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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 201

Chapter 201 - Void Beast

Chapter 201: Void Beast

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A bolt of lightning fell from the sky with a scary force that seemed to be able to tear the sky apart.

At the edge of the Profound Mysteries Realm, storms constantly blew past, wreaking havoc in this area.

Wherever Qin Jue looked, he could only see cliffs along the way. Not a single blade of grass grew, and he couldn’t see any living beings.

If one looked at Qin Jue up close, he would see spirit energy circulating around Qin Jue’s body, forming a barrier that isolated him from all danger as he flew towards the depths.

From here, Qin Jue could already vaguely see the void outside the realm. If he continued on like this, it wouldn’t be long before he left the Profound Mysteries Realm.

At this moment, Qin Jue finally saw the spatial passageway.

Although the Asura World experts had deliberately used illusions to conceal it, in Qin Jue’s eyes, it was like a fire in the night and was exceptionally obvious.


Qin Jue casually wiped away the illusion outside the spatial passageway and lightly landed.

To be honest, this was the first time he had seen a spatial passageway. He was rather curious.

This spatial passageway was about a hundred meters in diameter. It was like a round moon that slowly spun without an end in sight.

After a while, Qin Jue retracted his spirit sense and pondered.

The spatial passageway was indeed still connected to the Asura World and it was likely that more cultivators would pass through if they did not hear from Luo Jie for an extended period of time.

Thinking like this, Qin Jue took a step forward and entered the spatial passageway.

Hu –

As soon as he entered the spatial passageway, the surroundings changed drastically and fell into a deathly silence.

The so-called spatial passageway was actually a bridge built by a divine ability to allow cultivators between the two worlds to quickly pass through.

Only by reaching the Great Void Stage could one achieve this, and the further the distance, the more difficult it would be to construct.

Otherwise, they could only slowly connect the two worlds through special means, which was what the Spirit Clan did.

In addition, unlike teleportation arrays, spatial passageways were relatively unstable.

This was especially true when there was any spatial distortion or spatial turbulence. Even Saint Stage experts would find it difficult to resist them. Otherwise, the cultivators Asura World would not have failed to invade the Spirit Central World.

This was because once one was swept away by spatial turbulence, even if one didn’t die, it would be very easy to get permanently lost in the vast void.

However, even with the risk, the cultivators from the Asura World still continued to invade other worlds and plunder their cultivation resources.

From Luo Jie’s memories, Qin Jue had already learned that the current strongest existence in the Asura World was an expert at the seventh realm of the Great Void Stage. Many distant spatial passageways had been built by him.

The Asura World had also been relying on the cultivation resources that they plundered to nurture more experts.

In the past ten thousand years, countless worlds had been destroyed by their hands. They could be said to be invincible.

But unfortunately, they encountered Qin Jue this time.


Suddenly, the entire spatial passageway shook. For some reason, cracks began to appear in the originally stable passageway!

“What’s going on?”

Qin Jue was slightly stunned. Wasn’t he fine just now?

Without waiting for Qin Jue to figure it out, a spatial turbulence had already flown out of the rift and hit him.


It was like a cool breeze that lightly blew at Qin Jue, not affecting him at all. However, the cracks in the spatial passageway continued to increase, showing signs of collapsing at any moment.

No way. So unlucky?

Rolling his eyes, Qin Jue’s figure flashed. Just as he was about to pass through the spatial passageway, a vertical eye opened in the rift!


In the next moment, five stone pillar-like giant claws tore through the spatial passageway and slapped towards Qin Jue, bringing about a shrill sound as they tore through the air, unstoppable!

Was this… a void beast?

Without any time to think, Qin Jue slashed through the air.


With a sound like a blade hitting a rock, the five “stone pillars” instantly exploded inch by inch and turned into nothingness.


Unexpectedly, the creature hiding outside the spatial passageway seemed to not feel any pain and attacked Qin Jue again. It was the same stone pillar claw, but this time it was even more powerful than before.

It was only at this moment that Qin Jue realized that the other party had several hundred stone pillar limbs. No wonder it didn’t care.

The living being hidden outside the spatial passageway had now completely appeared in front of Qin Jue. It was a monster that was thousands of meters tall and its entire body was covered in eyes and arms, looking especially sinister and terrifying.

“It is indeed a void beast.”

Qin Jue frowned slightly.

Void beasts had always been the most terrifying existences in the void. They were known for their strong defense and strength. Even the most ordinary void beasts were not inferior to Great Sage Stage experts when they matured.

Furthermore, void beasts could sense the danger in the void in advance and easily dodge it. Therefore, fighting void beasts in the void was basically no different from courting death.

The one in front of Qin Jue had already reached the Great Void Stage. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have discovered the spatial passageway.

But… I didn’t offend you. Why did you have to provoke me?

Shaking his head, Qin Jue was rather helpless.

Seeing that the spatial passageway was about to collapse, Qin Jue casually slapped his hand and his figure instantly disappeared from his original spot.

The moment Qin Jue left, the huge void beast also collapsed…

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Hmm, what’s going on?”

Outside the spatial passageway, a fully armed soldier turned around, not understanding what was going on.

“Oh no, the spatial passageway is about to collapse!”

Seeing this, the other warrior hurriedly retreated and screamed.


As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of the surrounding warriors changed drastically, and they all dispersed.

The vortex created by the collapse of the spatial passageway was enough to swallow all of them. If they didn’t run now, they would surely die. And who would want that?

Just as these warriors scattered, the spatial passageway finally couldn’t withstand it anymore. It twisted into a ball and completely collapsed.


Terrifying spatial fluctuations spread out, raising dust that filled the sky. Wherever it passed, spatial cracks would appear. If not for those warriors escaping quickly, they would have already been dismembered.

“Hu, that was close.”

The warrior who spoke previously heaved a sigh of relief.

“Damn it, why did the spatial passageway suddenly collapse?”

“I’m not sure. Could Elder Luo and the others have failed?”

“How is that possible? With Elder Luo’s strength, he should be able to win easily.”


Everyone discussed animatedly without end. At the same time, the smoke and dust that covered the sky slowly dispersed, revealing the scene inside.

The originally deep spatial passageway had already disappeared, leaving behind a circular pit, as if it had been hit by a meteorite. It was a horrifying sight.

Seeing this scene, everyone could not help but gasp. It was too terrifying!

“Forget it, I should inform the Elders Guild quickly.”

Just as they were about to leave, one of the warriors pointed at the pit. “Wait, I think there’s someone over there.”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and indeed saw a handsome youth in snow-white clothes.


Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

Could this person have come out of the spatial passageway just now?

Are you kidding me?

“How unlucky. I actually encountered a void beast.”

Patting his sleeves, Qin Jue was rather speechless.

However, this was also good news. Now, he no longer needed to go through the trouble of closing the spatial passageway again.

If that void beast was still alive just now, it would definitely feel wronged and jump out to shout: I was the one who was unlucky!

“Cough cough, is this the Asura World?”

Qin Jue looked around in surprise.

Although he already knew what the Asura World looked like from Luo Jie’s memories, he was still somewhat surprised.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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