’t worry about that for now. How’s the situation in the Inner Realm?”

Over the years, countless idiots had wanted to kill him and rise to the heavens in a single step. Unfortunately, these challengers had all been killed by the Heavenly Emperor. Thus, the Heavenly Emperor did not take it to heart.

“Protector Yan has already brought three lower realm True God Stage experts into the Inner Realm. I believe it won’t be long before he returns.”

The figure deliberated over his words.

“Is that so?”

The Heavenly Emperor frowned. For some reason, he had an ominous feeling.


A deafening bang suddenly sounded in the sky. It pierced through gold and cracked stone!

Like raindrops, countless spirit energy lights fell from the sky.

The Heavenly Palace Array was broken!


The figure trembled, indicating the unrest in his heart. He wondered what realm the intruding party was at. After all, it was not easy to destroy the Heavenly Palace Array in such a short period of time.

The Heavenly Emperor’s face darkened as he snorted. “You’re courting death.”

“Your Majesty, I’ll go out and take a look.”

The figure turned and left.

With his peak upper True God Stage strength, even if he wasn’t a match for the other party, he could still probe the other party’s strength.


In less than half a minute, the figure flew back and hit the wall, leaving a crack on the ground.

The Heavenly Emperor looked down and discovered that not only were the bones in the figure’s body shattered, but there was also a visible fist print on his chest. He was already half-dead.

The other party had severely injured an upper True God Stage expert with a single punch?


“Very good.”

The Heavenly Emperor laughed in anger. He took a step forward and instantly arrived outside the divine hall.

In the distance, a young man in snow-white clothes with a dragon crest and phoenix aura was walking over from the void. He held a wine pot in his hand, and he seemed like an immortal that had descended to the mortal world, untainted by the mortal world.

“You’re the Heavenly Emperor?”

The young man raised his head and took a sip of spirit wine. He scanned the other party with interest. “Heh, even your appearance is identical.”


Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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