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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 288

Chapter 288 - : Confrontation

Chapter 288: Confrontation

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“You actually dared to kill the Heavenly Palace divine envoys!”

Yan Nantian was furious. He never expected that Qin Jue would be so decisive and directly kill Lin Yu and the others.

Forget about the other two, Lin Yu was the younger brother of another protector!

This time, he had come to the Inner Realm to carry out a mission. It could be said that he had been assigned an important task. When he returned, he would immediately be promoted. Now that Lin Yu was dead, how was Yan Nantian supposed to answer to his brother?

“Don’t worry, you’ll be with them soon.”

Qin Jue smiled.

“How shameless!”

Yan Nantian snorted coldly with killing intent. He was like a fiend that had walked out of the Nine Nether Hell, making one shudder.

After reaching the Half God Stage, one’s every move and even mood could affect the environment, let alone someone as powerful as Yan Nantian.

In an instant, the entire void began to tremble violently. With Yan Nantian at the center, the vibrations quickly spread out. Wherever it passed, countless spatial cracks were torn open, as if the void would collapse at any moment.

Clearly, Yan Nantian was far stronger than Lin Yu and the others.

It was precisely because of this that Yan Nantian maintained a confident appearance.

“God King Stage…”

Qin Jue revealed an interested expression.

According to the memories in the Heavenly Emperor’s remnant soul, those above the True God Stage were at the God King Stage and had extraordinary abilities.

Even the Heavenly Emperor, who was only left with a remnant soul, was still not weaker than an ordinary True God Stage expert. It could be seen how powerful a God King Stage expert was when he was alive.

Now that a protector of the Outer Realm Heavenly Palace had appeared, Qin Jue’s curiosity about the God King Stage could be satisfied.

“God King Stage?”

Yan Nantian was stunned and could not help but mock, “The living beings in the Inner Realm are indeed ignorant You can’t even differentiate between a True God Stage expert and a God King Stage expert.”

“Oh? Aren’t you a God King Stage expert?”

Qin Jue was puzzled and wasn’t angry.

“Hehe, idiot, a God King Stage expert is unable to enter the Inner Realm at all.”

Yan Nantian sneered.

God King Stage experts were unable to enter the Inner Realm?

Qin Jue frowned. Then what realm was the Heavenly Emperor at?

Or could it be that the God King Stage experts were only banned from entering the Inner Realm after the Heavenly Emperor died?

Qin Jue, who couldn’t figure it out, simply chose to give up. In any case, as long as he searched Yan Nantian’s soul later, he would know what was going on.

Unexpectedly, Yan Nantian suddenly started explaining, “I might as well tell you that the True God Stage is divided into the upper and lower realms. Since you were able to easily kill Lin Yu and the other two, you should have already stepped into the upper realm. To cultivate to this realm in the Inner Realm, your talent is enough to be proud of.”

After a pause, he added, “Unfortunately, you shouldn’t have awakened that thing or killed Lin Yu. No one can save you now.”

Qin Jue :”…”

Qin Jue suddenly understood.

Apparently, there were upper and lower realms to the True God Stage.

In that case, could it be that when the Heavenly Emperor was alive, he was only an upper True God Stage expert? However, because of his misconception, he thought that he had reached the God King Stage, which was why he was known as the “king of the gods”?

If that was the case, it would make sense.

In fact, what Qin Jue wanted to know the most at this moment was what the difference was between the Inner Realm and the Outer Realm as well as what the Outer Realm Heavenly Palace was, and why they wanted to kill everyone who had come into contact with the broken soul of the Heavenly Emperor.

At this moment, Yan Nantian, who had been talking ceaselessly, finally stopped talking nonsense and took the initiative to attack Qin Jue. He raised spirit energy that filled the sky and unleashed various strange beasts in the void that pounced towards Qin Jue.

Seeing this, Qin Jue unhurriedly wrapped Long Xiaoyu in golden light and sent her far away.

After all, this was the first time he had fought an upper True God Stage expert. He still didn’t know the other party’s exact strength, so he naturally had to ensure Long Xiaoyu’s safety first. Otherwise, any shockwave could kill her.

After doing this, Qin Jue raised his palm and lightly waved it. The countless spirit energy beasts immediately disappeared like sand blown away by a gale.

However, this was only the beginning. In the next second, the two of them exchanged dozens of blows in the void. Every time they collided, a large area of space would shatter, looking especially horrifying.

In the distance, the remaining experts of the Martial Sacred Hall were all hiding in the Martial God Hall, trembling, not daring to come out, including the severely injured Wu Huang.

“What kind of monster is this youth…”

Wu Huang gulped, his voice filled with fear.

Half a month ago, because he had been severely injured by Qin Jue and had lost a Half God Stage expert, Wu Huang had decided to temporarily retract his forces to prevent the White Dragon Race from attacking.

Right at this moment, three True God Stage experts with unknown origins and deep auras suddenly found him and said something about the Outer Realm Heavenly Palace, the ruined remnant souls, and the control of the entire Martial Sacred Hall.

Wu Huang had actually heard about the Outer Realm. However, he did not know the exact details.

Facing three True God Stage experts, how could the injured Wu Huang dare to resist? He could only submit.

Soon, Wu Huang understood their purpose in coming to the World. It was to kill a fellow who had awakened an ancient remnant soul.

Therefore, Wu Huang immediately thought of Long Xiaoyu and the youth who had severely injured him.

Everyone knew what happened next. Under Wu Huang’s “leadership”, the Martial Sacred Hall declared war on the White Dragon Race. Originally, Wu Huang wanted to use the strength of Lin Yu and the others to help him eliminate the White Dragon Race.

Unfortunately, not only was Lin Yu not in a hurry to attack the White Dragon World’s World Protection Formation, but he had also deliberately let Long Xiaoyu go in order to lure Qin Jue out.

In the end, the result was even more tragic.

Who would have thought that Qin Jue could actually win easily against three enemies at once?

It was only at this moment that Wu Huang realized that Qin Jue had already shown mercy in their battle. Otherwise, he would have died long ago.

Wait, it couldn’t be considered a battle, but a one-sided suppression.


With a loud bang, a terrifying energy storm swept out. In an instant, a large area of the palace buildings collapsed and shattered, scaring Wu Huang so much that he almost fell on the ground.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

Wu Huang’s expression was filled with fear, and he was in no mood to continue watching the battle. If this continued for a few more times, just the aftershock alone would probably be able to tear down the Martial Sacred Hall.


No one answered him. As far as the eye could see, there were less than a fifth of the experts from the Martial Sacred Hall. It was unknown where the remaining two Half God Stage experts had gone.

Helpless, Wu Huang could only control the Martial Sacred Hall himself and quickly escape from this void.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With another few loud bangs, Wu Huang hurriedly increased his speed.

At this moment, at the center of the battle, Qin Jue stood in place without moving. His expression was as calm as water, as if he was doing something boring, but every time, he could accurately block Yan Nantian’s attack.


After another confrontation, Nan Tian suddenly stopped and retreated into the distance. “It seems that you have indeed reached the upper realm of the True God Stage.”

Qin Jue shrugged his shoulders disapprovingly.

“Then, the warm-up exercise can end.”

The wings on Yan Nantian’s back suddenly spread, emitting a pure white holy light. His aura also rose steadily without end.

It turned out that he had never used his full strength!

“Is this your trump card?”

Sighing, Qin Jue was slightly disappointed. “It’s not very impressive.”

From the confrontation just now, Qin Jue had already probed Yan Nantian’s strength. It was only slightly stronger than Lin Yu and the other two.. It could even be ignored by Qin Jue because there was barely any difference.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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