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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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“Hey! Have you guys heard?”


“The Stargate Sect was hit by a meteorite!”

“Tch, it’s been half a month since that happened. Who doesn’t know about that?”

“Not half a month ago. This morning, the Stargate Sect was hit by an even bigger meteorite!”


“Of course, it’s true. The Stargate Sect Master died on the spot, and the entire mountain was razed to the ground. The higher-ups were almost completely wiped out!”

“What? It’s that serious?!”


Similar conversations took place everywhere, creating huge waves.

Originally, when the Stargate Sect declared war on the Xuanyi Mountain Sect, everyone was prepared to watch the show. However, they did not expect such a thing to happen all of a sudden. Without their sect master and many of the higher-ups, how was the Stargate Sect supposed to fight the Xuanyi Mountain Sect?

“Heaven’s Wrath, this is Heaven’s Wrath!” an old man with a walking stick proclaimed.

After being hit by two meteorites in a row, with both hitting the head of the Stargate Sect Master, no one could restrain themselves from thinking it was divine intervention. Besides, this was a world of cultivation. Superstition was fully justified.

“The Stargate Sect Master must have done something utterly heartless!”

“Hmph! I knew it! Why would the Stargate Sect suddenly declare war on Xuanyi Mountain Sect? There must be something wrong here!”

“They deserved it! Deserved it! Hahaha!”

For a moment, the crowd was in an uproar as they discussed animatedly. Many people were even gloating, wishing that the Stargate Sect would be destroyed from this.

After all, the Stargate Sect and the Xuanyi Mountain Sect were the only two orthodox Martial Dao sects within a radius of a few thousand kilometers. It was inevitable that they would be compared to each other.

Among them, not only did the Stargate Sect plunder cultivation resources everywhere, but they also exploited ordinary cultivators. They even annihilated a few Martial Dao clans for no reason, causing public outrage.

On the contrary, although Xuanyi Mountain Sect could not be said to be bright and majestic, it had never attacked ordinary cultivators. Furthermore, it would often help the surrounding people get rid of fiend beasts. Therefore, it was privately known as “Holy Mountain”.

Usually, the Stargate Sect was high and mighty, so these people naturally didn’t dare to say anything, but now that the Stargate Sect had suffered a great loss and had declared war on the Xuanyi Mountain Sect, how could they resist from taking advantage of this situation?

In less than a day, storytellers already began to make up stories to entertain the public.

“What I want to tell you today is the story of Song Yun being raped by more than ten burly men.

“As for that, Song Yun was dragged into the mud one day by more than ten burly men. They even fed him sh*t. He ate and ate happily…”

If the Stargate Sect Master, Song Yun, was still alive, he would definitely be in tears, protesting that those things had not happened to him…

In any case, because of this meteorite, the Stargate Sect had suffered heavy losses. The strongest person of the sect, Song Yun, had died on the spot. The vice sect master had been severely injured, and the few surviving elders had basically lost an arm or a leg or more. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the Stargate Sect was no longer able to contend with Xuanyi Mountain Sect.

Bai Ye was stunned for a moment before he threw his head back and roared with laughter. “Star-Guiding Technique! Hahaha! What a great Star-Guiding Technique! Eccentric Song, you finally went too far and got yourself killed! Hahahaha!”

Bai Ye wasn’t the only one. The other higher-ups of the Xuanyi Mountain Sect were also grinning from ear to ear. Even the First Elder, who had been frowning earlier, was beaming with joy.

Who would have thought that just as they were prepared to receive the joint attack from the Stargate Sect and the Wei Clan, the enemy sect would just suddenly end up like this?

Would the Wei Clan still help the Stargate Sect that had lost its combat ability?

“Hahaha, as a celebration, I’ll make an exception today and reward each of you with a pill that I refined.”

The laughter abruptly stopped.

“Oh, right! I have to inform Junior Brother about this as soon as possible.” Bai Ye happily ran out of the main hall, leaving behind a group of petrified higher-ups.

Not long after, Bai Ye arrived at the cliff where Qin Jue lived. From afar, he saw Qin Jue sitting on the blue stone drinking wine.

“Junior Brother! Junior Brother!” Bai Ye shouted loudly.

Hearing this voice, Qin Jue turned his head in confusion and immediately became alert. “What do you want?”

“Did you do that?” Bai Ye went straight to the point.

Others might not know, but Bai Ye knew that unless Qin Jue had secretly done something, it was impossible for there to be such a coincidence. This was also why he came to find Qin Jue.

“Do what?” Qin Jue was at a loss.

“Meteorite.” Bai Ye smiled slightly.

Qin Jue suddenly understood. “Yes, it was me.”

Before going to bed last night, Qin Jue had used the Great Meteorite Art to lock onto the Stargate Sect Master, Song Yun. It was just that he didn’t expect the other higher-ups of the Sect to also be there. As a result, the entire Stargate’s higher-ups were nearly wiped out.

However, Qin Jue would not feel guilty because of this. After all, the Stargate Sect had declared war on the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. He had already shown mercy by not directly razing that sect.

After thinking for a while, Qin Jue added, “By the way, assassins from the Stargate Sect came last night.”

“What? Assassins?” Bai Ye was shocked. He had no idea!

“Three Earth Stage ants. I killed them quite effortlessly!” Qin Jue casually said as if he had just done something insignificant.

“Earth Stage?” Bai Ye frowned in thought. “Could it be… those three?”

“Senior Brother knows them?” Qin Jue was surprised.

“Uh… I heard that one of the three assassins had a ruler as his weapon…” Bai Ye prompted hesitantly.

Qin Jue pondered for a moment before answering, “That’s right. And there was another one that used silver needles.”

“It really is them!” Bai Ye gnashed his teeth and said, “They are the most famous assassin trio in recent years. I didn’t expect that they would dare to try to kill someone from my Xuanyi Mountain Sect. They are really reckless!”

Many people had died mysteriously in the hands of this assassin trio, with even many Earth Stage cultivators among the victims.

The three of them had infiltrated the Xuanyi Mountain Sect, and their goal was obvious. Fortunately, Qin Jue had seen them, or else, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

“Junior Brother, it’s all thanks to you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do,” Bai Ye said with a smile, changing the topic. Coupled with his despicable expression, Qin Jue couldn’t help but shudder.

“Cut it out. Since you accepted the battle, weren’t you expecting to count on me anyway?” Qin Jue said speechlessly. No one knew his senior brother’s character better than him. He would never rashly take action unless he was confident.

“Haha, as expected of Junior Brother, I really can’t hide anything from you.” Bai Ye rubbed his hands awkwardly and smiled apologetically. “As a reward, you can drink the hundred-year-old wine in my wine cellar as you wish, how about it?”

“Really?” The originally indifferent Qin Jue’s eyes suddenly lit up, revealing a pleasantly surprised expression.

Apart from cultivating, his senior brother’s favorite thing to do was to collect and brew spirit wine. Many of the spirit wines in Qin Jue’s storage ring were given to him by Bai Ye. It was just that Bai Ye also had a private wine cellar and had never allowed Qin Jue to enter it. Qin Jue had long coveted it, but he didn’t expect Bai Ye to be so generous this time.

Bai Ye nodded confidently. “Of cour—!”

Before he finished speaking, Qin Jue had already disappeared from his original spot and was heading straight for the wine cellar.

Seeing this, Bai Ye was stunned for a moment before he quickly shouted, “Wait! I’m not done yet! You can only stay inside for one day at most! —No! Half a day!”

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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