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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 224

Chapter 224 - Targeting the Southern Land

Chapter 224: Targeting the Southern Land

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Space trembled and showed faint signs of distortion.

Just as Luo Cheng was about to be crushed by the fist wind that fell from the sky, a hand suddenly stretched out and blocked the attack.


Just like a rock falling into a quagmire, Luo Xun’s fist wind was instantly resolved without causing any waves.

At the same time, Luo Xun’s expression changed slightly as he hurriedly controlled his figure to retreat. Standing afar, he asked, “First Elder, why have you come?”

A middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance had appeared in front of Luo Cheng at some point in time. He had tied up hair, wore a jade crown, and looked dignified without being angry. He was the person who had blocked Luo Xun’s attack just now.

“If I had arrived any later, I’m afraid you would have torn this place apart.” The First Elder said expressionlessly.


Luo Xun smiled awkwardly, not knowing how to respond.

“First Elder, you saw it all, right?”

Luo Cheng finally reacted and hurriedly climbed up from the ground, pointed at Luo Xun, and screamed, “This fellow is becoming more and more lawless. He actually wants to kill me. First Elder, you must punish him severely this time. Otherwise, he might do even more crazy things in the future and might even be disrespectful to you!”

Hearing this, the First Elder frowned and looked at Luo Xun. “What happened?”

In the Pure Yang Sacred Land, other than the Sacred Master, the First Elder was the strongest existence. He had already stepped into the peak of the Grand Saint Stage a thousand years ago.

In the entire Spirit Central World, the number of Grand Saint Stage experts that could contend with him could be counted with one hand.

Luo Xun didn’t dare disobey and could only tell him everything.

In any case, now that the matter had developed to this point, it was already impossible to hide it any longer. Rather than letting Luo Cheng tell the story and add fuel to the fire, it was better for him to explain it himself.

At most, he would only sever his connection with the Pure Yang Sacred Land. In any case, he absolutely would not allow anyone to harm his daughter.

However, because Luo Xun didn’t know about the death of Luo Feng and the others, up until now, he was under the impression that Luo Cheng had already captured his daughter. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to confront Luo Cheng with killing intent.

“You have a daughter we don’t know about?” The First Elder said solemnly.

“That’s right. If Luo Cheng doesn’t hand over my daughter today, I’ll definitely kill him!”

Luo Xun was neither servile nor overbearing. His eyes were as sharp as blades, making it hard to look at him.

Even with his cultivation, Luo Cheng could not help but feel afraid for a moment.

After all, those who were familiar with Luo Xun knew that he was a man of his word.

Furthermore, a few hundred years ago, Luo Xun was the holy son of the Pure Yang Sacred Land. His potential was limitless, and he even had a chance to advance to the Grand Saint Stage.

On the other hand, although Luo Cheng was also at the Saint Stage, it was basically impossible for him to break through again. This could be seen from the battle just now. Whether it was the density of his spirit energy or his aura, Luo Cheng was far inferior to Luo Xun.

“How dare you!”

The First Elder snorted and the spirit pressure immediately spread out in all directions, hitting Luo Xun.


With a loud bang, Luo Xun’s legs immediately sank deep into the ground. The surrounding dozens of meters collapsed, forming a huge pit.

“Don’t think that just because you’re an elder now, you are allowed to do whatever you want.”

The First Elder said coldly, “If you continue to be so impudent, I might lock you up for another ten years.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Luo Xun’s expression finally changed, and he fell silent.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of being locked up, but once he was confined, it meant that he would completely lose contact with the outside world. At that time, what if someone attacked Luo Weiwei again?

Seeing this, the First Elder nodded in satisfaction and said to Luo Cheng, “Did you really capture his daughter?”

“First Elder, don’t listen to his nonsense!”

Luo Cheng suddenly regained his senses and gritted his teeth. “I did send people to capture that bastard, but two of the five Legendary Stage experts I sent out died and one was injured. They suffered heavy losses and did not manage to capture her at all.”


The First Elder was surprised. “His daughter is that powerful?”

“No, it was Luo Xun’s hired fighter who chased them away. He’s very likely a Saint Stage expert!”

After a pause, Luo Cheng continued, “This person has killed cultivators from our Pure Yang Sacred Land. We absolutely can’t let him off!”

Since the other party had been willing to offend the Pure Yang Sacred Land to protect Luo Xun’s daughter, Luo Cheng was certain that he had been hired by Luo Xun.


After listening to what Luo Cheng said, Luo Xun couldn’t help but curse. “A Saint Stage hired fighter? What are you talking about?!”

“Hmph, we will find out soon enough. First Elder, please investigate this matter!”

Luo Cheng was full of confidence.

“There’s no need to investigate. Where is this person staying? I’ll go visit him personally,” First Elder said indifferently.

Luo Cheng was overjoyed. “He’s in a faction called the Xuanyi Mountain Sect in the Southern Land. Luo Xun’s daughter is also there.”

“Very good. Prepare an air-transportation spirit artifact immediately. I will personally head to the Southern Land.”


Luo Cheng was incomparably excited. He didn’t expect that under a freak combination of factors, the First Elder would personally take action. This time, that hired fighter was dead for sure.

“First Elder…”

Luo Xun was about to speak when the First Elder interrupted him with a wave of his hand. “Come with us and see how your daughter is doing outside.”

Luo Xun :”…”

He knew that he couldn’t change the First Elder’s mind, so he could only act according to the situation.

As everyone knew, after reaching the Saint Stage, one’s descendants would possess the bloodline of the Saint Stage, allowing them to benefit endlessly. After all, these descendants were born with a cultivation talent that far surpassed others.

Therefore, be it the Eight Great Sacred Lands or the Twelve Sacred Clans, they all valued bloodlines. This was especially true for the cultivators of the Pure Yang Sacred Land.

As the Martial Dao faction that had existed for the longest time in the Spirit Central World, there were two reasons why the Pure Yang Sacred Land had always remained powerful. Firstly, the Pure Yang Sacred Master had stayed alive all these years. Secondly, their cultivators never marry outsiders.

All descendants of the clan, regardless of their status, had to obey the arrangements of the Elders Guild. Furthermore, in order to maintain the purity of their bloodline, they could only marry members of the same clan.


Even if Luo Xun was the previous holy son of the Pure Yang Sacred Land, he still did not have the slightest choice when it came to selecting his mate.

However, Luo Xun broke the rule by disregarding the Elders Guild’s arrangements and even escaped from the Pure Yang Sacred Land.

Although he was eventually captured and his status as the holy son was abolished, his “protest” proved to be effective. The Elders Guild did not continue to arrange a partner for him.

After all, Luo Xun was a direct descendant of the Pure Yang Sacred Land. He had advanced to the Saint Stage when he was only a hundred years old and could be said to be the future hope of the Pure Yang Sacred Land. There was no need to make things too awkward for him.

However, now, the First Elder had suddenly learned that Luo Xun had a daughter outside.

How could the First Elder tolerate this?

“Dammit! I clearly set up a seal. How did that old geezer Luo Cheng find Weiwei?”

Luo Xun was puzzled.

He couldn’t understand why Luo Cheng said that he had hired a Saint Stage fighter.

Given Luo Cheng’s personality, it wasn’t likely for Luo Cheng to lie to the First Elder.

Could it be true?

The problem was, why didn’t he remember anything about hiring a Saint Stage fighter?

Moreover, would a Saint Stage expert be willing to be hired as a fighter?

After a while, an air-transportation spirit artifact flew out of the Pure Yang Sacred Land and transformed into a stream of light that disappeared into the horizon, heading straight for the Southern Land.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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