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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 260

Chapter 260 - Above the Great Void

Chapter 260: Above the Great Void

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White Dragon World, Central Region.

At this moment, the many White Dragon World experts on the air-transportation spirit artifact called “Celestial Qilin” had fallen silent. They were incomparably shocked.

If even Long Kun had to call Qin Jue “Mr. Qin”, then just what realm was Qin Jue at?

Although they were arrogant and unruly, it did not mean that they were idiots.

Even if they were clueless, they could obviously still tell that Qin Jue was at least a tenth realm Great Void Stage expert. Otherwise, with Long Kun’s status, why would he be so polite to him?

Most importantly, besides the few high-level elders and Long Xiaoyu, most of the other geniuses of the White Dragon Race were only the second or third realm of the Great Void Stage. The strongest among them was only in the fourth realm.

Facing an expert at the tenth realm of the Great Void Stage, they were almost no different from ants. They could be crushed to death with a flick of the other party’s fingers.

After coming to this realization, no one dared to speak nonsense anymore. They all shut their mouths and pretended nothing had happened.

No matter where it was, the rule of respecting the strong would not change.

If Qin Jue was only an ordinary Great Sage or a first realm Great Void Stage expert, then even if he was Long Xiaoyu’s friend, no one would take him seriously.

But now, not only was Qin Jue Long Xiaoyu’s friend, he was also very likely to be an expert at the tenth realm of the Great Void Stage. Thus, everyone’s attitude immediately changed.

They might still be full of hostility towards Qin Jue in their hearts, but they absolutely wouldn’t antagonize him openly as they did just now.

“The Dragon Elder has arrived.”

After greeting Qin Jue, Long Kun placed his hands behind his back and looked into the distance.

As the word “arrived” was still being spoken, an indescribably powerful aura suddenly rose from the end of his field of vision. The aura connected the heavens and the earth and created countless phenomena. Just the remnant might emitted by this aura was already unbearable for the White Dragon Race experts present. Some with lower cultivations even almost knelt down.

Only Qin Jue remained expressionless, unsurprised.

During the time he lived in the White Dragon World, Qin Jue had already used his spirit sense to scan the entire White Dragon World several times.

He naturally knew that the aura in front of him came from an expert who had surpassed the Great Void Stage.

Before this, Qin Jue didn’t know the other party’s identity. He didn’t expect it to be the White Dragon Dragon Elder.

There were a few similar auras, but the owners of the auras seemed to all have been in seclusion. It was precisely because of these top experts that the White Dragon Race could become one of the most powerful factions in this void.

Hu –

Strong winds blew past. In the next moment, a white-haired old man with an extraordinary aura appeared on the air-transportation spirit artifact. His eyes were snow-white, and he seemed to be able to see through space. Spirit energy circulated between his every move, and he seemed like an immortal that had descended to the mortal world. It caused others to be unable to help but want to prostrate themselves in worship.

Behind the old man was a circle of light that emitted a faint light. It looked exceptionally sacred.

“Dragon Elder!”

Long Kun immediately stepped forward and bowed.

“Dragon Elder!”

The other White Dragon Race experts hurriedly lowered their heads respectfully.

One had to know that this old man in front of him was an existence only inferior to the Patriarch of the White Dragon Race. His strength was unfathomable, and his might had already shaken this expanse of the sky tens of thousands of years ago.

This Dragon Elder had even managed to turn the situation around at a critical moment, defeating the Martial Sacred Hall army head-on. He was a true hero of the White Dragon Race. Many of the White Dragon Race’s geniuses had grown up listening to his heroic stories.


The old man nodded slightly and looked at Qin Jue. “Xiaoyu, is this the human friend you were talking about?”

“Yes, Grandpa Dragon Elder.”

Hearing this, Long Xiaoyu was slightly nervous. She was afraid that the old man would act like her father and attack without saying a word.


The old man’s eyes flickered as he revealed a surprised expression. He couldn’t tell Qin Jue’s cultivation!

The old man absolutely didn’t believe that Qin Jue was stronger than him, so he was under the impression that Qin Jue was probably a high level expert with some kind of a special technique that could conceal his cultivation.

“Uncle Dragon Elder, you…”

Seeing that the old man was silent for a long time, Long Xiaoyu became even more worried. She subconsciously stood in front of Qin Jue to prevent him from suddenly attacking.

Although Qin Jue wasn’t afraid of the old man, Long Xiaoyu was still worried for him.


How could the old man not tell what Long Xiaoyu was thinking from her reaction? He immediately smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Xiaoyu. Since he’s your friend, he’s also a friend of our White Dragon Race. As long as this young friend doesn’t do anything to harm the White Dragon Race, I won’t act rashly.”


“Thank you, Grandpa Dragon Elder!”

Long Xiaoyu heaved a sigh of relief.

“Eh? Long Kun, you’re also going to participate in the Divine Seal Gathering?”

It was only at this moment that the old man noticed Long Kun.


Long Kun wondered if his aura was truly that weak.

After all, he did greet him just now.

“Uh… I also want to go take a look.” Long Kun forced a smile.

The old man looked at Long Xiaoyu and then at Long Kun thoughtfully. “Alright, it’s about time to leave.”

Without further ado, the air-transportation spirit artifact gradually rose into the sky under the old man’s orders. Then, it activated a spatial leap and disappeared from the White Dragon World.

As the White Dragon World’s most powerful air-transportation spirit artifact, not only did “Celestial Qilin” possess terrifying destructive power, but it could also travel through space at will. At full speed, even ordinary Great Void Stage experts would not be able to catch up to it.

Also, the interior space of the Celestial Qilin was extremely large, almost no less than a small world. There were all kinds of pavilions and palaces, and it was even more luxurious than the courtyard Qin Jue had lived in before.

With the speed of the Celestial Qilin, they would arrive at the location of the Divine Seal Gathering in about three days. Everyone took advantage of this time to cultivate with all their might and strive to become stronger before participating in the Divine Seal Gathering.

To these White Dragon Race geniuses, the Divine Seal Gathering was an opportunity for them to improve themselves. Whether they could advance further would depend on their performance at the Divine Seal Gathering.

The so-called Divine Seal Gathering was actually a battle between the younger generation of the top factions in this void.

From Long Xiaoyu, Qin Jue learned that the Divine Seal Gathering was held on a continent known as the “Divine Realm”. Every 300 years, the Divine Realm would open and a Divine Seal Stage would rise. Only Great Void Stage experts were allowed to step foot on it.

If one was able to pass through layer upon layer of tests and ascend the Divine Seal Altar, then it would represent a chance to reach the True God Stage.

Above the Great Void Stage were two realms: Half God Stage and True God Stage.

The old man from before was a genuine Half God Stage expert!

Until now, all the existences that had been able to ascend the Divine Seal Altar had all successfully become True God Stage experts without exception, including Long Xiaoyu’s grandfather, the White Dragon Race’s patriarch.

Even if one didn’t ascend the Divine Seal Altar, one would still benefit endlessly. Long Kun, for example, received great benefits from the Divine Seal Altar.

Back then, because his aptitude was slightly inferior, he was unable to reach the Divine Seal Altar. However, he had still successfully stepped into the tenth realm of the Great Void Stage and was only a step away from becoming a Half God Stage expert.

With the long lifespan of the dragon race, if Long Kun could obtain a great opportunity in the future, he might even be able to advance to the True God Stage. Even though the chances of this happening were very slim.

Long Xiaoyu was the person with the highest chance of ascending the Divine Seal Altar among the younger generation of the various large factions. It was precisely because of this that the Martial Divine Hall had thought of ways to assassinate her and even colluded with the White Dragon Race’s elders.

Unfortunately, all of their plans had been destroyed by Qin Jue.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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