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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 277

Chapter 277 - The Tragic Long Zichen

Chapter 277: The Tragic Long Zichen

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“I’ll leave the rest to you.” Qin Jue said faintly.

Qin Jue’s expression was indifferent, as if he had done something insignificant.

As mentioned before, Qin Jue was only testing Long Zhui. If Long Zhui didn’t hesitate and immediately agreed to Qin Jue’s terms, then it might be Qin Jue’s turn to reconsider.

Even though they had already signed a soul contract, how could a person who could easily forget his original intentions in order to become stronger be trusted so easily?

In addition, Qin Jue was taking in mounts, not slaves. Forcefully taking Long Zhui away would only backfire.

Fortunately, Long Zhui’s foundation was deep. Even if Qin Jue’s spirit energy infusion helped him break through, his realm wouldn’t be weak and his strength wouldn’t be unstable.


Taking a deep breath, Long Zhui said solemnly, “Thank you, Master!”

Without any heavenly treasures or any spirit artifact augmentation, Qin Jue had used spirit energy empowerment to forcefully help Long Zhui advance to the Great Sage Stage. Such methods were simply inconceivable.

“Are you confident that you’ll be able to kill Long Zichen now?” Qin Jue changed the topic and asked.


Long Zhui was full of confidence.

“You don’t need to stabilize your realm?”

“No need!”

Previously, the two of them were a realm apart. Back then, Long Zhui could already force Long Zichen to use his full strength. Now that he had advanced, he was not at all afraid of Long Zichen.

“Alright, I won’t interfere later. Whether or not you can kill him will depend on you.”

Qin Jue smiled.

“But Long Zichen is in the place where the elders live. I can’t enter.”

Long Zhui was slightly helpless.

The hierarchy within the White Dragon Race was strict. The higher-ups had absolute control over the lower level cultivators. With Long Zhui’s status, he was unable to enter the Elder Area.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get him out. And no one will know.”

As he spoke, Qin Jue raised his palm slightly, and Long Zhui felt his vision go black. When he regained consciousness, he had already arrived in a boundless desert.

“This is… the abandoned land of the southeast region?”

Long Zhui was aghast. This abandoned land was millions of kilometers away from where he was just now. Even if he used a teleportation formation, it would still take more than ten minutes. He wondered how Qin Jue brought him here in an instant.

“Hmm… there are no living beings within tens of thousands of kilometers. You guys can fight here.”

Qin Jue looked around and nodded in satisfaction.

The White Dragon World was vast and boundless. There were many heavenly mountains and forests, and naturally, there were also many places with exhausted spirit qi and harsh environments.

For example, not only was there no spirit qi in this abandoned land, but it was also incomparably hot. Cultivators below the Legendary Stage were unable to approach this place at all.

Over time, the place was abandoned by the White Dragon Race and became a wasteland.

At this moment, it was extremely suitable to be used as the battleground for Long Zhui and Long Zichen.

After making up his mind, Qin Jue immediately spread out his spirit sense to search for Long Zichen.

However, when he found Long Zichen, his expression was somewhat strange.

“What’s wrong, Master?”

“Ahem, nothing.”

Qin Jue coughed twice and grabbed with his hand. Long Zichen immediately passed through layers of space and arrived in the desert.

Then, Long Zhui was dumbfounded.

Long Zichen was completely naked and had an excited expression, as if he was exercising. His expression was very comical.

Long Zhui was at a loss for words.

That’s right. Before Qin Jue captured him, Long Zichen was happily having a “group exercise” session.

At the same time, the sudden spatial change stunned Long Zichen, especially after seeing Long Zhui and Qin Jue.

“Ahhh! Who are you two? How dare you barge into my room!”

Long Zichen was unable to restrain his anger and hurriedly covered his lower body with his hand, his face flushed red.

“Long Zhui, was it you? Are you tired of living?!”

After recognizing Long Zhui, Long Zichen was even more furious. “Looks like I was wrong to spare your life last time!”

“Hehe, Long Zichen, open your eyes and take a look. This is not your room.”

Long Zhui sneered.

Long Zichen frowned when he heard this, and only now did he realize that he was in a desert.

“How could this be? What did you do to me?”

He was clearly in his room just now. Why did he suddenly come to such a place?

“Cut the crap. I want to avenge Little Demon today!”

Long Zhui’s face was as calm as water. Without saying a word, he directly urged his spirit energy to rush up.

“Do you really think you can beat me? You’re courting death!”

Although Long Zichen did not know what was going on, he was not afraid of Long Zhui at all.

In the next second, Long Zichen put on his clothes and collided with Long Zhui!


Terrifying energy ripples swept out, raising sand that filled the sky and spreading out. The two of them grunted and retreated a thousand meters.

“You’ve already advanced to the Great Sage Stage?”

Long Zichen widened his eyes in disbelief.

One had to know that when he fought Long Zhui last time, Long Zhui was only a late-phase Grand Saint Stage expert. It had only been less than a month, yet Long Zhui had already stepped into the Great Sage Stage. Was this a joke?

“Wait, did you use some secret technique?”

Long Zichen gritted his teeth arrogantly.

Long Zhui couldn’t be bothered to explain. “As long as I can kill you.”

“Hmph, how dare a defeated opponent speak arrogantly. I want to see how long you can last!”

Before he could finish speaking, Long Zichen turned into numerous afterimages and pounced towards Long Zhui. “I will definitely not let you off this time!”

Facing the menacing Long Zichen, Long Zhui’s expression was calm. He opened his mouth slightly and let out a deafening dragon roar!

He let out the White Dragon Race’s sound-type martial technique, White Dragon Roar!

Long Zichen did not expect Long Zhui to have a sound-type martial technique. Caught off guard, he was unable to dodge and was instantly hit head-on.

“Not good!”

As a member of the White Dragon Race, how could Long Zichen not understand the White Dragon Roar’s effect?

The most terrifying thing about the sound system was that it targeted one’s mental spirit instead of body.

As expected, even though Long Zichen used his spirit energy to resist, he still felt dizzy for a moment and his movements slowed down.

In an instant, Long Zhui’s attack landed on Long Zichen!


In an instant, Long Zichen fell from the sky like a meteorite, creating a huge pit hundreds of meters in diameter among the sand and rocks. It was basically bottomless!

Immediately after, Long Zhui rushed into the pit and pursued, not giving Long Zichen any chance to catch his breath.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground shook as spirit energy pillars continued to spread out, almost blowing the entire ground away, causing the surrounding thousands of kilometers to be filled with destruction.

Qin Jue put his hands behind his back and floated in the air, not even looking at the battle below. Since he said he wouldn’t interfere, then he absolutely wouldn’t.


Another loud bang was heard as a figure flew out and landed heavily on the ground like a rag doll.

When Qin Jue focused his eyes, he saw that it was Long Zichen.

However, at this moment, Long Zichen no longer looked confident. His entire face had been beaten into a pulp and he couldn’t even see. There were at least hundreds of wounds of various sizes on his body. If it weren’t for the aura of spirit energy, Qin Jue wouldn’t have recognized him.

“Long Zichen, you lost.”

Long Zhui followed closely behind. His clothes were in tatters, and his entire body was bathed in blood. Clearly, he had paid a great price to defeat Long Zichen.

No matter what, Long Zichen had already advanced to the Great Sage Stage for more than a hundred years. If Long Zhui had not used White Dragon Roar to gain the initiative, the battle would have been even more intense.

“What… What are you doing? I’m the son of an elder…”



Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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