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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 185

Chapter 185 - Eternal Night Emperor

Chapter 185: Eternal Night Emperor

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“Interesting, you’re still alive.”

The voice came from the secret room, filled with surprise.

“Who is it?!” Long Zhen took a deep breath and said solemnly.

At this moment, Long Zhen was covered in sweat, and the clothes on his chest had long been burned to ashes, revealing his jade white skin. There was even a charred wound near his heart, and it was a horrifying sight.

If Long Zhen had not reacted quickly, this attack would have pierced through his heart.

Despite having used a sneak attack, for the opponent to break through Long Zhen’s layers of defense, he had to at least be an expert at the fourth realm of the Great Void Stage!

But… weren’t the sacred ancestors of the Yin Mountain the two most powerful people in this world?

“Your Majesty!”

The distant Wang Chuan suddenly lowered her head and bowed respectfully.


The voice sounded again, like an emperor that had descended to the world, filled with disdain.

As soon as he finished speaking, a figure silently appeared on the field. He was dressed in black, had black hair, and had a handsome appearance. He was almost comparable to Qin Jue, and in this generally ugly world, he seemed out of place.

“Never would I have thought that such a powerful cultivator would appear in the Spirit Central World after a hundred thousand years.”

The person placed his hands behind his back and sized up Long Zhen with a smile.

“You’re also from the Spirit Central World?” Long Zhen was stunned.

“Of course.”

The black-robed man said matter-of-factly, “I am the Eternal Night Emperor, the true ruler of the Eternal Night Empire, and also the Demon Saint of the Spirit Central World. Strictly speaking, I should be considered your senior.”

In fact, not even the ten supreme kings knew that the people controlling the Eternal Night Empire were not the two sacred ancestors of the Yin Mountain, but this black-robed man who had never appeared before.

This was also why Long Zhen did not find any memories of the black-robed man from the Nine Nether Essence Soul.

“Since you’re our senior, then how about you release those cultivators from the Spirit Central World.”

The man in black was speechless.

“What? You’re unwilling?”

Long Zhen sneered.

After pondering for a moment, the black-robed man who called himself the Eternal Night Emperor said, “Sure, but I have a condition.”

“What condition?”

Long Zhen frowned.

“If you’re willing to become my tonic, perhaps I can consider letting those ants go.”

The Eternal Night Emperor smiled.

Long Zhen: “???”

“If I can refine a fourth realm expert of the Great Void Stage who was born in the past one hundred thousand years, my cultivation talent will definitely improve.”

At this point, the Eternal Night Emperor’s eyes burned with desire, wishing he could swallow Long Zhen whole.

Hearing this, Long Zhen’s pupils constricted. “Could it be that you captured those Spirit Central World cultivators because…”

“Hehe, that’s right.”

The Eternal Night Emperor licked his lips without hiding anything. “It’s been a hundred thousand years since I’ve tasted a cultivator from the Spirit Central World.”

At this moment, as if recalling something, the Eternal Night Emperor said meaningfully, “Speaking of which, one of those Spirit Central World cultivators seems to look a lot like you.”

Long Zhen’s heart tightened, but his face remained expressionless.

“You’re in such a hurry because you want to save your son, right?”

“This has nothing to do with you.” Long Zhen said coldly.

“How so?”

The Eternal Night Emperor said coldly, “As long as I eat both you and your son, I can directly advance to the sixth realm of the Great Void Stage.”

“So you’re cultivating an evil technique.”

Long Zhen’s tone was cold.

He finally understood why the other party was unwilling to let him go.

There were many cultivation techniques in the Spirit Central World that were all-encompassing. Naturally, there were also good techniques and evil techniques. Just the evil techniques that Long Zhen knew about were already numbered in the tens of thousands, let alone all the other techniques.

Over the past thousands of years, Long Zhen had encountered many evil cultivators. Without exception, they had all become stronger by plundering other people’s spirit energy and talent.

This method was simple and effective, and it was also fast.

Many cultivators who had just come into contact with cultivation would go astray for this reason, and they would advance by leaps and bounds in a short period of time, far surpassing their peers.

However, if one cultivated in such a way for a long time, their spirit energy would become chaotic, and they would eventually lose control. In fact, they might even explode and die.

The Eternal Night Emperor had not died after so long, so it could be seen that the evil technique he cultivated was extremely powerful. However… he had only reached the fifth realm of the Great Void Stage after hundreds of thousands of years. So could this speed really be considered as fast?

“No, no, no. evil techniques are just labels some weaklings came up with to hide their incompetence. Don’t forget, this is a world where the strong are respected.”

The Eternal Night Emperor spoke frankly and confidently. “A hundred thousand years ago, I was invincible in the Spirit Central World and devoured countless cultivators. If it weren’t for the sake of breaking through, I wouldn’t have come to this world.”

A hundred thousand years ago, his cultivation had stagnated. When the two worlds merged, he had brought Huang Quan and Wang Chuan to the Hell World to search for an opportunity to break through.

In the beginning, the three of them could only secretly hide and study the dark spirit qi.

Although the Eternal Night Emperor had already reached the Great Void Stage at that time, his strength had suffered a great loss due to the influence of the dark spirit qi. Without knowing the exact strength of the cultivators of the Hell World, he naturally did not dare to rashly jump out and court death.

Fortunately, he had a special cultivation technique and quickly adapted to the environment here. His two types of spirit energy gradually combined and he also successfully advanced to the second realm of the Great Void Stage.

However, he was in no hurry to attack the cultivators of the Hell World. Instead, he continued to cultivate until Huang Quan and Wang Chuan stepped into the Great Void Stage one after another.

After that, the “sacred ancestors of the Yin Mountain” appeared out of nowhere and quickly swept through all the factions in the Hell World, establishing the Eternal Night Empire. He also became the master behind the scenes.

Originally, the Eternal Night Emperor had thought that he could cultivate to the tenth realm of the Great Void Stage in the Hell World before breaking through and heading to a higher-level world.

Unfortunately, ever since he stepped into the fifth realm of the Great Void Stage, he had not improved at all. No matter how much dark spirit qi he absorbed or how many living beings he devoured, it was useless.

That was even after he had absorbed the spirit qi of a Great Sage Stage expert who had just advanced.

In fact, the Eternal Night Emperor knew very well that this was his limit. Unless his talent and physique changed, it was impossible for him to make another breakthrough.

At this moment, the two worlds overlapped again.

Therefore, the Eternal Night Emperor didn’t hesitate to order all the human cultivators who had come to the Hell World to be captured to see if he could find any other way to break through.

He didn’t expect to encounter someone like Long Aotian, a cultivator with a perfect body and extraordinary talent. His only regret was that Long Aotian was still too weak.

Just as the Eternal Night Emperor was about to devour Long Aotian and turn his talent into his own, Long Zhen arrived.

Long Zhen had a better body and stronger talent. Moreover, he had a fourth realm Great Void Stage cultivation.

Most importantly, Long Zhen was actually able to grasp the dark spirit qi in such a short time!

One could only imagine how the Eternal Night Emperor felt right now.

“Hehe, no matter how well you put it, evil is evil. It will never change.”

Long Zhen sneered.

The Eternal Night Emperor’s expression darkened. “Hmph, in that case, I’ll let you taste the power of the Spirit Devouring Art.”

With that, the Eternal Night Emperor finally stopped talking nonsense. His domain that belonged to the fifth realm of the Great Void Stage quickly spread out. At the same time, Long Zhen’s Light Domain also started to break. In less than ten breaths, darkness returned to the surroundings.

It was obvious that the Eternal Night Emperor had the absolute advantage in a domain battle.

“In the Hell World, I am the will of heaven, and I am the ruler. Now, give up your body!”

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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