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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 273

Chapter 273 - Overbearing Suppression

Chapter 273: Overbearing Suppression

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“Leave Long Xiaoyu or die!”

A voice that was filled with boundless dignity resounded in the sky, and it shook all the experts present to the point their blood qi surged. It was extremely uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Long Cang had used his aura to protect the Celestial Qilin. Otherwise, those White Dragon Race members who were around the first or second realm of the Great Void Stage would most likely have fainted from their heavy injuries.


Long Kun widened his eyes in disbelief as he looked at Long Cang.

At this moment, sweat kept flowing from Long Cang’s forehead. His entire body was trembling, as if he was under tremendous pressure. He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. “He is the Martial Sacred Hall Master, Wu Huang!”


Long Kun’s face instantly turned as pale as paper.

The Martial Sacred Hall Master, Wu Huang, was a name that very few people knew now. He was now known as the War God.

Because Wu Huang’s combat style was extremely formidable and he never retreated, he had obtained the title of War God after advancing to the True God Stage.

Although there was only a single word of difference between the Half God Stage and the True God Stage, the distance between the two stages was far from simple.

Half God Stage experts could easily kill a tenth realm Great Void Stage expert.

Similarly, a True God Stage expert could instantly kill a Half God Stage expert, and it would be even easier.

Long Cang knew this very well.

No one expected Wu Huang to appear here and personally attack Long Xiaoyu.


Long Kun shook his head and said, “If the Martial Sacred Hall Master had come, how could Father not have noticed?!”

At the True God Stage, they rarely fought anymore. They all preferred to stay behind in their bases.

Under normal circumstances, if Wu Huang did anything, the White Dragon Race’s patriarch should have noticed it immediately. So how did Wu Huang manage to appear here?

“Fool, don’t even think about it. No one will save you.”

In the distance, Chu Xiao grinned. “We’ve planned for a thousand years for this day. We’ve long used our divine arts to create a perfect replica of the aura of Hall Master. Your patriarch is probably still in the dark, hahaha!”

Hearing this, Long Kun’s face instantly turned even paler. Although he did not know what method the other party had used, he had no choice but to accept reality at this moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At the same time, the huge palace complex quickly approached. As far as the eye could see, there was no end to it.

In the palace, tens of thousands of high-level cultivators held weapons in their hands and waited solemnly to cut off Long Cang and the others’ escape routes.

The Martial Sacred Hall even brought two more Half God Stage experts. This lineup could be considered to be top-notch no matter where they went. If no True God Stage expert interfered, they would be strong enough to sweep through any faction.

Seeing this scene, Long Cang couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “For the sake of killing our Divine Maiden, you actually went all out. Aren’t you guys trying too hard?”

“Are we?”

Chu Xiao didn’t think much of it. “We’re trying to kill a future True God Stage expert. We have to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

From the moment he saw Long Xiaoyu obtain the inheritance that promised the True God Stage, Chu Xiao had decided that he would kill her no matter what!

Otherwise, what awaited the Martial Sacred Hall would only be destruction.

Long Cang opened his mouth but was speechless. Indeed, as long as the Martial Sacred Hall could kill Long Xiaoyu, not to mention coming out in full strength, even losing a Half God Stage expert would still be worth it.

“Tsk tsk, if I leave a white dragon with the potential of a True God Stage expert, I wonder what will happen.”

Chu Xiao licked his lips, his eyes blazing.

Although Long Xiaoyu was only at the seventh realm of the Great Void Stage, she had the True God Stage inheritance. If he killed and absorbed her powers, he might even be able to reach the True God Stage!

“Oh? Are you thinking of taking what’s mine?”

The dignified voice sounded again. Only now did Long Cang realize that the voice came from inside the Martial Sacred Hall.

“I wouldn’t dare!”

Chu Xiao was shocked and hurriedly lowered his head.

“Very good.”

As soon as these words were spoken, a large spirit energy hand suddenly stretched out from the Martial Sacred Hall and grabbed towards the Celestial Qilin.

“It’s over…”

Long Cang’s face was ashen as he fell into despair. Even someone as strong as him felt deeply helpless.

Wu Huang clearly did not plan on giving them any chances.

Just as the spirit energy hand was about to grab Celestial Qilin, a layer of golden light suddenly lit up and enveloped Celestial Qilin, blocking the spirit energy hand from approaching.

“Mm? What happened?”

Wu Huang was surprised.

“That youth!”

As if recalling something, Chu Xiao shouted, “I know it’s you!”

“A youth?”

Wu Huang was puzzled. He had only heard from Chu Xiao that Long Xiaoyu had ascended the Divine Seal Altar, but he had never heard of a youth.

Because Chu Xiao’s mind was full of Long Xiaoyu and he was also pressed for time, he didn’t report about Qin Jue. Thus, he could only explain it in detail at the moment.

“I see.”

Wu Huang looked down at him and said, “Since you’re a human, don’t interfere in our affairs with the White Dragon Race.”

“That’s right. It’s best not to interfere!” Chu Xiao immediately chimed in.


On the Celestial Qilin, Qin Jue stretched lazily as he walked out, as if he had just woken up. He instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

His white clothes were as white as snow, and he was incomparably handsome. He simply didn’t look like a mortal. Many female cultivators of the Martial Sacred Hall all had their eyes fixed on him.

“And if I say no?”

Qin Jue’s tone was indifferent, but it entered everyone’s ears and hummed.

“How dare you!”

A Half God Stage expert said angrily, “Don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit!”

“Do you have the right to speak here?”

Qin Jue glanced at the Half God Stage expert with disdain.

Hearing this, the other party was stunned. This was probably the first time he had heard such words.

No matter what, he was still at the Half God Stage, yet he was being looked down upon like this.

“You’re courting death!”

Without any hesitation, that Half God Stage expert rushed towards Qin Jue. His fist swept through the void and brazenly fell with the power to destroy the stars!

He wanted this youth to pay the price for his arrogance!


The void shook, and visible energy ripples spread out. Wherever the ripples passed, everything was destroyed.

However, the Celestial Qilin remained motionless. On the other hand, the Half God Stage expert was sent flying before the golden light even dissipated. The bones in his hand broke into countless pieces as he spat out blood and suffered a backlash.

“What’s that layer of golden light?”

Everyone was shocked. Just now, they thought that the reason why the spirit energy hand was unable to approach the Celestial Qilin was because of Wu Huang’s mercy. Now, it seemed that things were not that simple.

“That’s it?”

Qin Jue sneered. “It’s my turn next.”

Before everyone could react, Qin Jue had already raised his hand.

A stone flew out of Qin Jue’s palm and passed through the golden light. Before anyone could see what it was, it continued to expand, turning into a pitch-black mountain that lay across the void!

“Not good, dodge!”

Chu Xiao was the first to realize that something was wrong and retreated.

However, that Half God Stage expert was not so lucky. He was trapped in place by the boundless spirit energy and could only watch helplessly as the black mountain peak continued to expand in his eyes!

In an instant, the originally boundless void seemed to become three-dimensional.


As expected, that Half God Stage expert was instantly submerged by the black mountain peak. First, it was his head, shoulders, and finally, his arms and legs. It was as if he had been devoured by a black hole until nothing was left!

With a single strike, the Half God Stage expert’s soul was destroyed!


Everyone fell silent.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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